What can you write to an ex-boyfriend?

What to write to an ex-boyfriend: 100 messages

Breaking up with a young man is a hard event in life. The pain of separation from his love haunts the girl for a long time. Often you want to write to your ex-boyfriend after the breakup: to understand if there is a chance to return the relationship, to learn how he lives, or to demonstrate that he was not the light of day. What to write depends on the purpose of the message.

What to write to make him want to come back

Often after a break-up with a young man there is a desire to reconcile, especially if the reason for the rift is largely the fault of the girl. In such cases, the text of the message should be heartfelt, but not too intrusive.

The young person can live his life for a long time, trying to forget about the past relationship, and he should be interested in communicating with himself from the first words.

So, if the breakup was due to the girl’s fault, because of her infidelity, excessive jealousy, selfishness, you should write a message or text message in this format:

  1. Please forgive me. I have changed and will not break your heart again.
  2. I hope you got over the pain I caused you. I won’t do it again.
  3. Every day I regret what happened between us. Please give me a chance to make you happy.
  4. I made a terrible mistake. I have no excuse. I can only hope for a miracle that one day you will forgive me and give me a chance to make things right.
  5. Sorry won’t make up for my bad actions. Still, I ask for your forgiveness and hope you’ll give me a chance to prove how I’ve changed.
  6. You were the best thing in my life, I didn’t appreciate you at all. I realize now how much you mean to me.
  7. I ruined our relationship and upset you. I’m very sorry. But I believe that our meeting was no accident.
  8. I always wanted a guy like you. But at some point I foolishly stopped appreciating you. Give me a chance to make it up to you, please.
  9. Forgive me for my unfounded jealousy. I’ve learned that where there is love, there must be complete trust.
  10. I am so grateful for the time we had together. You made me happy. And I would very much like to make you happy.
  11. Our breaking up was my biggest mistake. Give me a chance to fix it, I really miss you.
  12. I really foolishly didn’t keep what I had. I realized how important our relationship was to me.
  13. Let’s not end it. We’ve been through a lot together. I want us both to be happy and I’m willing to work on myself for that.
  14. I regret that I gave so little time and effort to make you happy. You deserve a very different attitude. Give me the opportunity to show my love the way you deserve it.
  15. Relationships are a lot of work. I didn’t work hard enough on myself and we ended up having these problems. I love you very much and I don’t want to lose you, I promise to make it right.
  16. Forgive me for messing things up. Tell me how to ease your pain. I really want you back.
  17. I admit my guilt, forgive me. I regret every bad thing I’ve done to you. I realize everything. Let’s meet and talk.
  18. I’ve done a lot of terrible things. Please forgive me, you mean a lot to me, I don’t want to lose you.
  19. Don’t be angry with me, please. What I did was wrong, I won’t do it again. Let’s put all the bad things in the past.
  20. We were together for so long, and I blew it all away with one bad thing. I’m so sorry that I upset you so much.
  21. I really want to apologize to you by looking you in the eye. You are the most important person in my life.
  22. I have never felt worse in my life than I do right now, fighting with you. Please forgive me, I really want to make things right.
  23. I regret every jealousy scene I’ve had. I have completely reconsidered my behavior and I am ready to change for us.
  24. You are very important to me, I want to spend every day by your side. Please give me the opportunity to make things right.
  25. The past cannot be changed, but I really want to change the future, I believe we have one.
  26. I still love you and hope that you can forgive me and we will be happy together.
  27. I’m very sorry that we broke up. It’s mostly my fault. I really want to get you back and make up for all my mistakes.
  28. You didn’t deserve all the bad things you saw from me. Let’s start over. Please give me a chance to make us happy.
  29. If you can ever forgive me for all the bad things I’ve done, I promise I will never disappoint you again.
  30. It’s been so long since we broke up, but I still regret every bad word and deed I’ve ever done. I really hope that we can be together again.
  31. I’m so sorry that I ruined our fairy tale with my jealousy. I didn’t mean to lose you. What can I do to make it up to you?
  32. Please tell me we can still be together. I would do anything to hold your hand again.
  33. We were a very beautiful couple, but I did so little to make us happy. I want to make it right.
  34. Please give our love another chance. I believe that our meeting was no accident, let’s not ruin everything.
  35. Of course saying “I’m sorry” is very easy. But for me, it’s not just words. I really realized all my mistakes and I only want to be with you.
  36. You’re the most honest and good person I’ve ever had in my life. I promise I won’t upset you if you give me a chance to prove my love.
  37. I am very sorry that my jealousy has ruined our relationship. I realized all my mistakes and I’m ready to build a relationship in a completely different way.
  38. I should have cared more about you and appreciated everything you do for me. Unfortunately, I realized it too late. I really wish I could take it all back.
  39. I’m so sorry that I messed up our relationship. You’re the most important person in my life. Let’s try to go back to that happy time.
  40. I want to ask your forgiveness for everything. You are right to be offended. Please give me a chance to redeem myself.

