The wife loves her husband: let’s break down the main thing

4 reasons why wives stop loving their husbands after a few years of marriage

First, you need to make sure that the love is really gone on your spouse’s part. After all, sometimes when a wife says that she has fallen out of love and wants a divorce, it does not mean that she is ready to run to the registry office tomorrow with a statement of dissolution of marriage. These words could just be a hint that your spouse is not enough attention from your side.

Or she is extremely outraged by some of your habit. Men tend to understand the words more directly, while women often give them a completely unexpected meaning.

The following signs will help you know if your wife is really ready for a divorce:

1.Your wife is no longer making plans together, no longer telling you her dreams in which you are succeeding together, living her life.

2.She is becoming more independent in making decisions, not consulting with you when making big purchases, not wondering what you think of her new dress or new hairstyle.

3.Your wife stops asking what you would like to eat for lunch or dinner, and she usually continues to cook and do other household chores, but the meals she prepares become easier, she doesn’t ask if you like them.

4.Your wife’s phone starts getting calls and texts from people you don’t know. These are not necessarily men she is ready to cheat on you with. Just a change in her social circle indicates that the woman is not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and she is looking for something new.

5.She becomes very annoyed by some of your personal features – snoring or the habit of reading while eating. Moreover, this leads not to good-natured teasing, but to loud scandals.

6.Your wife stops taking care of herself at home. By itself, this may not mean anything, except that the spouse just trusts you and does not think it necessary every day to “put on the marquetry. But in conjunction with others, this sign may indicate a cooling of the relationship.

7. your wife is refusing to fulfill her marital duties under different excuses. She increasingly has “headaches,” and prefers to sleep alone or with a child.

8. she spends more and more time outside the home. Again, these are not necessarily meetings with strange men. It’s quite possible that she simply frequents innocent get-togethers with her girlfriends. But, if she enjoys spending time with them more than with you, this indicates a change in attitude toward you.

9.When raising children, your wife stops giving you as an example to them. Phrases like “do like daddy,” “be as strong, (smart, kind, good) as daddy” disappear. Instead, they are replaced by phrases that have a negative meaning. For example, “If you don’t do well in school, you will be a loser like your father.

This is a good test of your family’s strength. If the crack in your family is far gone, you can read no further. Try to enlist the help of magic. It really works, just don’t put it off “for later.”


The most difficult for a couple are the first three years of life together. During the first year, they try to get to know and get used to each other, trying to figure out if they should be together.

Usually after three years, the family adds their first child. Established habits crumble during this time, and everything gets upside down.

Problems may arise without the arrival of a child. In three years, family life has time to stabilize. But in the monotonous routine, even the most faithful and loving person becomes a source of irritability and fatigue. Through a series of monotonous actions repeated from day to day, all the negative traits of the chosen one clearly appear. At first, a woman can only mildly hint at unkemptness, sloppiness, or overly involved in playing on the computer. But over three years, irritation accumulates, and not quite attractive male habits may already be condemned by the woman in a harsh form.

In some cases, the wife silently endures the suffering. She continues to do the usual housework, cleaning up, doing the cooking, behaving with restraint and a smile. But at the same time, a plan to leave her husband (to her parents’ house or to a new man of her choice) is already maturing in her mind.

Unfavorable factors influence the decision to break up and leave: living together with her parents or their regular intrusion into the couple’s personal life, financial difficulties, the loss of a loved one. All of these can affect a woman’s consciousness and her feelings for her husband in unexpected ways.

The reasons for the fact that feelings have cooled down may be different. If the couple themselves are not able to figure them out, it is worth to contact a specialist. Before you take a serious step – to break up a long marital relationship, it is necessary to think carefully and weigh everything.

Love can go out only temporarily. But if you go on the emotional impulse, then it will be harder to change something.

Feelings can only go out for a while, so you don’t have to go along with your emotions right away.

How to survive the crisis of three years in a relationship?

