To make my husband love and respect?

How to make her husband respect and appreciate his wife?

Nowadays you see and hear everything, but family values have not changed since biblical times: love and respect your wife. Do not betray and do not raise your hand against her.

Does everyone abide by these rules, so why do quarrels so often in the absence of respect for women’s work and care, the attitude of the husband becomes cold and calculating. How to avoid this and resist it?

How to keep love and order in the house?

In fact, there is no need to force anyone to do anything, if you’re husband and wife, you have created a cell of society, you need to keep the dinner, given to each at the marriage. And so it is important to love your spouse and appreciate her for all the efforts that she brings into the house.

If it happens that the husband stopped appreciating and respecting the woman, his beloved soulmate, then no tricks will help here. You need to act coherently and calmly.

Talk to your chosen one, to clarify the cause of misunderstanding, not to raise your voice during a conversation and not to throw a tantrum, as a demonstration of disrespect for yourself. Love yourself to begin with, find the free time to be not a slave, and a woman, making firm decisions.

You should not burden yourself with all the housework, and female and male, in each case you can go to her husband and ask for help, so he felt strong and caring, and you too, such help would not hurt.

If your husband compliments you, don’t rush to say, “Look what gold you got!” but simply hug him and thank him for the nice words. From time to time men should be pampered with compliments, even if they deny the fact that they do not need a nice word.

Caution: Do not let your husband humiliate you, especially in front of other people. The reason for this can be the elected woman herself, if she allows to insult the other half and make remarks about the work done in an aggressive manner. No man will tolerate such disrespect, and therefore you need to love and appreciate the other half, as well as himself.

Advice from psychologists

  1. The status of the only and unique must always be maintained. If a man ceases to realize what value is in his hands, then what kind of respect can we talk about.
  2. Spouses should spend more time together. Of course, if the husband lies on the couch and reads the newspaper, and his wife sits and watches TV, then it’s called side by side, but the family dinner with talk about the day – it’s together.
  3. You don’t have to be shy about talking about your feelings. Men tend to express their emotions in action, and therefore a woman should understand that such actions are a confirmation of her husband’s respect for her.
  4. Women are the weaker sex and do not forget to put nails in the closet or change light bulbs. Do not carry heavy bags from the market, ask for help, who will take care of you, if not you. Be a little more cunning and gentle, do not spoil your husband, make him appreciate and respect her!
  5. There is no need to turn a petty quarrel into a serious conflict and divorce. Maybe her husband came home from work tired, and therefore did not see your new hair or eyebrows done. These are trivial examples, but sometimes these little things piss a woman off and provoke family conflicts.
  6. If yesterday everything was fine, and today it is bad, you need to look for the reason for this phenomenon together. You can’t let it slide and you can’t remove yourself from the problem either. Maybe the woman began to treat her husband in a consumerist way, she is only interested in money, then what kind of self-respect can we talk about.
  7. Take care of yourself always, be on top, then the man will never look on the side and dare not hurt you. Then the sexual relationship will be fine, and the location of her husband will be at an appropriate level.
  8. No fortune-tellers and hexes are not able to return the relationship and make her husband respect his wife. Such a solution cannot be seen as a salvation, because fortune tellers are also people with mercenary interests: you get the information and I get the money.
  9. For your husband to respect you, take care of your self-education. No job – find one, enroll in a massage course or a foreign language, get a driver’s license, show your husband that you are a strong and confident woman, then he is unlikely to offend you!
  10. Try not to squander money. Competently manage the household affairs, keep the house and body in order, cook food, do not be lazy, invent, fantasize, so her husband flew home on wings, and not spent time at work talking with his secretary.

Conclusion and recommendations!

Take care of the family nest, love and respect all family members, do not accuse your relatives, especially your husband, be tactful and polite in dealing with his mother.

Be adequate in your communication, do not shout at your husband, do not nag him, always compliment him and appreciate his work in your family. This is the only way to achieve reciprocity and joy in the relationship!

How to make your husband respect you and be afraid to lose you?

How do you make your husband respect you and be afraid to lose you? Be the perfect wife, mistress, as recommended by numerous articles in magazines?

But let’s face it, all the tips to improve yourself especially for men – do not work!

