To make a man to call – consider in order

A strong conspiracy to make a guy call: your beloved will “call” you immediately after you read it

There are many short rituals on the Internet, but not all of them do not work as they should, because the text of the plot is there, but there are no rules for its execution. A strong conspiracy to make your favorite guy call immediately after reading is described in some detail, but when trying to perform it, you can expect disappointment. In this article, we will try to reveal the secrets of the correctness of the execution of the conspiracy to call the loved one.

Household magic is not alien to modern devices. Unobtrusively remind you of yourself can also be unconventional method.

Rules of love magic

Conspiracy is not just a poem or gibberish, in its verbal formula is hidden, but more accurately, “coded” gate to the subtle world. At the gate – the lock, the lock needs to pick up the key, then your desire-demand will find its strings in the subtle world. String will vibrate, magical melody will spread throughout the world, tugging the other strings until the desire is fulfilled.

To be able to make incantations first of all you need your consents:

  • Consent one. Do not creak the wicket in vain, if there is no need. The conspiracy is not a pampering and not a poem, but a hex.
  • Concordance two. If a need in a beloved has appeared, and the soul trembles, then call with your heart. The heart can not speak soulless synthesizer: if it loves, in every word – love.
  • Concordance three. Don’t coddle the skill of the innermost; its power is in the mystery. Every time you talk about the conspiracy to an outsider – you lose a drop of power, which you can never get back.

All three points you must take internally in all seriousness and honestly observe!

By giving three consents, you get the power for the conspiracy. Now for details on how to do a conspiracy to get a guy to call:

  1. Never do anything “just for fun.” The plot to make your beloved call read without desire, or do it for the sake of curiosity – it is a road to nowhere.
  2. Before the incantation, pull yourself together, say to doubts: “Get lost!” . Love the heart? Do not hide, the gate to the Force open.
  3. Before the incantation, it is necessary to imagine a beloved in front of you. Let the image be bright and clear: not a soulless picture, and the guy breathes, blinks and looks lovingly in your eyes.
  4. The incantation is performed in a tuneful tone, but with a distinct rhythm. The beginning is calm, a surge of emotion toward the middle, then a calming conclusion.
  5. The last phrase of the incantation is pronounced in a confident affirmative form. The intonation should be consonant with the assertion “I know!” .

A collection of conspiracies to get a guy to call

The simplest ritual

The conspiracy to call the one who is needed should be read according to the rules given above. Do not “try” – act only when it is really necessary. Put into each word a feeling, then your lover will definitely respond:

Dear, my (name of the one to whom you address) mine!

Call me, tell me what’s in your heart.

The ethereal ligature is a mobile connection, connect us!

I’m the queen maiden, no one’s prettier than me, pick up the phone, say “hello!”.

Pick up the phone, make the call.

♪ I’ll answer the phone, I’ll get into your heart ♪


The given incantation is read alone, with no prying eyes or ears. This is the only way to make a relationship with someone who has been in a relationship for a long time. This way, you will be able to imagine that the person will be able to stand in front of you and will be able to stand in front of you. The plot is well suited for the young man to be the first to dare to make a step to reconciliation.

If you are afraid to hear his voice, but you want him to remember you, then you can try the plot to make the guy to write a text message.

Online Oracle according to the last digits of the phone.

Below you will find a rather interesting free online fortune telling on the phone number of your loved one: a guy or a man. Enter the last four digits of your lover’s phone number and get some life advice from the Oracle. Although seemingly simple and humorous – the prediction output is based on Maria Lenorman’s system of numbered divination cards – and is essentially a divination.

A strong conspiracy for a phone call

How to read a strong conspiracy to make a guy call immediately after reading: instructions.

We advise this conspiracy for a more effective effect. It has more power than the previous one, because in addition to the verbal formula, an uncomplicated ritual is used. As a rule, as a result of this incantation, the guy calls immediately after reading it, literally within 1-2 hours.