Fading feelings after the birth of a child

Often women realize that the sensual relationship with the beloved begins to deteriorate sharply after the birth of the firstborn. It seems to her that after encountering a lot of daily difficulties, the spouse’s “mask” from the face falls off. The appearance of a child completely changes everything in the family: parents can not devote time to themselves and each other. Let’s look at all the reasons that affect the emotional health of a young mother, and some recommendations for each case:

  • Postpartum (postpartum) depression . In a depressed state after childbirth, a woman may become disgusted with both her spouse and her baby. Postpartum depression may appear for the first year and a half. But without the necessary treatment, it may linger and flow into a normal depression. Symptoms are a depressed state, periodic emotional outbursts, which are manifested by uncontrolled abnormal laughter or tears.

Treatment in this case can be prescribed by a gynecologist, who prescribes hormonal drugs based on the results of tests.

  • Attitudes toward the infant . It is not uncommon for a young mother to be irritated by a man’s failure to provide the necessary prompt assistance. For example, while the mother is busy preparing dinner, the infant starts crying a lot. The father, who is sitting with him, immediately carries the baby to the mother, causing her to be astonished and indignant. The woman perceives this as her husband’s refusal to help her. The new mother cannot understand that the man’s affection is not inherently the same as hers. It has nothing to do with male character traits. During pregnancy a woman has already developed certain emotions towards her baby. Men by nature are not given to feel the same.

Is it worth it to return your spouse if she fell out of love?

Before you answer this question, you need to think, but do you really want to? If the cooling of feelings is mutual, then it is better to divorce. You have one life, to waste it on coexistence with a man who does not love you, and whom you do not love, will be a big mistake.

Also you should not try to reanimate your wife’s love when you absolutely know that she regularly and continuously cheats on you with another man. Of course you can try to fight for your family, but most likely this will not lead to anything good.

Often people continue to live together for the sake of their children. This is a common mistake. Such behavior is bad not only for the spouses, but also for the children, for whose sake their parents have been suffering for years in the marriage.

The fact is that by living with someone whom we don’t love, we create a wrong model of family behavior in our children. Whereas, when separated, each spouse can remarry and children will see a normal relationship in two loving families.

Is it worth continuing the relationship if you see that your wife has fallen out of love with you?

The hardest part is figuring out if you need this woman and are you willing to make the effort to get her feelings back? Here you need to weigh the pros and cons, you need to understand whether you have feelings for this woman. If you do decide to save the marriage, you will have to put a lot of effort to return her feelings. But if you are ready, then go ahead. The main thing – really want to and then you will succeed!

How to get back the old relationship?

Very often men turn to a psychologist with the following problem: “My wife said she no longer loves me, what should I do?

Specific advice for each case is different, but you can highlight a few general recommendations:

1.Make sure that your wife is telling the truth, that her words are not a provocation, not an attempt to draw your attention to herself. To do this, use the signs listed above.

2.Listen to your spouse. Many families have two monologues rather than a dialogue during a relationship or a so-called serious family conversation. Spouses rush to tell each other their grievances without listening to each other. Try to calm down and, without saying anything, dig deep into your wife’s words. Perhaps her complaints are not so unfounded, and with a small change in your behavior you may be able to correct your family life.

Don’t forget that women love with their ears. Be critical of your actions, don’t hesitate to ask forgiveness for something that offended or angered your wife. This is no less important for a woman than regular compliments. Don’t forget to tell your wife that you love her. Many men’s sincere bewilderment, “Can’t you see it that way?” sometimes even leads to divorce.

4.Analyze your past together. Recall those moments when you both had a particularly good time. Try to reproduce them. However, do not try to recreate everything to the smallest detail. Time has passed, you have changed. For women, it will be enough a few details that push her to a pleasant memory – the wine you were drinking then, the music.

5.Women are very romantic. Do not forget to give your wife flowers, make small gifts for no reason. Here it’s important to strike a balance, because the daily expensive bouquets can only cause irritation and reproaches for wastefulness.

6.Try not to appear before his wife in any way ridiculous or pathetic. This applies not only to appearance. Don’t forget that women love determined, confident men.

7.Tell your wife about things at work, advise her. Don’t forget to praise her for good advice, saying, “Yes, I think I should do it myself. You’re doing a great job.

