What a Man Wants: Explaining the Bottom Line

What a Man Wants: Explaining the Bottom Line

Marrying a woman just to get your physical needs met regularly is foolishness. It’s a lot easier to get it for the money without too much brainwashing and commitment, as and when you want it. After all, there are many advantages to a free relationship, so intimacy is definitely not a reason to get married.

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1. Comfort

We’ve all heard of Maslow’s table, the essence of which is that without satisfying their basic needs, such as hunger, physical discomfort, etc., a person simply can’t think of anything more. In the behavior of the stronger sex, the effect of this table is very pronounced. When a man feels hunger, physical pain or discomfort, his thought processes slow down, and he simply can’t fully analyze the information you have said. So, in order not to accuse his chosen one of inattention, before you tell him something important, feed him well.

– A clean house and a good meal?

Well, yes, any normal man appreciates comfort and cleanliness in his den, and also likes to eat good food. But, let’s be honest, if he’s got his hands in the right place, he can fry his own eggs or throw things in the washing machine. Some guys are really good at it! You can also order takeout or hire a maid – it’s a matter of willingness and ability, but definitely not the reason why a man should be around a woman.

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2. peace and quiet.

Nature has made men into fighters. Previously, the strong sex had to prove their manhood in wars and fights, but now their energy is focused on the process of earning money and building a career. Men spend most of their time fighting, fighting with those around them, gaining authority and showing their leadership qualities, which takes a lot of energy and mental strength. Therefore, when they come home, men want only one thing – peace and quiet, and, accordingly, they especially appreciate women who can surround them with the warmth of home.

– Continuation of the species?

Let’s not deny it, by the age of 40 the “make an heir” program doesn’t seem so silly. This instinct is built into us by nature itself. On the other hand, there are thousands of women who have health problems and cannot give a man a child, and they still stay by his side and love him immensely. So it’s not about children. And when have children ever kept a man in the house? Every other family today breaks up despite having children.

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3. Children

Oddly enough, men want children just as much as women do. No matter how much of a fling a man may seem in his youth, at a certain age his biological need to procreate will definitely kick in and he will want to “leave a mark on history,” that is, to give the world heirs.

– Emotions?

There is an opinion that men choose those women who make them feel alive, give them an ocean of emotion and passion. But that’s not quite right either. Average men get tired of the whistles of feelings, constant games and tantrums knock them out of the rut, tire their psyche. The period of infatuation is enough, and then you can add colors to your life, realizing your work, doing your favorite hobby or just sitting with a beer by the fire… No, it’s not about passions.

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4. Look strong.

Women are actively losing weight and men are actively building muscle mass. There is nothing surprising, because in this way the strong sex realizes his secret desire to look strong and masculine in the eyes of others.

Make him a leader

To be in charge and to be a leader, that’s what men want in a relationship. A man also wants you to listen to his advice and need his support. They do have a strong desire to lead, both in the family and at work.

You don’t need to blindly follow your partner, but you don’t need to argue with him either. Respect his opinion, take into account his advice and support him if he is not good at something.

He should be responsible for the family and have more power. Let him be in charge and allow him to make decisions. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything, but you should give him more power. Although, both of you should work to create a stable and harmonious relationship, the man should ultimately make the decision.

It takes a lot of courage to let someone else be in charge of you, but your man will only get stronger when you give him that opportunity.

5. Struggle

Fighting is a way of life for most men. It is not a literal physical struggle, but rather a need to constantly prove his professional, personal and material worthiness. If a man does not achieve success in any sphere of life, he is unlikely to feel like a happy man.

Harmonious relations to you!

What qualities women attract strong men

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6. To be successful and meaningful

In addition to fighting, every man strives for some specific outcome. Some people dream about material prosperity, others – about a happy family, others – about a distinguished career, and the fourth – about everything at once. But often, setting specific goals, a man does not just want to achieve the desired, but hopes to prove his worth and importance to the world through success.

Men want friendship

Friendship is what men want in a relationship. But many women perceive it in their own way. They are very fond of talking about their jobs, their diets, and more. The female version of friendship involves bonding through conversation. Men don’t need to talk much to strengthen their bond. In fact, all your talking will annoy him more. A man wants to be around you, but he doesn’t like to talk. He wants to hang out and know that you need him.

When you spend time with your boyfriend, there is no need to fill the air with empty words. He just wants to be with you, wants a little companionship and your presence. Let him know that you enjoy going out and having fun together.

