The man lion in a relationship with a woman: explain point by point

How the lion man achieves the woman he likes: 7 commandments

How a lion man gets the woman he likes if he really loves her.

Hey, guys. I’m guessing you have a male lion on the prowl. Why would you be reading this article? But you, as I understand it, are in a kind of confusion, like that doe who is running away from the lion and thinking, “Is it too fast I’m running”. Then you have come to the right place. For you today I will tell you how a man a lion seeks the woman he likes.

Don’t be frightened by the word “wooing” or “winning”. No, he’s not violent, calm down. It’s just his character.

In short, you need the advice of knowledgeable people. I suggest we start talking straight to each other. I can assure you that no one will tell you better about lion guys than me. I myself have been living with a lion for more than one year already.

The zodiac sign Leo – the main characteristics.

First of all you should know his characteristics, but not those that are written in horoscopes, but the real ones.

If you did not know yet, the horoscope is one bullshit, some averaged image that has nothing to do with reality.

Each person is an individual with his own predispositions, habits and feelings. All they have in common is a base, a foundation, a linchpin. And what’s there to build on it should be seen individually.

I like lion men. And I have had more than one. And they are all fucking different. But they have something in common:

  • They’re leaders by nature;
  • confident, strong in character;
  • purposeful; they like to plan, to go forward, to achieve their goals, whether it’s a career, a house, a car, or a woman;
  • proud;
  • touchy, do not like criticism, flare up strongly but also quickly withdraw;
  • In a relationship dominant, he just do not make a henchman.

Advice: In no case do not tell him what to do, do not try to command, to pressure, humiliate and betray. Otherwise he will just crush you.

Now about the other sides of the lion man’s character. I will now point out in my experience what I have seen.

  • They can be very sentimental and impressionable.
  • Feel badly about failure.
  • Can catch fire with an idea and quickly lose interest in it.
  • Very affectionate and gentle, if you can open them up because they strongly self-restrain and afraid to seem too kind. I would emphasize this quality. This is where you need to find an approach.
  • Do not forgive the betrayal.
  • In sex good lovers, dominant, fierce and impetuous, as befits a lion. I think you will like it.
  • On the other hand, are prone to adultery, as their goal to fuck as many women as possible, and different. But it’s more of an instinct than a character trait. And you can handle it.
  • Very economical, disciplined, strict. Maybe that’s why they make excellent leaders.
  • He is very reliable, you will be completely safe behind his back as a stone wall. This is a Man with a capital letter.

How to win a woman, a man-lion?

Yes, he really wins a woman, seeks by any means, if he likes her.

A prescribed program – I must have the best and if I like it, it’s mine.

What type of women does the Leo man prefer?

Male lions are hard to please. And not all of them have the same preferences. For example, it is said that he looks for spectacular and beautiful women, bright, but not so much that they would outshine him. Again, a certain zodiacal image applies here.

I’ll tell you honestly, it’s not beauty that’s their main reference point. For them, the main preference is:

  • loyalty;
  • fidelity;
  • caring;
  • modesty;
  • understanding;
  • tenderness.

In my opinion, there is nothing unachievable for girls here.

How a male lion tests a woman.

Yes, they will definitely test you for compatibility with themselves. Whether you meet their requirements, whether he needs you. You may have to take this test already on the first date, or he will determine it by correspondence, although it is unlikely.

Lion men love unavailability.

Yes, they love unavailable women. That you have to pursue. For them it’s just like a matter of honor, a grand prize. He is a predator, a hunter by his nature, his credo is to conquer, to achieve, to be stronger than others. From this he gets the main high.

Maintain this state of mind. But don’t overdo it. Otherwise, he will get tired of fighting for too long, and he will simply lose attention and interest in you.

Before you decide to seduce a guy, first decide what you like, so you do not regret.

After all, there are still so many young girls around. Eyes are already shining, soon the hunt will begin again.

But don’t give yourself to him on the 2nd date either. That’s not going to work here. He will immediately lose all interest in you, and most importantly respect. You will not see him again and you will not lure him, you will not be able to keep him that way.

This is how all men like to test a woman. Quickly gave up, that’s it, not mine. Keep looking. After all, in the subcortex recorded: “surrendered to me, just as quickly give and another.

How to know that he likes you, signs of a lion man’s love.

It’s all clear. It is not possible not to understand. He will pay very much attention to you. Show generosity, give gifts, take you to restaurants, theaters, pay compliments.

