Unequal love movies with an older woman

TOP – 50 movies about love with a big age difference

No one reads corny texts, that’s a fact. In every article there must be some zest.

The expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I save the “family unit” from collapse. I help couples to regain love and understanding.

Especially for romantics we have collected a selection of rating movies about love with a difference in age. These are stories of how a fleeting passion or desire for novelty in sexual life – grows into a love condemned by the public. But the couples don’t care about the others, because their hearts have already been inflamed by mutual feelings.

TOP 50

  • Melodrama: “The Reader” (2008, Germany)

This is the story of Michael Berg, which began forty years ago, when the boy first met Hannah. Their romance didn’t last long, but it sticks in the memory forever. Years later, Michael meets Hannah in the courtroom.

  • Drama: Secret Attraction (2013, Australia, France)

Longtime best friends Liz and Roz are hiding an unpleasant secret. They have both fallen in love with each other’s adult sons. And when the truth is revealed, the couples don’t know the right thing to do.

  • Drama: “Call Me by Your Name” (2017, France, Italy)

Teenager Elio was sure he liked girls. But a summer at his parents’ country house set the record straight when the boy experienced his first sexual desire for a grown man, Oliver.

  • Thriller: “Queen of Hearts” (2019, Denmark)

Anna is perfect at everything: as a wife, employee and mother. But when Gustav, her husband’s eldest son, appears in her house, desire overrides the arguments of reason. So the woman seduces the young boy.

  • Drama: “Young and Beautiful” (2013, France)

Isabelle is beautiful, intelligent and successful in everything she undertakes. She knows exactly what she wants out of life. So when she first feels dissatisfied with her boring sex life, she takes a job as a prostitute for older men.

  • Comedy: “This Stupid Love” (2011, USA)

While his parents are trying to repair a broken marriage, the family’s youngest son falls in love with his nanny Jessica. But this feeling has no chance, because Jessica herself has long been in love with the father of the family.

  • Drama: “American Beauty” (1999, USA)

Recently, desperate family man Lester does not feel the joy of work and family at all. Until he meets his daughter’s classmate and falls in love with the charming girl.

  • Comedy: “This Awkward Moment” (2015, France)

Two friends go on a vacation together with their daughters. Young Luna falls in love with Laurent, her father’s best friend, and persistently seduces him. And Laurent finds it hard to ignore the charming girl.

  • Biography: “The Lover” (1991, France)

An attractive and wealthy Chinese man falls in love with a young girl. It is his father’s will that he can never marry a white woman, but the young French girl does not care. The girl wants to make love for the first time.

  • Biography: “Total Eclipse” (1995, France)

The story of two 19th century French poets, Paul Verlaine and the young Arthur Rimbaud. The relationship between them and one beautiful girl gets caught up in a very passionate and highly ambiguous tangle.

  • Comedy: “Love With and Without Rules” (2003, USA)

Harry Langer, an elderly womanizer, is capable of charming any woman. He had a brief but very tender affair with a young girl, Maureen. But maybe he will like someone older?

  • Comedy: “Humanities” (2011, USA).

He is a 35-year-old bachelor who is unhappy with his life. She is a 19-year-old student in love with drama. They have a big age difference, but identical souls who love books and music.

  • Thriller: “Scandal Diary” (2006, UK)

When art teacher Sheba Hart has an affair with her student, her older colleague Barbara takes the opportunity to blackmail her. After all, Barbara has long had a crush on Sheba and wants to force the affair on her.

  • Biography: The Girl with the Pearl Earring (2003, UK)

The famous painter Johannes Vermeer is hired as a maid by a girl named Griet. Despite her young age, she is well versed in art, which binds the couple together in an unusual spiritual bond.

William wanted to find his grandfather to give him a letter written by his father, but his search comes to a dead end. Almost giving up, he meets young Effie, ready to become his tour guide in Copenhagen.

