Virgo men in relationships

Virgo man: behavior and compatibility with other zodiac signs

When it comes to several Virgo men, they seem to be completely different. Some can be confidently called charismatic brutals, others are distinguished by tenderness and patience with regard to women’s whims, while others are real financial sharks that sweep away everyone on the way to their goal.

Many people mistakenly believe that the root of this contradiction is to be found in the “femininity” of the sign. However, the Virgo men also have certain traits in common. They are united by materialism and rationalism, which is expressed in the desire to listen to reason, rather than the heart. How to get through to the controversial Virgo man and build a harmonious relationship with him?

General characteristics of men born under the sign of Virgo

Virgo men are energetic, confident people who not only set a goal, but also achieve it, despite all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. They are used to independence, as well as always have their own opinion. Nature has not deprived men of qualities such as thoughtfulness, prudence, so do not rush them with a quick decision, first need a thorough analysis of the situation.

One of the main traits of Virgo can be noted the desire for perfection. They can not tolerate sloppiness in themselves, and will not allow others to be sloppy. Men born under the sign of Virgo are very hardworking and responsible, so the work for them is one of the main roles in life, which takes a lot of time and effort. This zodiac is sufficiently meticulous, also knows how to find common ground with the people around them, despite the fact that the close circle of communication is not large. Both in work and in the family can safely rely on him.

Virgo has a rather complicated character. They are demanding but prudent. Before deciding on something important, a man thinks carefully and weighs it, because the risk – definitely not his story. And if you want to change your mind about something, be prepared for failure. Criticism in the direction of this sign will be perceived very negatively.

The Virgo man is endowed with a high mental capacity, which makes him an interesting interlocutor with whom he can communicate on various topics. Even with great wealth, the zodiac will not throw money around. Virgo gives preference to self-development, so in his free time he likes to read, travel, learn something new. He likes to instruct someone, give advice to others and for him it is not a problem to tell the truth in the eye.

Virgo is not lacking in flaws either – nerdiness and meticulousness are the most prevalent. They love to pick on trifles, just enough vindictive and vindictive, modest to compliments and jealous. And if you want to like Virgo – be prepared to meet high demands.

The behavior of Virgo men in love and relationships with women

In love

Virgo treats love as some kind of curse, and in all possible ways will run from this feeling. After all, rationalism is above all for him. This zodiac is very carefully looking out for the opposite sex, choosing and analyzing for a long time. If a woman has flaws, it will not be so difficult to say goodbye to her. However, if you will be lucky and the choice will fall on you, prepare to be charmed right away.

For Virgo men, the love horoscope says that this zodiac is stingy with words, preferring to keep them to himself. A confession of his feelings for you will be generosity, courtesy and politeness. If a man is truly in love, be sure that you will bathe in care, warmth and attention for a very long time.

In a relationship

Virgo believes that relationships are a waste of time, where you need to put a lot of effort and energy. That’s why he will go all the way to the end so he won’t get into it. Unfortunately, you will have to be a special woman to prove him otherwise.

In such a case, how to win and fall in love with a Virgo man will wonder every one of you. In order for you to become that special girl near whom he will be kind, caring and loving, be honest and decent with him. Trust in a relationship is paramount, and lying – the road to nowhere.

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Characteristics of the Virgo man by zodiac sign: how to behave properly with these pedants

Virgo man by zodiac sign belongs to the element of the Earth, he is characterized by restraint, pedantry and practicality. Men Virgo has a strong sense of responsibility, sound mind and the desire for stability. He is firm on his feet, not succumbing to dreams, he knows exactly what his goal is and goes hard to them. Men derive from Virgo excellent chief and manager.

The main character traits of the male Virgo

In describing the character of this man will fit such qualities as punctuality, thoroughness, conscientiousness. This sign of the zodiac always performs his duties, although he does not really like to take them on himself.

Earning money for the Virgo man is in the first place

This sign always takes strict control of his appearance, neat and clean. In his surroundings do not tolerate lazy and sycophants, because sincerely convinced that everything can be achieved only by their own work.

But this type of men have such shortcomings as imposing their point of view on others, nerdiness and excessive criticism of other people. At times he descends to gossip, discussing others. Can write a negative opinion about the employee if he/she gets into disfavor. Remarks flaws in their environment, but considers themselves perfect.

Earning money for the Virgo man is in the first place

And that is why there is often such a character trait, such as pettiness.

What women like a reserved guy-Devo

The ideal girl for him should look not extravagant and provocative . If you wonder what kind of girl’s appearance Virgo likes, you can understand it by his character: loving order in everything and everywhere! A guy will pay attention to a well-groomed, well-dressed and with a nice manicure personality. But the older man needs a woman who is responsible, serious and independent.

In relationships with women the guy-Devo is cool, sometimes selfish, practically never admits to love.

The beginning of the relationship is quiet, stormy and fiery passions to wait from the guy-Deva is not worth it. But he is a loving partner and gives his chosen one all his attention and care.

The ideal girl should not look extravagant and modest

Who is suitable for a Virgo guy, you will find out from the table:

What Sex with Virgo Men

The Virgo man likes tenderness, caress and unhurriedness in bed. He is a great lover, will be able to give his woman a sea of pleasure and satisfy all her desires.

But a married representative of this sign becomes a faithful companion and friend to his mate. He is very jealous, and in marriage can be even more jealous.

How to win a man-Devo: recommendations

Man-Devo is very picky in connections, so to fall in love with such a nature, you will have to make a maximum of feminine charm and charisma. Man-Devo will like an intelligent and educated woman. It is easy to attract his attention by supporting him in any conflict or argument.

To attract for a serious relationship a Virgo man should show his defenselessness. These people will not take seriously a bitch and fake coquette!

Keep a man-Devu help order and cleanliness at home, a tasty dinner

Keep a man-Devu help order and cleanliness at home, a tasty dinner, neat and well-groomed woman beside. Otherwise, the man-Devu ignores the lady and does not call.

Breaking up a relationship for men of this sign is an extremely painful procedure.

He perceives everything close to his heart, experiences quarrels

To return this man can a woman who sincerely wants reconciliation. If she lies and cheats, he will feel it. A Virgo man can forgive a lot, but treason is a point of no return, a definite reason for parting. Here already there is no relationship to save, and you can not type into the search engine phrase, how to get him back after all.

What better to give a Virgo man

A gift to a representative of this sign should be made, based on his interests, entertainment and hobbies. The gift should be neat and practicality. Study the interests of Virgo men and do not make a mistake with the gift.

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