As a result, the man just sits on his neck and rides you for the rest of his life, and you are suffocating in an effort to be perfect. Maybe that’s enough? And it’s time to think first of all about yourself?

I suggest that we talk about some details right away – some kind of trick, there will be no laikhaq, I will tell you how to make your husband respected and afraid to lose, but for this, it will take time and your efforts.

Ready? Then, here we go!

What to do to make your husband afraid to lose?

Remember the expression, be careful what you wish for, they may come true?

So it is with wishes for a husband to be afraid of losing.

What meaning do you put into that thought?

I’ll ask you a few questions, and you reflect at your leisure…

It is possible that right now, at this moment, you somehow feel or know that your husband does not appreciate you, and could leave you at any moment.

Imagine that your husband is afraid of losing you, downright catastrophically afraid.

  • How will this fear manifest itself?
  • How will you know that your husband is worried, inordinate suffering from the thought that at any moment he will be without you?
  • What actions, words, attitudes – will show you this fear?

These are not idle questions, because when we go to a goal, we need to know what that goal will look like, how will I know that the goal is achieved and how will I feel?

  • Will your husband talk to you about his love all the time?
  • On his knees in front of you and talking about how his life would be ruined if you left him?
  • As soon as he sees you, he immediately starts telling you about your value, your importance, and that he can’t live without you?

Of course, now I have written a caricature version of this, it simply cannot happen in life.

If a man constantly admits to some kind of fear, then it’s hard to call him a man, because, he is looking to you for protection and patronage. Do you want to be the woman of a weak man, and be a support and protection for him? I think not.

Actions, actions, attitude towards you – this is the main indicator that a man appreciates you and respects you. And the fear of loss, it’s about dependence and co-dependence.

If you are loved, your opinion is taken into account, it’s a direct indicator that your husband is satisfied with everything, and he has no plans to leave you.

But if you are cheating, making constant complaints, blow your brains out, etc., then it turns out that he should suddenly change his attitude towards you, to eliminate all of his discontent, which has accumulated, radically change his character and become white and fluffy?

I think that the fact that your husband became afraid of losing you has been dealt with.

Just think about what is really behind this desire?

How to make your husband respected and afraid to lose?

How to earn the respect of a man, especially a man who knows you well, lives with you in the same house, and in fact, knows all the weaknesses and virtues.

But first, let’s take a long walk in male psychology, what does it mean when a man respects someone?

It’s a good question, because in men’s heads, there is a clear line between their feelings and the assessment of who is in front of them – a man or a woman, right?

And this happens completely unconsciously, information and attitudes towards different sexes are stored and processed in different parts of the brain, we can say that each sex has its own data cell.

From the cell, the information is taken out, checked against what is happening in the here and now, and this or that act or attitude is performed.

So let’s take the box of information about men.

First of all, your man is a male, and he was brought up as a man, which means this box is filled to the top with information. Will a man respect a weak man who does not reach some kind of bar in the conventional masculine world?

Naturally, every man has his own beliefs and values about what a man should be and what his accomplishments can be, it is these values that men are guided by.

Men respect the equal or more worthy, in this case, they strive to achieve new goals and become better, richer, stronger, etc.

And remember that now, we are talking about how men’s respect for other men is formed. Of course, some men, instead of respect, are just jealous, but that’s not what we’re talking about now.

Now, let’s get down to respect for women.

You see, this is quite different. Information about women, is stored in another cell, and naturally, there is much less information there than in men’s. Men are well aware that women are not like them, they are different, so there is always a gap of information.

But regardless of this, any man knows that a woman is weaker physically, already this changes everything, because a man cannot treat a woman as an equal.

If a man respects only an equal or more powerful man, he can respect a woman only when she needs the patronage of a man.

Why? Because by patronizing her, by taking care of her, he feels his strength. And this is the most important thing for a man – to feel his masculinity, his strength.

Not necessarily, it has to be only physical strength, it’s a protection from any adversity, when a woman makes it clear that she wants a man to protect her from the troubles of life.

What can you do to make your husband respect you and fear losing you?

You have already realized that you can’t make a man respect on purpose, just like you can’t make him love you. So if you now think that your husband does not respect you, then automatically and at this time, respect will not appear. It takes time for him to change his mind, and reset in his head all the information about you.