Can arrange some silly nice type to go up to the 5th floor to you with a bouquet of flowers, arrange dinner on the roof with the band, to arrange fireworks. In general, ready for anything, but to impress, to fall in love with you and eventually win your affection and love.

In general, he is ready for any unpredictable behavior, only to look spectacular and beautiful in your eyes.

If all is so, then you are in luck!

But there is a nuance that may surprise you and lead to a state of stupor and failure to understand what is happening.

Male Leo can suddenly “get lost”. Do not answer the phone, do not appear in social networks.

That’s what he thinks. Is it worth it to continue the relationship with you. He weighs the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Yeah, they’re very thoughtful and pragmatic. Some people will think it’s strange, but smart people will appreciate that the man makes decisions not under the influence of emotions, but with heart and soul.

And if the decision will be made in your favor, then you will have even more powerful fireworks of his emotions and without the tower acts, as it seems to you, although he has planned and thought everything in advance.

Beautiful relaxing music. Relaxation.

If the man lion is silent, what does it mean?

It means he is depressed. And why all of a sudden the lion man has fallen into such a state? Because the girl you overdid it, began to gradually and imperceptibly dominate the relationship.

There’s this dumb trait in some people who declare: “Am I not a human being? I have equal rights.” And with a sassy attitude they put it into practice.

I have nothing against equal rights. But a woman should always remain a woman and not dominate the family in any way. In such a state he can shut down, withdraw into himself, sometimes remain silent for weeks.

Immediately I say, if this happened, that’s it, you fucked up all relations with him. He will leave you as soon as he comes out of that state. There is no life for him if someone is telling him what to do and bossing him around. An alliance of the sword and the sword (literally) is not possible! You can not keep him, and do not need to. I’ve already tried it, I have the experience, but you do not need it.

What women can conquer and fall in love with a man-Lion – the basic secrets.

Lion man can only conquer a sincere woman, a girl. They feel false and fake emotions. Feel when you try to hide or conceal something. It got to the point where she felt that I was texting with my classmate. I didn’t have anything there, I showed him the correspondence and everything was hushed up.

And another nuance. No matter how hard you try to hide something from him everything in some incredible, magical way opens up and he finds out everything. I’m not lying, that’s what happened. So really, I wouldn’t advise it.

So if you want to conquer a lion man, do not even think of deceiving him or betraying him all the more.

Another thing I would like to point out from my personal experience. Maybe it will look like platitudes, but I can not help but tell you about it.

Here is what else most attracts the men of lions:

  • Tidy appearance. You don’t have to wear trendy things they absolutely don’t care about. You should dress to your taste, look elegant but not bright. Do not wear super short dresses and skirts, they don’t like it.
  • Make-up should not be too bright. Everything in moderation. They like a natural beauty, slightly corrected by a light make-up.
  • Perfume should not be sweet and floral.
  • They like long hair, loose or braided, a ponytail depending on the situation.
  • They like it when you are with him all the time in touch with him, holding his hand, under his arm, put your hand on his shoulder. This way you show everyone that you are his woman, everyone should understand this, it is important for him.
  • In bed do not approve of excessive initiative, if he needs something he will say himself. Do not insist on something and do not be intrusive. But be ready at any time. Even in an unexpected place. So always have with you intimate paraphernalia and hygiene products.
  • Always and in everything support your man in society, do not cross and even more so do not take the other side in arguments and discussions. This will be the end of your relationship. This categorically regarded as a betrayal and is not forgiven under any circumstances.
  • Be affectionate and gentle, often pet him, just for fun.

All this my dear girls from my personal experience, believe me. Do so and he will carry you in his arms.

Will the lion man pursue a married woman.

If he really likes a married woman, he gets to the point where he has to figure out if the woman likes him. If he feels it, nothing can stop him, he will still get her.

Here again, his instinct comes into play, it’s important to be better than the other male and take the prey, to feel the strongest.

So if you are married, this will not save you from a happy life with a lion if you like each other.

If a lion guy really loves, he will definitely get this woman.

That’s all there is to it. I really hope I have given you all the knowledge you need about the lion man.

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How to build a relationship with a man-lion, how to manipulate him to fall in love

Very controversial, but attractive to women is a man born under the sign of Leo. Conquer the August beauty is possible, learning in advance the peculiarities of psychology, inherent in the representatives of the sign.

Skillfully manage the charming guy will help to know the “pain points”, desires and weaknesses.