7. Feeling smart.

Subconsciously a man strives to excel a woman intellectually. At least men are very pleased to hear women’s praise of their erudition, knowledge, and intellectual abilities.

Friendship Tips

To become friends with your man, try the following:

  1. Go biking or jogging with him.
  2. Be outdoors together.
  3. Explore activities and hobbies he enjoys.
  4. Be calm and don’t need to talk too much.
  5. Watch soccer or movies together.
  6. Spend more time around him doing anything.

8. Stability

Men have a hard time with change, especially if it happens unexpectedly. By nature a man tends to control everything, to be the “master of life”, so an unforeseen critical situation may knock him out.

Sexual activity

What do men want in a relationship from women? Of course to have sex. It’s a good tool to enhance and develop your feelings, but it’s not the most important thing. Once you start satisfying his physical needs, he will become more sensitive and affectionate to you.

Sex is not your man’s number one need, but it is an important part of a healthy relationship. Respect is his most important need, and physical intimacy follows.

Men and women have different attitudes toward sex and physical intimacy. Men are primarily visual creatures. They love to look at a beautiful female figure. Give them the opportunity to see you in the nude, but they also need the physical release. They crave that contact, just as a woman craves emotional intimacy. When you meet your man’s physical needs, he will open up to you emotionally.

If you are in a relationship with a man, sex is really important and that is what men want in a relationship. If you are sometimes not in the mood or not feeling well, you still need to give of yourself. You have nothing to lose and you have so much more to gain.

9. To be a part of society.

This need is also listed on Maslow’s chart and is especially strong in the stronger sex. In order to feel important and useful, a man must belong to a society and know that this society respects him.

10. To live a full intimate life

Through intimate relationships, men once again express their power and importance. Not having their physical or emotional needs met, men tend to have mistresses. What is interesting is that the presence of adultery in a man’s life does not always indicate a lack of love for his chosen one.

The feeling of caring

In the soul of every man there is a little boy who is looking for a mother in his chosen one. Despite their natural strength and courage, men need a woman’s care, attention and love.

12. Match your ideal.

Most men subconsciously want to be like their fathers. If the father did not participate in the upbringing of the man or was not an authority for him, he will find or invent an ideal for himself and will strive to conform to him in everything.

13. Financial well-being

If money for women is a tool for a comfortable life and fulfillment of needs, then for men it is also a sign of their own solvency. Most men perceive lack of finances as a personal tragedy.

14. Diversity and activity

The male body produces several times more adrenaline than the female. It is this hormone that is responsible for reacting in dangerous situations, coping with stress and fear. In order to process adrenaline, it is vital for men to change their environment, lead an active lifestyle and do sports. As scientists proved, monotony and boredom do not just bore men, but disturb their hormonal background.

15. Study

In spite of the fact that diligence in learning is more peculiar to the female character, men feel the need to learn new information during all their life. They like to explore, analyze, work with numbers and acquire new knowledge so much that often self-education in some activity becomes their main hobby.

16. Dreaming

Women are accused of being overly dreamy, but in fact the need to decorate their lives with an unattainable ideal does not vary by gender. Men, just like us, have cherished desires and are happy to immerse themselves in dreaming about them.

17. Rest

Despite their innate activity and desire to express their leadership qualities, from time to time members of the stronger sex need a full, passive rest. Sometimes they just want to be alone with themselves, to rest not only physically, but also psychologically.

18. Having a car and other signs of wealth

Most women like to buy things, cosmetics and pretty things for the house. We consider it a little weakness that brightens up our lives. Men also have their own weaknesses, possessing which they feel more confident. This is especially true of the car, with which they not only make life easier, but also emphasize their solvency in front of friends and others.

19. being loved

Despite the huge differences in male and female psychology, there are things that unite us. Of course, men want to be loved as much as we do. Often this desire becomes the driving force behind a man, forcing him to go forward, develop and strive for the best.

In fact, the differences in male and female psychology only play to our advantage. Since nature made us different, we will never lose interest in each other. To maintain harmony in relationships, it is important to adhere to only one rule – to take the man as he is, and do not try to remake him under his own vision.

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What do men want from women in relationships and sex?

You need to write in a way that you can’t help but be read. I think I have the magic of words.

The expert – Victoria Fomina

Physician sexologist highest category, psychiatrist, psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples to solve problems in sex life.

