Very much jealous of the girl – let’s learn in all the details

How to stop being jealous of your girlfriend?

Jealousy – burning inside feeling, which is known to almost every member of mankind. Surprisingly, jealousy is inherent not only in us humans but also in animals. Jealousy can ruin the life of not only the one who is jealous, but also the one who is jealous. Relationships of couples in which one of the partners is jealous are not to be envied. An exhausting feeling does not allow a quiet life, constant suspicion draws in the imagination of terrible pictures of treason, from which a jealous man experiences the gamut of negative emotions, destroying the body in the truest sense, the excessive release of stress hormones in the blood.

Now we look at the differences between jealousy in men and women, and how to stop jealousy girl.

Female jealousy

Where do the roots of female jealousy come from?

A woman is inherently considered realized when she has taken place as a wife and mother.

Tired of endless quarrels, tantrums and suspicions, a man may indeed make love on the side, which does not exhaust him as a spouse and does not harass him with jealousy.

It is not uncommon for men to leave jealous wives.

The result – a woman afraid to stay abandoned, so jealous.

Why is a man jealous? After all, a man is usually more self-sufficient and realized in this world than a woman, and if a man leaves his wife, he will certainly cope himself.

Male Jealousy.

Male jealousy is even more dangerous and scary than female jealousy. Bruised male ego sometimes leads to very dire consequences.

Man by nature – the hunter and conqueror.

Treason beloved woman – this is a drop in masculine dignity, male ego, male self-esteem.

How to stop being jealous of your girlfriend?

Some psychologists argue that jealousy is an agonizing doubt about one’s love.

It is possible that psychologists are right about something. But what makes one person painfully doubt another person’s love?

That’s right, it is low self-esteem.

Jealousy stems from low self-esteem, complexes, insecurities, fears and phobias.

If you’re jealous of your girlfriend, try to understand yourself and understand what exactly is involved in your jealousy, what situation preceded the fact that you became jealous. Think back to your childhood, analyze whether you received enough love as a child from your mom, and support from your dad? Or maybe your younger or older brother was loved by his parents more than you?

Be a jealous man is not easy, because jealousy riddled with poison in your life. You must remember that jealousy poisons the life of not only you but also of the person you are jealous. So try as soon as possible to solve the problem and not poison the life of either yourself or your loved one.

It is not uncommon when a jealous young man (or husband) for a long time harassing the girl with his jealousy, provoked her infidelity. After all, by accusing her of cheating, you’ve already insulted and humiliated her, so why shouldn’t she start conforming to who you think she is! This is no joke now, there are actually quite a few such examples. So give it some thought.

The last few months of life on our planet show us that we need to live every moment as brightly and consciously as possible, to appreciate and love our loved ones, to cherish them, to give them love and care. Jealousy takes away precious months and years that you could spend in love and happiness, filled with unforgettable moments, the memory of which gives strength to live even when breathing is difficult …

How to stop being jealous of the girl to everyone: psychologists’ tips

The feeling of jealousy is familiar to each of us. It is capable of destroying the relationship between lovers in the blink of an eye. To prevent this from happening, learn to control your emotions and fight suspicion. What is the reason for distrust and how to stop being jealous of the girl, we will discuss in our article.

Causes of jealousy

Before we deal with the causes of increased suspicion, let us list the frequent reasons for jealousy. They can be divided into two groups:

  1. Justified: explicit flirting of the girl with guys, love correspondence onkontakte, by text message, treason and other serious misconduct.
  2. Unreasonable: the reasons that the man invents himself, gives birth to in his head with the help of fantasies.

Real, substantiated reasons for quarrels and jealousy do not make sense to analyze in detail. If she cheated, clearly flirting with other men, it is better to break up with her. Surely she has no warm, serious feelings for her partner.

Unjustified, invented reasons deserve more attention, because they destroy the relationship.

The reason for fantasies lies in the following:

  • The man is insecure. He thinks other guys are better than him at everything, he doesn’t realize that the girl loves him for real.
  • The guy has had negative experiences in the past. Infidelity, betrayal by the ex taught the boy not to trust girls in principle.
  • A strongly developed sense of possessiveness. The boy does not understand that the girl has a right to have a private life, friends, socializing without his presence.
  • The need for emotional release The man has accumulated anger, claims to his partner. He pours them out with the help of scandals, arguments, the reason for which is jealousy.
  • Afraid to lose respect among friends, colleagues, family. If a woman finds a more successful man, goes to him or becomes his mistress, the macho image crumbles.

Unreasonable jealousy poisons the lives of not only women but also men. With this feeling should be combated and eradicated as early as possible, so that suspicion does not become a habit.

On the causes of jealousy tells psychologist Anneta Orlova:

How jealousy destroys relationships

Manic jealousy of the partner is a clear manifestation of selfishness. To withstand such an onslaught from your favorite is very difficult, especially if the guy has a violent fantasy, for scandal enough the slightest reason.