8.Pay attention to your wife’s relatives, try to help them. In a huge number of cases mother-in-laws and mother-in-laws kill family love. Try to always maintain a good relationship with your wife’s mother.

9.Leave your wife some personal space and time. Some husbands, in an effort to regain their former love, start calling their soulmate literally every hour, distracting her from work or household chores. They offer a variety of entertainment, not taking into account the fact that the spouse is tired or trying to completely shield her from her girlfriends. This is fundamentally wrong behavior that can lead to the opposite result.

Leave or stay: behavioral options for men

Psychologists are sure that if the wife does not love her husband, and the signs of a ripening divorce become more and more, it is not worth fighting for the relationship. Cheating, indifference, a binge lifestyle – all this kills relationships and does not allow people to be happy with each other. And if all happiness disappears from the family, the marriage turns into a heavy duty with lots of problems for both partners.

However, there are cases where a woman’s love can still be returned, and here are some of them:

  • if the wife only periodically behaves aggressively or indifferently, it can be written off to her character traits or to an early stage of the “disease” of love;
  • If a woman’s behavior is related to a man’s negative action, the marriage should be fought for, because love may still be alive;
  • if the wife’s behavior is only a reaction to the same behavior of the husband, the relationship can also be saved, but the chances of success are minimal.

Of course, if the husband’s feelings are strong, the marriage should be fought to the last. When the relationship is more painful than joyful, it is better to let it go. Perhaps the man and woman just aren’t made for each other, and that’s why their infatuation eventually passed.

So how can the relationship be saved if the wife does not love her husband? Sometimes signs of problems with feelings disappear with intense care, the presence of romance in the life of the couple. In other words, by surrounding the beloved with maximum affection and attention, a man can resurrect her love. You can also try to diversify family life, visit theaters and museums together, travel.

Ignore going to the family psychologist should not be ignored, because qualified assistance can sometimes save even the most hopeless marriages. Act quickly, because as soon as a woman convinced that she does not love the man, she will leave, and nothing can stop it.

Attention and care

In a normal, healthy relationship, spouses take care of each other and help and support each other in every way. When there are no feelings, there is no desire to show attention either. The person begins to seem like a stranger, and there is no desire to show care for a stranger.

She does not ask how you are, not interested in your life. For her, there are only her needs and desires. She spends all her time on herself. And on her children, if she has any. She no longer tries to be attractive to you. She doesn’t care about the issue.

Why doesn’t my wife love me? Possible reasons and appropriate actions

People tend to have doubts over the long years of life. A family is a system that is constantly evolving, experiencing ups and downs, hence spouses’ feelings can change. Husband and wife may experience misunderstanding and even disgust toward each other. Women are particularly affected by difficult situations because they often take failures to heart. Psychologists advise a man to pay more attention and care so that his wife felt his love.

Also, you should take care of yourself – start going to the gym, update your closet. Let your spouse know that you should not walk away from a kind and beautiful husband! In this case, do not forget about the joint interests and aspirations.

The reason for the cooling of the relationship may be the lack of care and attention from her husband

Or a situation where attention and care are not manifested in the form in which she would like to

Women are very sensitive and emotional, so they need kindness and affection from her husband. The husband can earn his wife’s love through kindness, care and tenderness

Try to serve a delicious dinner every night and do the cleaning in the apartment, thus showing care for your beloved. When your wife appreciates this, she will feel love for you and will be against leaving the family.

Also watch this video:

How to leave your husband and start a new life

If our plan still doesn’t work or you just don’t want to fight for feelings, don’t torture the man, leave. But don’t slam the door, talk to your husband calmly, tell him that you respect him, that it was good with him, but something happened and you want to start your own life, a new relationship. Hearing about the separation, the man will start to persuade you to stay, to change everything. If you have firmly decided to separate, do not give him hope.

