What do I do if I want a boyfriend?

I want a guy: 11 ways to find the right one

If you’re tired of being alone and want to find someone to share your life with, here’s what you need to do:

1. Understand what you want.

Do you want a guy? Why and why? Just because everyone else has one and you don’t? Or are you ready to share your life with another man? Or maybe you want to make your ex jealous?

When you answer these questions, set your standards. You don’t have to be too picky and demanding, but you do need to decide what’s most important to you in the person you’re looking for. If you have a problem with that, write down exactly what you don’t want in a man. 2.

2. and don’t settle for less.

Having high standards and being overbearing are different things. No matter how much you want to change your personal status, don’t be in a hurry to settle for the first guy who pays attention to you. It’s better to be alone than to be with someone else or worse, to fall into the hands of a toxic person.

3. be realistic.

Understand what you’re worth, don’t underestimate yourself, but don’t be a complete wimp either. Yes, you dream of his prince, but look at things realistic: perfect you will not find, they just do not exist. Find the right and suitable for you, whose shortcomings you can accept, and who will accept your flaws.

4. Be more confident in yourself.

Yes, men pay attention to appearance first. But if you don’t have charisma and charm, it doesn’t matter if you’re a model. Learn to love yourself before you look for love from the outside. That way you’ll feel more confident and become more attractive. That way, you definitely won’t let a man mistreat you, and men love women who respect themselves.

5. Develop your social skills.

Widen your social circle – so you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone. Just don’t get hung up on the idea that you need to find a man for yourself. Just relax and go with the flow. Dating can be interesting and rewarding from more than just a romantic point of view.

Let new people come into your life without expecting anything from them or committing to anything.

6. Be a Decent Girl.

You have to have something to offer a man. After all, you realize that there are a lot of single women around who are also “hunting”. So invest in your body and mind. Try to always look good, raise your social status, develop as a person.

7. Be open to dating.

A fairy tale prince isn’t going to come to your house. So be proactive about it. Ask your friends to introduce you to someone, don’t be afraid to try dating apps and websites, show interest in men in the places you go: “shoot” your eyes, smile, show that you are open to communication.

8. Show initiative.

There’s nothing wrong with approaching and getting to know someone. This way you show that you’re a modern girl who isn’t afraid to take things into her own hands. Yes, and the man needs a “green light” from you that he can act.

9. But do not rush things.

Don’t be desperate. Even if you’ve already met someone, let things run their course. Don’t act like your only goal is to find yourself a man.

10. Show your feminine side.

Be a lady, take care of yourself, let a man feel like an alpha male: let him pamper you, achieve you, but don’t demand too much from him. Let him protect you, but don’t be a helpless princess.

11: Don’t rush into sex.

Otherwise it may give the wrong message. If you want a man to take you seriously, it’s best not to rush into sex. Wait until you’re ready: emotionally, not physically. Wait until he develops feelings for you. A decent man will respect that decision of yours.

What to do if I want a boyfriend?

Your hormones are kicking in, your mind is clouding, and you urgently want to know what to do if you want a boyfriend? One of the oldest questions in the world.

“Breathe deep, you’re excited,” is what I think Ostap Bender said, though on a different occasion.

Look around you (mentally) at the guys around you. At least half of them are muttering to themselves: I want a girl, I want a girl… I’m telling you this as an ex-boyfriend (not in the sense of ex that he changed sex, but in the sense that he’s a little bit out of that age). Just walk up to any of them and say straight up, “I want you.” Shock therapy isn’t for everyone, of course, but it has its charms.

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Change yourself

In general, if you want a guy, make him want you too. Remember the ancient wisdom: if you want to change the world, change yourself. To you, it goes something like this: if you want guys to change their attitude towards you, first change your attitude towards yourself. After all, your attitude towards yourself is on your face like makeup, and guys in their attitude towards you are involuntarily guided by it.

First of all, you should have no flaws. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Any girl has flaws, even the most jealous girl. It means that you should not dwell on them, you should not suffer from them. You are you, a unique individuality, not a doll that someone can push aside. Turn your shortcomings into your features. This does not mean, of course, that you should not strive for perfection, be sure to strive, but not for perfection mannequin, but for the perfection of the animate person.

Further, being somewhere at the party, do not think feverishly: I want a boyfriend, what to do? Do not stand in a pity-waiting pose, do not throw languid-begging looks. Your mother probably told you that it is impossible or not good to flirt with boys. Absolutely right, but she meant that you can not do it rude, vulgar. Real feminine coquetry is a great art.

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Reason: he hurt your feelings.

Forgot to call, mixed up the anniversary of your first date, or, God forbid, was rude to you? Well, now he will dance with you! Empty space is not empty: today, instead of a date with him, you go to the movies with Dimka, and tomorrow your husband will be biting his elbows, and at the same time will learn how to behave with you.

