Variety in relationships: understand in detail

Variety in relationships: understand in detail

Tatyana Efimova offers an article on the topic: “Variety in relationships” with a detailed description.

The relationship between a man and a woman is a fragile vessel. It can easily be broken by everyday life and routines. It is very important that the relationship does not stagnate. The main role, for a change, as always, is a woman, and it does not matter how they will be implemented in everyday life, fair or unfair, the main thing that they work, if a man will take part in them – success is guaranteed.

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More intimacy

Start with a change in your intimate life. Your first step should be to take your intimacy to the next level. Novelty, focusing on what your partner likes best, perfecting the old ways. What those ways are, only you know – because you once fell in love with your partner, so only you know all the subtleties… Change yourself and change your common views, so that neither of you would want to go to cheat. Read about how to diversify your sex life in the article how to diversify sex.

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Fatal mistake of women in love

Alexandra Karavaeva, psychologist: “So you’re in love. There is spring in your soul, there are butterflies in your stomach, and it seems so easy to take off. Or, maybe you haven’t fallen in love yet, but you definitely like your partner. The main thing – the interest is mutual and has already led to the beginning of a new relationship. It is at this point many women make a fatal mistake, which later destroys everything that was built by laborious work.

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2. Diversify sex.

Most newlyweds take sex as a serious process. Even after many years of life together, the pattern of behavior does not change. Many perceive intimate relationships as fulfillment of a duty.

Without sex, married life is not possible. For a strong relationship, sexual life should not only be regular, but also varied. With the one you love, you can change and improve everything. It is important to remember that problems in sex sooner or later lead to cheating. Feel free to watch videos, the Kamasutra, use sex toys and take part in role-playing games. Remember: variety in sex life is one of the most powerful arguments in a strong relationship!

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People who deprive you of your vitality

The source of the biggest drain on your energy is relationships. Communicating with some people fills us with positive emotions and improves our mood. Others rob us of optimism, peacefulness and serenity. These people are called emotional vampires.

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How can you diversify the relationship for a couple with “experience”?

For those who have been sharing the same roof for a long time and know all the features of each other, it may seem that surprising your partner is an impossible task. However, this is not the case, it is even easier for them than for young couples, because in this case, people know each other well. A classic example: the husband loves fishing. Confess your love to him, blindfold him, and put him in the car. Don’t tell him where you’re taking him, because there should be a surprise waiting for him: a tent set up on the bank of the river and friends. If the surprise is planned competently, everything will go great. With the help of such surprises and need to renew the relationship that lasts more than a decade.

Marriage of Different Age: When the Wife is Older Than Her Husband

The main mistake of all unequal relationships is that the woman either starts playing the role of “mommy” who constantly cares, teaches and “treats” her lover, “invalidating” him, or seeks to become a beloved child herself to her husband, a beloved “girl” (“no matter how old the girl is”), “invalidating” herself.

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How to diversify the relationship of a young couple?

First of all, the problem of a short relationship is that the partners do not yet know each other well enough, and therefore the chances that the surprise can “fail” are quite high. Nevertheless, the situation must be saved, and so the risk is justified, so boldly proceed to one of the ways:

  • Extreme: take your partner for skating, skating, biking, etc.;
  • invite him to a movie night show of the scariest horror movie;
  • The most “calm” option: we cook dinner together.

Here the main goal – to establish psychological intimacy with a partner. After all, it happens that the first kiss happened, a timid embrace is already part of any of your walk, but something is missing in the relationship, one boredom. Some couples begin to compensate for the “quiet idyll” with scandals, to somehow revive each other. Nevertheless, the best option is to experience strong emotions together with the help of one of the listed methods.

As practice shows, there are many ways to revive relationships, but in order for them to become effective, they must be used regularly.

Mikhail Labkovsky: Why men like bitches

Many men adore bitches, just can’t get enough of them and can’t take their eyes off, while straight girls with a fine mental organization strongly wondered – what is it? “I cherish him, I buy him shirts, I don’t get mad at him, I don’t pester him with obsessive questions like ‘Where are you? When will you be?” and he’s back with his bitch wife who keeps yelling and hitting him in the face with a wet towel.”

Relationships, Women, Men,

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Develop together!

