Ways of divination on the cards – a look from all sides

Learning how to guess correctly in ordinary cards

Everyone in life can have a difficult situation from which it is problematic to find a way out on your own. Many in such a case seek help from the cards. Fortunately, today there are various divinations that are available to perform, even for beginners. In this article, we will consider fortune-telling on cards: the layouts and the meaning of the cards.

Historical information about divination

In the times of our ancestors, the magic of divination was known to at least one member of the family. In most cases it was a woman of old age.

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Before making an important purchase, making a life-changing decision, or starting a planting or harvest, the woman was asked to do a card reading, which showed how well the situation would unfold. Back then, fortune-telling played a huge role in people’s lives, and its results were never in doubt.

Rules for fortune telling on cards

In order for the result of the prediction to be true, it is important to observe certain rules. Firstly, you will need to choose a card that will be “you” in the divination process. This is done in this way:

  • if you are a young unmarried girl – the Queen of Diamonds is taken;
  • For women between the ages of twenty-five and fifty, use the queen of hearts;
  • Older women choose the queen of clubs.

For men it is necessary to choose cards in the same way.

From this video, you can learn how to guess by ordinary cards, as well as by Tarot cards:

“What was and what will be…”

Fortune-telling on the cards on the theme “What was, what will be, than the heart will rest” has always enjoyed the greatest popularity among girls. This layout appeared a long time ago, with its help you can find out about the features of their past and future, as well as practical advice as you improve the current state of affairs in their lives.

Fortune-telling was actively used even our great-grandmothers, although, it should be noted, since then there have been some modifications in the values of the cards, but its meaning remains the same.

Now let’s consider how to perform the divination correctly:

  • The best time to perform it is at night. You will need a good stirring of all the cards from the deck;
  • Then remove the first five cards with your left hand in the direction towards yourself and place them on the surface of the table;
  • Repeat the described manipulation once more;
  • Do the same action again, and one of the cards should be set aside separately. As a result, you’ll get five stacks of cards, each stack will have three cards, and one will lie separately.

The cards are interpreted as follows:

  • 1 stack – will characterize you as a person;
  • The second pile – will shed light on your anxieties and worries that plague you;
  • Pile 3: your home, your family and friends;
  • 4 pile – past events;
  • 5 pile – events of the future.

And the very last card will tell you how the case you are thinking about will end. From her you will get the main recommendation.

How to interpret the meanings of the cards in the classic tableau

To understand what the cards are telling you, remember their correct interpretation.

The hearts suit.

  • Six – you’re a very lucky girl.
  • Seven – take your chances, because your plans will come true.
  • Eight – you should reassess what you have, you’re already quite happy.
  • Nine – you are in a good environment.
  • Ten – you will receive a financial gain.
  • Jack – a comrade.
  • Queen – a woman you don’t know.
  • King – a man you don’t know.
  • Ace – take care of your family.

Queen of Diamonds.

  • Six – all your plans will come true.
  • Seven – you have a great friend, you need to cherish him.
  • Eight – the person you wish refers to you sincerely.
  • Nine – all will come to a successful end.
  • Ten – you will have no reason to doubt.
  • Jack – they are trying to trick you.
  • Queen – you have a secret admirer.
  • King – someone secretly admires you.
  • Ace – it’s important for you to keep up with all the news so you don’t miss anything important.

Three of clubs – you should listened to the news so you won’t miss it.

  • Six – you should listen to what they’re saying.
  • Seven – Lady Luck is with you.
  • Eight promises a gift.
  • Nine – soon life will change for the better.
  • Ten – buy an expensive item.
  • Jack – a pleasant bustle.
  • Queen – a family woman.
  • A king – a family man.
  • Ace – receiving interesting news.

Queen of Spades.

