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10 rules of good manners that everyone should know

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“Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” is a saying known to everyone.

How important is it to be punctual?

In some cultures, a person in general can be judged by how much he respects the time of others.

The habit to do everything in time reflects the conscientiousness in the character of a person, his ability to take responsibility, reliability, accuracy in affairs.

Characteristically, the word “punctuality” is from the Latin punctum – “point”.

A man is able to follow his goals and take his precious time seriously.

Rule #2: PRIVACY

Psychologists say that the cleaner your home, the fewer scandals you will have.

Of course, this statement applies when the love of order does not go to extremes.

“Cleanliness is the sister of divinity,” everyone can develop this useful habit that helps us live more consciously and organized.

Psychologists say that cleaning the house can become a kind of “therapy”. washing away all the dirt, we simultaneously sweep away all the garbage from our minds. It is a very budgetary, practical and proven way to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

In addition to the above, an important aspect of this habit is the ability to maintain order everywhere (not just in your home).

A cultured person does not forget about the existence of trash cans, adheres to the rules of cleanliness in public places, keeps his workplace in order. For him, cleanliness is a sign of respect for the people around him.

How do we talk on the phone?

How often do we use our cell phone? Many will answer, “Very often!”

But, how often do we think about how we “sound” and how consciously we speak? How much of our speech is criticism, sarcasm, slang or foul language?

Psychologists recommend paying attention to this. Our speech is a certain programming of reality. Words are material, and they have already taken their position in the matrix of events of our future.

Moreover, you should pay attention to how loudly you speak on the phone, whether it bothers the people around you.

Speaking loudly on the phone in a public place is a sign of bad tone. As a rule, it causes irritation to those around you – no one is obliged to listen to all the twists and turns of your life.

Learning to laugh

To ensure that our laughter does not resemble the roar of a horse around us, it is necessary to take the time to learn how to laugh charmingly.

Psychologists recommend to make 200-300 smiles a day, you can practice in front of the mirror. It is also necessary to periodically record your laughter on a tape recorder.

Initially it will have to make efforts to consciously monitor the volume and melody of his laughter, but later it will become a completely natural habit and another highlight of your personality.

Keeping Your Privacy Locked Up

It has become fashionable to post very personal things – family photos or videos on social media.

This desire of people to advertise their personal life, psychologists call a sign of inferiority and the need for constant self-affirmation.

“Me and the Elf Tower!”, “Me and the pyramids!”, “My wife is in Berlin! ” – how cool I am!

Few people consider how much envy others may feel when they openly show off their lives. Only the most benevolent people feel joy when they see the successes of others.

Psychologist Vadim Kurkin argues that the envy of others occurs only when we ourselves behave in a certain way: we envy ourselves, we are too proud of our successes and talk about them too much, we look down on people or waste energy by imposing our opinions on others.

He argues that the best way to protect yourself from envy is to increase awareness, to work with the strengthening of personal boundaries.

Thus, it is better to talk less about the nuances of his personal life, so we keep their secrets and will not become an object of envy and gossip.

Learning to listen carefully

The ability to listen to the end, without interrupting, is very important for building any relationship.

Psychologists say that this quality guarantees that you will be considered a good conversationalist.

An attentive listener tries to understand what he/she wants to say. He is not a hypocrite – for him it is really important to “hear” and then answer as sincerely and appropriately.

We know the rules of hospitality

According to etiquette, when a guest, even an unexpected one, comes to us, we should greet him friendly, offer to sit down and treat at least a cup of tea.

If the guests are expected, we should prepare everything in advance for their arrival.

The main idea is to pay maximum attention to your guest, not to embarrass them and create an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

Caesar used to say, “You can’t offend your guest.” Your guest should feel free, at ease, and comfortable.

Know the rules of table etiquette

For many people, the rules of table etiquette are a boring topic. However, once you find yourself in secular society or simply as a guest, you need to adhere to a few simple rules of conduct.

Of course, this does not exclude the fact that we can follow these rules at home, with the family or when we eat alone. After all, a person’s culture emerges when no one is around.

We do not tell everyone about our knowledge of etiquette at the table.

We do not use a cell phone during meals.

We put the napkin on our knees.

Do not sit too close to the table.

We don’t put our elbows on the table.

Know what the purpose of each cutlery is.

Don’t talk with your mouth full.

Don’t need to point cutlery at people sitting nearby.

Not balancing on the back legs of a chair.

Eating properly – breaking off pieces of bread over the plate.

Proper seating – straight back.

Do not lick the plate, fingers.

Do not smack.

You must eat calmly, without haste.

You don’t blow on hot meals or tea.

We don’t speak too loudly at the table.

It is considered uncivilized to eat while one of the guests is making a speech.

If it is necessary to leave, we apologize.

Behavior of a true gentleman

According to etiquette, a true gentleman is always responsible for his words and actions.

He will never allow himself to express himself rudely to a woman.

He does not prove his point with humiliation and arrogance.

He is laconic.

He avoids pedantry.

He never tries to play the role of a buffoon in society.

He is always courteous to the fairer sex.

