The stages of the relationship between a man and a woman: learning by doing

The right vector for the development of a serious relationship

The ups and downs: how a healthy relationship develops

Ideal relationships – do they exist?

“The image that a man creates, thinking about the ideal woman, is similar to the image that a woman creates, thinking about the ideal man” – Marlene Dietrich

What is the right way for a relationship to develop? Is there a perfect scenario for everyone?

Of course, ideals live only in our troubled minds. However, if your romance ends at the stage of falling in love, in the memory it will always remain as the happiest. More precisely, over time, it will acquire the status of the ideal, and the man will be the flawless image of the prince on a white horse.


It’s simple. At the peak of infatuation you do not notice the flaws of your partner and often give him nonexistent virtues. This is normal. Everyone does it, even men. So when fate-evil separates ardently in love, they remember only good things about each other. Often they cherish that bright feeling for a lifetime and sometimes think that they missed their only happiness.

And what are the other stages, and what happens at these moments in the couple?

How to develop a relationship with a man: the basic stages

Any relationship should evolve, not end in love. Only so you discover true love and build a strong union.

Psychologists identify seven stages in the development of a relationship:

  1. Infatuation
  2. Satiety
  3. Cooling
  4. Cultivation of patience
  5. Desire to serve
  6. Development of respect
  7. True love

Falling in love

At the first stage, everything is seen in rosy colors, which is perfectly natural. And how else should the relationship develop in the beginning? Hormones are wobbly, you can’t tear yourself away from your beloved and are ready to share your happiness with everyone. What are the drawbacks? You were made for each other, period. You go everywhere together, separation is like death. The nicest stage, in a word.

The main thing here is to keep your sanity, which is quite difficult. I advise girls not to rush into a whirlpool without looking back and always remember their own dignity. At this stage, intrigue your man, flirt more, smile.

How to behave with a man after acquaintance I teach at their live training sessions: “This is not taught by my mother,” “I’m actually smart, but I live like a fool,” as well as in online courses. One of them is called The Power of Female Attraction. Sign up and build your relationship right from the start.

What’s next? How should a relationship evolve when strong emotions gradually let go?

The satiety stage.

So, how should a relationship develop after getting to know each other and the end of the first stage?

You are satiated with each other, little by little getting tired of being together 24 hours a day. At this stage, lovers for the first time want freedom and personal space. But this does not mean that you are no longer interested in a man or he you. You just become a calmer couple, behave more restrained in the manifestation of emotions. But you feel confident in his chosen one, the relationship is more harmonious. Although some girls wonder about the right choice.

At this stage, the first quarrels and misunderstandings usually arise. Accept the differences between you with respect, look for a compromise together. The main thing is not to prolong conflicts, do not be offended in vain. Keep a dialogue, get to know your loved one closer, discover new things about him.

By the way, quarrels in couples are mostly the same reasons. About the top five I just recently wrote.

The rejection stage, the cooling off stage.

After the second stage comes the rejection stage. How should the relationship develop if you find yourself in this stage?

You suddenly begin to be annoyed by everything that used to please in your lover. You no longer want to turn a blind eye to its shortcomings, unsolved problems to the surface. This crisis time usually comes when you are together for more than a year.

Of course, I will not tell you how the relationship should develop by the month. Every couple has a different time frame. What’s more, these periods can differ between men and women. Someone in a couple gets to the next stage faster, and someone else may be stuck in the previous stage. Everything here is individual.

The first crisis is not so terrible if you learn during this time to agree with your partner. Yes, many couples do not survive it. But those who survived, will only love each other more deeply. Remember – it’s easy to destroy, but with a new man, sooner or later you’ll get to this stage again. So be wise, my lovelies. We wait out the dangerous period, distract ourselves. Solve problems as they come and in a calm atmosphere.

In the meantime, ask yourself the question, “How should a healthy relationship evolve?” And you’ll realize that everything happens gradually. One stage succeeds another in order to make a qualitative leap in your union. You go to the next level, learn together to overcome difficulties and trust each other.

Crisis is growth. My tips on how to keep love alive in difficult situations and get through this phase more easily will help you through the hard times.

If you are past the stage of rejection, then you are already at the stage of nurturing patience. What is it? And how should the relationship develop after the next crisis stage?

