The original birthday greeting to a man in his own words: parsing in detail

Birthday wishes to the man in his own words

Happy Birthday! I wish you health, courage, confidence, self-sufficiency, determination, tenacity, steadfastness, patience, respect and achieving any goal!

Congratulations on your birthday! I would like to wish you health, joy, mood, good luck. That all the people around you see you happy and cheerful. So that every new day would be filled with energy and positivity!

Congratulations on your birthday! I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to congratulate you. Of course, I wish you happiness, bogatyr health, good luck in personal life, work, loyal friends, warmth, joy, but I would also like to wish you really to be the happiest man on earth, more kindness and happy moments, so you forget about sadness, to overcome all the difficulties of life, I wish love and respect for you. Happy holiday to you. Stay as cool and good man!

Happy birthday! I wish you joy in your work, prosperity and success! May your home always be comfortable. May your family always give you joy, your health be as good as a giant’s and your mood always be wonderful! And let only happiness, love, kindness and luck accompany you in life!

Happy Birthday! I wish you not to lose your courage in overcoming difficult situations, to remain as steadfast in achieving your goals. Not to lose your wonderful sense of humor and remain the heart of any company. I wish you to wake up with smile and at the end of each day drinking coffee to realize that you live the life you are dreaming about. I wish you more bright, positive and cheerful days. Bogatyr health, all-encompassing love and an account with numerous zeros in a Swiss bank!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish you health, happiness, good luck and more positivity. Let all your goals and plans come true, and every next birthday will be even more fun. Stay always the same cheerful and kind person. Peace and tranquility to you and your home!

Happy Birthday! I would like to wish you only happy and joyful moments, lots of positivity. Great mood and bright, successful day. I wish you to go through life easily, and that your dreams and goals are achievable. Let only kind, confident people surround you. And let luck, happiness, love be always with you!

Happy birthday to our esteemed birthday boy! May your life be full of joyful events, your work be a pleasure, your family be your main support, and your children please you with their successes. May every day of your life be filled with inspiration, great ideas that come to life, new pleasant meetings and devoted friends. Stay always as cheerful, charming, reliable to your family and just a wonderful person.

All of us come from childhood, and no matter how old we are, every year we wait for our birthday with tender awe and anticipation of something good, light and beautiful! With a sense of deep respect and admiration I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the most important and precious thing – good health to you and your loved ones, because when our loved ones are healthy, we feel good! A low bow and appreciation to your parents, thanks to whom today we have the honor of knowing such a wonderful man like you. You are an intelligent, intelligent, tactful person, who has more than once helped us, supported us, suggested the right decision. We could enumerate your virtues endlessly, but perhaps the most important of them is your unconditional love for your neighbor. Be happy, let you be surrounded by love, attention and care; let there always be a reason to smile and be happy! I wish you harmony in your soul and family, inexhaustible energy and love of life, incredible events and bright memories, good luck, kindness and fulfillment of dreams!

Happy Birthday! The most important thing, in my opinion, is to be happy. Everyone’s happiness is different, so may you have everything in your life that will provide you with endless happiness. Smile every day, not for a tick, but from the fact that everything around is as it should be, that everything around is how you want it. Let all your most cherished dreams come true and if they don’t – always find the strength to make them come true yourself!

To congratulate a man with your own words

Everything in this world is for the better, so I wish to find the bright side in any situation!

♫ Voice greetings Wish everything you’ve conceived to come true for sure! Let even your dreams come true, because they help you move forward!

As a real man, I wish you nerves and will be steel, hands and feelings – strong, look and step – confident, and the family has always been a reliable rear. I wish you to stay the example of success and determination, the standard of a real man! ↑ -26 ↓

Congratulations! Let life change only for the better, bring new goals and positive emotions from your own achievements! Let the ardor and good mood be always with you! More wonderful news, positive emotions and comfort in your soul and surroundings! ↑ -51 ↓

✯ Congratulations to the man with your own words ✯

Happy Birthday! Good luck, successes, happiness and a sound mind in a sound body!

The birthday boy, happy Birthday! Live today without any misfortune in tomorrow’s! Dream so that everything comes true! Let all be well – at work, in the family and in the soul! I wish you to meet more interesting and worthy people and that your work brings you income and pleasure! ↑ 4 ↓

I wish you the happiest life, deepest mutual feelings, impressive achievements, endless victories, financial well-being, bright creative successes, respect and prosperity at work, mutual understanding and love in the family, kindness, joy and fulfillment of all desires! ↑ -4 ↓

✯ Congratulations with your own words ✯

I wish you health and happiness! And as a real man, I wish you nerves and will be steel, hands and feelings – strong, look and step – confident, and your wife always understood and loved you! Happy Birthday! ↑ 38 ↓

Happy birthday! I raise my glass to your happiness! And then – to your health! And then – for love! Here’s to positive life, to the best and beautiful things in it, and let there be as much luck and victories on your way as possible! ↑ 27 ↓

From the bottom of my heart – happiness, fulfillment of desires! Let life be a mosaic of joy and the most unforgettable events, and let every new day bring good luck and a great mood! Keep in your heart the most joyful and positive attitude and let life give you more luck, joy and the happiest opportunities! ↑ 34 ↓

I wish you, dear birthday boy, always to keep soulful youth and live in delightful state of expectation of beautiful, in the feeling that everything is possible, everything is within your power! Good health to you, vigor! Be always surrounded by the most wonderful people and most importantly – be really happy! ↑ 30 ↓

For you today – thousands of warm congratulations, millions of good wishes and the most important – of course, strength, vivacity, happiness and health! Live, dare and create – and may all your dreams come true on your next birthday! ↑ 42 ↓

You’re a wonderful and positive person, who gives joy to people around you! Remain always the same reliable and strong, smart and funny, kind and charismatic! I sincerely wish that every new day of your life will be full of optimism, creative ideas, meeting with friends and close in spirit people. I wish you health, family happiness and the most beautiful mood! ↑ 30 ↓

I wish you always have a positive attitude and faith in your forces! Let the new goals fill your life with joy and meaning! Be healthy and always be sure that tomorrow will be always better, brighter and happier than today! ↑ 69 ↓

Be easy on the rise – like a sail of a ship, cheerful – like a song, vigorous – like selected soldiers on the march. And may luck, victories, happiness and happily ever be with you! ↑ 40 ↓

We wish you good health, a hundred years of life, stock, new car, luck, dachka and money!

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