In order for your husband began to treat you more respectfully, let’s go over the basic steps that you need to take:

  • Treat yourself with more respect. Do not let her husband insult you, call you names, humiliate and perform in relation to you, all other actions that are damaging to your self-esteem.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem – in this case, you know exactly what you do and what you do not accept?
  • Think about your claims and demands on your husband – are they not infringing on his self-esteem? And do not stand at this point, immediately remember all of his faults and transgressions, now, we are not figuring out a relationship with your husband.
  • Learn to show your feminine weakness, ask your husband for help more often. That way, he will feel more masculine because he shows concern for you.
  • Forget the motto “I will do it myself”, transfer some of the household chores to your husband, and let him feel responsible for anything in the family.
  • Don’t be a mommy to your husband, but be the woman you love.
  • Don’t insult or humiliate, don’t bring up your old grudges against him. It is impossible to respect a man who mixes you with dirt.
  • Don’t create situations to clarify the relationship, be wiser, use feminine tricks to get what you want.
  • Study male psychology to understand what is going on in your husband’s head?
  • Moderate your expectations about your relationship, think about how real are your expectations towards your husband? Unrealistic relationships create tension and ground for constant conflict.
  • Less control, more trust. and do not be afraid to lose him, do not worry that he can leave you, find someone else and you will be alone.
  • Raise your own self-esteem so you can broadcast your value to the people around you. If close friends will tell your husband how interesting and intelligent you are, your value in the eyes of your husband will increase several times.
  • Increase your intelligence, develop, learn new things – don’t stand still. Not all husbands, of course, want to have a smart wife, but you, to improve self-esteem, a sense of self-development, will add a significant plus to your own value.
  • Learn to control your emotions, learn not to create conflict situations.
  • Pay attention to your appearance, how well-groomed you are, whether you look after yourself? Do not forget that men like eyes.
  • Recall that the basic basic need of men, this feeling of neediness and demand. Talk about how important he is to you, mention in a conversation with him the idea that without it you could not cope with some life situation, etc.
  • Praise him more often for real actions, don’t make his efforts to support his family routine. (Even if you make more money).
  • Don’t compare him to other men; by comparing him, you humiliate him and thereby don’t make him any better, even with the best of intentions.
  • Don’t criticize him in public, don’t make jokes, don’t argue with him – by doing all this, it’s as if you’re stabbing him in the back.
  • Don’t insult or discuss his relatives, especially his mother. Even if he himself, sometimes unflatteringly about his family, he will be unpleasant to hear some nasty things from your lips.

The list is long, though I have not sounded out all the points

I suggest that you watch a short video “To be right or to be happy? After all, do you want to be happy in a relationship? Learn some tips on how to make yourself a little happier…

You may say, and again, everything has to be done by the woman! Unfair!

But the request sounded like, what should I do to make my husband respectful and afraid to lose him?

I can give you one piece of advice, if this list scares you, and it hurts you to do everything yourself, then take one simple thought, everything you will do – you will do for YOU PEOPLE!

And only for yourself.

Remember the story about the man selling the cow?

– That’s the kind of cow you need for yourself!

So, if you raise your self-esteem and know exactly what you want, then you will stop doubting yourself, you will become more confident, and you may well decide that this husband who treats you like a cattle prod doesn’t need you!

On this list, there are tips for dealing with a man – no scolding, no resentment, no complaints, talk about his masculinity, etc. If you learn this wisdom, the right way to communicate with the male sex, you will become a wise woman who knows how to conquer her emotions. And wisdom is wisdom, it’s useful in any relationship.

And if you implement in life, at least half of the points in the list above, then your husband will be afraid to lose you, because such a treasure is not lying on the road.

And if he is afraid to lose, it means he appreciates and respects you.

Here I finish, and I hope that I was able to answer the question “how to make your husband respected and feared to lose.

If you do not know where to start to change your relationship with your husband, then sign up for a consultation with me. I work online through any messenger – Skype, WhatsApp, Vyber. Sign up for a consultation at this link.

Be loved and happy!

Respectfully, psychologist Natalia Gnezdilova.

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The author of the article – Natalia Gnezdilova , family psychologist experience of 15 years. I help women 35 + return love, respect and trust in the relationship with a man. Advising online in any of the messengers – Skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Subscribe: YouTube channel, group VK

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