Ways to manipulate a woman – learn the basics

How to control women and manipulate girls

When the fair sex brings more trouble than pleasure, you just don’t know how to handle them. Men forget that they are in charge in a relationship, and so they suffer more in the relationship than they enjoy it. If you want to be happy in a love relationship, learn how to control girls and manipulate women.

Women have always loved and will always love strong men, not infantile boys. And if you want a happy relationship, take care of it yourself, don’t wait for a miracle.

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1. Take a dominant position in the relationship.

At the core of a good relationship with women is the struggle to take the lead in the relationship. The man has to be in charge in the relationship if he wants to have a happy and strong relationship. All those who scream about equality and try to listen to women get 50% of divorces in marriages and 90% of breakups in relationships on the way out. If they know everything about relationships, why are they so deeply alone or unhappy in love?

The man should be in charge in the relationship, and that should be in the basis of the relationship. If you’ve given control to the girl, you’re doomed to the role of the subordinate, branching horns of cheating or breaking up. A woman is looking for a dominant man, but she will never love and respect a weak man. Show a woman your iron balls and strong shoulder so she sees a real man in front of her.

Men watch too many romantic movies or listen to advice in women’s magazines, and then try to win the girl. Keep in mind that a girl is not a castle to be taken by a tiresome siege and waste a lot of resources. This is all devised for wimps who have nothing to offer in return but a humiliating crawl in front of a girl.

If a man starts fussing and wooing a girl too insistently, she starts thinking he’s a wimp. She has already conquered him, which means it’s no longer interesting and boring. It’s like hunting in a zoo where all the animals sit in cages. There’s no intrigue, and chicks want emotion. When a man crawls at a girl’s feet, the girl starts wiping her feet on him and looking for a stronger and more authentic male.

But when a man talks to her freely, does not rush to shower her with gifts, does not give in to manipulation and behaves independently, this hurts the girl. He did not fall in front of her seductive body and feminine charms, and therefore really good and valuable. Manipulate the girl with your confidence and equanimity. The less you try to get the girl to like you and win her over, the more she’ll fall for you.

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Don’t be afraid to lose the relationship.

When a man at any slightest conflict or rift backs down, the girl sees his weakness. In a relationship, one always loves a little harder and the other allows the love. It’s important not to be the one who frantically grasps at a relationship like he’s good for nothing and no one needs him. If you do that, the girl will control you for a while until she finds a better one and then dump you. No one likes a weakling, but everyone despises one, and women despise them all the same.

A man should remember that his potential value increases over the years, while a woman’s value decreases. A man can easily replace his current girlfriend with a younger, funnier, and better one. As the years go by, the circle of girls who are willing to hook up with you expands. Don’t humiliate yourself in front of a girl, don’t sag and don’t fuss. You’re a male and a predator who can get any babe if you want.

The less you get wrapped up and the less you go out of your way to be liked, the luckier they are. That’s the way it is in every relationship.

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One of the mistakes that many guys and men make is having illusions about women. Often men think that women are made of a completely different stuff. They are princesses and queens who have angelic character and pure spirits. As a result, men put the fair sex on a pedestal that men cannot reach. Men begin to serve and treat the girl as if she were a man above him in status. Does the princess love the smerd, the servant, or the jester? No. She is in love with another prince or king.

That’s what most men do, whom we then often see on the Friendzone. But women are not what they seem at first glance. They are no better than men. Women are not mysterious or mysterious creatures, which is the usual myth they like to cultivate among men. Experienced men know very well that all women are alike and often the same. There is nothing of angels and princesses in them, and you just imagined yourself because of lack of experience.

When you start treating girls as equals, she will feel in you an adult male rod. You can’t be fooled by this supposed mysteriousness and unpredictability of women, which means you control the situation and keep control over the relationship. Don’t let myths and illusions ruin your personal life.

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5. Don’t buy the girl in the relationship.

A woman is just as interested in a relationship with you as, if not more than, you are, which means there’s no reason to serve her. You don’t owe her anything for kisses, hugs, or anything more. It’s all in your best interest together, not just yours.

Buying attention, dates, social time, kisses, tenderness, or a bed from a girl? You can pay a girl back with gifts, trips, money, or meeting her demands. But it’s more like a domestic jam trade. Why do you have to buy something in an equal relationship? Are you in a relationship or are you picking something out in the market?

Many men throw bouquets, gifts, new phones, cars, apartments at a girl’s feet to get her jam in return. This is an unprofitable exchange at a time when there are fewer men and they are more valuable. For these resources you can buy a lot of tasty borscht and even more quality service in bed than your mercurial girlfriend offers.

