The psychology of success in life: the disclosure of all the nuances

Psychology of success

The vast majority of people want to be successful. And you, dear reader, I am sure, are no exception. But as you know, not many people come to success in this life, because in order to achieve it, you have to know how to tune up. And in order to tune into it, you need to develop the psychology of a successful person, the psychology of a winner, whose eyes light up when he is striving for something and never gives up. That is how to develop the psychology of a winner, able to succeed in absolutely everything, will be discussed in this article. We will find out what a person needs to do to set himself up for success. Read the article to the end, and it will help you to tune in to the wave of successful people, and then you will be able to achieve everything you want. Everything, friends, begins with psychology; it is in your head that your path to success begins.

To begin with, let’s find out what it means to have the psychology of a successful person, what is this – the psychology of success in general? This, friends, is the state of body and mind in which a person stays when he achieves an impressive success in life, a state of euphoria, a state of absolute satisfaction with oneself, a state of a winner. It is absolute self-confidence. Think back to how you felt when you achieved any success at all, at least in any business. You’ve had some victories, some achievements in your life, when you and other people were delighted with you, haven’t you? I am sure that there were. Remember your victories and achievements, and remember the state you were in at that moment. That’s what it is-the psychology of success. But, the bottom line is that you can be in that state no matter how your life is going. And that’s the interesting thing. You may not be successful but you may have a psychology of a successful person, feeling yourself a winner before you actually win, and due to this feeling win and be successful. That is, your state – can lead you to real results. In other words, the psychology of success – motivates a person to succeed. Or rather, it motivates a person to the actions he needs to take in order to achieve what he wants to achieve. Whatever you understand by success – gaining wealth, power, fame, other material benefits, achieving the desired results in any case, raising your status in society, the realization of their desires and achieving their goals – for all this you need to make certain efforts. That is, it does not happen so that you snap your fingers a couple of times and immediately get the desired result. There are no laws in the universe that would allow a person to achieve something without making an effort. And even if there are, we don’t know about them. So if you look at successful people, you will see that all of them, without exception, have made and continue to make certain efforts in order to remain successful. These efforts are a person’s struggle with circumstances, with other people and with himself. Without a struggle in this life, you can’t achieve anything. And this struggle begins with your opinion of yourself and your attitude toward yourself. That is, it begins with your psychology.

There are two types of people – some people feel victorious and gain confidence in themselves when their life is going well, and others, on the contrary, have a good life due to the fact that they are confident and feel victorious. In the second case, people have a psychology of success, they think well of themselves, they treat themselves well, they are confident and feel victorious no matter how their lives turn out. In the first case, however, people’s inner state is highly dependent on circumstances, they attach great importance to other people’s opinion of themselves, they are very worried about something not working out, they are afraid to make mistakes, they are afraid of criticism, they are afraid not to be like everyone else. This is the state of a weak person. It is almost impossible to achieve success with such a condition! Hence, it is necessary to get rid of it.

So – a successful person feels successful before he succeeds, that’s why he achieves success. Let’s repeat this golden truth once again – you must feel successful before you succeed, not after! You have to be confident in yourself to become successful, not hope for a happy coincidence of circumstances that will instill confidence in you. The latter just may never happen. And even if it does, you will still remain dependent on circumstances that may not work in your favor in the future. In other words, you don’t wait for success, you go to it. And in order to achieve it, it is important to feel successful, confident, strong, free, and in some cases even a special and chosen person. Don’t have all these doubts – you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it right. You can do it all, you can do it all, and you will learn the right way as you move toward success. The latter is especially important to understand before you start trying to achieve something. It is very rare for anyone in this life to achieve something at the first time, so that, once, and all at once it works, without mistakes, without failures, without losses, without hardship and without pain. It happens, but very, very rarely, so you should never count on success at the first time. A person who is successful inside himself is strong because he is ready for any mistakes, blunders, failures, difficulties, problems in advance. He understands both mentally and emotionally that mistakes, problems, failures, difficulties, defeats are inevitable in any case. It’s a part of our life that’s known to consist of dark and light streaks. Do you know how people come to this understanding? Through practice, through life experience. You try it, it doesn’t work. So try again! What’s the problem? And then try again and again until it works! This is normal, this is how it should be. And a person should be tuned into this way of life from an early age.

