Three years of life together – we explain in all the details

Three years after marriage: traditions and ways of celebrating

The most responsible and joyful event in the life of each person is considered a marriage ceremony. Every year the marriage strengthens, and traditionally on such dates give certain gifts and hold celebrations. The most interesting is considered to be the third anniversary of life together, it is characterized by its own customs and rituals.

What is the name of the anniversary?

After 3 years have passed since the day of the marriage union, there comes a wedding anniversary, which is called the leather anniversary. According to folk tradition, during the three years lived together in marriage, the newlyweds begin to understand each other well and all the troubles and resentments remain over the threshold of the house. Their relationship “grows” a strong skin, and mutual respect and love begin to reign in their life together. Therefore, the “leather” anniversary can be considered a serious bid for a long and lasting marriage.

Three years of married life in this case is equated with the leather, which is not afraid of neither water nor dirt. The lovers in this interval of time have learned how to manage the household and solve problems together. Their passionate and vivid feelings of falling in love grow into a more reverent and caring relationship. Of course, the couple has had to endure a lot of trials during those three years, but there will be a lot of pleasant moments and happiness ahead of them.


Every period of family life has its own stepping stones that the couple steps on. The third anniversary is no exception. It is a serious date, which is a symbol of the long road traveled together hand in hand. Leather wedding has its own interesting traditions, they go back to ancient times and enjoy great popularity in our time.

  • Before the anniversary, the young couple should ask forgiveness from all offenders, distribute the annual debts and clear the house of unnecessary items and things. According to the belief, if you perform the above activities, the family will receive prosperity, well-being and good luck.
  • On the upcoming wedding day, the bride and groom need to wear leather goods, it can be handbags, belts, bracelets or shoes.
  • A few days before the leather anniversary, it is advisable to perform a general cleaning in the home, with the man doing the walls and ceiling and the woman the floor. After that, the young couple can go together to the sauna and perform a complete body cleansing procedure.
  • The main attribute of such a wedding is considered to be a spike of wheat, it is placed in a vase on the table or hung from the walls and ceiling.

  • According to tradition, the celebration should begin early, at about 10 a.m. The parents tie a ribbon around the couple and sprinkle them with coins. After that, the newlyweds are served a rye loaf, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the house. They should break it off in pieces and eat it in the presence of relatives.
  • The celebration is usually organized by the witnesses. They come up with fun contests with jokes and meet the invitees at the entrance.
  • At the end of the feast, guests raise a glass to the health of the young, wishing them eternal and lasting love. Then the couple must break several plates for good luck. The more shards there are, the stronger the family will be.
  • Throughout the celebration, the couple must dance, with the first and last dance being especially important.
  • It is customary to treat those invited to a leather wedding with red wine and meat dishes. This tradition is adhered to since ancient times, because it is believed that it will bring the family a full bowl of prosperity and health.
  • The bride should bake dough in the form of animal figures before the celebration, and she should treat her guests with them. First of all, treats are given to relatives on the groom’s side.
  • The festive tables also have such an attribute as a red apple, which is often substituted for the loaf. According to belief, such apples are “healing” and are given to the sick for a speedy recovery.

Overcast and rainy weather is considered a bad sign on the wedding day, as it promises possible troubles and quarrels. To avoid it, the newlyweds are advised to leave the house early, face the entrance, throw rye grains over their heads and recite the following words: “The birds will eat the grains and they will take away our sorrows and troubles from our house.

To protect the marriage from possible negativity also helps and ritual, during which the young couple sit with their backs to each other and tie a linen ribbon, saying: “The lineage continues, the family marriage is protected, the flax thread is strong, the life of the newlyweds is sweet.” In addition, lovers are recommended to wear wreaths of wild flowers during the celebration. Holding them over the heads of the couple, the witnesses should say wishes for a long and happy life.

What gift to choose?

A leather wedding involves not only a certain celebration, but also special gifts. As a rule, the perpetrators of the celebration are presented with items with elements or inserts of leather. It is considered a symbol of durability. Compared with paper, it can not be torn, which means that the relationship between the couple will be stable and will be able to withstand any hardship and difficult tests. This celebration is usually held in a close circle, but often newlyweds prefer to invite the closest friends and relatives. Therefore, going to such an anniversary, it is necessary to know what kind of gift should be prepared. To do this, it is worth considering the following recommendations.

  • If the anniversary is planned in friends, it is desirable to present them with a panel and a picture of leather, the original solution will also be a beautiful leather vase, wicker casket or bottle. In addition, as an unusual souvenir can serve as a calendar or frame for pictures of leather, designer chests, watches with decorative trim or animal figurines. If the couple are planning to go on a “honeymoon” after the celebration, they can be given an expensive leather suitcase. For a married couple who likes home comfort and modern design, leather safes-books for storing documents and different things, key holders or book-bars will do.