Find yourself a normal girlfriend who will be happy to give you absolutely everything for free and happily. But if a relationship offers you a deal, it means they’re trying to trick you. A relationship isn’t about buying a girl, it’s about finding an attractive person who’s close to your heart.

6. Manage a girl with compliments.

Girls love compliments, which are a powerful weapon against any woman of any age. Women want to be attractive and desirable to a man. If a man admires a woman’s beauty, intelligence or qualities, he disarms her in the most effective and working way.

Without compliments, it’s hard to expect to win a girl over, so don’t forget this method of controlling a woman.

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7. Use the cool and the carrot to control a girl

How do you control and manipulate girls? Certainly you can’t imagine it without the classic “carrot and stick” method. Girls behave good and bad, and therefore should be treated accordingly.

The girl behaves badly, capricious and blows her mind, and you start giving her gingerbread? You please her, you give her gifts, you fulfill her whims. She starts to think that her bad behavior and moods are more helpful, and so she will use them to her advantage. Now there will be continuous brainwashing, manipulation, and other such nonsense in the relationship. Sound familiar?

You should manage the woman yourself to make the relationship healthier. If a girl behaves badly, you need to get the stick, not try to please with the carrot. Stop being so nice, funny, happy and direct. Ignore the girl, act more aloof, don’t give gifts and be more cold. The girl will realize that you can’t be treated that way, and so she’ll give up on you. But if she doesn’t understand, find yourself a better chick.

Use a twist and a carrot to control the girl. Nothing more effective has been invented so far, and it always works 100%. But when a girl behaves well, then give her the carrot and be gentle. As a result, you’ll develop the right habits and norms of behavior in the girl.

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8. Control the girl with your behavior.

Sometimes in love, girls start playing around with a man, showing their unapproachability. But who says you can’t return the favor? If the methods used by many experienced playboys, womanizers and packers.

Behave in a way that the girl can’t understand your attitude towards her. One day you are a sweetheart, and the next day you are unrecognizable from the cold and unapproachable. You can disappear for a couple of days, rarely write and do not call. The girl will suffer from the uncertainty and lack of understanding of what is going on.

This tactic of manipulating the girlfriend is called “warm-cold. Girls usually get lost when their charms do not work on a man, and he begins to slip out of their control. The girl begins to worry that he doesn’t like her and the man has found another woman. Competition and jealousy work wonders.

After such a trick, girls become nicer, kinder, and more obedient. Girls start arming themselves with lacy underwear, thongs, and tenderness. She is already ready to make the first move herself, jump into the bunk and fulfill your every vicious whim.

9. Be the bad guy and conquer the girls.

It’s easy to conquer girls by choosing the role of the bad guy. Nice guys are nice to talk to, but they are sluggish, boring and uninteresting. Too correct and perfect guys cause boredom, because women want to be bad girls somewhere deep down in their hearts. Girls like real males who are a little spoiled and bad. It is the boldness, confidence, narcissism, and strength of bad guys that turns them on to their heart’s content. The good guys always lose in this kind of competition.

Want to win a girl and win her heart? Control her with her instincts. Girls love bad guys who smell of adventure, power and passion. To do this, act a little cocky and sassy. Be confident and unwavering. Show your negative side, not just be a pretty and comfortable wimp. Be the bad guy and win the girls over with playfulness. That’s what all women expect from the man of their dreams.

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10. Seduce the girl yourself.

Girls are submissive to those men who can win them over. Touch a girl, flirt, flirt, seduce. Play with her like a cat with a mouse. Girls love this game, so do it leisurely and thoroughly. Seduce the girl yourself, do not wait for her white flag. Act proactively and be proactive.

Do not delay with the first embrace, first kiss and first intimacy with the girl. Manage the course of the relationship and their development in ascending order. On a date touch the girl, touch different parts of the body, whisper compliments in her ear, kiss on the lips and cover the neck caresses. Invite the girl over to watch a movie, eat some goodies, or for other occasions. Then groom and seduce in a cozy atmosphere. The sooner you get the girl in bed, the more reliable the relationship will be. The woman’s body itself will be glad to see you next time.

11 Be strong if you want to control the girl

Girls always reach for strong males and straight up shudder as soon as they notice them. Girls willingly go for strong men who make their own decisions and know better. Don’t be afraid to decide where you will go out, what you will do, what you will eat, where you will go on a trip and in what position she will stand in bed. When the man has already decided everything, the responsibility is taken off of her, which is what girls love so much.