  • Melodrama: The White Palace (1990, USA)

When a young successful director Max meets a mature and very beautiful woman, Nora, – a passionate desire flares up. The couple gives themselves entirely to the power of feelings, but do they have a sequel?

  • Comedy: “Whatever Works” (2009, USA)

An elderly man Boris meets a young provincial girl Melody who has come to conquer the capital. Suddenly a passionate love affair begins between the pair, but the fire dies down when the girl’s relatives arrive from the south.

  • Melodrama: “High Life” (2016, USA)

Young boy Bobby moves to Hollywood hoping for a better life. Here he falls in love with the beautiful Bonnie, but their relationship is impossible, because the girl already has a grown-up boyfriend.

  • Comedy: “My Best Lover” (2005, USA)

When adult woman Rafi gets a young lover, her psychologist Lisa supports the love venture in every way possible. But Lisa soon discovers that the lover is her own son.

  • Comedy: “Pretend My Boyfriend” (2012, France)

Fashion magazine editor Alice is confidently on her way to a promotion when her bosses announce that they need a more provocative person. Then the woman begins a “fake” romance with a young student.

  • Biography: “Young Godard” (2017, France)

Director Godard falls passionately in love with the lead actress of his own film, young Anne. The couple quickly marry, and the film becomes popular. But will the newlyweds endure the rigors of everyday life?

A passionate romance arises between the disgraced and fired Professor Coleman and the young janitor Fonia. Both plunge headlong into their feelings to escape reality, but it reminds them of their unresolved problems.

  • Fantasy: The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button (2008, USA)

Benjamin is an unusual man who was born an old man and grows younger every year. He is in love with the beautiful Daisy, but a relationship is almost impossible because their ages move in different directions.

  • Comedy: “I’ll Never Be Yours” (2006, USA)

TV producer Rosie meets a young guy who helps her feel beautiful and loved again. But Rosie is embarrassed by the big age difference and society’s silly stereotypes.

  • Comedy: “Alice’s Visit” (2017, USA)

After giving in to her mother’s entreaties, grown woman Alice Kinney shelters three young boys in her house. Her ex-husband doesn’t like it, and Alice herself is confused as she begins a relationship with one of the guys.

  • Comedy: “The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015, USA)

The story of Minnie, a schoolgirl who has an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. Sincerely enjoying her own sexuality and permissiveness, the girl drifts further and further into the depraved world of sex.

  • Drama: “The One That Never Was” (2019, France)

Hurt by her husband’s infidelity, Claire has an Internet lover. She can’t show him her face, because she lied about her young age. And every day the strange affair brings them more and more pain.

  • Drama: “Mr. Morgan’s Last Love” (2013, Germany)

After the death of his wife, the elderly professor Matthew Morgan felt as if life had lost its colors. Until the man met a young, energetic Parisian woman, Pauline, who made him smile and dance again.

  • Melodrama: “From 5 to 7. Lover’s Time” (2014, USA).

A young writer, bereft of inspiration, meets a beautiful, bold woman. A passionate romance ensues between them, and the best part is that the woman’s husband knows about it and supports the lovers.

  • Thriller: “Una” (2016, UK)

One day, 13-year-old Una runs away from home with her father’s best friend. She’s sure it’s love for the rest of her life, but the relationship quickly falls apart. Fifteen years later, Una finds the man to find out why.

  • Melodrama: A New Romance (2018, Canada)

Student Blake runs a youth relationship column. But lately she hasn’t had any luck at all with the material – all the guys want nothing but sex from her. Then she gets a new idea – sleeping with older men for gifts.

  • Drama: “Raising Sense” (2009, UK)

Schoolgirl Jenny Mellor dreams of a future at a prestigious college. Unexpectedly, she meets an adult and successful man who falls in love with her at first sight. But not all relationships are destined to come true.

