The Psychology of Success by Yuri Viktorovich Scherbatykh

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

Love and sex occupy a very prominent place in human life. Because of love, people take their lives, writing poems, building palaces and starting wars. Because of sex go to jail and ruin their lives.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

The textbook meets the basic provisions of the federal state educational standard of higher professional education in the direction of training 030300 “Psychology” for.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

Exploring new worlds, Man carries with him everything human – both good and bad. Human soul remains the soul of Man. But does he always want to be a Man himself? Solution of this.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

Psychology in the management of enterprises and personnel plays a big role. Without psychological knowledge is impossible to properly motivate people to work effectively. That is why psychological knowledge.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

The era of scientific and technological progress pushes the descendants of the immortal Sherlock Holmes with such problems, which even his predecessor could not dream: the “protagonists” of the rapidly developing.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

In this novel Cai Sandy has to solve hard problems: how to save the passengers of an urgent delivery spaceship that lost its crew in a fight with pirates, how to deliver in spite of it.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

The development of technology and biotechnology has placed Mankind in front of a paradox: the desire to replace in the human mind aggressive beginning of something quite innocent, can turn into a nightmare never dreamed of.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

Where is the boundary between true and false? Can a lie be for good, and the truth to harm? The whole history of civilization suggests that any extreme in human relations.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

The word “sin” is known to every person. Everyone knows that it is something bad, unworthy, deserving of condemnation. However, if you ask people to give an exact definition of the concept of “sin”, it turns out that.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

Humanity’s expansion into Cosmos generates the most strange hybrids of human societies: such, for example, as a symbiosis of a free mining community and caste-based medieval knighthood. In such.

Ivanov Boris Fedorovich, Shcherbatykh Yury Viktorovich.

If on any of the planets that make up the United Worlds, something happens that defies normal human logic – then the Federal Investigator Kai Sandy can safely assemble.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

Stress management – a skill underestimated by most business people, a hidden resource that allows you to reach the highest level of productivity, but rarely used in business to its fullest extent.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

The life of a mature person, full of energy and joyful experiences – today it is not a dream, but an achievable reality. The author of this book has already published more than 20 books with a total circulation of half a million copies.

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich.

Everyone talks about the crisis of the real estate market in Russia. Is it so? How do you make money in real estate? How to sell and what to buy? The book presents the latest statistics and experience of industry leaders.

Shcherbatykh YV. Books online

Shcherbatykh Yuri Viktorovich – Doctor of Biology, professor of psychology at Moscow State Economic University.

In 1985 at the Institute of Oncology R. E. Kavetsky. D. thesis “Structurally functional changes of spinal cord neurons after local and general X-ray irradiation”.

In 2001 he defended his doctoral dissertation “Vegetative manifestations of exam stress and methods of its correction” at the St. Petersburg University. In this work he proved the possibility of early prediction of psychological stress and proposed optimal methods of correction of psychophysiological condition of the person, experiencing neuro-psychological overload.

Y.V. Shcherbatykh has more than one hundred and thirty publications, including ten books in applied psychology (including such well-known in Russia as “Psychology of Success”, “Psychology of Election”, “The Art of Deception”, “Psychology of Fear”, “Psychology of Stress”, “Psychology of Personal Qualities” and others). Three of his books were published in China and two – in Bulgaria.

V. Scherbatykh’s scientific articles have appeared in such well-known refereed journals as Psychological Journal, Higher Education in Russia, Journal of Higher Nervous Activity named after I. P. Pavlov. The Journal of Higher Nervous Activity after I.P. Pavlov”, “Human Physiology”, “Higher Education in Russia”, “Radiation Biology. Radioecology,” “Social and Clinical Psychiatry,” “Hygiene and Sanitation,” and other academic publications.

Currently Y.V. Scherbatykh is actively developing applied aspects of psychology – stress management and system approach to sales psychology.

Channels of Professor Y.V. Scherbatykh on YouTube:

  • Channel “Formula of longevity” on YouTube (Videos on the topic of health promotion and achieving longevity)
  • Channel “Yuri Scherbatykh” on YouTube (Psychology for life and business).

Psychological consultations of Professor Yuri Shcherbatykh aimed at reducing stress and solving problems of life – Registration by mail

Books (9)

Textbook brief version of the course “General Psychology” in the form of visual didactic material – pictures, diagrams, tables and brief explanations of them. Since textbooks on the course of “General Psychology” are very voluminous and little illustrative, many students have difficulty in preparing for seminars and, especially for tests and examinations.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a descriptive, conceptual apparatus of the science of psychology in as clear and systematic a form as possible. The book includes a set of tests to test students’ knowledge. It allows for a short period of time to understand and remember the basic psychological concepts and create a coherent system of knowledge of general psychology.

Who are we: gene reproduction machines, evolving sentient beings, or spiritual individuals? The truth is somewhere in the middle. We are both, and we are the third. If you want to know and understand yourself better, comprehend the underlying mechanisms of human actions related to sexuality, get to know the experience of previous generations in the field of love and sex, this book will open you a lot of interesting things.