If you do not fight the feeling of jealousy, the relationship will quickly collapse for the following reasons:

  • Frustration will set in. Meet pathological jealous man does not want any girl. To get rid of the constant control, she will insist on separation.
  • Love will leave the relationship. A girl in love looks at her chosen one as an ideal. But unsubstantiated accusations, fantasies of the man will push the girl to the idea that other guys are really better, more interesting. She will want to fall in love with another or return to her ex.
  • Treason. Jealous man himself provokes treason. Exhausted by suspicions, the girl will take this step to break up with the guy or really fall in love with another.
  • Children suffer. In families where dad is insanely jealous of mom’s past, friends, co-workers, chaos reigns. Children witness scandals, arguments, even fights. They form complexes, phobias. Psychologists say that jealous men grew up in families where the husband did not trust his wife, suspected her of adultery. And in the future, the boy copied his father’s behavior.

Many people, men and women, confuse love and jealousy. They think that constant control of the partner and suspicion are the most obvious manifestations of love. This is a big mistake.

How to cope with jealousy

If suspicion turns into madness, you need to urgently think about stopping jealousy and getting worked up. Try to understand that your beloved is not your property. She has the right to communicate with other people, to smile at cute boys in conversation, to go with friends to the movies and clubs without you.

If there is no real reason for suspicion, and jealousy is pathological in nature, the guy needs to do some serious work on himself. The following effective measures can help correct the situation:

  • A frank conversation with your beloved. Talk in a calm atmosphere. Do not accuse your beloved and do not make claims. Frankly admit to your partner that you are not satisfied in the relationship, what behavior you consider unacceptable. If the girl really loves you, she will listen and try not to provoke suspicion.
  • Improve your self-esteem. Engage in the beauty of your body, develop spiritually. Meet other girls, talk to them on a friendly wave. When you realize that you are interesting and self-sufficient person, jealousy will stop stalking you.
  • Give your fears ultimatums. Afraid that the girl will meet a better man in the club than you, so do not let your favorite anywhere alone? Make an effort. Let the partner goes to the party with her girlfriends. Do not pester her with calls and texts, while she will have fun, do not control every step. Cultivate trust in your relationship.
  • Variety dating, your life. Do your sweetheart surprises, surprise dates, pay your girlfriend compliments. Your partner will be delighted with her chosen one, your self-esteem will rise, and the reasons for jealousy will disappear.
  • Distract yourself. Find a new interesting hobby, hobby. This can be sports, tourism, travel, even business. A new source of pleasure will take a lot of energy and there won’t be time for paranoia.
  • Improve the quality of sex. In bed, be affectionate, gentle, and diversify sex. A quality intimate life will strengthen the relationship between lovers.

Monitor your behavior. It is possible that the girl is flirting with other guys and purposely makes you jealous, in retaliation. Do not allow cheating and provocations on your part.

Tips from a psychologist

In terms of psychology, pathological jealousy is a powerful destructive feeling if suspicion has turned into mania. Avoiding a breakup if there is no trust in the relationship is almost unrealistic. But you can cope with yourself, change your view of the world with the help of advice from psychologists.

Specialists in family relationships put before the jealous three tasks:

  • Stop being jealous of a girl without a serious reason.
  • Stop getting wound up and fantasizing.
  • Begin to trust the girl.
  • Occupy yourself.

Psychotherapist Alexei Shevtsov talks about the causes of jealousy and how to stop being jealous:

For therapy, psychologists use a step-by-step methodology. It consists of the following tasks:

  1. A guy has to admit to himself that he is jealous without reason. There is no need to look for reasons for mistrust in the girl. Awareness of your own wrongness is the first step to getting rid of paranoia.
  2. Analyze your own emotions. The boy must understand what he is feeling at the moment of a jealousy attack. Anger at his partner, envy of the other guys, hatred of the world, loneliness, or something else. It is better to write down your feelings on paper, make a full range of emotions at the moment of the next scandal. When the enemy is identified, you can proceed to its elimination. The next stage of psychotherapy depends on this point in its entirety.
  3. Raise your self-esteem if you feel anger and jealousy. The cause of jealousy is not the behavior of your beloved, but your insecurity.
  4. Learn to listen to your partner. Instead of fighting amid anger and spite, use a calm dialogue.
  5. Don’t wind yourself up. Fantasies are the jealous man’s most vicious enemies. Cut off the bad thoughts in your head when the girl leaves for a meeting with her friends or does not answer the phone.
  6. Let your beloved go away from you more often. The best option is to go a long distance away from your partner yourself. For example, go on vacation without her. Do not forbid at this time to meet with friends, go to clubs and cafes. It’s difficult, but this way you will learn to trust your partner.
  7. More often yourself meet with people who are jealous of your beloved. Make contact with them, talk more in a relaxed atmosphere. At such meetings you will see how she behaves and the man who in your fantasies is her lover. Surely, all doubts will quickly dispel.

Of course, a man who wants to get rid of suspicion in a relationship faces a difficult task. But if the guy wondered how to stop being jealous – this is a serious independent step in self-development. According to psychologists, it is the awareness of their negative behavior and the desire to control emotions that leads to success.

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