Cultivating patience and a desire to serve your partner

You have already gone through fire and water, now it’s time to accept your partner as he is. You solve problems faster, easier to overcome disagreements, more often close your eyes to minor flaws. Now is the time to learn patience. At this stage it is important to show more wisdom, and this especially concerns the woman. After all, it is you, my beautiful ones, who create the atmosphere in the family.

The next stage is the desire to serve. How should the relationship develop? At this stage the spouses become truly close to each other. There is mutual understanding and support in the couple. You are willing to sacrifice something for your partner, and he – for you to come to a compromise, to do something nice. You are well aware of all the weaknesses of your loved one, but at the same time proud of him. Interests of your spouse become valuable and important to you.

Development of respect

Another stage is the development of respect. Sure, you respected your partner from the beginning for his character, for example. And he you, say, for the principles, etc. However, at this stage the respect is shown not for the individual actions or traits of the person, but as a value of the partner as a whole. The woman understands that this is the man with whom she is ready to go through life to the end.

True love

And the last stage in the development of a relationship is true love. All these years you have nurtured it, and here it is, the reward for your efforts. You feel one with your husband. At this stage, nurturing a relationship is easy and effortless. You are fully confident in your choice and feel that this is your own man and so he will remain no matter what.

You have fully realized yourself in this relationship. By the way, but how to combine a family, career, raising children, and stay in harmony with yourself? You will find a lot of useful information on these topics in the “Feminine Purpose” section.

This is how a relationship should evolve over time, based on psychology. Naturally, the stages can drag on or vice versa. Each couple is individual, as I said above. So the question, “How quickly should a relationship develop?” would be incorrect to generalize. But girls are more often worried about something else – how to know that everything is serious?

How to assess the seriousness of a man’s intentions

How to develop a relationship with a guy step by step we have figured out. Ideally, normal couples go through all of these stages. But it happens that lovers break up at any of the stages. Or one partner moves on to the next stage, and the other is not ready or does not want to. It turns out, there is no harmony and further development.

Women have an intuitive sense of how to develop a serious relationship. If you analyze the behavior of the man, everything becomes clear. However, a girl in love often refuses to believe in what is visible to the naked eye from the outside. And yet, if your chosen one procrastinates with a marriage proposal for a very long time, behaves strangely, look closely at him.

Signs that your relationship is not serious:

  • The man does not keep his word, feeding you promises.
  • Delays engagement, avoids talking about the wedding.
  • Constantly making excuses, cheating.
  • Often being busy just for you.
  • He is not eager to take responsibility, never offers to help you financially.
  • Does not introduce you to his inner circle.
  • You have a feeling or evidence that he still hasn’t let go of past relationships.

When a man wants an affair without commitment, he does not seek to develop a relationship. The stage of falling in love and satiety is delayed, and at the first difficulties, quarrels the suitor runs away. Conflict situations in such an unstable union are often very painful. Partner is not shy in expressions and hits hard. He does not care about your feelings.

So is it necessary to waste time on this futile and often oppressive relationship? It’s up to you to decide.

If you compare the behavior of such a man with the way a relationship should normally develop, you will see a difference. In a serious novel, everything happens with respect for each other, gradually. You are overcoming crises, discussing the future and for the sake of the relationship change together, making the first steps towards reconciliation, trying to understand the other half.

By the way, read what questions you should ask your partner before you start living together. So you’ll also check the seriousness of the man’s intentions.

This is how a healthy relationship should develop. That’s what we talked about today. And about how to build a relationship with a man at any of the stages and be happy in your marriage, read about it in the section of our site: “happily married”.

And you, my beautiful, did you know how to properly develop a relationship with a man in stages? What stages have you gone through, how does it feel? Share.

The stages of the relationship between a guy and a girl: from falling in love to love.

From the author: There are client requests related to stages in the development of relationships between couples in love or even married couples. Clients voice difficulties during the stages of satiety, dissatisfaction, and the development of tolerance. What are the peculiarities of each stage of the development of a relationship?

What are the stages of a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend? All stages of relationship development over time, what it is – the psychology of love.

