What a girl should not do?

What should a woman do in a relationship?

A long and strong relationship – what is the key to it? Definitely one factor is knowing your partner, how he looks at the world, what he likes and what makes him mad. You need to know how to behave in this or that situation, so as not to cause a fight between you. Mutual understanding is the very foundation on which strong relationships, and, subsequently, family life.

In this article we’ll look at what men think a girl should do in a relationship that will make your lover happy. We will answer the most pressing questions and highlight the most frequent and tricky mistakes that women make in relationships.

Our beloved women, below you will learn about what men expect from you in this or that situation and how to respond to their behavior. So how to be a good girl? Let’s look into it!

What a girl should do to develop a relationship

What should a woman do in a relationship? The first thing I would like to talk about – the girl’s duties in a relationship, what she should do to develop and strengthen them. Here everything is quite prosaic. If the duties of men include all sorts of financial expenditures: trips to the cinema, cafes, restaurants, worthy gifts and much more, then in the case of the girls, everything is not so simple. What should be done besides taking care of yourself?

First of all, a girl should show care, to create a comfortable atmosphere. No matter how you do it – bake cakes or give massages – the man must be confident that you care about him. Always take what a man gives you without expectation or thought, do not compare him to your former partners . Also, don’t compare your expectations and reality in these moments, it is highly noticeable and can offend your man.

A woman, first and foremost, is a support and a keeper of the hearth, so try to always please your young man with cooking, and also feel free to help sometimes with advice, but do not do it as if you are belittling his abilities. Well, be sure to let your partner prove himself – let the man show what he really fits his status.

How to become the perfect girl for a guy

What does any woman want? Except diamonds, of course. Of course, to be perfect, but not only for yourself, but also for your man – isn’t that the limit of dreams? Be such that you admired, that your man just really carried you in his arms, and all others casting envious glances.

However, we all know that the ideal is not born. A beautiful figure, a beautiful, well-groomed face and beautiful skin – all this is achieved by hard work. However, you should remember that men love not only with their eyes, but also with the character of the girl and her approach to her partner. All this should be achieved by hard work and a lot of it. So how to become ideal?

First of all, you need to learn how to look at yourself. It would seem that everyone has a mirror, but it’s not so simple, you have to learn how to look without prejudice, objectively, to notice all your strengths and weaknesses, assessing your appearance without prejudice. There is no need for unnecessary criticism, but there is no need to close your eyes to flaws either.

Remember – all the shortcomings are correctable, and maybe it’s only you who considers it a shortcoming. In any case, our goal is to become perfect, and for this we need a proper assessment of ourselves. Make a list of things that you do not like about yourself, that you would like to fix. If everything is ready, then move on.

The next step you need to talk to your partner, but do it in a way that does not cause unnecessary emotions, find the right moment. Find out from your lover, what makes him uncomfortable in you, check the answers with your list, so you get a more balanced list. However, the process must be controlled, if you understand that the words men caused not your real shortcomings, but the crisis in the relationship – stop, respect, appreciate yourself.

The signal to this will be a direct and specific indications of your shortcomings, but if your guy gave only small hints, and said the shortcomings of the delicate, you should listen to them and try to fix it.

Men love it when girls change something about themselves, their image – it can be a haircut, clothes, a new tattoo or piercing. All men are different and everyone likes something different, think about what would impress your man and get down to business.

The gym, tattoo parlor, boutiques and beauty salons are always at your disposal. However, think about yourself, would you like such a change, plus, you can always leave something of your old look. Such desires of men are explained naturally and come from a subconscious desire for polygamy.

One of the most famous ways to a man’s heart is, of course, through the stomach. Try from time to time to surprise your man home delicacies, do not do it too often, but periodically it is necessary to show that at home – better than in a restaurant.

Remember that self-improvement is the key to a perfect relationship, men like it when a girl is taking care of herself working on getting better. By performing a small feat every day, you will grow over yourself, and in the end, you will become a true ideal. Well, those women who follow this advice are entitled to little flaws.

Do not forget about the jealous, because the better you become, the more bad things are poured on you. Remember – you only care about the opinion of your beloved, and all that they say behind your back, you should not care.

You should not care about any man but your partner. However, the man should also support you, surround you with care and not leave you in difficulties.

The next rule – do not go overboard, in general, in anything. Trips to your parents, shopping trips – a man may think that he is only needed to spend money and carry your bags from the supermarket.

What a girl should do for her boyfriend

Well now let’s answer the question of what a man wants from a woman in a relationship. So, to begin with, you should be open with your man, but not from the beginning. Don’t rush, don’t push him to do anything hasty – everything will happen as soon as the relationship between you reach a sufficient level.

Don’t make him call you his girlfriend after just a couple of dates – this probably won’t lead to a lasting relationship. Never start talking about marriage and family in the early stages – this will definitely scare off a potential partner, be able to wait.

Always be honest, not only with your boyfriend, but also with yourself. This is very important, if you understand that you did something wrong – apologize. If you feel offended, then express your feelings to the man, explain what you did not like.

Say what you think. You do not have to do everything just to please a man – you can not like it, rather it produces the opposite effect. If you want something, have an opinion, or want to express insult – go ahead, even if it leads to conflict, but it must be done without negativity.

Always be yourself, don’t adjust, try to become the perfect version of your boyfriend’s girlfriend. Be the perfect version of yourself, after all, a man wants to date you, not a shining angel. If he requires you to change, lose weight, he does not like your appearance – this is a sign of your incompatibility.