  • Detective: “The Best Offer” (2013, Italy)

An elderly auctioneer, Virgil, receives an order from a young, rich girl, Claire. She won’t leave the house due to agoraphobia, but Virgil has enough communication over the wall to experience feeling in love for the first time.

  • Comedy: “Better Days Ahead” (2013, France).

Maturity came unexpectedly: her health was failing and her beauty began to fade. On the contrary, she makes a young lover, breaks all the rules and gives herself a second youth.

  • Melodrama: Forgive Love (2014, Spain)

Successful entrepreneur Alex meets flighty teenager Nikki. Their characters are completely different, and the difference in age – huge. But that doesn’t stop them from becoming friends and moving on.

  • Drama: “The Pianist” (2001, Austria)

Erika’s life is filled with music, but frankly boring. That was until she met a young student, Walter, who fell in love with her playing. With him, Erika was able to fulfill her most passionate desires, but is Walter ready for that?

  • Melodrama: “Elegy” (2008, USA)

After his divorce, Professor David Kepesh wanted to enjoy his bachelor life to the fullest. But he fell in love with his student Consuela, the only daughter of a Catholic family that does not accept relationships before marriage.

  • Comedy: “The Babysitter on Call” (2009, USA).

Single mother Sandy has absolutely no time to take care of her naughty children, so she hires a nanny for them. But the nanny turns out to be an attractive young guy Eram, who is in love with a woman.

  • Drama: “Carol” (2015, UK)

Two women meet in a toy store. Young Therese is afraid to get married to a man she doesn’t love, and experienced Carol is tired of her husband and is getting a divorce. A fleeting attraction flares up between them and turns to fire.

  • Melodrama: “Full Breast” (2013, USA)

Music teacher Keith has long tired of family life and has stopped talking to his beloved wife. Everything changes when an exchange student, Sophie, shows up in town and stays with Keith.

Alice, 30, wanted to make fun of the inexperienced youngster, but her endless loneliness pushes her to seduce 16-year-old Tom. For him, it’s his first woman, and in the morning he’s not ready to let her go.

The relaxed Frenchwoman Marion has “tried” many lovers, but has never found something that would interest her for a long time. Until a very cute 13-year-old Clement came into her life.

A love affair begins between the student Ariana and Professor Gilles. But to others, they are free men, so Ariana is surrounded by many young and handsome men whom Gilles is jealous of.

  • Comedy: “Pippa Lee’s Private Life” (2009, USA)

Once a gentle and hospitable girl Pippa Lee conquered a rich man, older than her by thirty years. They married and lived a happy life, but the move can reveal secrets of a seemingly “decent” woman.

Jackie, a recently divorced mother of two, embarks on a resort romance with a young surf instructor, Kyle. This relationship promised to end the very next morning, but what if it continues?

  • Comedy: “Love Bound” (2011, USA)

When a young girl, Nina, returns home, the relationship between her friendly neighbors heats up to the breaking point. After all, the girl falls in love with David, her father’s best friend and a married man.

  • Drama: “Fatal Attraction” (2016, France)

Jean Fermino works as a warden in a women’s prison. It’s not an easy job, because many women don’t look like criminals, especially the young and beautiful girl Anne, who has recently entered the prison.

1940, the Nazis occupy Paris. A widowed teacher with her two children escapes into the woods. Here she meets a young boy, Ivan, who has already adjusted to life in wartime.

  • Comedy: “Hello, Gotta Go” (2012, USA)

Emmy is a 35-year-old woman who still hasn’t decided what she wants to be “when she grows up.” Suddenly she finds support in a 19-year-old actor with similar feelings.

After a failed first love, research supervisor Lisa Harrington gave up on relationships for years to come. Until a young aspirant, like two drops of water similar to her first love, burst into her life.

Family psychologist. For eight years I save the “family unit” from collapse. I help couples to regain love and understanding.