But let’s look at how and what most of us are set up for since childhood. When we make mistakes, when we do something wrong, when we fail, when we fail at something, when we lose, we are usually criticized, judged, scolded, and even punished. Right? They instill in us the fear of making mistakes! Not only are we inherently inclined to avoid difficulties, discomfort and pain, even though we need them, but this desire is reinforced in us when we are judged for our mistakes. What kind of psychology of success can there be if we [most of them] are made into passive, guided people, who are happy to shift the responsibility for many things in their lives [especially mistakes] onto someone else, just to avoid being guilty of anything and, therefore, not to be punished for anything. This is how we get a passive society in the majority, with the psychology of relatively weak, lacking initiative, driven by circumstances and other people. Probably, it suits those who run society, since our system of education and upbringing is set up to bring up mainly such people. But it certainly does not suit you and me. Right? One can understand the system, it needs elements with certain characteristics for stability. But a person, as an individual, must understand that, although not always, but quite often, his success can become someone else’s failure. His success can even be detrimental to the system, detrimental to the society in which he lives. It all depends on what goals a person pursues, what he wants to succeed at.

So what do you do to be in the mood for success? First of all, readjust your psyche. This can be done either by yourself or with the help of psychologists or those professionals who help people achieve success in life. You need to find the strong qualities in yourself that contribute to success and the weak ones that hinder it. You need to immerse yourself in the state that you experienced when you achieved any success in your life, when you feel like a winner. This will help you understand what strong qualities you exhibited at that moment to overcome difficulties. If nothing like that has happened in your life, then you need to imagine yourself as a successful person and start indoctrinating yourself, convincing yourself, proving to yourself that you are a smart, strong, confident person who can succeed at anything he or she wants to do. I know there is an opinion that such mentality influences a person negatively, makes him/her a little inadequate and can lead to depression if the opinion of a person about himself/herself does not coincide with his/her real achievements in life. But I will tell you this, the very fact that there are such opinions and even disputes about a person’s attitude to himself proves that this approach to suggestion and self-infusion has been and is used. It is thousands of years old. For as long as mankind has existed, so long have successful people had and have a high, sometimes even very high opinion of themselves. You can see it in any historical accounts – when those who have won, before the victory, have indoctrinated themselves that they are winners, that they will win, that they are the strongest. I’m not going to give you specific examples, because I have nothing to prove to you – study the matter yourself, if you doubt the correctness of my words. But even if you just try to feel like a successful person, if you close your eyes and see yourself as a winner, if you experience strong energizing feelings and emotions, you will understand that being in that state, you can move mountains. Friends, you are not born successful or unsuccessful people, winners or losers-you become them, first in your inner world and then in the outer world. You see, first in the inner world and then in the outer world.

So the psychology of a successful person is based on a person’s opinion of himself and his attitude toward himself. If you see yourself as a loser, you will become one. Your thoughts, your behavior, your actions will be like those of a loser. And if you see yourself as a successful person then your behavior will change and you will try to act like a successful person and this behavior will lead you to success. So let’s talk to you about your attitude to yourself, about how you want it to be. And how should it be? How should you treat yourself? With all of this in mind, it’s clear that as a successful person, as a winner. If you cannot remember your state when you had any success in life, to dive back into it and try to be in it permanently, and also if you cannot inspire yourself that you are a successful, strong, smart, confident person, then treat yourself the way you treat those whom you consider successful people, whom you admire, whom you want to be like. Just don’t lose yourself in the process. You don’t really need to be like someone else, you need to be yourself. This is very important. A successful person is a person, not a wannabe, not a shadow. So transfer all your admiration for somebody to yourself. We’re selfish by nature as it is, but you know, we all have people in our lives who outshine us with their image even in our own eyes. It shouldn’t be like that. It’s wrong–it’s a slave psychology that forces us to bow down to authority figures. It is also important for human survival and even for success, because we have to bow to stronger and more powerful people in life. But, the outside world must not affect our inner world, so inside ourselves – it is we who must be the number one person for ourselves.

Thus, you need to behave and feel as if you have already achieved what you want to achieve, that is, what you consider success for yourself. I have already written about it above, but I will write again, as useful thoughts should be repeated more often. Suppose you want to become rich, then act like a rich person. But don’t go all pompous with expensive things, for the purchase of which people go into debt up to their ears, I’m not talking about the outward manifestation of wealth, not about the wrapper, but about the content. Debt will not make you richer, it’s your attitude and your thinking that will make you rich. What do rich people usually show to the public? Expensive things, a beautiful life, pleasures. They show you the things that make you rich, but they don’t show you the things that make you rich. In fact, some of them do write interesting and useful books, but how many read them? It is much easier for people to imitate what is easy to imitate, instead of doing those difficult, but necessary things for success, without which success is impossible. So when I tell you to behave like rich people in order to become rich, I don’t mean that you must buy very expensive things that you cannot afford, I mean that you must confidently overcome the difficulties that rich people overcome, and also do the difficult things that they do. Study very carefully the lives of rich people and try to do the same things they did to become rich. That would be a really serious approach to success in this field.

