The tarot tableau for a relationship: outlining the essence

The Tarot for love and relationships – 11 schemes of divination on the cards

Since time immemorial, women and girls do not get tired of wondering about love. Tarot cards in this regard – the best and most reliable assistant. We give not just one Tarot reading for love, but as many as 11 schemes. There will be a relationship and search, an alliance, mutual understanding and much more.

Meet, learn and of course practice.

Divination of three tarot cards – “Threads of Love”.

Another modification of the favorite reading of novice fortune tellers “Three Cards”. Attracts by its simplicity and accessibility.

Lay them out in a row:

first – the history of the relationship, the basis with which everything began (light cards in this position will tell about sincere feelings, but unfavorable – about hidden ugly motives: selfishness, vanity, envy and the like);

the next Arkan – the current life with the partner (if the first and second are different, there has clearly been a change in the relationship);

the third indicates the prospects for further relationships.

The Tarot chart – “Search”.

Divination for people who are in search of his beloved. Help sort out your mistakes, find the cause of loneliness and solve the problem.

Lay out the four arcana in a row:

  1. The card at the beginning of the layout will explain the main reason for single life;
  2. The second – will give advice on how to quickly find a chosen one;
  3. The next – the characteristics of the person who is best suited to you;
  4. The final arcana will point to the pond, in which the fish you need.

Layout – “Love Pyramid”.

Fortune-telling to determine the feelings of the person in question. The pyramid is erected from the bottom, “from the foundation”, counterclockwise.

Lay out ten cards:

  1. The first causes sympathy or more affectionate feelings;
  2. The second describes what the applicant for the hand and heart thinks of the querent;
  3. The third is what you and the one you love are alike;
  4. the fourth, topics you’ll never agree on;
  5. the fifth will tell you how to get closer;
  6. Sixth – what if you want, can do for the same purpose beloved;
  7. The seventh will tell you more about your loved one (and you should);
  8. The next arcana will show from whom of the strangers to expect help in a delicate matter;
  9. The ninth – about those who will not help, but will hinder with great pleasure;
  10. The tenth is the bottom line. We estimate the likelihood of a serious (or not), relationship.

Tarot reading for love – “Top of Love”.

Rasklad, primarily focused on the inner world of lovers. Allows you to understand yourself, sensibly assess the partner and the relationship with him.

We lay out four cards:

  1. The first of them will explain how you look in the eyes of your partner, tell about your strengths and weaknesses;
  2. The second will help you understand your partner, revealing his motives;
  3. the third is what is happening between you now, including all the inconsistencies and misunderstandings;
  4. At the end, as usual, it describes the prospects of the relationship, the likely development of the relationship.

Tarot cards divination – “The Tree of Love”.

A simple layout for self-analysis, to identify personal problems and find solutions.

Only the Senior Arcanes are used:

  1. Initial clarifies the overall situation at the moment;
  2. The next summarizes the past life, the events that formed the current situation;
  3. The third arkan describes the person of interest to the questioner, his appearance and character;
  4. In the fourth position, one can see the future that will come in the case of passivity of the diviner;
  5. The fifth position is a prospect that opens after the active attempts of the querent to change something.

Tarot divination for love and to clarify the tangled relationship between lovers. Uncomplicated layout with the use of the form (the card indicating the person on whom the hex).

As usual, first we lay out the blank. The meanings of the following positions:

  1. The first card – the questioner’s person, characteristic, thoughts and feelings;
  2. The second card is also in relation to the partner;
  3. the next one will outline the areas of the couple’s common interests;
  4. The next is the future life of the newlyweds.

Rasklad on compatibility

Quick love reading on the Tarot deck to find out compatibility of young or not very people who have decided to join their destinies. Point out the “difficult” character traits of the future spouse, to help avoid conflict. An old married couple will be able to learn the causes of the beginning of a scandal and avoid further escalation.

