What can you tell a girl?

100 ways you can tell a girl about yourself

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Suppose you were lucky enough to meet a charming girl. And everything would be fine, but her request in a questioning tone: “And tell me about yourself” knocked the ground out from under your feet. You start frantically going over the options in your head – where to start, how to present yourself in a more favorable light. Let us make this task easier for you and tell you what you can tell your new friend about yourself.

50 topic options

  • Interesting stories from your childhood.

Surely your conversation partner will be interested to know how you were as a child, what games you played, what the names of your first best friends were.

  • Tell about your family.

Tell what kind of family you grew up in, whether you have younger or older brothers (sisters). How was communication with them, were you friendly or were you constantly competing.

  • Family customs and traditions.

Perhaps, every weekend and on holidays mom baked an amazing pie, the taste of which you still remember. Or maybe you were out in the woods with your family, hiking or fishing.

  • Your childhood fears.

Hint that you weren’t always as courageous and fearless as you are now. Maybe some things made you literally tremble with fear. And don’t forget to tell me how you managed to overcome those phobias.

  • Your high school and college years.

How you studied, how your relationships with your classmates turned out. Whether your parents scolded you for bad grades. Which subject you liked the most, and which one you were happy to skip.

  • About your hobbies.

What you like to do in your spare time away from work or school. Why you chose that particular hobby.

  • About your ideal woman.

Describe in general terms what kind of girl you would like to see by your side. What qualities she should have. How she should look like to make you like her.

If you have a pet, talk about it. Perhaps the story of his appearance in your home will seem very unusual and interesting to the girl.

  • What are your future plans.

What you would like to do. What goals you are setting yourself. How you plan to achieve them.

  • About your character.

What can easily make you mad. What kind of person you are.

  • What inspires you.

What you tend to find an outlet and motivation in.

  • Your relationship to children.

Whether you have children. If not, who do you dream of having a son or daughter. What names you’d like to give them.

If, of course, this fact is in your biography. What are especially memorable about those years, in what troops you served.

Do you like to travel? What countries you have been to. Where you would definitely go again.

  • About your culinary preferences.

List your favorite foods and things you wouldn’t try under any circumstances. Are you able to make a delicious breakfast or dinner and thus please your significant other.

What do you like more – to give or receive gifts. Which of the gifts impressed you to the core and you remember more than others.

Whether you are a jealous man or react quite adequately to minor signs of attention from other men to your companion.

What position you hold. Was it difficult to get the job. What kind of relationship you have with the team and superiors.

  • About your achievements.

Is there anything you’re particularly proud of and want to tell your female companion about?

  • About your disappointments.

Have people close to you ever disappointed you or failed to live up to your expectations. How you dealt with it.

  • Your favorite places in your hometown.

Where you like to rest, spend time with friends. Why these places, what do you like there most of all.

What do you put in that concept. Whether you know how to love truly.

Whether you’re inclined to believe in greetings and superstitions. Do any mystical stories happen to you.

How much time you spend on social media. Do you like to play computer games. Which ones.

  • Your musical preferences.

What music and what artists you listen to most often. Why your choice is in this musical genre.

How you manage your finances. Are you able to save money or do you spend all you earn honestly.

  • About bad habits.

Do you have bad habits. Do you try to get rid of them.

    About unusual fantasies.

Are there things you’re sometimes embarrassed to admit to yourself.

  • About your happiest moment in life.

What was happening to you at that moment, how you felt.

  • About the biggest failure.

About the thing you planned so carefully, but didn’t happen.

Do you play any particular sport. For how long? What gym do you go to?

  • How do you behave in unfamiliar company.

Do you like to keep silent or are you instantly the eyes of everyone present.

  • About upcoming events.

Is there something you’re looking forward to, very much hoping for a positive outcome.

Do you often have colorful dreams. Do they come true.

How do you feel about untruths. Are you capable of deceiving someone close to you.

Are you ashamed of your appearance or firmly believe you are irresistible.

Are you able to solve everyday problems on your own or do you prefer to resort to a specialist in these matters.

Do you take care of your health or do you always put off going to the doctors?

Do you feel like a happy person. If not, what do you need to be happy?

Do you hide your true emotions or do you prefer to pour them out.

Are you a vindictive person. Do you always take revenge on your abusers or forgive them easily.

What bold deeds have you ever dared to do?

What years of your life do you recall with particular trepidation?

Are you ready to cuddle in your girlfriend’s arms for a long time, or do you think you don’t need too much cuddling.

Are there things that you will never dare.

Are there points you’d rather not push.

  • About the seasons.

What time of year do you feel most comfortable and why.

Are there people in your life with whom you have a real feud. What is the consequence of that.

Who you are according to your Zodiac sign. Do its generally accepted characteristics match your character.

What to tell a girl on a date if she’s bored – a list of topics

Women love with their ears – it’s a fact, and also scientists proved that the brain of the fair sex is tuned to the emotional perception of the conversation. Being able to tell a girl some information is a chance to captivate her and interest her in your person.

It is important to understand that girls have a “selective” ear, so that during the conversation you should choose topics that cause an affection and response from your girlfriend.

With the help of stories about herself and her person, you can significantly reduce the distance, and create a warm atmosphere.