Every loving girl or wife always tries to be close to her life partner. This is facilitated by many factors, such as the ability to listen, support in difficult moments and much more. But above all, you need to be well aware of what your man is on his mind, how he thinks, how he thinks. In this article you will find the most popular men’s desires, which will help you to become even closer to your young man.

It is worth stating at once that the issues that will be considered here are more about male psychology than sexual preferences, and this article is aimed more at understanding men.

He sometimes wants to be a little

It is traditionally believed that men should always be strong, always serious, set up solely to earn money and protect the family. But this is not always the case. Judge for yourself, all seven days a week just unrealistic to walk around with an impenetrable face, sometimes you want to distract, relax. Not finding such opportunities, your fondest may fall into depression, or he may have a neurosis.

Women should appreciate if a man near her can at least briefly fall into childhood. After all, these days, many of the male species so need a man who will understand it in everything, even in some small pranks. Do not blame the man if he wants to buy a banal radio-controlled helicopter.

Let his hobby will not last long, let you have the feeling that the money and time wasted. But if you can support your young man in such a small undertaking, perhaps even fooling around with him, he will have a subconscious understanding that you are his close friend, that his woman will always be with him, that he can rely on it.

So before you say to your fiancé: “Well, what are you like a little?”, think about the fact that he may need it, and your participation in his little prank will help you understand him.

He needs to feel like a winner.

Another one of the needs that is inherent in all men, whether he is a strong or weak individual. It was originally built into man by nature that he needed to be successful in order to continue his lineage. If a man was weak, he would die, but the strongest would win. Life is full of problems, and many that will meet your man, can knock him out for a long time.

Whether it is a demotion at work, or just the success of a neighbor, amidst personal failures. A friend bought a new car and your do-gooder doesn’t have the money for one? Reassure him that he is not lacking in beauty, unlike his friend. Got a bad haircut? Praise his slender and beautiful body, admire his athletic muscles and torso. Gained a few extra pounds?

Tell him what you have it all the same attentive and charming, and that you can not think of anyone else. Although traditionally thought that only women like ears, in fact, this is not entirely true. Many men love to be comforted, just as much as they love to be comforted. They especially love to be proved that they are winners at everything.

If you manage to instill such a thought in the head of your partner, help him be always self-confident, then believe me, the result will not make you wait long, and you will see the first results very soon.

He needs your tenderness and care

Suppose your man is a serious and confident man who has a lot to achieve. But when he comes home from work, the first thing he gets is a new batch of tasks. “Feed the baby, take the dog for a walk, go to the store, finally make that damn outlet” – all of these seemingly insignificant duties accumulate into one big problem day after day – your man won’t feel comfortable and cozy around you.

This can be the root cause of nightly binges, drinking with friends, and then delays at work and incomprehensible separation in the evenings. Especially if after a hard day’s work and household chores he will get a dry “I’m tired” from his wife, he will not want to be near her, will avoid her. You shouldn’t let that happen if you really care about someone.

Look at it this way: yes, it’s hard for you with the kids, and cleaning the house hurts your back, and the neighbors and their perforator that gives you a headache, but your partner at work is tired, too. And when he comes home, he expects to get rid of stress, that he will be welcomed with warmth and care.

So give your man something to help him smile, maybe for the first time all day. Give him a hug, tell him how much you missed him during the day, how much you were waiting for him to come back, kiss him and stroke his head. After all, what could be better than a warm glance of his beloved after a busy day at work? Probably nothing.

He likes to be trusted.

One of the main thing men want – that his girlfriend trusted him as herself, did not hide anything, said everything that she had in her heart. Indeed, it helps to feel needed, a really important link in the family. Yes, and such interaction is great to help build an even closer relationship with each other.

Even if your man does not know how to calm down, tell him something of your life, so he at least listened. Listen to his advice, if he gives it to you, thank him for his help and support. First, when a person shares something, he unwittingly feels better, and secondly, the one who listens, feels useful, feels trusted, in relation to himself.

He wants a hot and beautiful woman.

As cliché as it may sound, statistically most men after 30 lack fire in a relationship. Every time he looks back, he remembers hot kisses, sudden sex in the kitchen, right on the table, your joint bath, with caresses, turning into foreplay, new underwear on his girlfriend, and how nice it is to take off her clothes.

Yes, over time, life takes you in its clinging paws and did not let go. Work, the constant problems, and then the kids – all this does not contribute to the mood to be beautiful, much less hot. All you want to do during the day is sleep. However, at least at the weekend try to please your man, if not a new outfit that costs money, then at least a beautiful dress that you have not put on for a long time.