Arcana traditionally laid out from the bottom up, the right column – female, left – male:

  • The bottom cards show the external side of the relationship – how the couple behaves in public;
  • the middle cards focus on the emotional component: hopes and fears, feelings and subconscious feelings;
  • evaluation of the spouse and thoughts about him or her;
  • seventh – indicates the compatibility of the couple and its prospects.


The Love Tarot will be useful to those who wish to know their partner better, by showing their preferences and also the things they wish to avoid.

  • The first three cards will tell how the person sees the ideal relationship, show his preferences, and make it possible to determine what she now lacks;
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth positions reveal the person’s aversion to certain nuances of family life (and it would be wise to consider these nuances);
  • The seventh will tell you where these particular preferences came from (an excursion into the days when this person was just forming);
  • Eighth, serious “inconsistencies” in personalities that are hard to circumvent;
  • The ninth is further perspectives.


Another Tarot reading for love. A way to find out the feelings of the person of interest and his likely behavior. Lay out the nine cards in a rhombic pattern:

  • The arcana in the second, fourth, sixth and eighth positions will explain the person’s emotions;
  • In the first, third, fifth, and seventh positions are the cards that tell about the person’s behavior toward his mistress or spouse;
  • The ninth reveals the reasons for feelings

Problems – Understanding – Solutions.

Over time, problems accumulate in married life, stemming from a different understanding of life. The Tarot lay-out for love and relationships is also designed to clarify “difficult” issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

Lay out ten cards:

  1. The top three Arcana – purely intellectual evaluation “only logic and nothing extra”;
  2. just below – relationships at the level of feelings and emotions;
  3. The cards at the bottom level will give advice on how best to use the information received;
  4. The last, tenth, is the bottom line and the promise of perspective.

Aspirations and Goals

The purpose of the reading: to clarify the true goals of the person concerned and his real intentions. Used in cases where the questioner does not trust the new acquaintance and doubts his sincerity. It is a rather cruel method – not everyone is ready to find out the truth.

The deck consists of eleven cards:

  1. The top row indicates the real desires of the person being asked, describing his feelings;
  2. The two below tell about the volitional correction of such emotions (if the cards in these rows “do not fit” the person makes an effort to keep his desires in check);
  3. Below are the questionable person’s “wants,” what she wishes to achieve from the querent;
  4. The next row – the declared intentions, the very ones she is not hiding and demonstrates in every way (a discrepancy with the row above suggests that she is insincere);
  5. The last card – the outcome, how the relationship will end.

Video online divination for love for women – Tarot cards for kings

Choose your card and listen to what to expect from your king.

Here each Tarot card reading for love has its own meaning and characteristic. To get a detailed answer to their questions are used chaotically selected cards that are laid out on the table in a certain order. These methods of divination are called “divination”. And you are acquainted with them.

The reading of the tarot for a relationship and love.

Any tarot card reading in relation to divination on the feelings and thoughts of a man, shows the man’s attitude towards you, his thoughts and feelings, you can also view what a man feels at a subconscious level and, based on these data to think through your plan of action.

This is needed to fix the relationship or to start a new one. Also keep in mind that in some of the discards, there will be your position and characteristics in relation to your partner, which helps to analyze the overall state of the relationship.

There are several relationship decklaces for a man, and each of them can reveal different aspects of the relationship. It is believed that it is better to do a relationship reading only on the Senior Arcana, but you can also use a full deck of 78 cards. Here’s a closer look at some of our case studies

The preparatory decay

  • 1 – What feelings I have about love (What my heart says about a relationship).
  • 2 – What thoughts I have about love (What my mind says about the relationship).
  • 3 – What expectations I have.
  • 4 – What kind of people I repel.
  • 5 – What kind of person I am attracted to.
  • 6 – How do I learn to accept healthy, tender relationships into my life.
  • 7 – What can I do to create happiness in my love life.
  • 8 – What relationship counseling e I need to get right now.

Are you really impatient for love? Will you be ready when it arrives at your door?