It’s about spending time together and sharing common emotions, experiences, and joys. Learn new things. Read interesting books, sign up for couples dancing or learn a foreign language. A new and interesting activity will bring you closer to each other, which will certainly benefit not only the relationship but also your intelligence. By learning, for example, the tango, you will feel the passion all over again when you snuggle up to each other in the dance.

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How to diversify the sexual relationship?

All changes that are brought into the sexual life must meet the desires of both partners. Therefore, before you start a “sexual revolution”, determine the preferences of the lover. It is desirable to do this in secret from him, so then arrange a surprise. Keep in mind that selfishness in sex is not the best position: to get something, you must first give something, so make a step forward and satisfy one of his secret desires, and then wait for the “return move”.

Play is a natural state for any human being. Throughout the day we try on many roles: mother, employee, wife, enemy, friend, etc. Why not add one more: choose an image (nurse, sexy maid, passionate cowgirl, inexperienced girl, etc.), dress up and show it in the best possible light. Play on his instincts, change, because men are polygamous.

To add “spice” you can tie your hands, blindfold, have sex in an unusual place.

Tip: To guess your lover’s sexual desire, search his computer history of visited websites (or magazines on the bookshelf): sometimes every man goes to pages with questionable content and looks at what excites him most. If you’re lucky enough to find one, that material can be taken as a basis and implemented in life.

Right now you are exactly where you should be.

The harder the road, the better the reward at the end. If you have problems, that’s even a good thing. It means there is progress in your life. That you are learning something and learning something new. The only people who don’t have problems are the ones who do nothing.

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Traditions for Two

Come up with new traditions that are just yours to share. Build a relationship, deal with it like you do some important things. For example, set yourself a date that you will celebrate every year. It could be the first day of spring, symbolizing the renewal of nature and your feelings, or a celebration of your first hike in the mountains together, or the process of cooking a meal together, picnics on Sundays… In general, connect your imagination.

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7. Psychological intimacy with your partner

In order to establish the psychological intimacy with your loved one, you can visit the rink, go to the movies at night, cook dinner together, go for a walk on sports bikes … There are many options. The main thing is to catch what unites a man and a woman, so that in the future they can enjoy their favorite things together. And if there will be the same hobby or pastime, then half the battle is done. Psychologists say that for a full family life, it is important that the hobbies coincide.

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A woman who can afford not to worry.

When a woman begins to realize her potential, her talents unfold, her spiritual strength and self-confidence grow, the man with whom she is in a partnership begins to have some obstacles: either business problems, or illness, or inertia and decline of interest.

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Remember the good things more often.

How to diversify a relationship? You can help… with memories! Go back to your warm and happy moments of meetings, an unforgettable time spent together. And be sure to remember your feelings! How you felt at the time, how happy you were… It will help refresh the relationship and replay the moments again.

A perfect relationship isn’t just about having sincere feelings, it’s also about hard work. Mutual desire to keep the relationship and support each other in everything will help you build a lasting and happy love.

Remember: the atmosphere in the relationship depends primarily on the woman. If she has a desire to improve the situation, in almost all cases, the woman succeeds. So, instead of blaming your partner for the lack of attention and the cooling, think about what you have done so that it was not. Take action and your relationship will be strong!

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Mature Relationships: Dependence, Independence, Interdependence

When you are dependent on another, it always brings suffering. The moment you are dependent, you begin to feel miserable because dependence creates bondage. Then you begin to retaliate in subtle ways, because the person you have to depend on is gaining power over you. No one likes it when someone has power over them, no one likes being dependent because dependence kills freedom.

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Big love comes after a big mistake.

The worst kind of love is when we build high hopes, invest a lot of energy, only to realize that it’s all useless. Our hearts break into a million pieces, and we wonder why it didn’t work out. Yes, we often make mistakes in love.

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Alfried Langlais: what really keeps a couple together

In a good couples relationship, two independent people come together who do not need one another, in which each can live alone, without the other. But they feel that together they are better, more beautiful. If I am together with the other, I develop. I experience joy when I see you open up, blossom.

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10. Go on a journey

Ivan Bunin said that a person needs only three things for happiness: love, interesting work and travel. Expensive gifts evoke positive emotions, but their effect is short-lived. Going on vacation together, choose places that will bring you new experiences. Nothing brings people together like a couple experiencing pleasurable moments together. And even if not everyone can afford to celebrate New Year in Prague, or go on a romantic trip to Paris, choose the mountains, forest, hiking trails that are difficult to pass. Expand the horizons of your common happiness.