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Make the decision for her if you want to make your relationship really strong and good. It is the classic approach that has shown its viability over the centuries, when modern trends only lead to breakups and problems.

How do you control women and manipulate girls? Take it and control it. Do not put everything in the hands of a girl, because she will lead you into a swamp, blame everything on you and leave you to drown alone. Manage the relationship yourself, take care of your girlfriend, love her and be happy.

Psycho-complexes. Female manipulation of a man in a relationship and ways to protect

Manipulation is a type of psychological influence used to achieve a one-sided gain by covertly inducing the other to perform certain actions.

The purpose of manipulation is to achieve what is desired without taking into account the interests of the opposite party.

Manipulation is characterized by: – vagueness, vagueness of expression of one’s thoughts and requests. – Use of emotionally colored arguments, when the emphasis is on the moral or other values, which should incline the partner to agree. – The desire to shift responsibility for the development and outcome of events on the victim.

Manipulation would not be possible without the presence of psychocomplexes in the person towards whom it is applied.


(or what men’s weaknesses women play on)

These delicate strings of the human soul obediently respond in all ways to the skillful touch of a master. When the psychokomplex works, a man becomes uncritical, starts to behave like a child, obedient to the will of others. That is why influence on the psycho-complexes is the most effective means of manipulating people. It is not by chance that it was said that the truth is not in the mouth of the speaker, but in the ears of the hearer.

Psychocomplexes are not many, but enough to manage people and achieve their goals. Let’s talk about the main ones in the context of the topic of intersex relations.

1. Fear

People’s fears are one of the most powerful and effective psychocomplexes. Often they are caused by a person being poorly informed. Therefore, if you are frightened by some mythical dangers and urged to do something to eliminate them, inform yourself. In the context of relationship development, it is the fear of loneliness.

Protection from manipulation: A man must be willing to lose a woman at any time. This is the only way he can maintain control of the situation.

2. Duty

The conventional wisdom is that a man has to take care of a woman. That’s how it is in the abstract: every man is supposed to take care of every woman. And to this is added the fact that he has to take care of his woman especially diligently. This principle is not even up for discussion – it has long been imprinted in the genetic code of our society.

“Honey, do you love me? Fine, then you owe me…”. A man owes a woman – this is the foundation of the female view of the relationship with the opposite sex. And what exactly what the man “owes” – depends on the current needs, desires and moods of women. This is one of the woman’s strategic levers – the pressure on the reality of men, programming them for favorable behavior.

3. Guilt

Guilt is one of the oldest elements of manipulation on earth. It is used by every religion in the world. Are you familiar with the phrase, “We are all sinners!”? Do you know it? – Then you must go to confession or repentance. After repentance, you may be told what to do. Have you noticed? – You are told what to do! And it’s as if you need to do it yourself. At all times the church has used guilt as a reliable element in controlling people’s actions.

In interpersonal relationships this manipulation works very simply. One person lets the other person know that he is to blame for his problems. The more emotional the better. For the manipulation to work, the other person must feel responsible for the first person’s emotional state. This condition is easily met if the second person is in a relationship with the first person.

The feeling of guilt can be based on individual small events, or it can be based on some big event, based on which the person is considered to be guilty for life. The next step is to let you know what you need to do to make up for your “guilt.

Guilt manipulation often goes in conjunction with the manipulation of fear of loss.

Defense: Have your own idea of “what is good and what is bad. And base your actions only on it. After all: who are the judges?

4. Masculinity

The image of a real man is the most powerful psychological lever with which women successfully control the strong sex. From an early age, women implant this control lever in the boys’ subconscious. They justify their requirements for the child, using the argument: “You’re a future man. And if they want to encourage the child, they use praise: “Well done, you did what a real man! “. If you do what we need – we’ll recognize you as a real man. If you don’t, you won’t be a real man in our eyes.

It is very convenient for women to play the weaker sex, letting the stronger men take care of all the problems. But at the same time, every woman wants a strong man to fulfill her desires and follow her decisions, and take responsibility for all the consequences.

It is usually used in conjunction with manipulation on a sense of duty and guilt.

Note that the very mention of “real man” is a subtle hint to the man that he should strive to realize in himself the woman’s interpretation of “real man. This forms not only a direct manipulative motivation to action, but it also instills in the man a guilt complex, and he will not be idle with a woman – a man’s guilt is always a useful thing.

Protection: Remember that the “real man” – a fiction, a myth, a phantom, a trick and a standard manipulative technique. Don’t be afraid to NOT conform to him!