When it comes to the stages of the relationship between a guy and a girl, many naively believe that they are divided into only 2 stages: before and after marriage, but this is far from it. Not all relationships end with a wedding, however, and after the wedding, the relationship continues to evolve.


Any relationship between a man and a woman begins with the first acquaintance and mutual sympathy. However, before the first crush turns into love, it must go through all the stages of the relationship. Scientists distinguish seven such stages:

  1. Infatuation;
  2. Satiety;
  3. Discontent;
  4. Development of tolerance;
  5. Friendship;
  6. Love


This stage is often called the candy-bouquet stage, which is not surprising, because during this period there is an active conquest of the partner. A man gives his partner flowers, chocolates, takes her to cafes and parks. The woman pulls out her best clothes from the closet and is ready to suffer the discomfort of high stilettos, and at the same time learn a few new recipes, even if before she did not go near the stove. There is no clear boundary on how long this period lasts in time: some have only a month, and some are luckier and the candy and bouquet period drags on for several years.


Sooner or later there is a satiety with the chosen one. He ceases to seem ideal in everything, partners often remember that they have their own hobbies and interests that also require time and energy. Spending time together ceases to be of paramount importance and people can immerse themselves in their own affairs and worries. Some couples take this feature of relationship development as a loss and end their relationship. Others, however, move on to the next stage.

Dissatisfaction .

By this time, partners finally remove the “rose-colored glasses” and take a sober look at the situation. Little things that seemed cute or were not noticed before, now begin to irritate. Often, it is at this time a couple have children, which further exacerbates the situation of misunderstanding. It is important not to make the main mistake – do not try to change your partner! All you can do is analyze whether your partner’s shortcomings are so critical that you can end the relationship with him.

Developing tolerance

When you decide to stay in a relationship, you accept and your chosen one. In doing so, you are already clearly aware and understand all of his positive and negative sides. Treat the person you love as a whole person, which can not exist without any qualities or features of the character, behavior.


Only one step separates you from true love. Many trials are behind you. By this time the spouses are full of trust, mutual respect and devotion to each other. It is at this stage comes the understanding that you can fully rely on your partner, trust him with your life, and he will not let you down.


The most important stage in the relationship between a man and a woman. Contrary to popular belief, that love fades with time – everything happens the opposite. Passion, infatuation, idealization leaves, but love is just beginning.

The psychology of love

Thus, love is the real reward, which will be received only by those who have shown maximum effort and persistence. It is important to understand that in order to achieve love, you have to go all the way: the stages of a relationship cannot be skipped and jumped over. Only by going through all of them and gaining invaluable experience will you be able to rightfully appreciate the reward at the end of the road.

Each phase of a relationship does not have a clear division by months or years, but each phase lasts about 2 years. However, there is a danger of getting stuck in any phase. This happens when one or both partners are not happy with their relationship, but are afraid to end it due to their fears, complexes or difficult financial situation. Such relationships stagnate in their development, and if no action is taken for a long time to fix them,

The relationship between a man and a woman finally wither away, keeping only the formal appearance of their existence.

Crises of love

Quarrels and conflicts happen between all lovers. It should be understood that to build a family life is absolutely no conflict will not work, because it is in a dispute the truth is born! And also there is trust, understanding and respect for the partner.

Statistics show that half of marriages fall apart after 1 year of life together, not withstanding the life and not accepting their partner as he is (Rejection Phase).

The next crisis period occurs after 3-5 years of marriage. By this time the family acquires a child or two, which can exacerbate a situation that was difficult even before. This crisis corresponds to the developmental phase of tolerance. Parents do not want to traumatize their children with a divorce, and are therefore forced to make concessions and seek compromises.

After 8 years of marriage, there is an adjustment crisis. By this time, family life has stabilized, financial well-being has improved, children have grown up and do not require constant attention and care for themselves. Spouses begin to worry that life is becoming too quiet, not what they imagined at the beginning of their relationship. Unfortunately, it is during this period that one of the partners most often has a relationship on the side in order to get new, thrills out of life.

After 16-20 years, the family faces an “empty nest” crisis-the children have finally grown up and are leaving the parental home. The main goal of the family – to give birth, raise and educate offspring – has been achieved, and now the spouses must learn to live together anew.

Video about the stages of relationship development in a couple.

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