  • Close relatives an ideal gift would be a leather sofa. If the budget is limited, you can replace it with a leather poufik or chair that will take a worthy place in any hallway. Brother or sister a great gift can serve as a photo book, it can be individually ordered and filled with family photos. An excellent souvenir will be a leather case for glasses or a stylish cosmetic bag. Nowadays you can also find inexpensive leather-rimmed mirrors, bags and other jewelry in the stores.
  • The most difficult task will be to choose a gift for a young spouse. It should be chosen taking into account not only personal preferences, but also the style of the husband. Most often, men for a leather wedding are given classic file folders, belts, coin boxes or bags. To this list you can also add cigarette cases, notebooks, leather amulets, beautiful watch straps and briefcases. No less original will be a souvenir, made by hand, it will have a lot of love and warmth. For example, as a homemade gift you can make leather trinkets, slippers, pendants or handbags.

  • For the bride, a special gift should be given that would highlight this wonderful date and remain for a long lasting memory. You can buy a leather skirt, coat or jacket for your beloved. A good choice would be a leather cosmetic bag, clutch, stylish cell phone case. Of the more expensive gifts will suit stylish brooches, jewelry with leather elements, fashionable belts and bracelets.

In addition, most newlyweds prefer to give each other rings with leather trim, they look fashionable and will become a symbol of the anniversary.

How to celebrate?

Although three years of life together is considered a small period, it is still the first anniversary, which should be spent with dignity. At the same time, it should be noted that this anniversary is not customary to celebrate with a large scale and feast. Usually the celebration involves only family members and closest friends. To make the holiday memorable for a long time, you should carefully consider its organization. Since the invitees to the party will be a little bit, then rent a cafe or restaurant is not necessary, it is best to celebrate the anniversary at a country house or just go out of the company in the country.

The place for the celebration depends on the time of year and weather conditions. For example, in the hot summer you can make the organization of the celebration in a small country house or rent a mansion on the seashore. Here the newlyweds, their relatives and friends can fully enjoy their rest and cheerful toastmaster will help raise the mood of the guests. At the site it is recommended to beautifully design a wedding arch for the bride and groom, where they can hand each other gifts and in the presence of all to give another oath of love. You can also place tables for the invitees in the grounds of the house. They should be decorated with original decorations and set in the appropriate style.

So that the guests do not have to be bored and sit at the table all evening, it is necessary to provide in advance an entertainment program with a toastmaster, who will professionally organize games, quizzes, contests and make celebratory toasts.

The celebration should be noisy and fun, with dancing. Open and conclude the celebration will be a dance of young people. In this case, it is worth noting that the scenario for the celebration should be drawn up, taking into account the age category of the guests. If there will be young children at the wedding, it is desirable to make them a separate area with a clown, where they can play and have a good time without disturbing the adults.

The important point is the musical program. All the tunes should be chosen in advance in such a way that they seamlessly replace one another. As for the festive menu, it should include fish, meat, red sparkling wine and wedding cake. The sweet symbol of the anniversary should be made to order, with beautiful inscriptions and decorations.

If the anniversary celebration fell in the winter, the celebration can be no less original and in a huge room at home. To do this, the room should be decorated as “leather”. In the center of the room are set tables for guests and separately allocated podium for the young. It is important to create a scenario of the anniversary so that it contains contests, and dances, and congratulations. At the end of the celebration the bride and groom will perform a dance and cut the wedding cake.

Joking jokes and contests will help to lighten up the atmosphere. For example, the bride and groom should blindfold themselves and find a spouse in the group of guests. No less funny would be other competitions: who is fastest to cut a cabbage, hammer in a nail or assemble a meat grinder.

Many spouses prefer to spend the holiday in nature, arranging a country picnic. Such a celebration can be made in the style of country-chic, where each of the guests will wear leather paraphernalia.

For the same young couples who have a family budget allows, you can order a restaurant or cafe, it will release the spouse from the preparations and cleaning. It is best to decorate the hall with the help of designers. To do this, you need to hang posters with inscriptions: “Our family turned three years”, as well as decorate the walls with balloons and leather ribbons. Collages of family and wedding photos will also look interesting in the hall. For those couples who like to have fun, you can order karaoke and a yacht.

A good option for the celebration will be a romantic evening. It has a lot of advantages: saving money and the opportunity to enjoy intimacy. In this case, such a leather wedding can be organized at home with candles or arrange a trip to the country with a photo shoot, horseback riding and a flight on a plane. In addition, such a trip can be planned for several days and arrange a mini “honeymoon”.

Three years since the wedding day: the meaning of the anniversary, the traditions of the leather wedding, how to celebrate it and what to present

Hello, dear readers of the blog Why do psychologists believe that the most difficult in family life are the first 3 years?

What wedding is celebrated on the third anniversary – how it is called “in the people”, how to celebrate it, what to present to each other and what gift to choose, if you are a guest?