Often relationships end because of a guy’s fault. And at first, in the heat of emotion, the girl rejects all of his attempts to make up and doesn’t give him a chance to right the wrong and come back.

If the guy was guilty, apologized for a long time with no result, then got tired of asking for forgiveness in vain and disappeared, you can write an ex-boyfriend to make him want to write back and start communicating again.

  1. I’m ready to listen to you and accept your apology. I realized that I was having a hard time without you.
  2. I was very resentful of you, I guess I went a little overboard. Let’s get together and talk.
  3. I think we have a lot to talk about. I’ve cooled down and I’m ready to give you a chance.
  4. I miss you. I’m glad you realized your mistakes, I shouldn’t have overreacted. Let’s give each other a chance.
  5. You hurt me a lot, but I’m ready to forgive you and move on together, hand in hand.
  6. I often think back to all our happy moments and realize that we broke up for nothing. What do you think?
  7. I regret that I rejected so harshly all your attempts to make up, I was too offended. Now I’m ready to listen to you calmly.
  8. We’ve both made a lot of mistakes. Let’s fix them together.
  9. I’ve learned that love is more important than resentment. I’m ready to give you a chance and start over.
  10. We were very happy together. I wasn’t ready to forgive you right away, but now I realize what an important role you play in my life.

It’s not always the boyfriend or girlfriend’s fault in a breakup. Sometimes relationships fall apart for reasons beyond the couple’s control. People are separated by distance, misunderstandings and other little things.

In a situation where there was no serious quarrel, you can write a touching message to an ex-boyfriend after a long breakup to intrigue him and motivate him to meet.

  1. I keep remembering our dates. We had such a good time together, can we do it again?
  2. I was making your favorite pie today and thinking of you. Will you come over for tea?
  3. I was very happy with you, but things are different now. I’d like that magical relationship back.
  4. I still don’t know why we broke up, but I do know that I want it back.
  5. Our relationship ended on a bad note. Let’s replay it, shall we?
  6. I dream about you every night. I think we can still be happy together.
  7. Let’s try to start all over again, but in a happy scenario.
  8. I’m so sorry we broke up. You were my source of happiness.
  9. I think of you every day. I wish you happiness, can it be possible with me?
  10. Even though we are separated, you mean a lot in my life. I would like to see you again.

What to write to hurt him

When a relationship ends, there is often a desire to write to a guy to hurt him. This happens because of serious resentment, if the man regularly cheated, betrayed, committed horrible things.

In this case, you no longer want to return the relationship, reconciliation is impossible, and the only feeling that remains in the soul is the desire to show how happy you are without him.

Psychologists recommend not to restrain your desires, because it prevents you from forgetting the past and from rebuilding your life. That’s why you can write to an ex-boyfriend to hurt him like this:

  1. You were right that you’re not worth me, I quickly became convinced of that!
  2. It’s so good that our relationship is over.
  3. I hope you are as happy without me as I am without you.
  4. Let’s wish each other that it was the worst relationship of our lives.
  5. Congratulations on your long-awaited freedom, and I wish you to meet a new love who will be willing to endure all your humiliation, unlike me.
  6. I don’t remember the date of the beginning of the relationship, but the date of the end I promise to celebrate joyfully every year!
  7. Thank you for betraying me and giving me the opportunity to go out free in life and meet a real man!
  8. All’s well that ends well and so does our relationship, whose ending is beautiful!
  9. I was very little happy with you, but now I will be happy all my life without you.
  10. I forgive you your betrayal, because this relationship is not worth my nerves.
  11. I finally met my love, and I wish you the same!
  12. It was very important for me to be with you to understand what my future husband should not be.
  13. Our relationship was a mistake, how good that we realized it in time.
  14. I don’t regret one second with you, because now I know what kind of people to stay away from.
  15. I’m glad we broke up, and I wish you the same!
  16. The great thing about our relationship is that it’s over.
  17. I’ve never been happier with you than when you left me.
  18. Thank you for the priceless experience! Now I know what a relationship shouldn’t be.
  19. I’m so glad I had you in my life, now I know the kind of people I shouldn’t trust.
  20. You didn’t need my love and care, good thing I found someone who appreciated that.
  21. It wasn’t until starting a new relationship that I realized how awful ours had been.
  22. Finally becoming happy with a new guy, I realized how right you were in breaking up with me.
  23. I’m very grateful that you betrayed me, otherwise I wouldn’t have met my true love.
  24. Before I completely forget who you are, I want to wish you happiness.
  25. My only regret is that I trusted you so much, you didn’t deserve it.
  26. I didn’t stop trusting people because of you, I just know now what real men don’t do.
  27. I forgive you, all your actions remain on your conscience.
  28. Don’t worry about me, I already have someone to take care of me.
  29. Our parting was the only wise decision you ever made!
  30. When you left, I realized how unhappy I was with you. I was glad it was over.
  31. It was as if I could breathe deep after you left, and I wish the same for you.
  32. How good that this painful and unnecessary relationship is over. Thank you for leaving.
  33. I am sure we will be happy without each other. I am already, which is what I wish for you too.
  34. I never thought I would forget you so quickly.
  35. Our relationship will be a lifelong reminder to me of how things shouldn’t be between people.
  36. Thank you for leaving me, you gave me a chance to meet a real man and I took it.
  37. I will always remember you as the most unfortunate experience in a relationship.
  38. It’s probably unseemly to be so happy that a relationship is over, but I can’t help myself.
  39. I wish you would meet a girl who would be willing, unlike me, to put up with that kind of attitude.
  40. It’s a pity that our relationship ended now and not earlier, I wouldn’t have lost so much time and would have met my love sooner.

What you can not write

It doesn’t matter if you want to write to your ex-boyfriend so that he wants to come back or if you want to get revenge for your pain. Either way, avoid this behavior:

What to write to an ex-boyfriend: 100+ phrases that will hurt him

Sooner or later, every girl writes to an ex-boyfriend. Sometimes we reply to their messages, sometimes, on the contrary, we write first to remind about ourselves, to find out how things are, to congratulate on a holiday or anniversary.

The hardest thing is to send a message or text to an ex-boyfriend immediately after the breakup of the relationship. Who will ask: “why write him?”. But, let’s face it, everyone has had this desire and it doesn’t matter who is to blame for the end of the relationship. The understatement is almost always present.

Expressions that you can write to an ex-boyfriend

We decided to collect a large collection of expressions and quotes that you can send to an ex-boyfriend. Choose according to the situation.

If you broke up because of him (dumped)

