What can I write to a guy in my own words?

What nice things to write to a guy to make him melt? 100 phrases in their own words

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Messages to the man I love – a great way to make the other half pleasant! They also need our love, tender words and romance. A few amazing lines will certainly not leave your love indifferent and will surely find an echo in his heart.

100 pleasant phrases in your own words

  • Your smell has so intoxicated my head that now I can feel it everywhere.
  • Your smile makes me feel better.
  • It’s getting colder outside. I look forward to seeing you again.
  • Just your texts make me put things on hold.
  • Your hands are so strong. I bet they would look just perfect on my waist.
  • In your eyes I see our future.
  • Will you move your toothbrush to my place?
  • Come to my place tonight… We’ll watch your favorite movie.
  • New Year’s Eve is coming up… And I so want to kiss you at midnight.
  • You’re very attractive when you’re doing what you love.
  • Only your words can sustain me in my time of need.
  • With your arrival, my life has taken on new colors.
  • Your hands can warm me even on the coldest days.
  • Haven’t you noticed how perfectly your last name and my name go together? Take a closer look.
  • My thoughts get confused when you’re around.
  • You’re already settled in my head, how about settling in my house?
  • You’re not like the sea, but you excite me.
  • Tonight was a beautiful evening. The next one will be mine.
  • I wonder: are your kisses as sweet as I imagine? I suggest you check it out.
  • I haven’t been diagnosed with arrhythmia, but seeing you makes me doubt it.
  • You know where your T-shirt would look best? On my bedroom floor.
  • Will you give me one of your things? Because it’s the only way I can quench my longing for you.
  • Your hands on my shoulders are the best support for me.
  • I dream of being in your arms right now.
  • Beginning to speak in your phrases. I did not know that your company is not only attractive but also contagious.
  • Your desires often coincide with mine. Why don’t we do them together?
  • When I look at you, I find my thoughts go in a different direction…
  • You have driven me to the point where I am bored beyond recognition. I await your salvation.
  • Only your presence can brighten my gray everyday life.
  • I enjoyed listening to music together too much, now I get frustrated when I put on both headphones alone.
  • I woke up frustrated because I wasn’t in your bedroom.
  • Every day we spend together is special to me.
  • You look beautiful in that suit. I hope I can take it off tonight, because underneath it is perfection.
  • I love sharing dinner with you, but how about breakfast and lunch together?
  • Only you know how to cheer me up.
  • Can I book you for tonight? Go for it, you certainly won’t regret it.
  • It’s so nice that only we can understand each other from half a word.
  • I miss your voice so much. Do you have time to talk?
  • I have a surprise for you, I can’t wait to meet you.
  • Let me take care of you.
  • Every day I am more and more convinced that you are my perfect soul mate. Thank you for coming into my life.
  • We can overcome anything together. You can always count on me!
  • Don’t work too hard. I need you to be ready tonight!
  • I’ll be glad if you’re free early tonight! Work is work, but love is on a schedule.
  • I wake up and go to sleep thinking of you. It’s no longer possible, stop being so amazing!
  • I seem to recall seeing you in my dreams. You must have come to me from the world of dreams.
  • Your voice is like the best symphony to me. I’m ready to listen to you all the time.
  • I really need you.
  • When I’m around you, I’m not afraid of anything in this world except one thing, which is to lose you and never have such tender feelings for you again.
  • Last night was just amazing. It was so romantic, looking up at the stars and holding your hand. But the brightest stars were your eyes, which just drove me crazy.
  • I really love your spontaneity. You turn my every day into a perfect holiday!
  • What could be better than waking up next to you every day? Only to hold your hand and hug you tightly in the early morning.
  • Only with you do I feel truly comfortable.
  • You have become my new meaning in life. What will you do about it?
  • Even our worst fight is better than a happy moment without you.
  • They say love hurts, but I’m willing to take that risk with you.
  • I miss your gentle touch and sweet voice. You seem to be more addictive than any drug.
  • I hate it when you leave me. For every second without you is agony for me!
  • Will you be my fireplace on cold winter nights?
  • I have work to do, but I only get to miss you.
  • Your tender kisses make me lose my senses.
  • Just the memory of last night makes me dizzy.
  • We must see each other soon, or I will die of longing for you.
  • I realize more and more that you are perfect for me. Careful, I’m clinging like the most incurable contagion.
  • Your touch is more intoxicating than the strongest wine.
  • It seems to me that even eternity is not enough for me to enjoy you.
  • Loving you has become as natural as breathing.
  • Your words and your touch make my soul rejoice.
  • Thank you for making me feel special. I will try to be worthy of you.
  • I want to be the reason for your smile.
  • As the saying goes: you can’t escape your fate. And you from me all the more so!