The next thing you have to do is get rid of your doubts. Doubts are always there-it’s normal, but they slow us down, they keep us from acting. I’m not saying that you don’t need doubts at all, but you have to be able to get over them. Doubt, if you want, but not about the possibility of success, but about the way to achieve it. And even then, only in trifles. And do not show your doubts to other people if you work with them, if you want them to support you and help you. Don’t do that. Most people do not understand doubts – they see them as weakness and uncertainty, rather than prudence and forethought. Notice the political leaders–do they show us their doubts? No, they don’t. And why don’t they do it? Because it is a weakness. At least for most people. If a leader shows doubt, however legitimate, people will see it as weakness and that weakness will scare some of them and make others aggressive. The same will happen if you show your own weakness by having too many doubts. You will stop trusting yourself and will hate yourself – for doubts, for indecision, for weakness, for uncertainty, for ineffectiveness. Doubts make us think, they ask us to double-check everything, to learn more about something and so on. And this is normal. But you will never find the answers to all your questions in this world, so there will always be a reason for doubt. So what are you supposed to do? Either keep doubting, or take your chances, right? If you want to be a successful person, you need to take risks. The psychology of success is tempered by taking risks. Without risk, you won’t have really big wins in your life. So take risks, deliberately of course, but take risks.

So our success is also inextricably linked to courage. After all, in order to take risks, you have to be brave. I will tell you in detail about how to become courageous in my other articles. For now, just remember this thought, so that the next time when doubts about something overcome you again – you can decide to take a risk that is justified and necessary for success. And then you will achieve it. That’s how other people succeed. First they drive themselves into the state of a successful, strong, confident person, thereby setting themselves up for success, and then achieve it through necessary actions. Remember, friends, first you build your inner world the way you want to see the outer world, and then you start working on the outer world. And don’t listen to those who say that you shouldn’t think too highly of yourself, that you should objectively assess your capabilities and all that stuff. It’s all nonsense. What objectivity can there be, who decides what is objective and what is not? You will be what you want to be, your world will be what you make it. That’s the way it has been and that’s the way it will always be. That’s what you manage to achieve in your life, thanks to your attitude and your deeds, that will be an objective reality for you.

Always be determined to succeed, to win, to be the best. No need to prove to yourself that you can’t do something – why do you need it? This approach to life is not in your best interest at all. It is better to prove to yourself that you can achieve everything you want, then all the internal brakes that prevent you from success will disappear. Your inner state is what determines your life. If you see yourself as a loser, you will become a loser, and if you see yourself as a successful person, a winner, you will succeed and become a winner. Not without the necessary efforts, of course. Not because you just want to become successful, but through hard and proper work, through struggle. But to this struggle and to the necessary work to be successful, you will approach it through your mindset. You will be able to do everything in your power to become successful through the psychology of success.

The psychology of a successful life – we describe all the nuances

The concept of success for each person plays a special role. Everyone puts into this word a certain meaning. But in psychology there is a definition of this word and the keys to its achievement.

Success in psychology is the association of methods and secrets of its achievement in a certain system, the purpose of which is to gain the ability to achieve the goals and the desired status. Success can be learned.

The psychology of success: sleep less.

In order for the body to rest, it is enough to sleep for 7-8 hours in comfortable conditions. When a person sleeps 10 hours, in the morning he feels heavy, he wants to lie under the covers and has no desire to get up. Even if he sleeps another 2-3 hours, he will not feel awake.

The psychology is that the main condition is the quality of sleep, not its quantity. Go to bed before midnight – then the brain can rest. If you fall asleep after 12:00 every day, fatigue accumulates, and there is no energy boost in the morning. Then during the day you will be irritated over nothing, get angry, your performance will fall.

Reduce the amount of sleep gradually, so that the body gets used to a new regime. Every morning wake up for 10-15 minutes earlier. In this way you will be able to extend your day and add a few hours for productive activities.

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How to become successful and rich with nothing

Why are we often unlucky?

