What do people need first?

What do people need first of all?

What do people need first and foremost? It’s a complicated question of life. And everyone will answer it differently. Because we are all different, with our own beliefs and needs. If a person understands what he wants from life, there is a goal that he will strive for. Let’s talk about that.

What do people need?

To get to the bottom of this question, you first need to understand what you want. To do this, you need to take paper and pen and write everything down. If this task seems difficult, imagine for the beginning mentally, the picture of life in which you would be comfortable, the environment in which you want to live until the end of their days. And then think about what kind of person you will become, how your attitude to life will change, how the world will change, and most importantly – will it make you happier and more successful. After this training you will understand what you want, you will set goals and, by solving them, move towards your main dream. After the big picture of your future, it won’t be hard to figure out what people and you need in the first place. To begin discussing the main question, let’s dive a little into theory.

People’s Needs and Interests

Needs are those conditions and needs that are necessary for a person to exist normally, for which all his activities are aimed.

They are classified as follows:

  1. Biological. In them a person needs in the first place. This includes everything that occurs at the level of biological instincts: the need for food, drink, breathing, reproduction and so on.
  2. Social needs are related to communication. This is a person’s need to be in society, to play a certain social role in society, to realize themselves in it.
  3. Spiritual. Expressed in the need for a person to gain new knowledge, to express themselves in creativity. This need for friendship, understanding, compassion, empathy of other people.

All needs are closely interconnected with each other. Because satisfaction of some occurs through the realization of others. This can be clearly seen on the example of the pyramid of Maslow, the American psychologist. We will return to it later.

From a person’s needs, interests are formed. An interest is an individual’s focus on objects that are meaningful to him, which is determined by the presence of specific needs. It is determined by an individual’s position in society, as well as by his or her personal qualities, worldview, and so on.

Here it is important not to confuse interest with attraction (unconscious intention to perform some actions), as well as with aptitude (predisposition to certain activities and talent (the subsequent development of aptitudes). Let us return to human needs according to Abraham Maslow.

Maslow’s pyramid.

The classification of human needs with a description of their role in life falls into a seven-level pyramid. It begins with the last, seventh step. Let’s consider each in more detail:

  • Physiological needs are the basis. These are hunger, thirst, and so on.
  • Next comes the need for safety and security, security, self-confidence, courage, boldness, and other.
  • Fifth step. The need for love. To be loved and accepted, to love oneself, to feel useful.
  • The fourth step, like the previous one, consists of social needs. Here the need for praise, recognition of success, approval, respect is sanctified.
  • The third stage speaks of the need to comprehend the world around, to acquire knowledge and skills.
  • The second is responsible for aesthetics, splendor, neatness, order, beauty.
  • Apex. The need for self-expression and self-knowledge. It unites all the following needs and desires. Includes the development of abilities, finding a life path and achieving goals.

By the example of the pyramid we can conclude what people need. The main thing is to define the goals correctly and to achieve them, choosing the right paths, which do not bring harm to themselves and others.

Is it possible to do without needs?

Of course it is impossible. Yes, we can live without social and spiritual needs. This would be very difficult. But we cannot do without physical needs. Because it is thanks to them that we live and prosper.

Let’s think about it, if we don’t take into account the needs of the higher levels, what can happen? Try to deprive yourself of the feeling of love, not to seek sympathy, to eradicate compassion. What would your life be like? Boring, uninteresting, uninitiative. Moreover, it can lead to depression and psychological imbalance.

Satisfying our needs begins at the lowest level and, gradually moving upward, we carry out the quenching of the higher ones. Need makes us go forward, set goals and realize them. Without it, human development is inconceivable. But to reach the highest level, there are things that people just need in the first place, let’s talk about them.


The foundation of a happy life, without which there is no happiness and success. Many people dream about it, but do not take care of themselves. It is necessary to monitor the physical state and psychological. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, do sports. Self-improvement, read books, attend interesting trainings and courses. Fight laziness, which is detrimental to health.

A person needs another person.