About all this we will talk in today’s publication, as well as consider the most appropriate gifts and congratulations for the third anniversary of life together.

3 years of marriage – the meaning of the anniversary

The first 3 years are really the most difficult in family life, as in this period there is an adjustment and a lot of different events.

Newlyweds establish family rules, the emergence of common traditions (what is it?), the issue of housing is resolved, children appear and other things. Now spouses are no longer just two carefree people in love. They are acquiring different social roles (what is that?), from which they learn to interact with each other.

A 3-year wedding anniversary is called a leather wedding .

Where did that name come from?

After three years of life together, the young people already have a clearer picture of each other and know what they want from their partner. And if the second half (its characteristic features) does not meet the expectations of one of the spouses, then the stage of conflicts (the crisis of 3 years) will inevitably come.

Those who go through it successfully, finding common ground where there seems to be none, have a better chance of living happily together for a long time.

If we connect the above with the name of the wedding, we get roughly the following: leather is a very elastic material and stronger than paper or chintz (previous anniversaries are 1 year and 2 years of life together).

This means that the bond between husband and wife has become stronger, the spouses by this time are learning to be more flexible in their interactions, reexamining the relationship with each other. But if the leather material is constantly rubbed (conflict), it will deteriorate – it will thin, crack and tear.

In another interpretation, skin is seen as a human organ that is the source of feeling. After 3 years of marriage, the husband and wife literally feel each other’s skin: they know the habits, can anticipate desires, thoughts, behavior and moods.

The success of their relationship depends on the kind of mutual feelings and sensations: if the skin is constantly pinched in one and the same place, bruises will appear at first, and then that area will lose sensitivity and will become coarser. This is about the endless negativity in the family (quarrels, fights, yelling) can destroy it.

Leather Wedding Traditions

Leather wedding is celebrated in Russia since old times, so the celebration of this anniversary has become overgrown with different traditions :

    Crisis is always the withering away of the unnecessary and the emergence of something new. The third anniversary symbolizes not only the improvement of relationships: On this day (or shortly before it) “a family nest” is made to put in order.

We should throw out the cracked dishes, broken furniture, fix the leaky faucets, do a general cleaning, change the torn wallpaper, etc.

By the way, apples were also prepared as a treat for the guests as well. If one of the invitees could not attend the feast, the fruit was necessarily passed on to him through his acquaintances;

What is usually given for a leather wedding

What to give for a wedding of 3 years? What wedding – such and such gifts: the leather anniversary suggests gifts related to this material. For example:

  1. Gifts for the spouse :
    1. belt;
    2. purse;
    3. Watch with a leather strap;
    4. a case for a laptop, phone, other gadgets;
    5. a case for glasses, personal pen;
    6. a folder for papers, a case, a briefcase, a purse;
    7. name slippers of leather;
    8. a chair for working at the desk;
    9. chair and steering wheel covers;
    10. punching bag;
    11. diary, organizer, etc. in a leather cover;
    12. case for a gun or hunting knife, cartridge case, holster (if the spouse is a hunter).

    1. photo album in a leather cover;
    2. leather furniture (chairs, sofa, etc.);
    3. panels of leather;
    4. books in a leather cover;
    5. medals made of leather for a wife and husband;
    6. a horseshoe decorated with leather (a symbol of happiness);
    7. a certificate for two in a leather store;
    8. calendar, clock, decorated with leather;
    9. dream catcher;
    10. suitcase for travel;
    11. themed cake.

    As congratulations for 3 years of marriage guests can present a trip to a hot country for two, tickets to a concert, an exhibition. Gifts can be anything, the main thing is to give them from the heart.

    How to celebrate three years since the wedding day

    How to spend this day is a personal choice of each couple. There are no special rules here. Some in general, fearing to jinx, to cripple “crisis of 3 years”, prefer to celebrate this date together or not to celebrate at all.

    However, if you still decided to invite guests, you can arrange a celebration in the following places:

    1. rent the whole restaurant (cafe) or part of it (depending on the number of guests);
    2. to go to the nature with a picnic, if the anniversary falls on a warm season (rent a cottage at a recreation center, to settle in the woods, on the banks of a river or lake with tents);
    3. arrange a holiday in a sauna;
    4. Set a table in the living room or in the backyard if you have a private home.

    Good luck to you! See you soon on the pages of the blog

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    Usually these dates aren’t even celebrated. I prefer 5-10-15-20, etc. And I agree that after 2-3 years, half of the couples fall apart because they do not pass the test of life. Confetti-bouquet period ends in six months, and then the routine.

    And gifts are better to do not on anniversaries of all kinds, and when a partner does not expect it. It happens well it is very pleasant.

    Everyone develops relations in different ways, so some couples, even after 3 years of marriage are the same carefree and carefree lovers.

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