Who is a loser? A person who is pathologically unlucky in life? A person deprived of fortune? No! Many people complain about destiny, but do not realize that everything is their own fault, because they live by certain norms and rules, and if you understand from what is written below that this is about you, then do not be surprised that bad luck accompanied you throughout your life. What do you have to give up in order to have success in life and be happy?

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Human psychology: make time for yourself

Books on psychology advise to be alone with yourself for at least an hour immediately after waking up. Think about your plans for the day and the near future, daydream. Take a shower, drink a cup of coffee or tea and eat breakfast with pleasure.

Put on your favorite music, close your eyes and try to structure your thoughts and tune in positively. Analyze your needs and desires – this is the first step to knowing yourself, your psychology.

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The main rules of success in life

  • First, give up pathological greed. “Bad, but cheap” – your motto, which is worth abandoning once and for all!
  • Second, don’t do things that only give you negative emotions. Get rid of boring work, outdated relationships, and you will be much happier!
  • Thirdly, do not complain about life, and act, go to your goal, no matter what!
  • Fourthly, don’t think that money and success are identical. Believe me, success attracts money, not money success!
  • Fifth, there’s no need to try to appear wealthier than you really are. When you take a lot of credit for something that you don’t really need, think about how you are going to pay it back.
  • Sixth, don’t ever look for instant gratification. It’s better to invest the money for the long term.
  • Seventh, don’t try to be equal to others, to be better than anyone else!
  • Eighth, don’t neglect your family. Family is a place where you will always be understood and supported. In addition, it is for the family, as a rule, all the great things, so do not skimp on the warm words and good gifts for your family.

It is possible and necessary to become successful, you just need to believe in your strength!

Only after you fulfill at least half of the above rules: how to become successful and rich without having anything will you be able to achieve something in life!

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Set your priorities. What do psychology books advise?

This is one of the most important stages of self-improvement – all psychology books talk about it. We have to determine on a daily basis what is paramount at the moment – such is human psychology. Decide what is most important to you in life – this will help you better understand yourself.

Prioritize: family, work, recognition – what deserves the first priority? Determine the main thing and do not worry about minor things. A person’s psychology is such that very often he changes values in places, confuses the false and the true, because of which his life does not bring him satisfaction.

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Factors of success

Successful individuals love change because it develops and gives new opportunities to achieve the desired goal. If you are going to be a successful person, prepare for the fact that you will also need a change in the way you live your life:

  1. Plan your time. That doesn’t mean you have to write down your actions minute by minute. Some people are comfortable with a detailed plan, while others prefer a general schedule that allows them to dedicate a little more time than expected for the sake of efficiency.
  2. Set high goals. Any goal is achievable if a person believes in his power. But not enough to say “I can” – you need to make efforts and create the conditions for its achievement.
  3. Constantly learn new things. Professional self-development is clearly necessary, but apart from him, make a habit every day to devote time to personal interests – read books, practice foreign languages, sports, hobbies. Teach yourself to properly manage your time.
  4. Make bad habits a thing of the past. Bad habits include not only drinking alcohol or tobacco products and addiction to computer games, but also abusing sweets, watching TV for hours, sitting on social networks and talking on the phone for long hours. Imagine how many important and valuable things you can do in that time.
  5. Look back at successful people. As you create your own successful life, look for similarities in your qualities with people who have reached certain peaks.
  6. Make new acquaintances. Communicativeness is the hallmark of successful individuals. Learn to enjoy socializing, and take an interest in new people.
  7. Surround yourself with people and things that bring good luck. Failure is contagious. Shield yourself from pessimists and losers.
  8. Deal with failure in the right way.

Ignite the positive

Thinking positively is an important aspect of human self-improvement. The power of thought is very great, and it must be used correctly. Recall your emotions when a joyful event occurred – sincere, pure, and powerful.

The advice of doctors in the field of psychology can be useful. They recommend applying the “rubber band” method. Put a clerical rubber band on your wrist and every time you give in to a negative emotion, pull it away and flick it. The psychology is that gradually you will develop a reflex: “Negative emotion – discomfort.” When you get used to thinking positively, the rubber band can be removed.

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What makes a person rich?

The rules we’ve laid out are universal for any purpose, whether it’s successful education, athletic achievement, health, good luck in personal life or in your career. Nevertheless, most training in the psychology of success is still designed for those wishing to achieve material wealth.

The algorithm is the same, the main thing is to focus on the goals that will lead to the desired heights.

  • set achievable goals;
  • break them down into the tasks necessary to achieve them;
  • plan your time;
  • Keep a calendar of achievements;
  • As you reach a new goal, move the bar higher.

