Tips on how to get rich: study together

How to get rich.

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Wealth is something most people dream about, but only a few know what it takes to get rich. Wealth is a combination of luck, skill, and patience. To get rich, you need to choose a career that can bring in money, work to develop it, and manage the money you earn wisely: investing, saving, and saving. The process is not easy, but nothing is impossible for those who are persistent and can make smart decisions.

  • Don’t be lured in by traders who gamble on rate differences throughout the day and claim that you can make a lot of money fast. Buying and selling dozens of stocks a day is essentially gambling. If you make a few bad trades, which can easily happen, you will lose a lot of money. This is not a good way to get rich.
  • Instead, choose long-term investments. Choose stocks of companies with solid collateral that are leaders in growth industries. Then leave your stock portfolio alone. Don’t do anything with it. Let it experience the ups and downs. If you invest wisely, you will make good money from it.

  • Don’t get your hopes up too much on a pension from the government. Sure, if you have a long service record and a consistently high official salary, you’ll be in a better position than many retirees. However, no one knows what will happen to the pension system in 10-20 years. So a backup plan never hurts.
  • Check with banks to see if they have any special offers for retirement savings. Check the ratings of banks and choose only those that have proven to be reliable. You may want to consider opening an account in a foreign currency.
  • There are also voluntary retirement insurance programs. Again, choose only proven insurers and carefully study all the terms and conditions.

Invest in real estate. Real estate is a relatively stable asset, so investing in an apartment for rent will not be a bad idea for those who want to get rich. As a rule, the good real estate in good areas grows in value over time. However, as with any other investment, there are no one hundred percent guarantees.

Invest at the right time. For example, you like to idle at your pleasure, and every day you set aside a few hours for this. But if you spent those few hours on your goal of becoming rich, you could probably earn yourself 20 years off (24 hours a day!) in early retirement. What are you willing to sacrifice now to become rich in the future? Investment advisor Dave Ramsay often tells radio listeners: “Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow.”

Do not buy things that are rapidly decreasing in value. Spending a million and a half rubles on a car is irrational because after 5 years its value will not amount to even half of this amount, no matter how carefully you treated it and took care of it. As soon as you leave the car dealership the value of a new car immediately falls by 20-25% per year and continues to fall year after year. [1] X Source of Information So buying a car is an important financial decision that needs to be approached wisely.

  • Casinos and lottery tickets. The lucky few make money on it. The rest lose money.
  • Bad habits, such as cigarettes. Smokers literally see their money disappear in a puff of smoke.
  • Domestic products, such as popcorn in movie theaters and drinks in clubs.
  • Tanning beds and plastic surgery. You can get skin cancer for free. Do corrected noses and tightened skin look the same in reality as they do in glossy magazines? Learn to age with dignity, as billions of people have done and have done before you.
  • First Class Airfare. What are you overpaying a thousand dollars for? For hot towels and an extra few inches of legroom? Better to invest that money or spend it on something really important.

Stay Rich . It’s hard to get rich, but it’s even harder to stay rich. Your fortune will always depend on the market, and the market goes through ups and downs. If you get too relaxed during the good times, you will quickly be set back during a market downturn. If you get a promotion at work or your investment returns increase, don’t rush to spend the extra income. Save it for when the business is in crisis and investments are less profitable.

Study and succeed in your studies . Whether it’s a four-year bachelor’s degree or a short-term course, successful people usually continue their studies after high school. In the early stages of your career, it will be difficult for your employer to focus on any criteria other than your education. A good education often leads to a good income.

  • Oil and gas workers. This includes both engineers and managers.
  • Workers in the financial industry. Auditors, accountants, bank employees, and investment professionals have good career prospects, and with it, salaries.
  • Lawyers and lawyers. Becoming a top-notch lawyer is not easy, but if you succeed, your services will be paid more than decent.
  • Programmers and other IT specialists. If you can program and are really good with computers, this can provide you with a good income both at a large company and as a freelancer.

Choose the right place to live. Live where there are good jobs. If you want to work in finance, you will have many more opportunities in big cities than in rural or sparsely populated areas. If you want to succeed in film or television, go to Moscow. If you want to start your own business, determine whether such a business has prospects in your community or if you are better off moving. If you are a freelancer, working and looking for clients remotely, live where it is more convenient and economical, as long as there is regular high-speed internet access.

