What do guys like in girls?

Looks and psychology – what men like in women. Men’s point of view.

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The question “Why do men like women?” is often the cause of debate, both in women’s and men’s circles. Before sorting out such a question, it is important to understand what kind of men there are, because it is the type of man that determines what kind of women he chooses.

Types of men and the main determining qualities when choosing a woman:

  • Forever single – a man who is not looking for a long relationship, he cares about frankness in a girl, sexuality, attractive forms. Of course, by nature, all men are polygamous, but this type is characterized by a particular freedom;
  • A man is a mama’s boy, he chooses a woman who is similar to his mother, and it’s not about appearance (although sometimes it comes to that), but about attitude towards him. He appreciates the care, attention, warm attitude.
  • Psychasthenic men are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves, no matter what. Such men, as a rule, obsessive and, even after separation, ready to call and demand a meeting. These men, at a subconscious level, choose a stronger woman, powerful and those who can obey.
  • Man narcissist – he needs to be praised. These men are looking for girls who will admire them, will say a lot of compliments and appreciate his manhood.
  • Man schizoid – all the time he something does not suit. He easily finds reasons to break up. But the difference with the “Eternal Bachelor” is that schizoids don’t break up to find a new romance, but because he thinks there are no normal girls around. It’s hard to say what kind of woman a man likes, because, after all, he himself is unlikely to be able to answer this question.

Of course, everyone has different taste preferences, someone prefers an older woman, someone younger, some people like plump, others like skinny, some people like emotional and explosive girls, and some prefer quiet and homely persons. But there are common reasons for women’s attraction that no one can control.

What guided each man? Let’s look at 15 of the most popular reasons “Why men like women:

Natural instincts

Let the process of evolution, long ago made of apes people, but in each of us live primitive animal instincts. Because of his instincts, a man is subordinate to a woman. She attracts him at the level of smells, gestures, body movements, and so on.

This orientation of instincts is based on a physiological need – to continue the human race and ensure a growing population. Not all men admit that their feelings are driven by something they have no control over. Often, a man cannot explain why he likes this or that woman, so it is in these cases that his sympathy is subject to the power of natural instincts.

A woman’s character

The traits of a woman’s character, directly affect the sympathy of the man. Everyone’s preferences, of course, are different. According to statistics, most men believe that the most attractive traits are – determination, the ability to present themselves correctly, a moderate sense of humor and self-confidence.

But it is worth recognizing that many men like a defenseless girl for whom you can be a real support. Also, no doubt, all men like girls who are loyal and loyal, not afraid to let them go to a restaurant with friends and those who behave decently in public, especially important when meeting with friends and parents of the man.

Neat appearance and attractiveness

Every man will like a neat and tidy girl. According to a sociological survey, when a man presents a girl he would like, the following features prevail:

  • Long, well-groomed and healthy hair;
  • Almost 40% of men believe that the most beautiful eye color is blue or green;
  • Organic, not suffocating, perfume;
  • Moderately plump and sensual lips;
  • Accurate, not vulgar, makeup, emphasizing natural beauty;
  • A neat manicure. Almost one in three respondents considered the most beautiful manicure – a neat French;
  • Clean shoes, ironed clothes, which emphasize the beauty of the female body.

Female form and sexuality

Men like a feminine figure, with “bulges in the right places”. Firm beautiful breasts, taut tummy and the rest of the charms of the female body – this is something that no man will refuse. Of course, not all girls are given a beautiful natural figure, and there are men.

Fortunately, now there are many ways to emphasize the advantages and erase the disadvantages, with properly chosen clothing, shoes and accessories. Men like women who confidently carry their sexuality, who know their figure strengths. Every man will be happy if there is a sexy woman who can properly (not vulgar) present their strengths.

Sense of humor

Girls with a sense of humor attract a lot of men and everyone likes them. Most men want to see this quality in their girlfriend. A girl who can have a good joke, laugh at something, with whom you can fool around like children and generally have a good time will be able to win the heart of any man.

It is important that the humor is appropriate and does not devolve into excessive monkeying. Men believe that girls with a good sense of humor are the ideal partners for life together, because with such there will always be easy, fun and carefree. Also, an important quality for girls is the ability to laugh at themselves, men believe that it is peculiar only to a truly sincere girl.