He doesn’t like to brag.

He doesn’t like hypocrisy or pretending.

He is noble.

He is always a knight.

Behavior of a real lady

According to etiquette, a real lady never behaves in a vulgar way.

She does not allow herself to be rude, foul language.

She never imposes herself on those around her.

She is tactful and considerate.

She does not take the care of others for granted. She is always thankful.

She controls her gesticulation.

She always keeps a level head.

She is always polite and friendly.

She never forgets about restraint.

She is not arrogant.

The point of following the rules of etiquette is by no means that one learns to pretend, to imitate some fictional image.

The principle is that we learn not to bother the people around us.

As Emerson said, ” Good manners consist of small self-indulgences.”

17 rules of good manners. Rules of etiquette

Long gone are the days when rules of social behavior were taught in schools . After years of neglect, good manners and rules of etiquette are coming back into our lives. Knowing how to behave at the table, in the theater, even on the bus will make your life easier and help you avoid awkward situations.

Here are a few simple rules that are sure to come in handy

1. A man always lets a woman go first. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. The stronger sex enters the elevator first. The one who is closest to the door is the first to leave. The first to go down the stairs of a ship, an airplane and from public transport is a man. One more thing. The one who enters and exits always holds the door.

2. If you have to go to your seat along the row of seats, go facing the people sitting in them. The man should go first.

3. When entering from the street, a woman may not take off her hat and gloves. But if you have a hat on your head and your hands are hidden in mittens, it is better to leave them in the hallway.

4. If you came in with a wet umbrella, it is indecent to dry it open. Fold it and put it in a special stand. If you can’t find one, hang it on a coat rack.

5. Without a purse, any woman feels insecure. But where should she put it so that it is within easy reach and does not disturb anyone? A large bag can be hung on the back of a chair (your own!) or placed on the floor. A small elegant handbag looks appropriate on the table. But to put it on your lap or behind your back is unacceptable. It is a bad attitude.

6. Coming to the party without calling, you can put the hostess in an awkward position. Well-behaved people make an appointment in advance.

7. If you decide to meet in a restaurant, the question arises who pays. Usually the one who invites. Even if a woman invites you, let’s say her colleague. But if she says: “Let’s sit in a restaurant,” it implies that everyone pays for himself.

8. Do not inform your fellow diners about your dietary habits. If you do not eat sweets or fat, do not offend the hostess with a categorical “no” to her cake. Let the appetizing piece of cake lie on the plate. And to try it or limit the compliment to the cooking abilities is your decision. The same rules apply with respect to alcohol.

9. If you do not want to catch glances of contempt, do not wear cellophane bags as bags, even with the logos of the most prestigious boutiques. They are only appropriate as a package for the goods you have bought.

10. What is decent to wear at home? Many people think that a robe or pajamas are fine. A sweater, pants, a comfortable home dress will not only make you more attractive, but also add to the respect of others.

11. Not every woman is able to keep to a limit when decorating herself with various jewelry. International protocol comes to the rescue. It is quite loyal, limiting their number to 13 items. And there are a few more nuances that distinguish a lady with taste. Do not wear a ring over a glove, even a thin one. But a bracelet is appropriate. Diamonds have always been considered to be an evening jewelry. Now, however, the rules have been relaxed somewhat, and diamond earrings or a diamond ring can be worn during the day.

Don’t want the man accompanying you to look ridiculous. Don’t let him carry your bag. And he only takes your coat to get you into the dressing room.

13. Have you given your child a separate room? Train yourself to knock if you want to go in. This is an important element in building self-respect. And he won’t barge into your bedroom without knocking.

14. Polite address to the person you are talking to exists in all the languages of the world. In Russian it is “you”. A well-mannered person says “you” to everyone over the age of 12. People who like to “poke” are unlikely to win the interlocutor’s respect. You have to know how to put them in their place. Say, in a coldly detached way, “Are you addressing me?”

15. The automobile is an important attribute of modern life. Using it also has a few rules. The seat behind the driver is occupied by a woman. A companion (if there is one) sits beside her. It is considered good form to open the lady’s door and help her out of the car. But in our hectic times, this rule is getting harder and harder to follow.

16. In order to be able to make small talk, it is important to know what topics it is better not to touch. Forbidden topics include age, religion, wages, and people’s monetary relations in general (as well as intimate ones).

17. Despite the fact that sometimes you want so much to discuss the habits or actions of an absent girlfriend at the friendly table, do not let yourself go. Ushakov’s dictionary gives the following definition of the word “gossip”: “An unkind or defamatory rumor about someone, spread on the basis of incorrect, inaccurate, and fabricated information.” So should we stoop to savoring these fabrications? Just like complaining about your husband. By humiliating him, the spouse humiliates herself and gives a reason to think of herself as an unintelligent woman.

Courtesy in communication, the ability to say hello, to express sympathy, to congratulate the holiday, to thank and respond to gratitude – all this, by and large, the rules of etiquette. Jack Nicholson, the famous American actor, producer, director, said that they are “… the clear language of mutual respect.

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