The psychology of a 50 year old man – what you need to know

5 desires of a man over 50, which he is afraid to admit to a woman

A good, warm and smooth relationship of a mature couple. But do you know exactly what your man wants?

For a man of 50 is the age of summing up the main results of life. Yes, it is not yet retirement and there is strength. But after the half-century anniversary comes the realization that there is a lot that will not be possible to implement, although some things can be done in time.

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Stable job, a certain social status, a strong family impose on the man imprint of calm and measured. He, contrary to popular belief, values relationships and treasures them. However, whether he ran out of desires? Of course not. And they do not necessarily have to be associated with the search for adventure on the side. Many of these desires a man is ready to implement with his woman, but to tell the lady is not dared.

He wants intimate experiments

Men’s energy after 40 years in most goes on the wane, and after 50 failures usually occur in all. It is during this period that a man wants to have time to realize all the things he has dreamed of. Even if he does not talk about it openly, such fantasies are certainly there.

However, relationships after many years are often difficult to call passionate, so the man is not just afraid that he will not be understood, but also ridiculed for such thoughts. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that by this age and the woman’s desire fades, so she is not burning with a special desire to experiment.

He wants a big change in life

Men after 50 often have the desire to change jobs or to move somewhere, while there is still strength and opportunity. For example, to leave the boring office or factory, sell his apartment and run away together to the sea or just in the country.

He understands that in 10 years he will have neither health nor time to realize his plans. By the time he is fifty, his children are, as a rule, adults, the debts of both the older and the younger generation have been paid, and he wants to live for himself. But if his woman is happy with everything in this life, the man just does not dare to admit it, afraid to run into incomprehension.

He wants to hear supportive words more often.

A woman often complains that a man pays her little attention – does not say compliments, warm words and moral support in difficult situations. For men, such support is no less important. But up to 50 years a man did not need it so much, because he was full of strength and energy. But after this age limit approval of different actions means a lot.

Warm words give a man a sense that he is important and meaningful, and this is also one of the goals, which should be achieved in his life. Of course, a man can’t ask for praise directly and waits for his woman to figure it out herself.

He wants a change of image

It is by fifty that the desire often comes to change something about oneself – the hairstyle, the style of dress, to get a tattoo, finally. And this is often not related to trying hard to look younger than his years and a young couple on the side. Just forced for many years to comply with a strict dress code, look solid and respectable, a man wants to try something new, what he had dreamed about, but could not dare.

After 50 such desires often break out. But some of the companions to such changes are, to put it mildly, not very positive, hinting at the “old age on the nose.

He wants surprises.

Relationships after 50, if they are good, begin to resemble a favorite blanket – they are quiet and comfortable, but nothing new happens. Day after day you smile at each other, everything goes smoothly and well. Life is set up, but it lacks some kind of surge, and not just a woman, but also a man. Asking a woman for surprises and new emotions? Silly. But small gifts, pleasant surprises in a measured life, however, want.

Men in general rarely talk about their deep desires. About them you can guess only occasional phrases, genuine interest in certain events or people. But if they are helped to implement at least one, the relationship can go to a new level, and the emotional connection will be stronger.

The psychology of a 50 year old man – what you need to know

Many men are afraid of the fifty-year mark – there is a fear of aging, the pace of life slows down, passivity and even indifference to what was previously joyful, frightening. But there is nothing strange about it, it is natural. After all, a person cannot be twenty years old forever! And you should not compare yourself with a young person.

Every age has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If a young man is sexually active and attractive, but he lacks knowledge, skill and material wealth, a man in his 50s has individual charm, experience and economic independence, only in relation to the female half has some difficulties. This does not apply to all members of the stronger sex without exception, in this article we will analyze the problematic issues arising in “those who are over fifty.

The psychology of the relationship with loved ones and relatives in the family.

By the age of fifty, a man is fully adapted to the social norms and rules of conduct. He makes choices quite consciously, understanding and accepting responsibility for everything that happens in his life. In addition, he has a personal and social status, his ability to work directly depends on his profession, for example, athletes and the military retire early, and this is reflected in their further way of life over 50.

Statistically, unfortunately, the number of divorces increases during this period. Psychologists call it the “empty nest syndrome.” The time when adult children leave the comfort of their own home and begin to live on their own, is associated with a crisis in the family, as all the problematic moments in the relationship begin to manifest vividly.

The circle of communication is narrowed to relatives and housemates, as well as colleagues at work. Close friendships are fewer, but friendships are moving to a more important and valuable level, based on a deeper mutual understanding.

New interests in men in their 50s

By this age, men develop other passions. This can be fishing, hunting or other activities, and in order not to lose her husband and the relationship with him, the spouse should show interest in his hobby. The adult in this period of time is very similar to a teenager in an active search for something unknown and unexplored.

The hair is touched with gray. Fifty is a time for love.

To feel young again, to look so damn charming and attractive, to catch the rapturous glances of young and charming goddesses – this is the innermost dream of every man. When you are with your beloved wife, who is also no longer young, somewhere to gain a few pounds and has long been known all her habits, very much want novelty, thrills. The fear of never falling in love again pushes on the “adventure”, so he looks after the young virgins.

Sometimes this is enough to remember his youth. But there is a certain type of men over 50, who are not enough just to look, and catastrophically want to feel new emotions. If your wife is truly beloved and wonderful, you should shake up your feelings and organize a second honeymoon. Go on a trip to strange places, go to a cafe or a movie, and forgotten feelings will flare up with renewed vigor. You can read more about men’s problems in another article by following this link: Mid-life crisis in men – what to do?

The years inexorably change the hormonal background of men, the production of testosterone gradually decreases. This affects the sensitivity of the “male organ”, leading to a decrease in sexual arousal. Sexologists, doctors and psychologists, investigating the problem, insist that these changes are directly related to the physical condition and emotionality of the man himself. Strength is not lost, only the period of sexual inexcitability lengthens. If at twenty years of age thirty minutes were enough for recovery, at fifty it sometimes takes a week. The beauty of the body and face depend on the way of life, but sexual activity – only on the mood.

Many gentlemen “slow down” in bed, if the initiator of sex was a woman, although before it did not matter. You should know that with age, the stronger sex decreases the need for sex, and the weaker sex, on the contrary, increases. That’s why the majority, in order not to lose their leadership, willingly hide behind laziness and outright passivity.

To prolong youthfulness requires regular ejaculation, which contributes to the production of sex hormones. If at the age of thirty there are long interruptions in intimate intercourse, it is not so terrible, but for the age group it can be a disaster. Psychologist’s advice: know – testosterone in men rises with victories and falls with failures. For some victories – the growth of career, the other needs to win women’s hearts, and the third needs to discover new knowledge or hobbies. It’s important not to stand still, to develop and to act!

Everyone is unique and different, choosing your own path, do not forget that your wife is also difficult to endure the fifty-year mark. Hormonal change makes her very vulnerable, even cranky and nervous, so if you want to continue to see a sweet, gentle, gentle and caring lady near you, surround her with affection, attention and a pile of compliments. Spend all the power and energy that you have, you will not regret it!

If so happened and you are alone, look for a companion or a girlfriend, take care of yourself. As a psychologist will never cease to assert – a man in a couple lives much longer than a single!

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