The ability to show love

Rudeness is not in fashion, unless, of course, we are talking about a variety of sexual games. Each man will appreciate the woman who knows how to show his love. The main thing is not to cross the line between the expression of love and imposition. A woman who is not shy to write a sensual SMS, she will arrange a romantic date, will not be afraid of their feelings – will certainly like every man.

Emotionality and energy

Girls are loved not only for their outward attractiveness, but also for their energy and positive emotions. Of course, women are not robots and can not always be in a good mood, but the ability to quickly switch from bad to good, positive energy and moderate emotionality – will please every man. Men just need to understand, so that a woman does not become an “emotional bomb” that is about to explode, you need to give her an opportunity to display their emotions in a timely manner.

The ability to understand and hold

A woman should not only be a good mistress or a caring wife, but also a friend who can understand and support in any situation. Men like girls who can be trusted and who can understand him when he needs it. Strong and trusting relationships grow out of understanding and mutual support.


What all men definitely have in common is a liking for confident girls. Men just can not stand unsure of themselves, which carry a solid negative and clot complexes. What does a confident girl mean in men’s minds:

  • Confident in sex;
  • Has her own social circle;
  • Does not need constant encouragement;
  • Does not stick to every guy she meets;
  • Manages to show herself in society;
  • Knows her own strengths;
  • She does not control the man;
  • Knows her limits;
  • Knows how to admit her mistakes;
  • Does not pressure the man;
  • Does not fall into despair;
  • Not afraid to make the first move.

These qualities, no doubt, will appeal to every man.


Unavailable likes only those who are not looking for a serious relationship. But here, if a man is considering a girl with plans for the future, then such a quality as unavailability is sure to please him. Especially if a man previously came across only available girls. At the first stage, a man simply can not accept that there is a girl capable of refusing him. Then he “wakes up the knight of the conqueror” who will try to win the girl by all means.

As a rule, the more competent a girl will hold the defense, the greater the chance that the man’s interest will only grow. But the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, a man will think that he is not interesting and will find, more located to him, a girl.

Distinctiveness and individuality

Everyone must have some flavor. Men like to find such features in girls and try to unravel them. Girls who have their own flamboyance will always be the focus of men’s attention. They combine both confidence, and a sharp mind, and an extraordinary character. Such girls, at first glance, may seem as if from another planet, but with them it is more interesting, more fun, they are like a crossword puzzle, which can be solved for many years. With them you will not get bored, you will not “drown” in everyday worries.

This is one of the list of women’s virtues, which will be appreciated by any sensible man. Many, even, imagine in their fantasies stormy novel with a schoolteacher or sultry businesswoman. Without a doubt, men like intelligent and educated girls. Those who can support any conversation, those who have a story to tell.

Two self-sufficient and educated people, there will always be something to do. With these girls expand the range of joint activities, with them and to the theater, and to a restaurant, and a documentary, and a business meeting. Men appreciate girls who are not ashamed when they “open their mouths”. There is an opinion that the more developed human brain, the more sexual a person is.

Care and affection

Every man will like an affectionate and caring girl who will cook a delicious dinner, iron shirts, kiss before work and so on. The need for such a girl, there is every man. One of the reasons why men start to cheat is the lack of feminine warmth and affection. At home everything is heated with domestic problems, and the mistress is always gentle and caring. Therefore, in order to please a man and subsequently not to lose him – caring and affection should be in the arsenal of every girl.

Women agree to sex in order to get love, and men give in to love in order to get sex. No healthy and fulfilled man, does not imagine his life without sex. It is one of his basic needs that women can best satisfy. So this is another reason why men like women, because, with them you can do it almost anywhere and at any time.

When a man looks at a woman, he’s always evaluating her sexually. Even if your man says he doesn’t, that’s probably exactly right! But again, this happens at the level of natural instincts, at such moments, a man is ruled by the hormone – testosterone.

Attitude towards a man

Every man will like a girl who will respect him, be proud of his achievements, do nice things. Men, though they consider themselves strong and independent, but they, too, need attention, care and compliments. Given that men are not perfect, they like those who will forgive and understand his minor mistakes, who can accept his shortcomings. Women who are able to provide support, most often become beloved wives and, at the same time, real friends. Men like those with whom you can be yourself, whom you can trust your secrets, and who will appreciate it, no matter what.

This list of reasons will probably help each man to choose the most important factors for themselves, and girls will give a clue how to please a man. But always remember that all men are individual, outwardly it is impossible to please everyone, but the ability to appreciate, respect, listen and trust is something that any young man will appreciate.