Start from a low position and work your way up the ladder. Play on quantity. Apply for lots of jobs, go to lots of interviews. When you get a job, hold on to it and try to gain more useful experience.

Change jobs and employers . When you already have some experience, think about looking for a new job. You may find a place with a higher salary, and you may also get a chance to experience a new corporate culture. Don’t be afraid to change jobs multiple times. If you are a valuable employee, chances are your company will offer you a raise or other opportunities to keep you from leaving.

How do you become rich and successful from scratch? Simple steps to wealth and helpful tips for those who want financial freedom

If a person doesn’t ask themselves how to become rich and successful, then they are…and many might say, “Already rich.” In fact, people who have managed to build financial empires are constantly improving, looking for new ways to grow financially and increase their capital, do not stop there. You can find a lot of useful (and not so useful, to be honest) things in smart books and professors’ recommendations, so I took upon myself this mission and have already selected for you, my readers and partners, effective tips on how to become rich and how to do it today with just a couple of steps.

Is it realistic to find financial freedom and enjoy earning money, finding time to spend it and enjoying life? I’ll be looking for the answers to these questions with you, and I’ll also talk about why you should help people, dream, constantly learn, keep track of your budget, and get out of your comfort zone. About all of this right now.

Table of Contents:

How to become rich from scratch

Who doesn’t dream of becoming rich and successful? You’re unlikely to find many people like that. Nevertheless, such dreams come true, at best, in one percent of a hundred. Although everyone has the opportunity. Most of us continue to go to work that we don’t like. Receive a penny wage, which is so small that it is only enough for food, utilities and the occasional purchase of something more substantial. And get out of this “vicious circle” does not work, each new day is similar to the previous.

What prevents most people from being successful, from making money on the Internet, from buying new cars and other luxuries, instead of looking for promotional items in supermarkets and buying things on sale? It is unlikely the lack of certain knowledge, because a large number of these people have higher education, and even more than one. That is, people with intelligence.

Psychologists agree that such people have a similar way of thinking, which is completely different from the way of thinking of people who are really rich. In addition, most of us are simply constrained by fear. We are afraid of doing something new, unknown. What if we fail, what if society condemns us, what if, what if, what if… And of course, every day doing the usual routine, such people have no energy, time or desire to develop and earn serious money.

However, even from scratch it is possible to achieve wealth and success. True, you will have to work, and work seriously. And you have to start with yourself, or rather with your worldview. Setting a goal to become rich and a clear desire to achieve this goal is the first step to future financial independence. In addition, there are seven other tips that will help you earn the fortune you are striving for. So, here they are.


Let me caveat, dreams by themselves without any action will not give you anything. Lying on the couch and dreaming about becoming rich won’t make you a million. On the other hand, it is with a dream that the movement to achieve the goal begins. First the dream, and then a clear plan to achieve it. It is the stories of popular people that often began with a dream to get their way.

Appreciate your time

Rich people’s time is scheduled by the minute. For them, “time is money” is not a proverb but an immutable truth. Not every millionaire became rich in an hour, they all went a long way in their path. So you, too, have to learn to take a different attitude to aimlessly squandered time. Time management for successful people is an objective necessity in order to have time to do what they set out to do. So before you think about how to make money, it does not hurt to think about what bad habits that eat up your time, you can give up.

Always study

It’s never too late to learn. To get the income you dream about, it doesn’t hurt to know how you can earn it. Investing in education is the most profitable investment. By learning new things, our brains generate ideas that can make millions if you pay attention to them. Read business literature, watch business movies, study biographies of millionaires, and it’s sure to pay off.

Keep an eye on your budget

Financial literacy and the ability to manage your budget is inherent in all millionaires. They don’t need to be told the importance of it. And most of them learned how to manage their budget long before they made their first million. It’s a major factor that allows them to succeed at everything. Want to be like them? Start managing your family budget today, if you’re not already doing so.

Find a source of passive income

Many millionaires believe that the path to wealth begins with finding a good source of passive income. Poor people work for money. Rich people have money working for even more profits. And earning it takes almost no effort on their part. Investing in a variety of assets that will generate passive income in the future is what your thoughts should be focused on.