Yes, that’s how the world works. Loneliness kills, slowly and imperceptibly. Alone it’s hard to go through the pain and there’s no one to share the happiness with. Every encounter in life is fateful and not accidental. Family, friends will always lend a helping hand, from them you will find support, approval and even censure. Do you need someone close to you? Absolutely.

Support .

That’s what we get from the people closest to us. And why does a person need support? Let’s look into it:

  1. It makes us stronger. Let’s say you are a successful person who has achieved your goal. You have a big business and everything was going well until one moment. Crisis. Everything began to fall apart like a house of cards, partners turned away, personnel scattered. And then family and loved ones who believed in you always come to the rescue. You cannot give up! If you have strong support, wings grow behind you, and the desire and ambition will help you cope with difficulties.
  2. It helps to realize a dream. Let’s say a child draws well and wants to learn to be a designer. But parents oppose and force to make a choice in favor of economical high school. The child is unhappy, he follows their lead. He attends a job he does not like. What if they had been supportive? Everything would have changed, he could have become a famous artist! Support works wonders. But remember: it’s never too late to change everything in your life.
  3. It helps you grow, develop, and gives you a sense of confidence.
  4. Allows you to create a true friendship. When you find yourself in a difficult situation and expect help from a friend who has let you down, the help comes from somewhere you don’t expect it. Situations like these help you to discern true friends.

You’re not alone, everyone has troubles, look around, maybe someone needs your help too.

Let’s talk about empathy.

What does it mean to sympathize? It is the ability to understand the state of mind of another person, his feelings and be able to perceive them. And empathy – it means not only to listen, but also to let other people’s emotions pass through itself. Does a person need empathy? Yes. It works wonders, it helps people get closer, make new and true friends, promotes healing. It makes a person human.

We need to learn empathy, the more we will show sincere attention to others, the better we will understand their position toward ourselves, we can change the attitude of other people to others. Sympathy should never be intrusive.

Recommendations on how to show sympathy:

  • Remember to be tactful.
  • You don’t have to be too intrusive, but you can’t be indifferent either. You can call a friend in trouble and offer your help.
  • Never focus on the positive sides of the suffered shock. Especially when it comes to the loss of a loved one.

There are no commonplace truths about how to show humanity, it must come from the heart, from the depths of your soul.

Sympathy and compassion

Do people need empathy and compassion? Of course we do. These qualities can manifest throughout life. The terms have different meanings. The first is based on complete understanding, a calm and considerate attitude toward the other person. It is possible to show empathy, but not compassion while doing so.

Compassion is the skill of seeing one’s own anxieties in other people’s experiences. Why do people need compassion and empathy? Not to be dry and insensitive, indifferent to everything.

Pity should not be confused with compassion.

Pity is not a deep feeling. Moreover, it has a destructive power. Why is it that people who find themselves in a difficult situation do not want to be pitied? Because this emotion is embedded in the acknowledged inferiority of the object of pity, its inability to get out of trouble. It makes the other person feel like a victim of the circumstance in which he finds himself.

Compassion is an expression of magnanimity. And pity is a sign of cowardice. If you can feel compassion and empathize, it means you have a good heart and love lives in it.

What does a man need in the first place? To be human. To be loving, kind, considerate, compassionate, able to empathize. And also to be loved and accepted. Without this, it is very difficult. That is when there will be recognition, success, prosperity and well-being.

Human Needs. What and how much do we really need

To consume or to live? Without what not to do – 10 steps to harmony.

Galina Artemyeva writer, author of psychological novels, Ph.

Psychologist Galina Artemyeva discusses true human needs – which everyone should understand and feel. And about that, in what expresses true love for yourself.

Is it all so necessary?

It occurred to me: it’s Saturday. Where are the people in the morning? “I won’t tell you for all of Odessa,” but I know that Saturday is shopping time. “Auchan” and other malls, the horror of our lives. And I don’t think to offend anyone. Naturally, I do my own shopping in “Ashan” when I’m in Moscow. But always, with relief, coming to the cash register, I think I’ve been in the land of nightmares. Huge carts full of all kinds of stuff, much of it taken just because it’s a ruble cheaper today.