Find out what your man is interested in, be fascinated by, try to get involved in his hobbies, this way you will become much closer and your relationship will be stronger.

What a girl can not do in a relationship

What shouldn’t a girl do in a relationship? We all make mistakes, including in a relationship. Many of them can not just cause conflict, but also destroy your relationship.

The first is jealousy, women are often very jealous and aggressive every time a man communicates with his acquaintances girls or even just look in their direction. This can’t help but be stressful, try to contain your ardor a little.

Never violate a man’s personal space. The opposite sexes have very different views on life and the different situations that occur in it. For example, if women like to pour out the soul, then men are contrary, try to cope with difficulties themselves. Do not impose their attention when they do not need it, do not control it.

And finally – do not ask the impossible. If your man came home and forgot to tell you how much he loves you, to give you flowers or just buy your favorite juice – he was just tired, nahahahavshis on n-o number of jobs, now he just needs peace.

25 Things Girls Don’t Do on Principle

Here’s Pics knows what every woman, that is, girl, won’t do. Not because she shouldn’t, but out of principle.

1. Girls don’t sweat.

And also don’t itch, blow their nose, fart, or pull their upper eyelid over their lower eyelid trying to take a speck out of their eye. In public, I mean. Physiology? No, you haven’t. Sneeze maybe…

2. Girls don’t call their exes.

Even if the ex forgot in the freezer at the girl his passport. Even more – let him call himself! Important clarification: at three in the morning calls not a girl, and cognac. Cognac is reasonable and cruel. Lucifer, count. The tempter.

3. Girls don’t dress up for themselves.

All alone to try to do bright makeup or unusual styling is welcome. But only as an experiment! And to draw on the face of health for the sake of itself – it is fundamentally impossible. And so beautiful!

4. Girls do not get drunk.

If they are diligently drunk. It is scary to imagine even how many liters of aquavit may fit into the miserable kilograms of a girl. The ppm is off the scale, call the morgue! And here’s a fig. If someone sets out to get a girl drunk, she won’t get drunk on principle. Even if she’s usually taken away with two glasses of wine.

5. Girls don’t fall for it.

Never will a girl admit that she’s not ready for sex because her legs aren’t shaved. A girl will say, “We need to get to know each other.”

6. Girls don’t call first

And not because it’s principle for principle’s sake. Then how do you know if he’s an asshole or not? There’s no way to know. That’s the principle.

7. Girls don’t admit their guilt.

This makes absolutely no sense. If a girl is wrong in fact, she can always get her opponent to the point where he will be wrong in form. You yelled at me! Checkmate.

8. Girls don’t make mistakes.

They pass up in the face of circumstances.

9. Girls don’t shut up.

Girls moan, howl, wheeze, and babble tenderness. Wow, you’re the alpha male! Oh, no. It’s on principle. Well, or if you’re bored waiting there while you finish your dull tune.

10. Girls don’t trust mom.

11. 11. Girls don’t tell secrets.

A girl can easily tell everyone that Mashka is cheating on her Dimon. But never and no one will tell that she likes to coax a bottle of wine, pick up a comb and howl into it, as into a microphone “The wind tore my cap off my head …”. And when the girl becomes an old lady and is about to die, she will tell her great-grandchildren where she buried the family diamond cameo. And she won’t tell them about “I’ll jump off a cliff…” – she will not tell.

12. Girls don’t charge their phone

Nor a tablet, a player, or a reader. The only device a girl charges herself is a vibrator. Selective memory, yes.

13. Girls don’t have sex on the first date

As a matter of principle. And if it happens, the exceptions are there to confirm the rule. Isn’t that the principle? Principle. So there you go.

14. Girls do not understand the language of traffic cops.

15. Girls don’t help those they don’t like

16. Girls will never tell their partner that his yang is too short.

Even if it’s seven centimeters. Especially if there’s seven centimeters. Dormidont is dangerous! I mean, it’s pathetic. Anyway, it’s a last resort. The next measure is to turn everything around into a radioactive desert.

17. Girls don’t show up on time for their date

Because their mothers taught them to be so. And don’t care if we have cell phones and the subway has wi-fi. Let her wait in ignorance!

18. Girls don’t have a modest wedding.

Even if a girl agrees to just go to the registry office on Tuesday morning and sign modestly with no witnesses, it’s a lavish wedding. The girl breaks stereotypes and protests. And everyone will know about it!

19. Girls don’t just lose weight.

20. Girls aren’t jealous of porn actresses.

They just turn into a gorgon Medusa. Whoever gets caught watching porn and looks a girl in the face will never get the satisfaction of admiring Sasha Grey again. Scary witchcraft.

21. Girls never judge their best friend’s husband

Because the creepy guy might rot in hellfire over time, but friendship is for the ages. There’s no need to spoil it with a little thing like that. The husband of the girlfriend – consider him dead: they either talk about him well, or not at all.

22. Girls won’t admit that they watch pornography.

23. Girls don’t mark their territory.

Never, never will a girl forget her lipstick in a random lover’s apartment. And if her lipstick falls out of her purse, a girl will try to get it back. You can’t leave your personal belongings with all those pussies out there. It’s fufufu.

24. Girls don’t lie.

In a situation where they can get caught. Girls lie in the situation where there is a chance to yell, “I’m in the lodge!”

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