What kind of girls do guys like?

Every girl at least once tried to figure out the recipe of attractiveness for men. Some prefer tall, others like diminutive, someone likes a lady with a bouffant shape, and someone podvayut slender and athletic.

It is impossible to please each member of the stronger sex, but there is a criterion, according to which every second man assesses the ladies. To find out what kind of girls like a guy, you should observe their behavior and understand the psychology.

The ideal girl through men’s eyes – statistics

The statistics is inexorable – studying the results of surveys of men, you can be horrified: almost all of them want to see an ideal girl near them. Some criteria are very similar: height, figure, weight, hair color. Some men pay a lot of attention to these features, while others, on the contrary, highlight the inner world of women.

The figure .

The figure – one of the most important criteria evaluated by men. There is an opinion that only a slim, lean figure can attract a guy. Everyone has different tastes, it is not surprising that quite a few people prefer women with outstanding forms, so we began to hear the phrase “she has something to hold on to” more and more often.

Men like an hourglass figure. It is characterized by lush breasts and wide hips. This preference is not accidental, scientists found out that the owners of such a figure have a better chance to bear a healthy offspring.

Psychologists and pickup gurus believe that any figure should be able to serve. Slouchiness, bad posture, cramped movements can spoil even a slender athletic body. Therefore, it is believed that the way a girl uses her data, provides her popularity among men.

With regard to height statistics also can not say anything unambiguous, each man is guided by his preferences. Obvious beauty necessarily have long legs, but in real life, these girls are not so much. Short stature has its advantages: guys like to see a small fragile girl in need of protection.

Another criterion – the ratio of male and female height. Both guys and girls believe that there should be harmony in height. Not everyone likes to see a woman beside himself, surpassing the representative of the stronger sex in height. But men are not so anxious to this question, unlike ladies, sometimes refusing from relations only because of the discrepancy in centimeters.

Not every man will say right away what his woman’s weight is. Most often they do not care, because the appearance and the figure of the girl with the same weight can differ significantly. Of course, he will definitely understand if the person next to him weighs over 100 kilograms, but in other cases, he won’t even think about the weight of his girlfriend.

Most guys still prefer slimmer girls, but a couple of small wrinkles and puffy hips are not critical for them, the main thing is to be able to present yourself.

Brunettes, blondes or redheads.

On the issue of hair color for men is even harder to find a common denominator. Many believe that belonging to the blonde, brunette or red – not an indicator that the relationship will be strong. Hair color can always change, but the character and attitude of the person will remain. But there are guys who fundamentally choose a certain type of girl, they do not even think about looking at someone else.

Blondes are often associated with innocence, simplicity and lightness; brunettes are thought to be passionate and strong; redheads are valued for their unusual appearance and fiery character. But often, when choosing a lady to his liking, a man understands that the hair color has little effect and gives preference to the girl he likes, regardless of her hair color.

It’s no secret that many guys have their own portrait of the girl of their dreams. Someone has a long-legged blonde with a lush chest and no extra centimeters in the waist, and someone looks for a chubby cheerful girl who can cheer you up and surround you with her warmth. Often their choice does not coincide with their expectations, because love is never built on external parameters

What should be a girl in character

We have heard the phrase many times that a man lives with a man, not with his appearance. Therefore, wise men looking for a life companion, not a passing infatuation, pays a lot of attention to determining the character of the girl.

Statistics state that there are character traits that appeal to all men:

  • Confidence . It would seem that this feature is more inherent in the male sex, but psychologists say that men like confident ladies. Their confidence they transfer to their partner, creating a tandem that can survive any hardship.
  • Sociability . It is difficult to find an approach to a reserved woman who behaves aloof. Sociable ladies are able to support any conversation, they always have a place in the company, and in relationships they easily find common ground with their partner.
  • Calm . Needless to say, men do not tolerate hysterical individuals. In a calm girl they see a person who is able to listen, support and keep the warmth in the relationship.
  • Mind . Men and women are equally attracted to the presence of a sharp mind in a partner. Relationships with a “pacifier” do not claim to be long-term, so the stronger sex tries to look for a companion to match. With a smart girl there is always a topic for conversation, she knows how to prioritize her life and knows how to keep the relationship.
  • Honesty . Many guys think that the age of honest women is long gone, giving way to mercenary and manipulative ladies. Therefore, honest girls are literally worth their weight in gold: they always say what they think, do not cheat and report if something does not suit them in the relationship.
  • Tenderness . Even the toughest man needs care and affection. A gentle girl is able to give them more than enough, and the man who chose her, will know that his care and tenderness she will surround not only him but also future children.
  • Unobtrusive. Few people will be pleased with the endless calls, texts and excessive tutelage. No matter how warm feelings he has for his betrothed, personal space still plays a not insignificant role for him.