This divination will help you explore your perceptions, feelings and expectations about the realm of relationships. You will be able to understand how these factors influence your choices and life.In addition, the answers will provide you with tools to prepare you for a healthy, affectionate relationship.

Your closest crush.

1 – Who he or she is.

2 – His or her job.

3 – His or her quality.

4 – His or her flaw.

5 – His or her appearance.

Look at the chart to see if there is any feature that might give you a clue.

6 – Her/his thoughts about you on the first date.

7 – Your thoughts about the man when you first meet him.

8 – The significance of his/her feelings for you.

9 – What your feelings mean to your partner.

10 – The strength of your connection.

11 – The weakness.

12 – Is there potential for a long-term union.

This chart will allow you to see the next possible love relationship, you will know if it will be serious or not.

X-Framed layout.

1 – Geo-environmental characteristics that are considered attractive in you.

2 – Emotional and personality characteristics that are liked about you.

3 – What you are considered sexy for.

4 – What you should do to become more attractive.

5 – How attractive you are in general.

6 – How attractive he (she) is to you.

7 – What they need to keep working on to like you even more.

8 – What is it about them that you find sexy.

9 – Emotional and personality traits you find attractive in him.

10 – Geo-ecological characteristics that you find attractive in the other.

Romantic Guessing

1 – Why he/she likes you.

2 – How the other person views the guesser.

3 – The area in which you are compatible.

4 – The area in which you are incompatible.

5 – What you can do to increase the chance of a relationship with this person.

6 – What he/she can do to get closer to you.

7 – Something you don’t know about her/him.

8 – External support.

9 – External obstacles.

10 – Probability of an affair.

The “Relationship” tablets.

It consists of 7 cards. Here’s the chart:

1 – your thoughts about the object.

2 – your feelings and emotions about the object.

3 – your actions towards the object.

4 – the fortune-teller’s thoughts about you.

5 – feelings and emotions of the fortune-teller towards you.

6 – what actions the object of fortune-telling takes in relation to you.

7 – relationship between you and the fortune-teller.

Let’s consider the reading in the horizontal plane.

1 and 4 – this is a characteristic of subconscious thoughts and emotions, what is, but not realized. Here one can see plans for the future, general thoughts, beliefs and preferences. These two positions define the rest of the layout.

2 and 5 are the realm of feelings and emotions, and the nature of the expression and manifestation of your feelings in relation to each other. You can see the relationship between these two cards in card position 7.

3 and 6 are the niche of the layout. This is what happens every day, your real feelings and real state of affairs. It’s everything you hear, see, and express it in actions, behaviors, and actions.

7 – this is your relationship with the object of divination, whether there is harmony and understanding, comfort from the relationship or vice versa, discord and quarrels.

Let’s pay attention to the layout in the vertical plane.

1, 2, 3 are the relationship of your thoughts, emotional and sensual sphere, how they influence each other, where they come from and in what direction they move.

4, 5, 6 is the connection of your partner’s feelings and thoughts.

Looking through these two verticals you can understand what feelings shape behavior, what thoughts give impetus to actions, how thoughts affect the sensual and emotional spheres.

A scenario for a relationship with a man

In this case, only the cards of the Senior Arcana are used. The expansion consists of only three cards. Concentrate on the question and lay out the cards as follows:

1 – Characterizes the past, which led to the present situation. This is the influence and interrelationship of past experiences and events.

2 – the present situation, what is happening in real life at the moment.

3 – what should happen in the near future (about 3 months), the development of events and the preliminary outcome.

“Pyramid of lovers”.

This chart consists of 4 cards:

1 is your personality characteristic in the space of your relationship with a man. The card can characterize your strengths and weaknesses, the complexities of your character, as well as your attitude towards your partner. With this card you draw attention to yourself, analyze the situation and can make an overall picture of your relationship to your partner.

2 is a characteristic of your partner in the space of your relationship with you. The card helps to understand his actions and behavior and reveals his personality traits.