If not mind-blowing sex with simultaneous orgasm, then a relaxing massage, turning into caressing explicit areas. Think of ways to help dilute your life. After all, a woman has always been the keeper of the hearth. And if you do not rekindle the fire in your man, in a moment it is able to do another.

Sometimes he needs something to fight for.

It’s understandable that a man wants a beautiful woman. But many also want his soulmate to be truly desirable. Do not go overboard – your partner should not feel that he is played with, make him jealous. This can hurt him, make him doubt you. However, it is worth it to show what a girl can do sometimes, just so your beau does not get bored. After all, many of the men are quite windy creatures.

If they become uninterested, they simply look for a new object for attention. It is disappointing when this happens after a few years of life together. To prevent this, you need to be able to show your partner that you are still as desirable as before and that he should fight for you. Many, by the way, secretly want this, they just do not know how to present it properly.

Sometimes he still wants to be alone or with his friends.

Yes, many people need support. Yes, many like to be shown their love and their passion. But sooner or later one gets tired of everything. In the same way, feelings get bored. If you give your partner too much attention every day, to watch his every move, he simply get tired of it. Put yourself in his place. Would you like to have no personal space? Few people will respond positively.

Let your man go to the bar with friends, go fishing, just to walk in the old company. Naturally, these trips should not turn into a daily one-way trip, but many men sincerely wish to be alone, or among friends, a break from family life. There is no need to be offended, do not put pressure on your man.

You just have to take everything as it comes and give your partner the choice how to spend a particular evening.

He wants to be respected.

Most of the male population are (or want to be) the head of the family. And authority is one of the main things in life for such an individual. Any man likes to be treated with respect, to listen to his advice, to behave as he thinks right. Some, of course, go too far, but that is not a reason to stop listening to your partner right away, but to indulge every whim – not the best idea either. It is important in this matter to find the golden mean.

After all, many of the girls forget that they are also primarily a person, and their opinion should be taken into account. And some on the contrary, put his man a rag and a heel, when everyone is in sight, take the reins for themselves, literally whipping their boyfriend. It is worth paying attention to all the requirements that puts forward a man, if possible, adhere to them, while not forgetting about their own importance. Then there will be a trusting relationship in the family for a long time, and there will be peace and order in the house.

He wants to feel sexy and desirable

Nothing heals the male ego like popularity with the opposite sex. Neither a high salary, nor a prestigious job, nor an expensive car will not replace for a man the excited look of a girl, especially when she is already with him. To have the glory of an excellent lover – this is one of the main desires of all men without exception.

For some men need to conquer as many hearts as possible, usually such men do not quickly create a family. And for someone enough to one, but forever, to please only her all her life. But no matter what, any member of the male sex likes to feel the burning gaze that undresses him naked. Not only is it insanely arousing, but it also perfectly raises the self-esteem of all guys without exception.

His main desire is a happy woman by his side.

What should be the main thing in a good relationship? The mutual happiness of both partners, not otherwise. After all, if someone remains unsatisfied with anything, it is an indication that there is some problem in the couple that needs to be solved as soon as possible. After all, an unresolved problem is the first step to family breakdown.

But let’s assume everything is okay. The wife is smart and beautiful, and the man earns a lot, is good-looking, and is generally a successful man. But the woman is constantly not enough: if she buys a new car, in a month she needs another; if she buys a new piece of jewelry, it gets boring after a week; if it is a vacation for two, in a couple of days after it, the lady again has sadness and fatigue on her face.

What does a man feel? Despair and helplessness. After all his decisive steps, all his actions do not lead to tangible results. His woman is unhappy with him, so he does something wrong. These kinds of thoughts can undermine the success of a man. His business will go awry, at work will come a series of failures, there may be bad habits.

In any good couple, the guy takes care of the girl and vice versa. And the greatest happiness brings the joy of a loved one, the feeling that he is truly happy to be with you. And, of course, nothing makes a man happier than knowing that his partner is constantly in seventh heaven, and it’s all thanks to him. The guy may not have a nice car, a country house and an apartment in downtown Moscow. But together with a happy girl he is able to feel cheerful and successful throughout his life.

To summarize, it can be noted that for the success of his man, a woman just needs to learn to understand him, and try to fulfill his desires, or to make them more feasible. It is through mutual assistance and understanding all the subtleties of psychology of the partner, it is possible to build a strong family that will not disintegrate from any minor problems and will pass many tests.

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