In the appendix you will find psychological tests by which you will be able to determine the individual traits of your personality concerning the subjects of this book.

The book is intended primarily for students of economic profile, studying the basics of psychology in the course “Psychology of Business”, “Psychology of Business” and “Pedagogy and Psychology. The maximum wide coverage of psychology of business topics, availability of presentation, high degree of clarity and small volume of the textbook allow students to quickly master the course.

The edition contains a set of tests to check the students’ knowledge, course syllabus, thematic plans, seminar plans and psychological tests, which makes it convenient for teachers.

Man has a finely developed psyche – this quality is inherent in our very nature and is necessary in order not to be in constant conflict with the world around us, and easily adapt to it. But a thin, excitable psyche often causes not only natural fears, but also a large number of imaginary fears created by one’s own imagination.

To understand this phenomenon, to understand the causes of fear, the mechanisms of its action will help psychophysiologist Yuri Shcherbatykh book, written in an entertaining, accessible form, and containing many examples from real life.

Recommendations of the author will successfully fight their own anxieties and fears, to keep self-confidence and presence of mind in all situations, as well as help you find the right approach to help loved ones.

The book “Psychology of Stress and Methods of Correction” presents a systematic approach to the concept of stress, integrating modern knowledge of the nature of stress obtained by psychology, physiology and medicine.

The structure of the textbook includes theoretical sections, questions for self-checking and test tasks, approximate topics of seminars and essays, exercises and practical tasks, psychological tests, a list of recommended literature and the approximate course program.

The book reveals the methodology of setting the right goals in life to achieve success in business and finding personal happiness. After reading it, you can:

– develop self-confidence, – fulfill your desires, – achieve real success in business, – maintain health, – enjoy life itself, – learn to influence people.

Life will now be filled with meaning and joy.

This book contains almost all of the basic ways and techniques for achieving life’s goals, known at this time of practical psychology.

Where is the line between true and false?

Can a lie be for good, and the truth to harm? The whole history of civilization shows that any extreme in the sphere of human relations is unnatural, and often the bearers of “absolute truth” turn out to be vile deceivers. And deception as such has thousands of different shades – from virtuous to malicious.

Psychophysiologist Yuri Shcherbatykh in popular science form comprehensively analyzes the nature of deception, its history, classification and technology. An abundance of examples and interesting facts from real life turns the book from a fascinating read into a practical guide to everyday psychological defense.

The link to the book has been removed from the site at the publisher’s request.

A mature life full of energy and joyful experiences is not a dream today, but an achievable reality.

The author of this book has already published more than 20 books with a total circulation of half a million copies and has earned international recognition. He is read not only in Russian, but also in Chinese and Bulgarian. Those who have read Yuri Scherbatykh’s books understand how to stay healthy until the very old age and are happy to follow simple recipes.

The link to the book has been removed from the site at the publisher’s request.

The word “sin” is known to every person. Everyone knows it is something bad, unworthy, deserving of condemnation. However, if you ask people to define “sin” accurately, few can do so. Where does the concept of sin come from, what does it include, and what is true and what is false?

The author invites us to understand where this concept came from, what behavior is sinful and what is righteous, and whether a person can choose for himself what he may or may not consider sin. You will learn how sin originates and develops, which sins have biological roots, ways to get rid of your sins, how other people can manipulate your sins, and that some sins have positive aspects.

The link to the book has been removed from the site at the publisher’s request.

Readers comments

Anastasia / 5.11.2020 The book Psychology of Success once turned my life upside down. Thank you, thank you very much for his work!

Nurzhan / 31.05.2019 I read the book “Psychology of Fear”. I am delighted. this book helped me to overcome my fears, and gave me direction in dealing with my fears. before that fear seemed to me something shapeless and inexplicable phenomenon, not controllable. Now my opinion has fundamentally changed in the opposite direction Thank you Victor. You don’t believe in God, but I thank God that you wrote this book and I read it

Love / 27.02.2018 Good evening. please tell me if there is a book in printed form “psychology of love”, I can not find, gives only “psychology of love and sex”

Marina / 30.07.2013 Yuri Viktorovich, your books for me are compared to fairy tales. They want to read and re-read. They are useful and launch the most important human resource – faith in yourself.

Guest / 2.07.2013 I listened to the audiobook “Stress and Happiness with one letter” – loved it. I now have a difficult situation in life, found answers to all questions, understandable, human language, with examples from life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! GOOD LUCK!

Vadim / 29.05.2012 The books will not leave even the most subtle critic. The overall concept of the author most accurately emphasizes the basic human problems. For each subject touched upon by Yuri Viktorovich in detail, provides explanations, describes the origins and solutions. I recommend this material to everyone who is in search of answers to life events.

Kininsky / 29.02.2012 Loved the book Psychology of Deception, just great information. Did not know about this author, will read his other books

Stanislav / 22.07.2011 Psychology of success – my favorite book. I recommend it to everyone. I am 22 years old. my business began precisely with this book. Thanks for the opportunity to download the book, I finally found it, I will read it again!

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