3 is a description of your connection and what is going on between you at this point in time. The card also shows the current situation between you and describes all the problems and nuances of your relationship. From here you should begin to analyze the relationship and the possibilities for its further development.

4 is a characteristic of the future development of the relationship. This is the likely future, if the situation remains at the level at which it is at the moment, and if one of the partners does not decide to take any action.

This scenario helps to understand the relationship and gives clues as to what drove and brought the relationship to this point, as well as how to correct the current situation and what is worth working on. The main help from the reading is to tell you how you can affect the relationship and fix the situation, to make a favorable position for yourself.

“The Lovers’ Tree.

This Tree of Love is a five card tableau. You will only need the major arcana.

1 – The card conveys the mood of the diviner and describes the situation as a whole at this point in time. There is no disclosure of the character and personality as a whole, only the individual traits that are important in the context of the situation.

2 – Characteristics of the diviner’s past, his feelings and emotions, experiences, perceptions of what a relationship should be and what love is to him. All of these characteristics have made the diviner the person he is at the moment. This card helps to understand the reasons for this situation.

3 – a description of the diviner’s partner, his relationship to the diviner. If the diviner currently has no one, the card characterizes the situation and shows the reasons for loneliness. Gives advice on how to get out of this situation, what actions should be taken.

A card in position 4 – the result of the diviner’s path, if everything stays in its place. The card can show ways to move and or a variant of action.

5 – reserve forces of the diviner, his subconscious part. This card helps to consciously understand the situation, its beginning and possible outcome.

“Current Union.”

This method of divination is able to help make sense of the existing relationship between partners. The deck consists of five cards plus a signifier card. The cards are laid out in the following order: first the signifier card is laid out.

1. Your characteristic in the relationship, how the diviner sees himself in relation to his partner. What feelings and emotions the diviner experiences from the current union. What does he lack.

2 – characteristic of the partner, – how the diviner sees his/her partner, how he/she perceives him/her, feelings and emotions towards the partner.

1 and 2 characterize only your feelings and emotions, on the basis of this you can make conclusions about your attitude towards your partner and the relationship as a whole, to analyze your place in this relationship, see the shortcomings and understand what you need to work on.

3 – a description of what connected the diviner and his partner. What events took place and what justified the feelings.

4 – the relationship of the diviner and the partner, what unites them and keeps them together. The grounds of the union, what it is at the present time and what it brings

5 – the future of the union, what to expect from this relationship, what further development can be. All of this is considered in terms of maintaining the situation at its present level. If there are any changes or actions on the part of one of the partners, the result and outcome may change. In order to view the new outcome of the relationship, you can repeat the layout and compare the results and characteristics with the results of the previous version.

The cards in positions 3, 4, and 5 are the characteristics of a relationship from different angles, you could say the history of your relationship and love, they give you the opportunity to remember how everything began and developed, and they also provide an answer and lead you to think about what exactly brought you into this situation. Here you can find advice on how to solve the problem and rectify the situation. The most important thing is to know your partner’s attitude and willingness and readiness for anything new.

The Significator is the key card of the whole scenario, which reveals and integrates all aspects of the relationship, both between the partners and the diviner.

The “Reciprocity” relationship chart

This divination helps you to know your partner’s feelings and attitudes towards you.

The chart consists of just three cards that relate to the relationship on the partner’s side, plus a signifier card that symbolizes you and your position. First, the signifier card is laid out.

1 is a characteristic of hidden feelings and emotions, something that the partner feels but doesn’t reveal. These may be feelings and desires that he can’t make up his mind to, but he is preparing for them.

2 – Characterization of your partner’s feelings and emotions toward you. These are real feelings and actions that he shows and that you can see and feel.

3 – characteristic of the emotional and sensual sphere, which lurk in your partner’s subconscious and which he/she may not yet be aware of.

S (signifier) – your characteristic in relation to everything.

The following decks of tarot cards can be used for the discourse on a relationship with a man:

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