What can you write a nice thing to a guy?

Nice words to the man just in his own words: a list of phrases that you can say or write to the guy

Men, contrary to popular belief, are very fond of listening to nice statements and receive love messages from their halves. Thus, representatives of the male sex feel their importance. It is important for them to know that they are valued and loved. Compliments are not just for women! Using them to boyfriend or husband, a woman strengthens relationships and brings positive and positive emotions to them.

Phrases for expressing love for the guy

Expressing your feelings is very important for any couple, so the status of your union is determined, you let know what you mean to each other. Expressing your love strengthens the marriage, it helps to avoid conflicts.

Here are a few variations of such sayings:

  • Beloved, you are my dearest treasure, my dearest person;
  • Darling, I could not live without you, I have never loved anyone so much before;
  • You’re a real man, able to stand up for yours, reliable and brave;
  • The greatest happiness for me is to see your manly face, listen to your gentle velvet voice, feel your touch;
  • I dream of waking up next to you for all eternity;
  • It doesn’t matter in what conditions we will live, in wealth or in poverty, the most important thing is that you were by my side, then I will be happy;
  • Words can’t measure our love, we are two halves of one whole, we understand each other with half a word;
  • I’ve never met such wonderful people, you’re the sweetest, kindest and most charming;
  • You know how to make me laugh, thank you for your great sense of humor;
  • I dream that our children together would be like you, smart and beautiful like you;
  • You are my knight in shining armor, any obstacles are not a problem for you.

Remember, your lover needs praise, it is a mandatory male need, praise warms up the boys to new achievements. For this are great expressions like this:

  1. You are very strong, that’s how a real man should be;
  2. You easily cope with impossible tasks, amazing abilities;
  3. I can’t imagine how you manage to do such a difficult job, you’re great;
  4. You’re the best at what you do, you do your job brilliantly;
  5. Your intellectual abilities are amazing.

In this video, Violetta Morozova will say 10 phrases that can work without fail on any man:

Nice words to your husband.

No matter how many years you are married, warm words and expressions of love to your soul mate are always an important attribute of a happy couple. You can express your love for your husband by using lines like these:

  • The moment when I married you was the most fateful, then I decided to tie my fate with the best man in the world, and for all the time we lived together I have never doubted this choice for a moment;
  • You and I had gone through many difficulties and obstacles but this did not prevent us from keeping our closeness, you are the best husband;
  • We will live a long and happy life together and enjoy every moment of it with each other;
  • Meeting you turned the world around me, my existence made sense;
  • You brought an ocean of happiness and unforgettable experiences into my life, thank you for being there;
  • In my memory will always remain the moments of our first meeting, first kiss, declaration of love.

Affectionate nicknames for my beloved

There is a stereotypical view that men can not stand when girls or wives are addressed to them diminutive fondling nicknames. This view is erroneous, psychologists have proven that the members of the stronger sex, not worse than women, positively perceive similar slogans.

Just, as a rule, the boys do not like to admit it, so as not to cast doubt on the image of a strong, brutal male. But at home alone from the strong, brutal tigers, they turn into sweet purring kittens, demanding attention and affection.

Women love to think of their loved ones different affectionate nicknames. Especially calling their beloved all kinds of animals. It is important to consult with the boyfriend, whether he is against such a nickname.

Here is a list of the most favorite nicknames:

  1. Bunny;
  2. Kitty;
  3. Bear;
  4. Mousey;
  5. The diminutive declension of the name, such as Kolenka, Sanechka, Valerik, etc;
  6. Sunny;
  7. My love;
  8. My darling;
  9. My happiness.

This list could go on for a long time, a woman’s imagination is limitless. Every girl tries to come up with an interesting and original nickname.

Nice words to the guy from a distance.

If it so happens that your lover is far from you, on a business trip or for some other reason you are separated by a distance, remember that it is important for a man to feel your love and support, which simply must be expressed in SMS or telephone conversations.

In such cases, fit the following phrases:

  • I miss you madly, I count the days until we meet;
  • I long for your return;
  • Distance is not an obstacle for our love;
  • I’m sick without you, come back soon;
  • I can’t wait to hold your hand and hear your voice;
  • You took a piece of my soul with you, Without it I can’t fully enjoy life;
  • I want to snuggle up to you and hear your heartbeat, feel the warmth of your hands;
  • You are with me in my dreams, so I look forward to the night;
  • I would give a million dollars now, Just to see you for a moment;
  • I want to hold you so much, I think I’m ready to walk to you at night in the rain.