  • I hope you’re happy now.
  • I’m sure you’ll regret it, but I won’t care about you anymore.
  • When you realize what a mistake you made, please don’t write me, don’t bother… I will definitely get over this relationship by now.
  • Just wanted to tell you to make the mistake of thinking you are better than you really are.
  • I hope she does the same to you as you did to me.
  • When things get tough in a new relationship, you’ll remember me.
  • I’m sure you’re having a good time now, even fun. But remember, guys learn the bitterness of a breakup much later than girls do.
  • I wanted to write nasty things, and then I sat down, calmed down, and decided you weren’t worth it.
  • I’m glad I didn’t waste more time on you.
  • A little sorry that in my thoughts and head you were better than you really were.
  • I’ll consider you an experience, not a mistake.
  • And I was warned not to mess with you.
  • You were strange when we met, and you still are.
  • You must have been abandoned too, otherwise why the cruelty in your eyes?
  • I trusted you, and you turned out to be a typical liar…
  • Now imagine if your daughter was treated the same way you treated me… Pretty?
  • Mom said I shouldn’t trust you. She was so right.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to read people. I won’t fall for that again.
  • It wasn’t like that yesterday.
  • The human mind is truly unique: yesterday I loved, today I hate…
  • From love to hate one incomprehensible girl, eh, dear?
  • Congratulations! You made it into my exes’ piggy bank. They’re not doing too well, by the way. I hope you don’t fall out of favor either.
  • Apparently, I was the only one who needed this relationship.
  • I won’t wish you happiness, you don’t deserve it.
  • So roll over from the top you climbed, thanks to me.
  • Do you have enough time for your friends now?
  • I’ll bet you’ll regret it. But I’m going to be relentless!
  • Another bad romance in my life, and why do I always pick the wrong guys?
  • My mother told me you weren’t who you said you were. Now I’ll be smarter, I’ll listen to the advice of an experienced and wise woman.
  • I don’t like to be disappointed in people.
  • And I believed you, and you turned out to be not so cool at all.
  • Do you have enough privacy now? No one’s blocking it?
  • Now you can feel free to text all your girlfriends and like the pictures. I have no more complaints about it!
  • Goodbye text, but not sad, don’t get your hopes up. I’m even breathing easier, apparently this relationship has worn itself out.
  • Goodbye my friend, you weren’t cool!
  • I write you a letter and, as always, I burn it.
  • In the beginning I thought it was worth fighting for my happiness. But then I looked at you closely and realized that happiness doesn’t seem to be what it’s cracked up to be.
  • Good luck, good luck… You’ll need it.
  • I won’t grieve for you for long, don’t dream!
  • I hope she’ll leave you before you know it.
  • You’re my biggest mistake. But we learn from them, so thank you.
  • If you decide to write to me, don’t you dare.
  • Disappointment is the worst feeling another person can have.
  • It’s easier today, and tomorrow I’ll forget your name.
  • And you were great at pretending, I believed that you were not as bad as people say around you.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance, but you don’t come for it when she leaves you. That’s not the case.
  • My patience lasted even longer than I could have imagined.
  • I hate to find out you’ve been lied to for months. Don’t do that again. Better a bitter truth at once, without deceit, than an affair behind your back.
  • Fly, my little bird… I hope the wind will take you as far away from me as possible.
  • Don’t even hope it! Our mutual friends will not take your side. Look for other company.

If you broke up because of her (found someone else)

Sometimes a relationship ends because a girl finds someone else. In this situation, the polite and correct step is to write your ex a message apologizing and wishing him well (if he deserves it, of course).

  • You’re a great guy, but, sorry, it just happened…
  • I guess you are too good for me.
  • I hope another girl appreciates you more than I do. You deserve to be happy.
  • I wanted to suggest we stay friends, but I know that’s impossible, so I wish you happiness.
  • I might regret it someday, but right now my decision is this.
  • You are a beautiful page in my life story, thank you for it.
  • You should have known it was coming to an end, so don’t blame me. In any situation, it’s both of us to blame.
  • And I wish you happiness, even though you’re angry with me right now.
  • Believe me, time will pass and you will look at this situation easier. The fact that you are angry with me now is normal.
  • I wish you meet a girl who will look at you with burning eyes. Mine, unfortunately, couldn’t light up. I guess that’s nobody’s fault.
  • It’s just that as it happens, sometimes new feelings flare up instantly.
  • You are too perfect to be with someone like me.
  • I’m sorry, goodbye, I have to go on…
  • And we both wish you happiness! Don’t hold a grudge.
  • I asked you many times to be more proactive, and you let things slide. That’s why it turned out the way it did.
  • I won’t say that either of you are better or worse. I just met my soul mate.
  • I thought I loved you, but it was a false emotion. Now I understand what that feeling really looks like. Please be happy for me!
  • I’m sure there will be happiness on your street soon. And if not, I’m ready to introduce you to a single girlfriend.
  • We had a great romance, but unfortunately all good things come to an end sometime.
  • I wish you walk through life with a smile on your face and your head held high. Everything will work out for you.
  • I’m not the right person to be there for you. Your soulmate is wandering the streets of the city somewhere. I hope you meet her soon.
  • Thanks for all the good stuff, we really had a great time together.
  • And can you be brave and keep your friendship with me, because I wouldn’t want to lose you at all.
  • You taught me a lot, I want to say thank you very much for that. And I’m sorry, I didn’t become the one you dreamed of.

If you want to get back

A woman’s opinion can change in a second. It happens to have a fight with a guy, and after an hour / day / week you realize that you miss him and want to get it all back. What to do in this situation? To begin with, it is worth sending your ex a nice message. In correspondence it is much easier to express emotions, to talk about painful and hidden from prying eyes.

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