The perfect man-woman relationship: laying out the gist

The perfect relationship: 15 signs that you’ve made the right choice

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A relationship with a partner is a fickle thing that is often difficult to evaluate. Sometimes we just stay alone too long to realize that your new partner is far from perfect.

Often we get so used to being unhappy with someone that we forget what true happiness looks like. Or we just begin to think that we don’t deserve anything more or someone better.

But, if we have made the right choice, then things look completely different. The sun shines brighter, we smile more often and wider, and even the usual daily routine can be enjoyable.

That’s why it’s useful to know the signs of an ideal relationship, just like it’s useful to be able to set and solve tasks to improve your relationship with your partner . So, 15 obvious signs that you have made the right choice.

15 signs that a man and a woman are compatible

You spend time together doing things you both enjoy

It’s wonderful when he does the things she loves to do. It’s great when she does the things he loves. But what’s great is finding something you both like and doing it together.

According to statistics, it takes couples about four years to decide on the things and things that appeal to both partners. And we’re not talking about love games, of course, although that shouldn’t be discounted either.

You can consider that your relationship with a partner is successful if you have something else in common: say, you do the same job, or you have a common business, you both love to climb mountains, or ride a bike, or just both of you like paintball (yes, and the girls are no stranger to this hobby!).

You spend time apart doing things that you both enjoy.

The ability to find pleasure in the two of you doing things together is very good. But if you’ve made the right choice of partner, then he or she should be aware of and accept the fact that there are things you want to do alone .

Maybe you adore video games, and your partner runs his video blog; you like to work in the garage, and your partner fiddles with the flowers. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that each of you needs time to do your own thing.

And the ideal relationship between partners is the fact that each of the participants in the relationship understood this need, respected it, and gave his partner the opportunity to realize it.

Your quarrel with your partner is productive.

If you have chosen the right partner for the relationship, then the quarrels that may occur between you (and this is normal), do not occur for the purpose of proving the rightness of one and wrongness of the other partner.

This is secondary, just as trying to find some common ground in your quarrels with your lover or beloved in order to end an argument is secondary (although that is not the worst way your argument can end!).

When figuring out your relationship with your ideal partner, you try to understand his point of view, trying to find common ground, compromise, and show respect for each other in the very process of the argument. If you finish an argument with the feeling that you’ve won, then you’ve lost!

Each of you has friends with whom you gladly share the joy of communicating with your partner.

Some couples are friends only with couples; others simply have common friends, including singles. Still others have a friendship situation in which he has his friends and she has hers. They may be friends separately, or sometimes spend time in the company of their partner’s friends.

However, if you have a really perfect relationship with your partner, you are usually able to find a balance between your social circle, your partner and his social circle. If this balance can’t be achieved in any way, it’s probably a reason to worry about the strength of your relationship.

You preserve your right to be you

You are able to be yourself without stress, keeping emotional comfort, harmony and peace of mind. The same can be said of your significant other. In this case, you appreciate and support this feeling in your partner without trying to change it.

In an ideal relationship with a partner, each of the participants in this relationship is not constantly trying to change or adjust to his or her partner. The inner aspirations of man in such a relationship are aimed at development and self-improvement.

Criteria for an ideal relationship between a man and a woman

Your friends and your family like you together

One of the easiest ways to find out how perfect your relationship with your partner is, is to pay attention to how you, as a couple, react to your environment – colleagues, friends, parents and other relatives.

If you take into account the fact that your environment for the most part wishes you well, then seeing signs of dissatisfaction with your relationship with your partner is a bad sign. At least in the vast majority of cases!

Of course, no one will take the liberty of saying that your relationship should please absolutely everyone! But if you have a large enough circle, you’ll be able to draw a general conclusion from private opinions, which is likely to be true.

You are able to object to your partner while maintaining a respectful attitude

Love is only part of the key to a successful relationship. Despite this feeling, there are always issues that arise that you can’t agree with. They are bound to arise because a perfect relationship is not a relationship between two perfect people .

But certainly if something has gone wrong, each of you is able to maintain a highly respectful attitude toward the other. You can disagree with each other about something (and even do it very often)-that’s fine for any couple!

But your style of expressing your disagreement is different in that you do it with respect for your partner. You don’t seek to hurt his feelings, you don’t make an effort to change your partner at all costs.

Does all of the above apply to you and your partner? So you do not need your partner to agree with every word you say. Neither does he expect you to. Realizing this fact is one of the most important accomplishments of any perfect couple.

You perfect your partner, and he perfects you.

It’s wonderful when, for example, a wife is able to make her husband a little better. It’s not about violently trying to change his worldview. It’s about the spouse’s academic education, for example, encouraging the man to raise his level of knowledge.

Or, when the spouse’s enthusiasm for morning jogging encourages his spouse to join him or to start going to the gym. It’s what’s called reciprocal improvement through mutual stimulation .

You constantly manage to make each other a little better-no pressure, no fighting, no moralizing. Some may think this point is not necessary for a relationship. But we’re not just talking about the relationship, but the ideal model, right?