Warm words of encouragement to the beloved.

If your soulmate is in a bad mood, there has been trouble at work or something similar. Or if your loved one is in a bad mood, “hung up,” it is you who can help him get rid of this mood. At such times, he needs you, he needs support.

In such situations, you can use the following phrases:

  1. Do not be sad, we’ll get through this, together we will overcome all the difficulties;
  2. The main thing is that we love each other, and everything else will work out;
  3. Whatever happens, remember, I believe in you, you can fix it;
  4. Failures happen to everyone, I’m sure we’ll get through it;
  5. You have overcome many difficulties on your way, it means you can cope with this one;
  6. You are the strongest man I have ever met, you will find a way;
  7. You have golden hands, I know what you are capable of, you will succeed.

Your words in this case will help the strong sex to find faith in themselves and become the impetus to get out of difficult situations.

Wishes for your loved ones

Pleasant wishes improve life together and add romance to the relationship. This is how couples show that they care and worry about each other.

Bedtime wishes:

  • Sweet dreams beloved, I wish you the most pleasant dreams;
  • Good night, may you dream your happiest memories, so you can relive them;
  • I will come to you in my sleep tonight, because I want to spend every moment with you;
  • Tomorrow soon, there will be a chance to spend another day with you.

Warm words in the morning:

  • Huge happiness to wake up next to you;
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet the dawn with you;
  • I wish you a good day, may it be a joyful one for you;
  • This morning you look especially good, every day I fall in love with you more and more;
  • May you face no trouble today, and may the sun shine in your soul throughout the day.

Men are important to such words from their beloved women, please your chosen ones with gentle words and you will have family well-being. A man who hears from his woman such words, imbued with love and respect for her. Your tenderness and support gives the strong sex an incentive to grow and develop. And he will be at each of his accomplishment of thanks, first of all, just you.

Video: affectionate words for men (4 examples)

In this video, psychologist Anastasia Denisenko will tell you what words you can use to strike the heart of any man:

Beautiful words in a text message to your favorite man

SMS messages to men

When everything is great in the relationship, a woman wants to write beautiful words to her beloved man and send an SMS – and it does not matter where her chosen one is: at home, near, at work, away. A woman’s soul is torn to share her feelings and warm her beloved with beautiful and sincere words. Choose a beautiful text message for someone you truly care about.

Warm you with words

Beloved man beautiful words sms woman writes when she is in a great mood and she is in love. And this can only be in one case – the man loves her, appreciates her, adores her, spoils her, gives her gifts, says beautiful words too. And any lady will not be able to keep silent in such a relationship – she will definitely give her beloved a beautiful phrase:

  1. I love you so that you will never be able to stop loving me.
  2. My feeling for you overflows my soul and just spills out – you are my only one, the kindest, most beautiful, clever…
  3. My only wish is to be always with you – my beloved and the only one.
  4. You’re just perfect and there’s no flaw in you.
  5. You’re perfection itself, I’ll try to match.
  6. You are my dream come true.
  7. My ideal, only with you I am truly a woman.
  8. I guarantee your happiness, because you give it to me in full.
  9. My love is strong and strong, it will warm you in any bad weather.
  10. Can you feel the warmth of my soul?
  11. I know how to make you happy, and I’m sure I will.
  12. You don’t look like anyone else – so macho and romantic at the same time, how do you combine everything?
  13. My heart is no longer mine, it’s yours!
  14. I can’t even breathe without love for you.
  15. I care for you as you are, be yourself and stay with me.
  16. Everything about you suits me – I didn’t think it was possible at all in life!
  17. I thank you for bursting into my life – don’t break out again.
  18. The meaning of life without you makes no sense at all.
  19. I am overflowing with feelings for you now: tenderness, love, the desire to do good for you, to hold you to my chest and not let you go anywhere.
  20. Happiness suddenly knocked on the door in silence – and you came in.
  21. Your courage and reliability will never let me doubt you.
  22. I can no longer be without your hands, your eyes, your embrace.
  23. I’m ready with you in the shawl, in the fire or in the water.
  24. I want to be your complements – loyal, faithful, loving.
  25. I am unspeakably lucky to be with you!
  26. We’re happy now, and then we’ll see.
  27. There is no other like it and there is no need for it.
  28. When people are made for each other, that’s two halves, that’s you and me.
  29. I will love you always, I will share my life with you.
  30. I’ll try to make sure that I won’t disappoint you even once, for the rest of our long life.
  31. Only with you have I understood what I really am, I have become myself.
  32. You are my vocation, you are my early morning.
  33. I have an incentive in my life – to make you happy every day.
  34. I see a landmark – it’s you, my beacon, my guiding star.
  35. For me – you are the best, no matter what people around me say…
  36. I want to snuggle up to you and warm you with the heat of my love.
  37. You are the meaning of my life, it’s impossible to lose you.My life is filled with only love for you.
  38. When people love, they’re together even when they’re apart.
  39. My woman’s intuition tells me that you won’t betray me.
  40. In love, it is difficult to bear any parting, even when he has gone out for a while – I miss you.
  41. My soul is alive with you.
  42. I feel badly sad without you, though I know you’ll be back from work soon.
  43. When I think what will happen to me If you’re not around? I simply will not be.
  44. Just need you by my side.
  45. I remember you every second, you just live in my head and in my heart.
  46. My love will protect you from all troubles and misfortunes.
  47. I love you, that’s great!