Is it really possible to eat it all up, devour it all, devour it all in a week? Or do all of us have families of twenty people? Or all those Saturday crowds getting ready for a wedding? Or. One of my first American experiences almost fifteen years ago: giant supermarket carts pushed by huge people, elephant people in extreme obesity. Not old, but buried under their own fats. An eerie impression as a symbol of consumer society. And one did not want to rejoice and admire the fact that “everything is.

Is this the main goal and happiness of life, the meaning of life, to have 20 shelves with toothbrushes? 50 shelves of toothpaste. And so on and so on and so on. That’s what we’ve achieved. We implemented it. The meaning of individual life in the consumer society has been and is being persistently imposed on us. The meaning is simple and clear. You live to buy. You are born to be bought (then a list follows.). You grow and the list of things grows with you. You learn – wonderfully, the list adds up. You’re almost there. You need and to eat, and dress (not worse than others), and the car (a certain brand), and a computer, and a cell phone, and. How nice that you are! After all, so many malls and corporations need you, man!

You have to ruin your life chasing after the clothes, the munchies, the prestigious brands of whatever there is to make prestigious to those who pull the strings of your desires. You don’t need to be thinking, reading, reasoning. You will waste the time you have been given to earn money that you are then obliged to spend on merchandise. Consume. Into one orifice to let in, out of the other to let out. At last the meaning of life is revealed in all its simplicity. Man must be educated so that he develop the need to consume as much as possible. And mind you: they’re trying on all sides to make people into primitive ruminants.

I look at pictures of my aunts who raised me. Beautiful faces. Smart eyes. They were deprived of many things. Weekends were spent reading or walking in the park. There were exhibitions, theaters, art galleries, river streetcars on the Moskva River, and movies. Many things come to mind. But I tried to remember shopping trips. So that for the whole day. To go on a full day’s shopping. That never happened. Can you imagine? There was never a time when they went to the store for nothing. To pass the time. To look. To have fun. I used to go for bread and milk. Since first grade. The heavier ones were brought by grown-ups, between jobs. I had to stand in queues too, there was that. But this was considered a horror and a disadvantage of life. No one spent a day in a store of his own free will! I remember how I got a winter coat in fifth grade. Came in, picked it out, and bought it. Went to get a coat, picked it out, and left. Period.

Time was a pity. So many joys and pleasures all around! And these pleasures did not require any terrible investment or enslavement at all. A walk was a joy. Lectures at the university by top professors, free of charge – come and visit. Museums. How easily we let ourselves be enslaved by things! Understand, I’m not in favor of everyone walking around, ugly and colorlessly dressed. I’m not for people to eat what they don’t know what to eat. I’m against poverty and scarcity. But I am for people to look around and look for other reference points. That our only life should be devoted not to consumption for consumption’s sake, but to the search for needs – that is, the real meaning of human life.

And an example from Ariela Seth’s book Born in the Ghetto.

Her parents had a rich life before the war: her father was a famous doctor, her mother received a huge inheritance. But then the Germans came to Lithuania. “While my father was in prison, the Germans, accompanied by Lithuanians, broke into the apartment. (.) They came in two trucks with a list. They had a fairly accurate list. My mother had what to take: all the possessions my grandmother had left behind – paintings, silver, diamond necklaces bought at some exhibitions on her travels in Europe. All the family valuables went to her. (. )

To my pregnant mother, some German or Lithuanian put a gun to her belly and demanded she hand over everything on the list. Mom did not resist. Everything was open and unlocked. So they took everything, literally everything, including the furniture. The trucks drove away, full to the brim (. )

After the war, my mother became completely indifferent to things. Completely lost interest. She didn’t buy expensive furniture, dresses, jewelry, although she had opportunities. (.) She had only two or three dresses.

More than once I have noticed that people who have gone through serious trials sort of purge themselves of the craving for things. They see and understand other values in life. There are so many of them that the things on that list become completely superfluous.

It also makes sense to seek out these values even when life is, fortunately, going well.

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