Examples of interesting topics

To evoke a lively interest and emotional response – the main task of all stories that sound to the girl. In the process of narration you can identify the topics that interest her, you can make compliments that will help to establish a trusting relationship.

Important! All stories to the girl should be sincere and truthful, as the “weaker sex” always feels a catch, and the lie sooner or later opens.

What you should not tell about:

  • About the beautiful moments in the relationship with an ex-girlfriend;
  • tall tales about his accomplishments;
  • About narrowly focused topics related to work (the abundance of terms can discourage the story);
  • about influential people in his circle;
  • about the shortcomings of women (“All women today have only material possessions on their minds,” “All girls are mercantile creatures!” and similar discussions).

This video shows you what to talk about with a girl so that she’ll be very interested:


Many guys mistakenly think that made-up or embellished stories can cause the right reaction in a girl. But in this case, the guy runs the risk of losing credibility, as well as creating a negative image of an empty-nester.

Synopsis! The best stories are those that really happened, seasoned with jokes, because a man who makes the girl laugh can count on the location of his person.

The choice of the theme for the story depends on many circumstances:

  1. the degree of acquaintance;
  2. hobbies and interests;
  3. age;
  4. occupation;
  5. preferences in various areas of life;

At the stage of acquaintance and in the development of a relationship, topics that involve family discord, intimacy, and previous experiences should be avoided.

The story can be about getting to know each other, about adventures they’ve had together.

Important: While telling any stories, the mood of the interlocutor should be taken into consideration, in order to provoke the necessary response.

The worst topics to tell about yourself:

  1. Narratives about dubious achievements, bragging about their “fighting adventures” and success with the opposite sex.
  2. Political, religious and other topics that can provoke a dispute is better not to use to tell any stories or fit a particular situation in which the interlocutors found themselves.

When establishing a close relationship, the stories told to the girl may become more personal and touch on “secret” topics. This encourages the interlocutor to share the same secrets.

It is important to hear and be heard. Any person will be pleased if the representative of the opposite sex will pay attention to the little things in which individuality is manifested.

The video gives examples of the 5 best phrases that will save the date if there is nothing to talk about:

Talk about it.

Everyone craves attention to their person, and girls in particular. It is important for any representative of the “weaker sex” to understand that a guy is really interested in her.

A story about her should emphasize her uniqueness, beauty, attitude towards her personality. Girls want to be heard – and this is a fact that should be used.

To be able to talk to a girl about herself, you need to pay attention:

  • on various little things (e.g., favorite books, type of coffee),
  • her interests
  • views.

Pay attention to the problems and remember information about her field of work, place of study. A girl who feels a lively, sincere interest in herself will feel more open and confident, and this brings you closer.

Flattery and an excessive amount of compliments when telling about a girl can repel and generate a negative attitude.

Help! Everyone’s own name causes a positive reaction, at the level of nervous impulses. Saying something about a girl, you can mention her name a little more often and make eye contact.

About yourself

Men think more logically, women think more figuratively. This must be taken into account when talking about yourself.

In this case, you must first analyze the sequence of information and its quality – this will help you to present yourself correctly and create a positive image for the girl.

During the story about her personality, it is worth paying attention to the points of contact:

  • common interests,
  • hobbies
  • preferences (food, literature, etc.).

Synopsis! There is an opinion that women are attracted by some unknown and mysterious, complex nature – but it’s only at first glance.

Telling about yourself, you should not surround yourself with unnecessary mystery and unnatural images – honesty and ease of communication is perceived better and causes trust. The main thing is not to overdo with openness, and his stories devoted to a neutral, but interesting topics.

The story should be truthful, contain information that will emphasize the strengths of men. Excessive self-praise can repel the girl and cause boredom.

Important! You should avoid stories that are pitiful. Women by nature are prone to sympathy, but special pressure on feelings will not adorn any man.

The video describes the best topics for conversation with a girl:

If she is bored.

To understand that a girl is bored simply enough by monotonous answers, distracted look and loss of interest in the interlocutor.

So that the lady will not get bored:

  1. it is worth showing attention to the topics that interest her;
  2. lead a dialogue, even while telling a story;
  3. Be sure to add humor to her statements;
  4. Not to dwell on your own person, or to tell about a narrowly focused topic of your work or hobby.

Synopsis! Boring happens with those guys who do not show initiative, at any opportunity talk about their own achievements or those who are on “another wave”.

Girls will never be bored by stories of a guy who has a certain baggage of knowledge, has hobbies and a sense of humor.

A story about “something.”

Sometimes girls ask to tell “something” like little ones – for a young man it is an occasion once again to show his wit and erudition.

1.Russ to az in this case may be of a joking nature (for example: did you know that in my younger days I juggled weights in the Istanbul circus?).

Such verbal tomfoolery can lighten the mood, set the mood for a positive wave, and help you laugh heartily, because a story in this genre is sure to produce a dialogue that is no less amusing.

2. Another option for “telling about something” is to present interesting facts about something that is close to the girl and the guy.

Stories of funny cases in the family, with friends or at work, curiosities from childhood, school years or student years are welcome.

Each person is different. To the story resonated with the fair sex must be on the same wave with her. For this it is important to sincerely show their interest, to find common hobbies.

Charm, erudition and a sense of humor – the best helpers for creating a successful story on any topic.

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