Advice from psychologists: Keep a notebook handy

When you are overwhelmed with positive emotions, and you are in the mood for self-discovery, bold ideas will come into your head. They may concern the development of business or its improvement, rest, mode of the day. If you don’t write down an idea in time, it can be “drowned out” by external factors: the hum of people in the subway, a boss giving out one task after another, a shouting saleswoman in a store. If you write down your thoughts in a notebook, you will not miss a brilliant idea – this is effective advice from books on psychology.

You must be prepared for the fact that ideas can come to you at the most unexpected moment. Write everything down, even if the thoughts seem delusional to you. Over time, reread the theses – you may be able to interpret them in a new way.

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The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people

Every way of thinking works for success or failure. By choosing an attitude, you choose the result. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people:

Successful person. Loser
Radiates positivity Tends to be negative
Active Passive
Is not afraid of mistakes Takes a mistake as a catastrophe
Believes in himself Isn’t sure of himself
Seeks opportunities Looks for excuses for inaction
Realistically evaluates himself or herself and the circumstances Tends to self-deceive
Moves forward all the time Moves nowhere
Tends to be flexible and creative Stubborn
Works with the present and thinks about the future Is fixated on the past
Forms his or her own opinions Tends to agree with the majority

Planning helps organize thoughts

Devote evenings to planning instead of watching an entertainment show – then the next day will be much more effective. When a person knows exactly what he has to do, he adjusts himself and works more effectively – that’s the psychology.

There is no need to make detailed plans for the next decade; it is enough to set clear objectives for the next day. But do not be upset if you can not perform them in full – you tried, and this is what matters. The psychology of success is that you need to put a little more effort into them each time.

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Ways to make failure work for you

Failure is a constant component of any movement. But any failure can be put at the service of your own success. To do this, you have to learn how to deal with failure in the right way:

  1. Make “smart” mistakes. “Stupid mistakes” are those made through inattention. “Smart” mistakes are mistakes made by people moving toward a goal, but making a mistake in a risky move, an experiment.
  2. Learn lessons from situations. One successful business coach often repeats: “all situations are divided into pleasant and useful. Mistake and failure enriches invaluable experience. The main thing is to draw the right conclusions, to take them into account in the next steps. Every situation, whether it’s unpleasant or sad, can teach you a lesson, it’s only important to see it.
  3. Do not blame others. People tend to look for fault, because they find it difficult to admit their own wrongdoing. This trait is inherent in losers. Evaluate only your own actions.
  4. Don’t blame yourself. Decisions involve responsibility, but if they turn out to be wrong, guilt is unacceptable. Feelings of guilt will worsen the situation by throwing you out of the right frame of mind. Evaluate actions with reasonable criticism and only from a constructive position.
  5. Use the experience of others. Many mistakes have already been made. Take them on their armor and learn from them, do not repeat the experience of others’ failures.

The psychology of success – the ability to get what you want. Success in psychology – the “winner’s scenario” realized in life, wealth, healthy self-esteem. How to set yourself up for success, wealth and prosperity? How to get what you want and be successful? The answers are in the video:

Talk to people.

People play an important role in our lives. Do not hesitate to adopt their experience, knowledge, skills. Go to trainings, attend lectures, read books on psychology – you will learn a lot of new and interesting things. Open up at least one unexplored horizon for yourself every day.

It is necessary to communicate with people, but you should not waste time on dubious personalities. Human psychology is such that he succumbs to the influence of other people’s emotions. Therefore, your life should be positive people who give you a charge of optimism.

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Set the goals correctly

A correctly formulated goal is half the success. If you focus only on the money, your results will not be good. Set more global goals that can benefit the community.

The person who does what he loves, puts his soul into it. As a result, he gets not only moral satisfaction from the work process, but also a financial bonus.

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Smile more often.

There is no need to show a Hollywood smile, it should come from within. When you smile sweetly and warmly, the interlocutor sees your positive attitude – that’s human psychology. He charges your good mood and smiles back at you.

Do not be shy to smile to people in public transport or at work, in a long line at the cashier or during a phone conversation. If you give those around you pleasant emotions, there will be much less sad people.

Start every morning with a smile. Play music or videos that make you smile, or find other sources of joy. Laughter activates a joyful state and fills you with vitality.

Striving to become a better person is a commendable desire that will make life more multifaceted and interesting. When we overcome difficulties, we become much stronger, smarter and happier – this is the psychology.

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