  • Six – having to endure a separation.
  • Seven – events will not unfold in the best possible way.
  • Eight – you will cry because of infidelity.
  • Nine – take a closer look at your health.
  • Ten – your actions will alienate you.
  • Jack – vanity.
  • Queen – ignore jealousy and backbiting.
  • King – you have a secret enemy.
  • Ace – to bad news.

A wish-fulfillment divination

A deck of cards is well shuffled, then you remove the cards with your left hand and think about your secret desire. Then the cards are laid out one by one in four stacks, so that the shirt looks up.

Then take the first stack from the left side, turn it upside down and remove all cards except the first ace. Do the same with all stacks of cards until they all come together.

The pile, which is obtained as a result, should be divided into three parts, the cards are facing upwards. Then repeat the previous manipulation (eliminate all cards up to the first ace). But don’t forget to turn the right stack upside down and put it on the left stack each time, without mixing it up.

Cards, which remain, should be divided into two parts and again repeat the actions described. At the end of the remaining cards, lay out two stacks, mix well and put in a single line. If this will converge all four aces, your treasured dream will become a reality.

In a card reading, it’s easy to see what’s really going on in your life, because the cards are an “independent expert” that can help you find the answers you’re looking for and make the right choice when the going gets tough.

11 easy ways to read cards

Fortune-telling with ordinary playing cards is the most popular and popular way to know your own future. Such divinations do not require complex and expensive props. The playing cards that can be used in the modern world have their own origin from the Tarot cards. It is easier to divine on regular cards, because the ways of divination on Tarot cards are not so simple.

Navigating Ways.

1. Fortune-telling “Men’s Thoughts”.

To try an easy way of fortune-telling on cards, you should shuffle a deck of 36 ordinary cards, thinking about who you want to divine on. After that, with your left hand to your heart, remove the deck and draw 6 cards out of it out of order. It is important enough to believe that this divination is true. The 1st card will symbolize what your partner is thinking, the 2nd one – the feelings, the 3rd one – the future, the 4th one – the beloved’s secret desires, the 5th one – his fears, and the 6th one will clarify what your loved one is thinking at the moment.

2. Fortune-telling “He loves you, he loves you not.

In order for the patience puzzle to be true, you should shuffle the deck, drawing in your own imagination your partner, as well as recalling the smallest details of your relationship with him. After this it is necessary to remove the cards to the heart and start playing the patience puzzle. To do this, a row of 6 cards is laid out in front of you face up, and another row of the same number of cards under it, and a third row behind the second one. This continues until the entire deck is finished. In doing so, it is worth looking carefully at what is shown on the cards. If one slant from each other will be lying cards of the same value, they need to remove, and in their place to move the remaining cards, and if they again appear to be the same, then they are removed. The remaining cards are shuffled and laid out, this time into 5 columns, then into 4, then into 3, and finally into 2. Next, you should count how many pairs of cards remain, because the interpretation of the divination will depend on this number.

  • 1 – the partner intends to ask you to marry him.
  • 2 – your partner is attracted to you as a true love.
  • 3 – he likes you.
  • 4 – he misses you.
  • 5 – he thinks of you.
  • 6 – your partner has another woman in mind.
  • 7 or more – guess another time.

3. Guessing “Will we be together”.

The cards should be shuffled, shifting the left hand towards yourself. Then you can proceed to the drawing. To do this, the cards are laid out nine in a row. If near the same suits appear, they must be removed, without touching the queen and king. If identical suits appear under each other, they should also be removed. On the resulting empty spaces shift the remaining cards from right to left. After the playing cards are dealt, it will be possible to see whether the king and queen are close to each other. If they are together, then the guy and the girl will be friends. If they will be in the upper corner, then the wedding is not far off. In other cases, on the cards that will fall out between the queen and the king or in front of their pair, you can read what will be an obstacle in the way of lovers.