Excellent if you have your own place. Pack your things and go there. In the absence of such you can go to your parents or other relatives. As an option to consider renting a property. Don’t procrastinate long (more than a month) with filing for divorce, or you may change your mind. Next:

  • Talk to your husband all the nuances of division of property (if there is a jointly acquired), who gets what. Do not find common language – you will have to divide everything through the courts.
  • Agree with whom the child will live (if there is one), the terms of a visit with him.
  • Clarify whether the man will participate in the financing of the child, voluntarily help with clothes, holidays, tuition, etc. If not, then file for child support. For insurance it’s still better to do in any case.
  • Ask your husband not to spread the details of the separation to family and friends.
  • Are you in a good relationship? Tell him that you are always willing to help him, you want to stay friends with him.

Useful information: Lawsuits to declare a citizen missing or to declare a citizen dead

No man is immune from a situation where his wife’s feelings have grown cold. If this happens, but the husband intends to keep the family, it is time to think about how to return his wife’s love if she has fallen out of love.

6 signs that a wife does not love her husband as a man

Women’s website often raises the topics of relationships, marriage, matrimony, etc., discussing not only what women care about, but also what becomes important to men. Today let’s talk about how to be if the wife does not love her husband, but does not leave.

should be dealt with by looking for the reason why it happened in the first place. Perhaps the woman had no romantic feelings and entered the marriage for comfort. Or passion left because of the overload of his wife’s life and difficulties. Or the reason for the resentment of her husband. Save the marriage, if the wife does not want a divorce, it makes sense only if you are so much calmer, more comfortable, better.

What does it say that she fell out of love?

If the wife does not love her husband – what signs will tell about it, even if the woman does not admit it outright?

  1. The wife tries by all means to reduce the time she spends with her husband – she finds reasons to be away from home when he is home, she avoids joint outings, trips, visits and other steamy leisure activities.
  2. She pays a lot of attention to her surroundings, considers opinions heard from friends and/or family always more valuable than those of her husband, is more willing to help people outside the family, etc.
  3. She disassociates herself from everything her husband loves, speaking negatively about all his preferences and interests.
  4. Heart-to-heart conversations and close one-on-one time in general almost disappear, and if one insists on it, the wife is not in the mood and does not maintain some kind of common wave.
  5. Intimacy is reduced to a minimum, the woman herself never initiates it, at best she accepts it as an inevitability.
  6. She doesn’t care about her spouse’s successes or she devalues them.

Why does not she love?

It is worthwhile to be very honest with yourself about the situation and find the answer.

Some women get married without stormy love, simply because they expect from the marriage of some comfort, stability in life, confidence and support. And if the husband at the same time loves – then at the beginning of his feelings are happy and inspiring, but then it can be annoying and boring.

Sometimes the problem is the burdens of life – life, motherhood, etc. Indeed, there is a reason to love the husband, who shifts the woman all the “female” (in the patriarchal view) duties.

Do not like the boring, depressed, not ready to develop at the same pace with his partner men: conditional career woman can fall in love conditional couch potato.

And sometimes the man did not do anything special, just a sense of loss – it also happens, guaranteed to fix the state of love is not under anyone’s power.

If the wife says directly that the feelings are gone, then you probably will not be able to return them.

Let go or fight for the return of love?

Wife does not love her husband – what should the husband do? You will not get advice from psychologists, because these specialists should not give out instructions on how to act at all.

When a wife has told her husband that she does not love him, hates him or just feels worse than divorced – it is worth not to hold back with persuasions and promises. This usually only exacerbates the negativity and does not bring the love back.

Orthodoxy and Islam do not encourage divorce simply because of a lack of love, as long as no one cheats or never allows themselves other behavior unacceptable by religious morality. But in today’s secular society people should not be restricted or blamed for wanting to end a relationship, even if there are already stamps in their passports.

If the spouse is not talking about divorce, and you would like to save the marriage, try to behave so that she feels in the family better, calmer, more confident. It’s not about formal gifts of bouquets (although, why not them too!). It is worth to relieve his wife of household chores, to support her in her hobbies and endeavors, to meet her halfway in some of her ideas. It is important to be interesting for her – to start a conversation not only on domestic issues, to develop in something, to improve yourself, etc.

Not the fact that she’ll love again, but it’s the only way that the woman you love is better with you.

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