Tip. If you want to get a “thunderbolt” on a piece of paper, put it on a piece of paper and put it on a knife. Imagine that they are made of a very fragile material. So fragile that you can inadvertently crush them with your fingers. They must be treated with accentuated respect, careless movements, tapping and jerking are not allowed.

You will need: a blank sheet of paper, a picture of your loved one, and a pen.

  1. Sit at the table and calm down;
  2. Put a pen in front of you, a picture of your loved one on your left side and a piece of paper on your right;
  3. Take the pen in your hand and read the incantation;
  4. Put a sheet of paper in front of you and read the incantation;
  5. Write your telephone number on a paper and read the incantation;
  6. Put a photo face side by face on written number and read the incantation;
  7. Turn the sheet together with the photo so that the sheet is on top of the photo and read the incantation.

In this way, the mirror has the power of attorney in the United States and Russia, and the power of attorney in the United States.

If you will have a big heart, you will have a big heart, you will have a big heart.

Remember, remember! How good it was for us.

Remember, remember! I’ve opened my heart to you.

Soon, soon! Remember my number

Soon, soon! Make an appointment

Not in a week Not days. Right now!

I’ll be waiting for your call!

Amen .

It is clear that the ritual with the incantation is executed without other people. Even if the incantation is successful – the young man called, it is not necessary to rush to the phone and boast in front of girlfriends. Your pact with the Force is to keep secrets.

Plot for a new acquaintance

The phone can be used as a magic object.

This conspiracy is recommended for the case when you and the young man are acquainted superficially, and you have not yet developed a relationship. But before the incantation, it is necessary to get a young man to call you at least once, then the incantation that a man will call will work with a guarantee.

Before conspiring, it is necessary to find a secluded place. Find in the telephone list the number of the person whose call you want to achieve, but do not dial the number. As soon as the number pops up, put the phone to your ear and imagine the voice of the young man. Let it be a small greeting phrase like “Hello! How are you?”, but in your imagination, the voice should sound exactly like you would hear it in reality.

As soon as it will work, with the words of the incantation, turn off the phone and immediately, having repeated the incantation, turn it on again.

Navia! Nav! Reign! Hear your words.

Prav! The Never! Yav! They run to me.

Yav! Prav! The real world!

They sound in my thoughts, to appear in reality!

Ring the phone!

Repeat the words!

Amen .

The incantation can work so unexpectedly that you can be confused and start to answer the young man wrongly. Of course, this can somewhat spoil the first impression of you as a conversationalist. Therefore, before the conspiracy, it is desirable to prepare and write down one or two standard phrases for the answer. Then you will not have to think hastily about what you want to say, and you will just have to read the prepared phrases.

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  • Online prediction
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  • True fortune-telling

Plot if a guy was offended

This plot has a very strong effect, so it should be used only in extreme cases. It is indispensable in case if between you and the young man there was a major quarrel. Your lover in a strong offence, and you do not allow the situation to make the first step to reconciliation. There is only one way out – magical intervention.

Before the execution of the incantation, it is necessary to do a number of steps:

  • Divide the number of digits in your phone number by two. If without remainder do not divide, let one part of the numbers by one more than the other.
  • It is necessary to get to the entrance of your beloved and within a yard to find a pebble with pebbles about the size of a ten-ruble coin. Number of pebbles should be equal or greater than half the number of digits of your phone number.
  • The remainder of the pebbles collected in your yard, the closer to the entrance you find a pebble, the better.
  • While pebbles collected from different yards do not mix! Pebbles should be well washed and allowed to dry.
  • Arrange pebbles from left to right in the following order: your pebble (from your yard), his pebble (from the young man’s yard), your pebble, his pebble, etc., alternating pebbles from different yards.
  • Now, in order of your phone number, write the corresponding numbers on the pebbles with a water-resistant marker.
  • Sew a bag from a black fabric of natural material with ties so that all collected pebbles could fit freely in it.
  • As soon as it will be twilight, light a pair of candles and, reading the incantation, put the pebbles in the bag, tie the string tightly. Tie the shoelace not on a “bow”! Make a triple knot, chanting the incantation at each knot.