Help people

Wealthy people are fairly open-minded people, easily coming into contact with strangers. They are willing to offer their help, as long as they don’t start abusing it. Today you help today – tomorrow they will help you, and you never know what good can come from the person you came to help. So get in the habit of unselfishly helping strangers.

Get out of your comfort zone

Our comfort zone is our usual circle of business, responsibilities, communication, etc. We feel as they say “at ease”, but it is the biggest obstacle to changing life for the better. Getting out of your comfort zone is a stressor that many people dread. You prefer to stay in your safe shell, at the cost of maintaining financial instability, debt, and other “niceties.” You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone every day for big earnings, so you need to start getting used to it.

What is wealth

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “What is wealth?” as well as to the question “How do I become rich? Of all the existing formulations, I really like what Kiyosaki calls wealth. He considers it the amount of time a person can live comfortably without working. This definition is a truer reflection of wealth, because measuring it in money is quite subjective. For someone, $1,000 is a decent amount, and someone a million is not enough.

A really rich person is someone who has a source of passive income, allowing them to multiply their fortune. In fact, the question “How to become a millionaire” has a fairly simple answer – to find your way, which will allow you to build up capital, which one day will cross the mark of one million. And there are enough assets where you can invest your money. The modern investor can use several financial instruments at once. There is a great choice, and everyone will be able to pick up something that suits only him, to forget what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck.

How to become rich in Russia

Before starting any new business one is naturally tormented by doubts. Will I be able to become rich? Will I succeed? If I don’t have rich parents and influential acquaintances, is it really possible to get rich in Russia? If there are no sources of passive income that allow me to live decently, what should I do? These fears are understandable and there is nothing wrong with them. Nevertheless, the answer is always the same: anything is possible, and hundreds of examples confirm this. Including in Russia. In fact, there is no difference in where you were born or make your money. Of course, the initial conditions vary from country to country, but the opportunity to earn is always there if you work hard.

Very useful in this case, the experience of people who have achieved financial independence, which does not hurt to study. Indeed, why reinvent the wheel, if everything was already invented a long time ago? For example, I advise to use the “commandments of millionaires”, which I want to share with you. So:

  1. Do what you love to do. If you do something under duress, or because you “need to”, it will be difficult to motivate yourself to achieve the goals of the activity.
  2. Only one person is responsible for everything that has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen to you. It is you!
  3. Set goals that are interesting for you to achieve. If the goal is imposed on you from the outside (by parents, friends, acquaintances, etc.) there is a high probability that due to your low motivation you will never achieve it.
  4. Treat money in a simpler way. You don’t have to work for money, much less make it a cult. Money is only a tool which allows you to reach your goals, including wealth.
  5. Break down a large goal into smaller tasks. It’s easier to achieve even the most unattainable at first sight goal.
  6. Plan your day. Giving up habits that “kill time,” you will be able to get much more done.
  7. Keep moving forward. If you do nothing, you won’t get anything. So it’s better to do and be wrong than to just sit still.
  8. Alternate work and rest. If you work without rest, sooner or later you will be exhausted. Without a full-fledged recuperation of forces normal work will not work.
  9. Do not be lazy to learn. Through learning new things, you will be able to discover ways in which your goals can be achieved more quickly and easily. So do not forget about self-education.
  10. Never give up. Failures are necessary for us to realize that we are doing something wrong and to make appropriate conclusions, to make adjustments. Without them, we would never be who we are today. From this point of view, failures are even more important than successes, because they give us invaluable life experience.

Financial Freedom

By following these simple tips, your path to financial independence will be easier and simpler. You can achieve true financial freedom – that is, when you are no longer dependent on money. Your income will significantly exceed your expenses and you will forget about your job forever. The main part of your income will be the profits from investing in assets, i.e. passive income. Do you want to live like that?

Of course, you cannot become rich and successful in one day. No matter what they tell you and what they promise. In order to decide to become so, one day is quite enough. Even if the road ahead is long and arduous enough for you to become financially independent and successful, you know what you need it for, don’t you? If so, we’re on our way and my blog is here to help you along the way.

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