By sending your young man at least 1 message from our list, you can see a nice response from him. You can be sure that with their help you will not only successfully inform your partner about your feelings, but also make his heart fill with tenderness and warmth.

100+ pleasant phrases to your beloved man in his own words


Each of us wants to feel needed and loved. Do not think that the man knows about your feelings for him.

Say these words out loud or send them as a touching message.

Let him know how much he means to you.

If you need ideas, here are some nice phrases to say to your boyfriend or man to make him feel loved.

Touching words to a man

My life has changed for the better because of you.

I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

I can’t imagine what I would do without you.

You are my blessing in life.

When I’m lonely, I turn to you.

I’ve never been happier.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I can’t imagine my world without you.

I want to spend my life with you.

I don’t even want to know what my life would be like without you.

I will always fight for you.

Everything you do makes me fall more and more in love with you.

I am madly attracted to you.

You are the last thought I fall asleep with and the first when I wake up.

I don’t want to stop loving you.

I love every little thing about you.

I hope you know how much you mean to me.

I would do anything to be the girl you’d come back to every night and wake up with every morning.

Without you, I would be so lost.

God gave me such an incredible man.

There is absolutely nothing I would change about us.

I will never forget you.

You make me feel so special.

I love the way you…

You’re so beautiful.

I’m proud to be yours.

Nice messages to a man in your own words

If your boyfriend or man is at a distance, you can always call or text him to keep in touch.

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The best feeling in the world is waking up next to you.

You always know how to make me smile.

I wish I could fall asleep in your arms.

I wish I could go back in time to meet you sooner and spend more time with you.

Thank you for sharing love with me.

Thank you for staying with me even in difficult times.

I can’t wait to see you again.

It took me a moment to fall in love with you, but I will love you always.

You are everything to me.

I hope I can make you as happy as you make me happy.

Your presence alone fills my heart with joy.

Cupid didn’t rest until you and I met.

Our lives are so closely intertwined that I can’t imagine my life without you.

Let’s run away and start a new life together with just you and me.

You know how to be a real gentleman.

I love that you treat me like a lady.

I am yours and you are mine.

You’ll never bore me.

You look so handsome today.

My heart belongs to you and you alone.

Everything you do makes me love you even more deeply.

Although we are not perfect, we are perfect for each other.

When God created you, he was thinking about how to make me the perfect match.

Thank fate that we found each other.

I smile so often with you that I feel like a child again.

You committed the perfect crime by stealing my heart.

Of all the romantic stories, I like ours the best.

When I look at you, I know everything is going to be okay.

You are the main character in my book.

I like wearing your shirts because they remind me of you and I feel safe.

You remind me that there are a lot of good things in the world.

Coming back to your house is my favorite part of my day.

I love that you help me get things off the top shelves that I can’t reach.

You are the only person I would go on an adventure with.

Pretty words to make his heart melt

Do you want to show a man your tenderness, and show him how much you love him? Here are some phrases you can say to your beloved man to make his heart melt.

I’m so lucky to have you by my side.

I love it when you hold my hand.

You are so handsome and gallant. You are my knight.

Your kiss makes my heart flutter.

Your embrace is the safest place for me.

I could cuddle with you all night long.

I’ve been thinking about you.

I love everything about you.

I love talking to you about everything and everyone.

I cherish the time we spent together.

You awakened a passion in me that I didn’t even know I had.

I’ve been a winner since I picked you up.

I got hooked on your love, your touch, and everything about you.

Goodbye was never such a hard word for me until I met you.

Thanks to you, all my dreams have come true.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m not kidding when I say I think about you every single day.

You are the man who makes other people jealous of our relationship.

I will hold your hand in both sorrow and joy.

I could count the stars to list what I like about you, but I wouldn’t have enough stars.

I want to kiss every part of your body.

I want to shower you with kisses.

Every day with you is another part of an exciting adventure.

Without you, the world would be gray and boring.

In my eyes you are perfect.

You make my heart sing.

Just the sound of your voice makes me smile.

You make me enjoy life to the fullest.

You are my knight in armor.

Heartfelt words to a man

I always knew you were the one.

You’re always in my thoughts, even when I’m asleep.

My days are so much more pleasant with you.

Your kisses are sweeter than honey.

I need you in my life.

I miss you so much when you are away from me.

I am attracted to your mind.

I smile because you make me happier.

Hours fly by when we’re together.

I never believed in second halves until I met you.

You’re the reason I get out of bed every morning.

I realize now that every difficult moment in my life led me to you.

I’m calling the police because you stole my heart.

Promise you’ll never let me go.

My home is where you are.

I love that you keep me warm with your jacket when it’s cold outside.

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