What do men like in bed?

What men like in sex and how to surprise your partner in bed?

Men like variety in bed. They like to experiment, try something new and get maximum pleasure from it. Women should behave freely, flirt with your beloved, study his body and find “pleasure points”. It is also not necessary to avoid various sex toys. It is necessary to carefully study the cues of his body and talk to him about sexual preferences and fantasies. If your beloved is aware of her partner’s desires, she will do everything to ensure that he gets maximum pleasure.

Men in bed like variety. They like to experiment, try something new and get the maximum pleasure out of it. Women should behave freely, flirt with your beloved, study his body and find “pleasure points”. It is also not necessary to avoid various sex toys. It is necessary to carefully study the cues of his body and talk to him about sexual preferences and fantasies. If your beloved is aware of his partner’s desires, she will do everything to ensure that he gets maximum pleasure.

What men like in sex

The stronger sex is more dependent on sex than women. For them, it plays one of the main roles in choosing a chosen one for life. So many couples can not be together because of sexual incompatibility or inability to find a way to please each other. To quickly find common ground, you should analyze what turns men on:

Factor Explanation
Display of emotion If the partner does not show any emotions during sex, a man can not understand whether he gave her pleasure. Moans, a slight smile, softly whispering about her desires and compliments in his direction allow a man to open up more
Initiative It is not necessary to wait for the night and the first actions on the part of the guy. A proactive partner has a much better chance of a long-term relationship. Men like to be aroused by spontaneous caresses and kisses. It’s important for guys to feel wanted
Variety It is necessary to look for new ways to excite a guy (it can be sex in an unusual place). The girl should show her determination, she must convince her chosen one that it is with him ready for different experiments. But we should not forget about prudence and the limits of decency
Lace underwear During the intimacy with a woman, whose naked body is covered with a beautiful lace in red, black or blue, a man is excited even more. He is always interested in what is under the translucent lingerie. He wants to rip it off and look at the charms of his chosen one. You must try to get lacy panties, bras, nighties and wear frank lingerie more often. Peignoirs, bodysuits, stockings will only add sexuality
Activity of the partner Men like it when a girl moves in bed, takes an active position from above, bends, changes positions freely, etc. They are aroused by the sight of a partner from behind, beautiful sexual movements of the hips. The partner needs to be lively and energetic in order to capture his thoughts completely and give ground for fantasies
A slight semi-darkness Guys love to watch the very process of intercourse, to consider the naked body of their beloved. It is desirable to give him such joy and leave the light on. A special erotic atmosphere creates a dim light from a chandelier or sconces and curtained windows in the room during the day. It is proved that an uninhibited girl, who does not hide the beauty of her naked body, gives a lot of vivid emotions to her partner.

Interest in his desires Men should also be asked about what they like and what they do not like. You can’t sit around and only guess what brings satisfaction in bed to your lover. The earlier the conversation about desires and preferences happens, the less time it will take to explore each other. A girl who has learned the erogenous zones of her mate will be able to use this and quickly bring her partner to orgasm. After all, she already knows what he wants and in what positions.

Virtuoso sex technique It is desirable to improve regularly in bed. Sexual intercourse, in which there is variety, alternation of fast and slow movements, delivers a lot of vivid impressions. He will want to try different intimate techniques and techniques with his beloved. Nothing turns a guy on so much as the opportunity to try something new. You need to make sure that he was not bored during the process. He should clearly know that his chosen one is full of surprises (in a good sense of the word).

Oral caresses A man appreciates oral foreplay as the highest degree of trust in an intimate relationship. Caressing the penis with his tongue puts him in a state of intense arousal. A girl will immediately win her partner’s heart if she can give pleasure by this method

Observation of the partner It is necessary not to be shy and allow the man to watch how the partner caresses herself. This method brings men to ecstasy. They begin to connect to what is happening. But you should not allow a man to touch you right away, let him develop a strong lust

Exciting dance First, you can give him a little striptease. Slow sexual movements, careful removal of lingerie will only excite the fantasy of the partner. You can escalate the situation and easily throw underwear at him

Passionate whisper A carelessly thrown phrase of frank content can turn him on so much that he wants to try the most passionate sex

Erotic moans Everyone wants to hear his soulmate having an orgasm, so you shouldn’t hold back exclamations and moans. Only they have to be real, not like wild screams

To fall in love will be able to that seductress, which will do what men like in sex, but within reason.