4. Fortune telling on a wish.

Shuffle the deck well, then make a wish and draw one card from the deck. If it turns out to be humanized, then other people will help in the implementation of the wishes in the presence of hearts, diamonds, crosses, and will be a hindrance in the presence of the suit of spades. If they roll a 10, then the wish will be granted, but with probable difficulties and difficult work. Card 9 speaks of the fulfillment of a wish, but not in the form one would like. Card 8 suggests that the wish is not necessary for one at the present time, and card 7, on the other hand, indicates that it is worth making haste. Card 6 signifies an imminent resolution to a situation that allows the wish to come true. The aces are a sign that the wish will come true.

5. A prediction about your partner’s attitude towards you.

It’s not hard enough to read the cards. The cards are arranged in as many piles as the number of letters in the full name of the beloved. After that, you need to take the last pile and move the cards to the previous ones, starting with the first “letter”. This continues until only 2 piles remain. Next, you should take cards from each pile at the same time and turn them over. Pairs will talk about the attitude of the partner. Two sixes rolled out – a road awaits, sevens – the partner has a desire to talk, eights – wants to meet. Nines signify his love for you, and tens signify suffering. A roll of jacks will indicate uncertainty, but a queen will reveal that he is seeing someone else. Two kings should indicate that he’s thinking about you, but aces will show that he wants to be with you.

6. The “what to do” divination.

This is the easiest way to read cards. For this, it is important to formulate a question in such a way that a “yes” or “no” answer can be given. Then shuffle the deck and do not hesitate to draw the first card out of it. If the card is red, then the answer to the question is positive. If it’s black – negative.

7. Fortune-telling for a successful marriage.

Remove all sixes from the deck of cards. Then the deck is shuffled and all the cards are put in 5 separate stacks. Each of them should be 6 cards. The remaining two are placed on the last and first stack. Then all cards up to the first king or queen are removed from each stack. After that, all the cards without shuffling the deck again spread over five stacks. Perform such manipulations should be carried out several times. Ideally, only the pictures of kings and queens should remain. They are laid out in a row face up. If there is a pair of King and Queen, then the marriage will be long and successful. Otherwise, the opposite will happen.

8. The prediction “will your wish come true?

Shuffle the deck carefully and lay out 15 cards in a row. After the dealing you need to select aces and put them aside. So repeatedly done two more times. If all suits are revealed during the process of fortune-telling, the desire for sure will come true.

9. The prediction “Ace + 10”.

You only need eight cards from the deck, they are all 10s and aces. For each ace, you should ask about a specific friend, whose feelings you’d like to know. Next, shuffle the aces and lay them out on the table face down. After that, shuffle the 10s, laying them out on top. The last step is to check the coincidence of suits. If any ace and 10 are the same suit, then the intended man has feelings for you.

10. The reading is simple.

You should start by picking “your” card. For those who are not married, go with the queen of diamonds and the king, for those who are married, go with the queen of hearts and the king, and for the elderly go with the queen of clubs and the king. After the deck is shuffled, you need to remove the cards from the deck, starting to lay them out three at a time with the pictures facing up. This continues until you find “your” card. Those cards that will be next to it will have to unravel.

  • 6 of any suit – for loss or loss;
  • 7 – trouble, tears;
  • 8 – love disappointments and deceived hopes;
  • 9 black suit – to obstacles;
  • 9 red suit – to pleasures and joys;
  • 10 – to money receipts or gifts;
  • Jack of the black suit – empty worries and unpleasant news;
  • Jack of a red suit – good news and good luck in business;
  • Queen of the black suit – the presence of a rival;
  • Queen of the red suit – a faithful friend or spouse;
  • Ace of the red suit – a love letter and a gift;
  • Ace of Black – rumors, intrigue, especially in the work team.

11. Fortune-telling on queen of spades and king.

Shuffle the deck well and remove the card with your left hand to yourself. After finding and putting in front of you the queen of spades and the king, shuffle the cards again. Every 7th card should be laid out in front of you. There should be a total of 10 cards. After that, you can see which suit prevails. The first 2 cards will not count because they perform the role of “oracles.

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