Character carries more weight for a man than appearance, weight and hair color. When he is choosing a wife and a mother for his children, he is trying to discern the most important traits in a woman: kindness, tenderness, intelligence, confidence. A girl who has this data can be sure that she will never be alone.

Which appearance of a girl is more attractive

No matter how important the character is, the girl’s appearance still plays a not insignificant role. Certain features of style, image, presentation determine the success of a woman among the representatives of the stronger sex.

These most often include:

  • Femininity . Shortness, flirty look, smoothness of movements – every man determines for himself whether a girl is feminine or not. But the fact that the majority loves feminine ladies is an undeniable fact.
  • Long hair . Someone considers long hair one of the main attributes of a girl, not accepting the short hairstyles “under the boy”. There are men who are indifferent to the amount and length of hair, but for others, long hair looks extremely attractive.
  • Clothing . Here also the opinions of the male sex differ: someone likes girls in impeccably feminine dresses, and someone believes that comfort for their girls is above all and has no feelings about what she’s wearing.
  • Heels . Some men literally go crazy at the sight of a girl in high heels, because they immediately change everything: and gait, and figure, and the whole image in general. More conservative members of the stronger sex believe that girls do not have to suffer in uncomfortable shoes to make a proper impression.

So many men and so many opinions, so, in an attempt to attract a man, you need to try to be herself, it is valued much more than high heels or long hair.

What kind of girls like modern guys

Modern representations of attractiveness have their own characteristics. Whereas in the past girls were valued for their meekness and verbosity, nowadays guys prefer something completely different:

  • Men like bright women who can draw attention to themselves. A girl-celebrity, carrying a positive and good mood, will be able to win any man.
  • Interesting girls like guys: they have hobbies, their eyes are always on fire, they just find a topic of conversation and will invent an interesting way to spend the evening.
  • Sporty girls have a better chance to please a man. First they can conquer with a trim figure, and secondly, sports girls are always in motion, in their life there is no place for laziness and they can entice anyone.
  • Guys prefer a girl to have a mystery, which they can solve. They like to play with a woman, to get to know her and to discover every time from a new side.

Nowadays guys like an extraordinary woman. She must be active, to have a hobby, which burns the eyes and be able to entice, in this case, the interest of men is secured.

What kind of girls men prefer

Men like a pretty quiet and funny energetic young ladies. It all depends on the male temperament. Modest girls attract men who are tired of extra tinsel. They seek calm and measured in their relationships. Girl-celebrity can attract a guy who lacks fun in life, he is looking for a companion that can get him out of a gray everyday routine.

The availability of the girl also determines her success among men. It is believed that more success have bold ladies who can get acquainted themselves, flirt boldly and do not require men to act to win them over. In fact, men like to conquer women, as true earners. Therefore, unapproachable ladies with an air of mystery have more chances.

The level of intelligence of the chosen one also plays a great role. Not all men like a woman who is smarter than he is. Most need to dominate in terms of intelligence and solve problems on their own. But truly intelligent and wise men are not afraid of intelligent girls: they like it when the chosen one can compete with his knowledge.

What kind of girls attract guys and men without much difficulty

A man can easily attract sexy girl with an outstanding figure, long legs and a short dress. The question is what will follow after this attraction. For an ideal girl with a chiseled figure, long hair and puffy breasts often chased by those who have no plans for further relationships. Attract a man and seize his attention for a long time can only be honest in his beauty and character girl: without unimaginable makeup, the lack of which will scare a man the next morning, without fancy dress, feigned mystery. Girls who do not try to play the modesty or vice versa, slutty girls, and try to emphasize their merits, men like the most.

Guys do not like it when ladies bend to their tastes. False emotions, personality traits and appearance, with which a woman is trying to win a man, can be seen at once. So the main rule in attracting the attention of the stronger sex is to be natural, friendly and real. For every character trait or feature of the appearance there is sure to be a lover.

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