The reason: you do not have enough attention or understanding, and you decided to look for them on the side, and at the same time to teach the guy a lesson. This is very naive. At best, he may not understand why you are trying to punish him in this way. And at worst, from now on he’ll be feeding Svetka ice cream instead of you.

Solution: revenge cheating is not an option. It’s useless, and it’s not fun either. Instead, talk to your boyfriend, explaining what hurts or bothers you. It’s up to the two of you to work things out together. If you try to solve your inner problems with the help of someone from the outside, it won’t lead to anything good.

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Do not be a victim.

You have to become a hunter, not a sheep, but a panther. Set traps, stretch nets, prepare your control shot. Don’t show anyone the sight of why you’ve come. Let everyone see that you are a cheerful, happy, spontaneous and cheerful girl. You came to take part in the fun, to share your good mood, and you don’t care much about these, what’s theirs.

Take advantage of the tactical terrain (ha ha, that’s a good one). Pay no attention to anything, notice every little thing and turn it to your advantage. You were asked, do you dance? Answer, for example, yes, but only a dance with sabers. And where is your saber? It’s hanging on the wall at home, a Turkish scimitar. And where is your house? In the history museum.

Accidentally bump into the guy you’ve chosen and glare at him angrily. Just don’t throw Pepsi-Cola on him. Let him throw it all over you. Feeling guilty is already a kind of promise.

Most importantly, always be yourself, the most charming and attractive, such that no one else has.

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Reason: he’s far away.

You feel good with your boyfriend when you’re together, but it’s too rare. He is constantly busy: studying, working, playing sports and going to training camps, in short – he’s not there. You miss him madly, want to kiss your favorite lips and fall asleep on his shoulder. But there are other lips and shoulders nearby, alien so far, but, in the absence of other options, not bad either…

Reason: One way or another, when he’s away, you’re more vulnerable. You want love and affection even more. That said, alas, we’re more attracted to what’s here and now than what’s promised to us in the distant future. So out of sight, out of mind?

Solution: First, think of your boyfriend when he’s away. He’s going through a hard time without you, too. Communicate with him in every way you can, from Skype to paper letters. Second, distract yourself. These seem like two opposing methods, but by combining them, you’ll get through the separation easier! Don’t dwell on your homesickness: invite girlfriends over, find a new hobby, take up sports. You can spend the time you don’t spend on dating, on creativity, on different courses – from foreign languages to driving. And if living in a mode waiting for a guy you strongly do not like, do not stab him in the back. In any case, wait until a face-to-face meeting when you can figure things out.

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Reason: you’re bored with him.

You’ll meet under the clock as usual, he’ll say “hello hello from the old stilettos” again, you’ll go to “Chocolatier”, to your favorite table by the window, and you even know that you’ll be served by the waitress Anastasia. I wish someone would get you out of this rut…

Reason: There are two possibilities. Maybe you didn’t start dating him out of a lot of love (or at least a little sympathy), but because it was advantageous to you. You thought that you could put up with it for the sake of convenience, that you would get used to it, but it didn’t work out. Alas, this relationship was a failure from the beginning. So stop messing with both yourself and him. But another option is possible: before this guy caused you sincere excitement, and now you’re just used to it, so the feelings and impressions seem not so bright. Trust me, they’re still there!

Solution: you need to do something together. Look for interesting places in your city (or you can even go on a little trip), try new hobbies, hang out with friends – who says there’s a one-size-fits-all scheme for the perfect date? A relationship is not a walk on the summer lawn, but a work in progress. So, let’s say it again: before you shift your problems to a third extra, try to solve them yourself.

You weren’t going to cheat. You have a wonderful boyfriend, you love each other. But another guy came along. You knew you only wanted your one and only, but the other guy turned out to be extremely persistent. Found the 25th hour in a 24-hour clock when your boyfriend wasn’t around. And you realized: he’s better at everything. And to win you over, he’ll do anything. Should you ever reciprocate? Think back to when you started your relationship with your current boyfriend. How he was the best in the world and no one else existed. Yes, now you know that he has flaws, something in him irritates you. Know this: this is a normal stage of any serious relationship. With another guy, you’ll end up with the same thing, if not worse. You just won’t find out about a lot of his flaws until you’re closer-if that happens at all. After all, where’s the guarantee that a new suitor won’t dump you once he gets his way? He’ll put a new checkmark on your win list, and you’ll break your boyfriend’s heart and be alone yourself. That’s sad. And even if you have a relationship, the new guy will remember that it started with your infidelity-even if it’s in his favor. On another’s misfortune will not build happiness.

But it also happens: the relationship is outdated. Your boyfriend you do not want to see or hear. You do not feel anything when he hugs you, and to kiss him, and you even disgusted. Then… no, even in this case, don’t cheat. And be honest with yourself: leave this guy. Not because you will be better off with someone else, but because you will be better off without him. Leave and don’t come back.

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