Why do girls fall in love with much older men? The first reason is the lack of fatherly love in childhood. The second – the desire to get protection, comfortable conditions for life. Third – the financial side of the issue, because mature men are usually experienced, wealthy and have seen a lot in life. However, today there are more and more often couples in which the woman is older than the man. And movies about love with a large age difference are a vivid confirmation of this. In this case, the man is looking for a woman as a companion, mentor, calm and peaceful. Or a guy is just excited by older girls.

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My favorite movie is The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Batonne. In general, where Brad Pitt plays the best movies with his participation!

Thank you for the selection of these movies, sometimes you are looking for something to watch and nothing good to see, and you always have interesting movies in your selections.

I like action movies with fighting, chases, fights and guns. That’s what I like. And snotty melodramas with unrequited love – that’s not my thing.

It turns out there are so many movies I haven’t seen yet. I’m really looking forward to watching them. Sometimes I really want to watch something like that.

Watched the comedy love by the rules and without. I only take love with a big age difference as humor and comedy. It’s hard to look at it seriously.

Watched a movie with a girl{this awkward moment}. Very interesting. I can’t imagine how a girl at such a young age has the courage to hit on a man so much older than herself.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few movies in this series. Interesting, light, I think the whole genre is like that. Maybe of course there is some unrequited love, but I don’t like sad movies at all.

The Girl made me watch this awkward moment – such a light film. Generally in the same breath, and the main character is just sexy.

I am very familiar with falling in love with a man much older than myself, so this genre of movies is very close to me. Thank you for the selection.

It’s actually very interesting. The age difference, the naive crush. This genre is for me. It is always interesting how the characters will act in this or that situation.

It turns out that this topic is not as confusing as many think. After studying the article left only the most positive impression. The way the text sets up for achievements and teaches you to cope with difficult life situations. I want to read new and new articles. Even a little hurt that the article came to an end.

I prefer movies in which the man is older because it fits into my brain normally))) but when a woman is all wrinkles with a young boy it is strange))))

I did not like the film “Babysitter on Demand” and the strange actor who played such a silly man in “Treasure of the Nation”, I wonder how interesting the other films are))

somehow before i didn’t think about that in the movie “The Mysterious History of Benjamin Button” the accent is there, i watched and watched))))))))

Elegy is a good movie, if a man is that good looking, he looks good next to a younger girl :)))

I hate to think about it but men have certain extremes, while they are young they want an older experienced woman… and then when they are old they want a younger hottie =((((

This is the truth of life and there is nothing you can do about it. Flirting with a forty year old woman I really liked the movie. though until the end I wasn’t sure I could like it.

I think this is too much when a very young girl and a very old man, the girl is really young and beautiful, why would she do all this. for money or just because it’s convenient. Seven stone it is.

It is normal for people to disapprove of things that are beyond the standard (: (: (:: many celebrities also marry and marry someone much older or much younger (: (: (:

after watching such movies you start to think a little bit and then you realize that you don’t care what others say, the main thing is that you feel good with the person and the rest is not that important

If a girl goes out with an old guy it means she needs something from him!!! And that something in most cases turns out to be money or property so-and-so.

Why do they always condemn women who choose an older man, but when the opposite happens, it’s kind of normal? Personally for me the age difference has no meaning at all)))

When the age difference is shown in the movies it’s one thing and in real life it’s quite another, although some problems are really highlighted and it’s good))) but no movie will prepare people for such things to the fullest)))

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Love never looks in the passport: 10 films about the love affair between a mature woman and a young man

The age difference has never been a barrier to true feeling. But if the older man, society is easier to accept such a couple. What happens in the opposite case?

Woman’s Property

(Russia, 1998, directed by Dmitry Meshiev)

The vivid duo of Konstantin Khabensky and Elena Safonova did not leave many viewers indifferent. Andrei Kalinin enrolls in a theatrical school, trying to compensate for the lack of talent with his charm. The young man falls in love with the teacher Yelizaveta Kaminskaya. The actress had enchanted him as a child and now his dreams come true. The lonely woman reciprocates Andrei’s love – but fate is ruthless to the lovers. “Happiness is near, and there is no time for it anymore,” commented one audience member on the film.