If the chosen one inclines to unpleasant things, you should not give in to persuasion. For example, not everyone understands anal sex. It is necessary to choose the positions that will be suitable for both. If a partner insists on unpleasant experiments and tries to persuade a woman to get satisfaction alone, then it is better to say goodbye to such a man.

How to behave in bed with a new or constant partner?

Depending on who your partner is, you need to properly apply the techniques of temptation of the chosen one:

  • A young guy who is just exploring his soulmate will be interested in everything. But you should not immediately show everything that the young lady knows how to do in bed. Otherwise, he may think not very good things about her reputation. It is necessary to show that new poses and ways of pleasure have been discovered with him.
  • The husband can be offered various experiments (new positions, unusual places, etc.) in order to diversify family life and not to lose interest in marital duty. You can pay more attention to techniques such as erotic dancing, caressing, unusual foreplay.
  • With a regular sexual partner, you can not be shy and try everything. With him it is good to gain experience and study the male body.

Novelties rekindle mutual interest. Do not neglect the love caresses and additional ways to stimulate lust. You need to be completely relaxed and give in to the sensations. Natural behavior and intelligently emphasized the natural beauty of female forms will help make intimacy more intense and vibrant.

For him to enjoy making love with a young lady, he must understand that all his efforts bring his partner to ecstasy, he is the best and most unique.

What men like in sex: 20 secrets revealed

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No secret that the key to a happy relationship is not only understanding and caring, but in a good quality sex. This is especially important for men because sex for women is a more complex psychological process, when for men it is mostly instinctive needs. Many psychologists believe that the way to a man’s heart is definitely not through the stomach, but a dozen centimeters below.

Of course, every man has his own individual preferences, but knowing the basic secrets of what men like in sex will help any woman to make this process as pleasant and unforgettable as possible for her lover. Below are 20 secrets of sex, which, without a doubt, any man will like.

What do men like in sex? Sexy underwear.

This is what turns every man on, the thing with which any foreplay begins. Any man will love a beautiful lace lingerie set. At least in intimate moments, you should forget about the bears and bunnies on the panties and sports bra. Most men prefer monochrome black or red lace erotic lingerie, though, note that the snow-white set looks very soft and attractive on a girl. Do not forget about stockings, lace robes, costumes for role-playing and so on.


Of course, almost everyone loves classic sex, but open the curtain of other pleasurable types of sex to your man. No matter how pleasurable the process is, sex itself can become a dull routine if not diluted with new sexual pleasures. Try new types of sex, new positions, role-playing, sex in unexpected places. Do not turn sex life into a regular marital duty. Men are very when a woman is full of ideas and ready to bring them to life.


Men, by nature, are quite spontaneous, especially when it comes to sex. They want the same from a woman. Treat your man to spontaneous sex in the dressing room at the mall, caresses in the car while standing in traffic, or a blowjob in the theater on the last row. Any young man will appreciate such spontaneous, but pleasurable actions and will know that he can expect pleasant surprises from you and will probably start taking you to different places more often.


Now we’re not talking about real violence, because that’s a crime. It’s when you fight back just a little bit, in a playful way. A man is by nature a conqueror, and if he realizes that before he gets you, he needs to achieve it, his sporting interest will start to go off the charts. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, if a lot of long to resist, the man may think that you are not interested.

Women’s liberation and the lack of taboos

Men like confident women. For them, confidence equals looseness, which means there are no taboos and the possibility of new experiments. Every woman must love her body and what she can do, and then the man, too, will love all the action from a woman. You can be not the most experienced, because experience comes with the years, but you need to show that you are willing to learn and are able to do a lot next to your man.

What do men like in sex? Initiative on the part of a woman.

Take more participation in the process. Each representative of the strong half of mankind, will appreciate if there is an idea woman who can take everything into their own hands. Do not forget to take the initiative, sometimes take over the leadership of the process, to change positions, types of sex. Initiative on the part of a woman shows interest in the process.

Sex Toys .

This is another type of experiment that men love. Do not be shy to use toys during sex, which will decorate the process of intimacy. Toys can be both female and male. Do not forget that men, too, have enough organs, except the main one, which are subject to stimulation. In addition, there are many accessories – whips, handcuffs and so on, with which you can play role-playing games and turn sex into something new.