I think I’m in trouble

When a young girl’s feelings flare up, she can also send her beloved boyfriend beautiful words via text message:

  1. Tender words just pour from your chest: you’re my handsome, sweetheart, pooch, cool, brutal, the best…
  2. I want to tell you tender kind words – hurry up to come home from work.
  3. My one and only – and let the whole world wait.
  4. You’re mine Extraordinary.
  5. Even if you’re a little crazy, but you’re dear.
  6. I love everything about you – even your jealousy and suspicion.
  7. Even your cockroaches in your head are cute.
  8. I like that about you even when you blow my mind.
  9. You have the most precious gift of life – my sincere love for you.
  10. I stopped seeing men – are they all extinct? You’re the only one left on earth.
  11. I love you without looking back.
  12. My heart is torn from my chest, You come soon.
  13. My heart rejoices That you are near.
  14. You are my breath, I love you as I breathe.
  15. I feel good when I’m with you, you’ll feel good too.
  16. I love you till my heart aches-it’s never happened to me before.
  17. Your eyes are so tender, like the sky. There’s no turning back…
  18. I fall in love with you more and more, but I’m no longer afraid of falling in love for good.
  19. You inspire me to deeds – I even learned how to cook.
  20. Without you time passes slowly and a minute seems like an hour.
  21. I want to wake up in the morning only with you.
  22. I have a great desire to be the only one for you.
  23. I have only one desire, to hold you and kiss you.
  24. You are the only one who opened this life to me from the bright sunny side.
  25. I love you just the way you are – sometimes with bad moods and mutterings.
  26. You will never regret our meeting, because this is fate.
  27. I met my ideal, it turns out there is one on earth, and it’s you.
  28. I’m happy and I want to share this happiness with you.
  29. It turns out that it’s wonderful to love, and it’s twice as wonderful to love you.
  30. I will do my best not to lose us.
  31. I’ll save my happiness called “you”.
  32. You’re the only one who could make me happy, I’ll respond in kind.
  33. When you look at me, I shiver, and when you touch me, I fly to the seventh heaven.
  34. You have decorated my life with you.
  35. In my mind is only your voice and the words, “I love you forever.
  36. The joy of my life is just seeing and hearing you.
  37. I used to think I couldn’t love at all, but it turns out I can.
  38. When you’re around, everything falls into place. When you’re not there, it’s a mess.
  39. I’ll forgive you anything – except cheating.
  40. You’re so cool! So I took the bait.
  41. You were all I could think about, it was like you were in my head.
  42. I think I made the right choice to stay with you.
  43. I’m all for an honest relationship, and you’re very honest and decent. I guess I’m lucky, huh?
  44. I won’t give you up to anybody.
  45. You’re mine alone – I won’t let you go anywhere.
  46. I can feel myself completely dissolving in you, and it makes me happy.
  47. “There’s love between us”…
  48. I’ve fallen so much in love that everything else has gone by the wayside.

To my brother, my sister, my parents, my friends…

Beautiful words to a loved one SMS can be sent not only to the beloved, but also to a friend, relative, parents – because you love these people no less. Choose your own sms:

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