My Best Lover

(USA, 2005, directed by Ben Younger)

Rafi (Uma Thurman), 37, lives in Manhattan, is divorced, has a career and unexpectedly falls in love with 23-year-old artist David. Shocked and puzzled by what is happening, Rafi shares her experiences with her therapist Lisa (Meryl Strp). Lisa’s advice is to enjoy life and let your feelings flow. She does not yet know that the man she has chosen is her own son.


(USSR, 1978, directed by Janis Streich)

A screen adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s celebrated novel starring the brilliant Vieja Artmane. Famous London actress Julia Lambert has had her fill of marriage and admirers, her son Roger has grown up and doesn’t need caring, and the raptures of audiences have long since become boring. The young enthusiastic accountant Tom Fennel (Ivar Kalnynsh) seems to her timid and ridiculous.

Unexpectedly, Julia becomes involved in an affair with a vain, handsome man who damages her reputation by not considering it necessary to hide their relationship. Subsequently, Lambert learns of Tom’s affair with the young actress Avis Creighton. Julia develops and implements a successful revenge plan. An enraptured Tom falls at her feet – but does the actress need him now?

(USA-Germany, 2008, directed by Stephen Daldry)

15-year-old Michael Berg accidentally meets 36-year-old Hannah Schmitz, who works as a streetcar conductor. Between them an affair begins, during which Michael reads books to his beloved at her request. After a few months, Hanna disappears. Eight years later, Berg, a law student, finds himself at a show trial and is horrified to recognize Hannah as one of the defendants, a former concentration camp warden. Ten years later, Michael makes audio recordings of books he once read to Hannah and begins sending them to her in prison.

Do You Love Brahms?

(USA-France, 1961, directed by Anatole Litvack)

Igrid Bergman, Anthony Perkins and Yves Montand are the characters of the novel of the same name by Françoise Sagan. The 40-year-old Paul has been dating a man of her age for five years, Roger, who does not consider it necessary to stop having affairs with other women for her sake. Discussing a new interior design with one of her clients, the woman meets the 25-year-old son of the mistress, Philip. The young man falls in love with Paul and begins to “lay siege to the fortress”. After a while, Philippe succeeds in securing his agreement. Paul is happy with him in spite of the condemnation of her acquaintances. But then Roger asks the woman to return to him.

Cherie (Darling)

(UK-France-Germany, 2009, directed by Stephen Frears)

The film is set in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. The former courtesan Lea has been dating a spoiled young man, Cherie, the son of her ex-colleague Charlotte for six years. Soon the young man’s mother finds him a bride – 18-year-old Edmée, and forces her son into marriage. Lea and Cherie break up, but already during their honeymoon, the young man realizes that he loves Lea. The woman has to lie that she is already infatuated with someone else.

Lea leaves for a resort, where she begins a fleeting romance with a young athlete. In the meantime, the young wife rebukes Cherie for her constant thoughts of Lea. Learning that the woman has returned to Paris, Cherie rushes to her with a declaration of love. Their last night together ends in Lea’s refusal to continue their relationship – she advises Chéri to return to her wife. The couple’s breakup ends tragically.

The Good Girl

(USA, 2002, directed by Miguel Arteta)

The picture is called one of Jennifer Aniston’s best works. Justine Last lives in a small Texas town and works as a clerk in a supermarket. The life of a woman is monotonous and boring, her husband Phil prefers to spend his leisure time lying on the couch or smoking “pot” with his best friend. Justine begins an affair with a young cashier, Tom Warter, who offers her an escape. The death of a close friend ruins the woman’s plans, and soon a large sum of money disappears from the cash register of the supermarket. Last realizes that the crime was committed by her lover, who wanted to get money to escape together. What will Justine do?

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