Beautiful naked body

Every man loves a neat, beautiful and naked beautiful female body. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. No one is saying that every girl should be a model of appearance, but elementary rules of self-care should be observed. Men like girls that have something to hold on to, but it is desirable that it was not a sagging to the knees belly. Lovely ladies, as soon as you start to watch your figure, your man will stop looking at the slender beauties in bikinis on the beach.

Groomed bikini zone

According to the survey conducted in online networks, most men (60%) prefer, that the bikini zone was with a neat haircut or a small sexy stripe on the pubis, 35% of men preferred a completely shaved bikini zone, and only 5% take it easy, when in the same area “natural vegetation”. Men love long hair, but only if the head, do not forget to care for their intimate areas.

Preliminary caressing

In vain, many people think that men want to do their sex work faster and go to bed. Men love foreplay and love it, not just fondling a woman, but when she takes the will in her hands. Kiss a man, give him an erotic massage, touch his shoulders, caress his ears with your tongue, do not forget to gently kiss his nipples and go lower. Do not underestimate the value of foreplay, men love them just as much as women.

Preliminary games

Games, too, no one cancelled. Men just love to imagine themselves in a new role. Games can be completely diverse, from strip card games to the most depraved role-playing games. It all depends on your imagination and preferences. Preliminary games allow you to get involved in the process, relax, distract from everyday problems, begin to dream and, as a consequence, help you get more excitement.

What do men like in sex? A pleasant smell from a woman

This is what men like most of all. Before sex, a woman should definitely take care of her hygiene, both intimate organs and all others. Plus, men like it when a girl smells fresh, berry or floral. Add to this a pleasant perfume and any man will be crazy about it. The main thing is not to go overboard, because if the girl will smell as if she just had a few bottles of perfume poured on her, this smell may distract the man from the main process.

Groomed Appearance

Men like neat manicures, clean well-groomed hair, moisturized skin, discreet makeup, subtle notes of perfume, smooth legs, nice clothes. Women should not forget about their appearance, before sex, during it and after. Because if immediately after sex you pull on an old stretchy T-shirt and braid a bob on his head, a man will remember you just like that. A well-groomed appearance is something that many women who have been married for a long time forget about.

Moaning and screaming

Men like it when during sex a woman moans languidly, sometimes screaming. But the main thing here is that everything should happen naturally, so as not to turn sex into an operatic aria.

Oral sex

This is what every man loves 100%. Don’t worry if you don’t have super skills in oral sex, it’s enough to show that your mouth is capable of a lot. To make a man feel good during sex, you should alternate the traditional sex with oral sex. Men just go crazy for this!

When a woman is interested in his fantasies

Men are often shy to talk about their fantasies, because they are afraid that he will not understand or judge. Make sure that a man, confide, reveal their desires. The task of a woman to understand and turn fantasies into life.

When to pay attention to male erogenous zones

Every woman should remember that men are not only penis, but also other, no less excitable erogenous zones. These include, earlobes, nipples, lips, skin between the thighs and scrotum.

The manifestation of emotion

Men like it when she expresses some emotions during the process, not making faces like being cut alive or making a “stone” face. Men like it when a woman can smile at him, show initiative, create a playful mood, and so on.

A slight semi-darkness or turned on light

Men like to see the whole process, so try to get rid of your complexes and learn how to have sex in semi-darkness or with the light on. Every man likes to view the curves of a woman’s body, excited eyes, breasts. They like to watch the process of penetration, which is why many men love it when a woman is on top, as it is at this moment, she appears in all her glory.

What do men like in sex?

Men, by themselves, are not the most verbose people, and even less so during or after sex. Do not try to talk to him during the intimate process, otherwise unnecessary talking may distract him. And also, try to minimize the desire to talk after sex, because after a man wants to take a break, have a cigarette, drink a glass of water, lie down, but certainly not to have a nightly philosophical conversation on “what is love?”

It’s no secret that every girl wants to present herself in bed with the best sexy side, to present herself as a sensual and competent partner. But, even if you are not a goddess of sex and debauchery, do not despair, just learn the basic secrets of what men like in sex. These simple rules will make you and your man to make sex not just a routine care and marital duty, but for many years, will extend mutual interest. All men are different, but probably everyone will like to feel the most desirable.

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