Imagine that you made a magical object with your own hands, which will help you in your relations with your boyfriend.

Pebble on a pebble. A number on a pebble.

From the numbers a number. From a number a phone.

From a phone a voice. Pebbles knock, knock.

Buttons knock, knock. The number appeared.

The voice appeared. The thoughts of him

Of my heart My darling darling darling

Pick up the phone! Amen

As already mentioned, this incantation is very strong, to the point that the young man may become addicted to you. Before you start this incantation, make sure that you perceive calmly the fact that your beloved will call every five minutes.

How to make a person write or call with your mind

It is believed that the power of thought can control the actions of a person. In everyday life, this method is often resorted to by people who want to contact their loved ones, but for any reason cannot do so. It is necessary to note that to influence a person by force of thought is a difficult task, and sometimes even persistent practice does not help to mentally transmit information at a distance. To master this technique, the recommendations of experts of the site will help you.

How to mentally compel a person to write or call: the rules

If you want to transmit information to another person at a distance, it is important to follow simple rules. It has already been proven that this method of influence really helps people to communicate, even if they are far away from each other, but with certain violations, the result will not be.

If you have a rich imagination, then you will be able to master this method without much effort. It is important not only to ask the person to call or write you, but also to imagine in detail the picture of what is happening. For example, if a woman wants her lover to contact her, not enough just mentally utter the phrase “call me back. You need to imagine an accurate portrait of the man, what he is wearing, and then gradually build up his actions: how he picks up the phone, dials the numbers, puts the receiver to his ear and says hello (always mentioning the name of the woman). So you mentally describe your desire and realize it.

If you can’t picture the person in detail, you can transmit information by looking at his photo. Most importantly, don’t try to communicate with the person if you forgot what he looks like, or his appearance appears to you too vague. In this case, you will only use up your energy reserve, but you won’t be able to achieve the desired goal.

You need to concentrate on the thought that the person will call or write to you. If at this moment you think about work, problems, or just can’t concentrate because of fatigue, the attempts will be fruitless. So before you ask the person to call you, you need to relax, get rid of negative thoughts and fully immerse yourself in your desire.

When you mentally ask the person to write or call you, you can accompany your request with words. The main thing is not to keep repeating the same phrase for thirty minutes, because this method will not work. Think in advance why you want the person to write and call you, and formulate it in your appeal.

If you don’t have a clear goal of communication and you just want the person to pay attention to you, you can imagine how he will start a conversation with you. Mentally describe the phrases with which he will start a dialogue, what questions he will ask you. Imagine his voice, intonation, words he often uses during conversations with you or with other people.

Major Mistakes

Often people complain that trying to influence a person with the power of thought is ineffective. This happens for several reasons.

You do not believe in the result. If you mentally ask the person to call you, but you are already sure that it will not happen, there will be no result. Lack of faith will not help you, even if you are fluent in this technique. If you are not sure that the person will be able to call you, then the result will not happen.

Negative goals . Resentment, anger, and aggression are feelings that push us to do rash things. If your goal is to contact a person in order to quarrel with him or her or to express your displeasure, you will not be able to achieve what you want. In this case the goals will provoke negative thoughts that will make you unable to concentrate.

Self-Criticism. For the power of thought to work, you need to believe not only in the result, but also in yourself. When a person mentally asks another to do something, he must believe that the interlocutor will hear him. If at this point you think that you can not do anything, the technique will not work.

Inability to concentrate. It’s likely that even if you’re communicating directly with a person, you have difficulty talking about something important if extraneous sounds and voices around you are constantly distracting you. And if you are trying to mentally communicate with the person, concentration is especially necessary. The best time to do the technique, therefore, is when no one is at home and in complete silence.

The ability to control their thoughts help a person in different situations. Thus, you can not only ask a person for something, even without contacting him personally, but also fulfill a cherished dream. We wish you good luck and success,

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