5. Ego (self-importance and superiority)

Many people are addicted to flattery. The art of giving direct and hidden compliments in such cases – the most important weapon. You can compliment the person himself – to express admiration for his entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence, appearance. You can use words in the superlative degree to indicate the case in which he is engaged, to celebrate his successes in this field.

It is done so that the person loses his vigilance and his sense of reality. His reality shifts to the fact that since he is seen this way, he is striving to meet expectations or perceptions of himself.

Basically, a woman is flattering a man about how she WANTS him to be. And if you do not meet her expectations, then later there may be phrases such as “I thought you were so, but you’re actually ….”). Although in fact the woman sees very well who you really are. And by manipulating you with flattery, she just wants to direct your actions in the direction she needs.

Defense: Resist attempts to flatter you if you can clearly see that the compliments you are receiving are not true. If you fall for this, your actions will not be about what YOU want, but about meeting someone else’s expectations.

6. Generosity

Generosity is a trait of our national character. Kindness, generosity of heart – these qualities are valued by the weight of gold, but no one is showered with them. And this is because people often use these beautiful qualities of human nature for the most disreputable purposes.

In relationships there are such varieties as “you are a generous person, I know that, and only you can help me now”, “you are able to forgive what others cannot” and so on.

Defense: Orientation toward an EQUAL exchange of resources.

7. Pity

You need to pretend to be helpless and weak, to evoke pity and compassion for yourself, to make you surround yourself with care and offers of help. Feelings of protection and patriarchal responsibility, which are inherent in a normal man, just on a physical level push him to help the lady suffering from an impossible burden. Ladies use this with pleasure.

The weakness and helplessness of women is greatly exaggerated. In fact, ladies are, on average, far more resilient than we are. Nature has taken care to give them an increased reserve of endurance. But if a woman doesn’t want to do something, if she intends to remove herself from the problem or just slightly exploit you, in most cases she pretends to be helpless. “Oh, I can’t do that,” “Oh, I don’t know about that,” “I don’t understand that,” etc.

By pretending to be stupid and helpless, the woman shifts all her problems onto you, and then she only has to watch as you, satisfied with your coolness, cower for her, so “stupid”.

Often used in conjunction with manipulation on your masculinity, swagger and generosity.

Defense: Avoid girls who have more problems than you do.

8. Insults

Most likely you have met the “easily offended” type of girl. Women are very fond of being offended. This is the most reliable trick to get what you want out of many of them – indeed, almost all of them! And in a relationship with a girl be sure – to you this method will be applied more than once or twice.

This manipulation of the man is the most standard way: you hint or openly talk about some of their desires, and if you do not run headlong to fulfill it, you become cool or offended frankly. This happens until you do not do what he wants – then the flowers bloom again. However, it does not last long: just until the next caprice and the subsequent offense.

It also happens that through the offense you impose a profitable model of behavior for women. Here it is a perfect circus: either you do as you dictate your chick, or you get a portion of scandals, accusations, and, of course, tears.

Often used in conjunction with guilt manipulation. Insult is one way to make the other person feel guilty.

Defense: Try to learn as soon as possible to understand where resentment makes sense – read, you really did something wrong, and where it is simply an element of manipulation.

9. “Weakness.”

Some people just need to say the magic word “weak?” – and they will be willing to do the craziest things. This is usually a way of boosting their ego: “Prove that you can do it. You’re strong – not a coward!”

This is one of the most common manipulations. The target of influence is everyone’s (especially men’s) desire not to look like a coward. To look indecisive, afraid of risk, and inept, unprofessional. The bait that engages in manipulation is the challenge posed to the addressee.

Since determination, risk-taking are masculine qualities, it is mostly used in conjunction with manipulation on masculinity.

Defense: “Kickback”. It is easy to understand how to “fend off” from the following life example:

The client is in a hurry, calls the waitress: “Can I get a coffee quickly? “- The waitress immediately countered:” And do not give a good tip? “


To reliably protect yourself from the influence of others, you must first identify your weaknesses, that is, recognize the presence of a particular psycho-complexes. Doing this will be quite easy if you do not announce them publicly.

Analyze the events of recent months. Were you doing everything of your own free will or were you doing someone else’s? If someone manipulated you, try to determine – in what way, that is, through what your psycho-complexes. The manipulated person always has “hooks” that the manipulator clings to. If the person is free of any “hooks”, then it is impossible to hook him.

Psychocomplexes are those barriers that often prevent you from moving to the level of consciousness for which independence is an important parameter. The sooner you realize that you do not have to conform to someone else’s expectations and justify them, the sooner your consciousness will move to a new level of perception of the world.

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