Signs that you are the perfect couple

You share with each other plans for the future.

Have you ever met someone of the opposite sex who has absolutely no interest in what the future holds for them? If you start dating such a person, you will do yourself a disservice!

In an ideal relationship, both partners are enthusiastic about what the future holds for both of them, even if they are just daydreaming! And even these relationships may not always last forever, as practice shows.

But relationships in which both partners share their visions of the future have a much better chance of that future than those relationships where such a dialogue between partners is not even put on the agenda.

You are attracted to your partner’s mind, body and spirit. And the feeling is mutual.

Of course you are attracted to something in your partner. It’s a basic feeling that obviously needs to arise to motivate you to pursue the relationship further. But are you attracted to your partner’s mind?

Does your relationship mean that your partner is close to you in spirit, or are you only interested in physical attractiveness? Is your partner someone with whom you will always find common topics of conversation, even years later, when you are both old and riddled with wrinkles?

Take a look at your other half: would you be encouraged by the joy that radiates from your partner’s face if that face became old and wrinkled? Your relationship is perfect if you are encouraged not only by what goes on between you in bed, but also by the conversations you have well past midnight.

You’re able to keep each other’s secrets

Do you know any of your partner’s secrets? Is he or she aware of any of your secrets? If so, then are you able to keep those secrets from others while respecting your partner’s personal space?

It may seem like a small thing, but in fact, being able to keep your partner’s secrets is a sign that your relationship is at a certain level of respect ; you appreciate your partner and he/she reciprocates you.

About the same can be said about the situation when you have secrets in common. Knowing how to keep them and not to take quarrels out of the closet is another sign of a perfect relationship, proving that you both made the right choice.

You’re both one beautiful team.

How do you know that you and your partner – really a team, not only united by common goals, but also know how to act in concert in a critical situation? Go on a kayaking trip together!

If you both find your journey torture, if you move extremely slowly, if you are constantly fighting about how to steer or paddle, it just means… it just means that you don’t know how to drive a kayak!

It could also mean that you have some work to do on your relationship. Does this mean you made a mistake in choosing a partner? How can you tell! After all, you both agreed to get in the same boat without knowing how to steer it.

It means that you entrusted your life to your partner and he entrusted his to you. Maybe the kayak example isn’t the best… But the main idea is to STUDY to act cohesively after years! And then you are the perfect couple and team.

The perfect relationship.

You enjoy doing chores together

Your partner starts cleaning the apartment, and you enjoy helping out by doing your part. You plan the menu for the week together, and then you go shopping together too, discussing the choice of certain products.

If there is a need, you cook meals together, or otherwise share responsibilities. The wife is happy to help her husband clean his garage, and her husband has no problem taking out the trash or washing the dishes. The perfect family? No, just the perfect partnership. And you’ve made the right choice of partner if that’s how it works for you.

You are sexually compatible with your partner.

Although this fact is accepted by everyone without objection, it is still worth discussing! Sexual compatibility does not mean that you and your partner have to be at the same level. Sometimes you want more, and sometimes – your partner.

Sometimes you are the initiator, and sometimes your partner is. However, generally speaking, your sexual interests and desires should coincide with your partner’s interests and desires. It’s about quality, quantity, manner of sex and other characteristics.

If your need for intimacy is three or four times a week, and your partner once is enough by the eye, then you should think about how long term relationships can be.

You have joint financial goals.

Financial issues have ruined and are ruining even the strongest relationships. And if your relationship is built on building shared financial goals, that’s a good sign. To be happy and avoid stress, you should discuss income and expenses together.

It’s important to look to the future, thinking about savings and what and how you’ll live on when you retire. Strong couples combine their budgets by planning financial matters together. If that’s how it works for you, you’ve made the right choice of partner.

To summarize…

There are many other obvious signs of an ideal relationship, but the ones listed above are the most telling. Does your relationship with your partner meet this definition? Or are there some aspects that you could improve upon ?

Don’t you think it’s time to reevaluate the relationship you’re in now? And maybe these 15 signs are not universal for everyone, but they can give you an idea of how strong your relationship is.

Do yourself a favor and look at your relationship with your partner with a sober eye. You may even be surprised to see that you are perfect for each other. After all, the most perfect relationships are the ones where the partners don’t have to think about how perfect they are!

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Of course, the ideal relationship – it’s always a work and joint efforts of the partners. After all, we all just strive for the ideal, and in real life, we have to solve problems, to compromise, to adapt to the habits of the other person, correctly knock out of conflict situations, to try to understand, accept. This is not always easy. Therefore, Pavel Rakov writes a lot about how to behave correctly with a man, to live with your beloved in harmony for many years.

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Often girls themselves with their own hands slowly destroy a strong, but fragile feeling called “love”. They make the same mistakes, they forget that the ideal man is found only in movies or fairy tales. And the real must be taken for what they are, learn to love them, to inspire, motivate, understand. This section contains articles by Pavel Rakov on these and other topics.

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