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Bert Hellinger: He who has been given above measure, will leave the relationship

Many people, when they cover their love of the other with their head, consider it a special manifestation of it. For example, when they try to give him more than he can bear. In this way, they throw the balance of their own relationship out of balance. It becomes difficult for the other to restore equality again.

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Why unloved daughters fall in love with narcissists

You mistake these games for passion. Narcissists love to play love games and you find yourself on a roller coaster ride because of his behavior and your reaction to him – this is the state in our culture often referred to as true romantic love.

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Violence by Silence

Becoming a deaf wall is the end of dialogue, a demonstration of power that tells the other: what you want, what you think, what you feel doesn’t matter in the slightest.

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Interview of the week

I feel sorry for children who are taken to developmental centers from birth

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How to diversify your relationship with the man you love

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When the spark goes out and problems take over more, the relationship ceases to bring joy. To prevent this from happening, remember – love requires variety. Routine consumes even the most passionate couples.

But if this has already happened, you can fix it. Now it is not difficult to find ways to diversify the relationship, without resorting to costly methods. There are dozens of ways to bring newness to the relationship with the guy. It is not necessary to follow every method and try to keep up everywhere and please, it is worth choosing options that are close in spirit:

  • Take a break from each other. You don’t have to split up or put the relationship on pause, most people are enough to spend a few days apart so that everyone has their own personal plans. Go for a walk with friends, visit relatives, the girl may have to go to beauty salons or do shopping, the man to attend a soccer match or go out of town with friends. Thanks to this the lovers will miss each other.
  • Surprise a guy with your culinary skills. Cook something new, perhaps even exotic. Just do not overdo it and specify in advance the gastronomic preferences of your loved one.
  • Do not forget about flirting. If you stop flirting – the romantic note will disappear. It is worth remembering that and continue to flirt, even if the relationship has been in place for many years.
  • One of the best ways to shake things up is to add extreme sports. Let it be a joint skydiving, snowboarding, or a trip through the woods on bicycles. New positive emotions are guaranteed for both of them.

Variety in the relationship when a woman is pregnant

Pregnancy changes the relationship, even if it was planned and the couple carefully prepared for it. To keep feelings alive, try to spend more time together. Variety should be the same as before pregnancy. Perhaps former hobbies and ways of joint leisure will not be available. If you used to love to climb rocks, go skiing on the mountainside – now such entertainment is dangerous for women. It is necessary to find new ways to spend time.

  1. For example, you can visit a movie, theater, museum, exhibition.
  2. Water procedures are useful for pregnant women, so you can go together to a water park or swimming pool. In addition, the water will relieve stress.
  3. There are courses of sports for pregnant wives and husbands, this is a way to combine business with pleasure.

Not only a woman devotes herself to preparing for the baby. The husband, too, should not remain on the sidelines. This can be a joint trip to children’s supermarkets, a visit to the doctor or an ultrasound procedure. Do not forget that with the baby her husband does not go into the background and is no less important in a woman’s life.

How to make a bright and varied family life with children

The presence of children brings into life worries, daily routine and certain obligations. Behind this, the relationship between the spouses is lost. There are at least 4 ways to diversify family and married life, which will not require much effort, but will help the husband and wife to remember that in the first place they are a loving couple:

Don’t forget the pleasant surprises and little things. Even if the spouses together are already small gifts, displays of caring remain important in the relationship, however, most people forget about it. Cooking breakfast or going to a restaurant in the evening. Bouquet or dinner together by candlelight. Even a love note on the fridge door will cheer up both spouses.

Do not put off sex for a long time. Intimacy – not a marital duty, which at least sometimes you should perform. Do not make love for the tick, you need to add novelty, whether it is erotic lingerie, a place of privacy or different positions. Sometimes it is worth discussing this with your partner and finding out your wishes and preferences.

You should not attach importance to the problems of everyday life. Domestic life can kill the passion. Therefore, it is worth to share household chores with your spouse. Then there will be more time for the family and each other.

Hobbies together. Nothing brings people together like a joint hobby. It’s better to ask your loved one, what he would like to try to do. And based on that, find something in which you connect.

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