How to communicate with a male Leo

The ward of the Sun is distinguished by his article and texture, draws the attention of the most unapproachable beauty thanks to the incredible charm, confidence and inner strength.

This zodiac will dignify his gaze with a well-groomed stylish beauty . Liking and remembering an unusual person will help compliment the originality and sincerity.

Is it worth contradicting?

Working off command abilities on the Leo is strictly prohibited . Get the desired from a man of this sign will help affectionate gaze and soft intonation, but vulgarity and vulgarity will not be tolerated by the zodiac.

Leo will appreciate the strong-willed qualities of the spouse and support in any initiatives with the absence of a commanding tone in his voice. If a girl tends to make decisions, ignoring the opinion of her lover, it will cause his displeasure.

It would be better if the Leo partner will take on the role of leader outside the home, in the family the spouse should speak respectfully, using soft intonation, expressing admiration for her beloved husband.

What they don’t like

Leo is quite magnanimous, not prone to nagging, grouchy. His behavior can blunt vigilance, but you should not relax.

It is worth remembering a few rules for dealing with a guy of this sign:

  1. Lions are kings by nature, and the royal must be given attention and endless care. Neglectful behavior of the beloved will destroy the strongest ties. The chosen one should be in the center of attention every minute.
  2. The Sun’s ward will not tolerate consumerism. He will reject attempts to turn his girlfriend into a source of finance and a way to confirm social status.
  3. He appreciates well-groomed and stylish. Women’s attractiveness is elevated to a pedestal by this zodiac. He is attracted to bright ladies who can stir the imagination. The self-esteem of the zodiac will be flattered by the feeling of possessing a female trophy.

What to interest

Leo himself will notice a pretty girl who corresponds to his standard of beauty, observe a little and go on the attack, easily attract the eye of the lady he likes, scattering rivals.

After such a man will continue to take the initiative, will establish communication and arrange an unforgettable date.

How to behave with a Leo man so that he is afraid to lose you

The Leo’s need for emotions and feelings should be satisfied on a daily basis, because he urgently wants to feel needed.

A companion who arouses interest in the opposite sex, but in every way demonstrating loyalty without infringing on the dignity of the beloved, will win the lion’s heart forever.

Intimate life, in bed with Leo

With a man born under the sign of Leo, carefree flirting is not possible. If you already gave romantic signals to a nice guy, then be prepared to bring the matter to a conclusion. In sex, this man will be an unusually temperamental partner.

Impulsiveness is the main trait of the lion’s character. He loses his head lightning fast and completely dissolves in love, trying to give maximum pleasure to his girlfriend.

How to manipulate a male Leo

If you want to build a relationship with Leo, you will have to remember: he is always right, because he always tries to be responsible for the household. Bound by the bonds of marriage, in which his adored children grow up, such a man turns from the king of beasts into a kitten.

For the sake of the child, the most overbearing husband will forgive his wife’s inappropriate behavior. The way to the lion’s heart – the birth of children together.

How does the lion behave after a quarrel?

A person born under this sign will never admit guilt, and it does not matter which side is right. After a quarrel, he will behave as a winner.

No drooping head, ingratiating glance or guilty smile. It is impossible to have a dialogue with this man in moments of anger. This zodiac will come to equilibrium and will be ready for a dialogue only after he lets off steam. The first step to reconciliation should be made by a woman, because the husband’s pride will not allow him to admit wrongdoing and change his mind.

What to do if Leo does not talk?

After a quarrel, such a man, as a rule, is silent. However, in this period it is better not to touch him and just wait. Bored with his beloved, the guy will appear as if nothing has happened.

A wise girl will not look for the culprit, but will simply hug and kiss the insufferable proud man.

How to save the relationship?

Sensuality and love are the highest values for this sign. Regular trips on vacation, gifts and luxurious surroundings strengthen the marriage and create a favorable environment in the family.

Compatibility of the Leo man in relationships with other signs

The prospect of relationships with representatives of different zodiac signs is as follows:

  1. With an Aries woman is characterized by stormy clarifications of relations, passionate reconciliations and unforgettable sex.
  2. Taurus is very patient but proud. She will turn a blind eye to many things without causing scandals.
  3. Gemini is playful and charming. Such a gentle person will amaze the imagination, but will cause terrible bouts of jealousy.
  4. A Cancer girl corresponds to the ideas of an ideal life companion for Leo.
  5. The Lioness will be pulling the blanket over herself by demanding more attention to herself.
  6. Virgo is very cunning and adaptable. However, her calculating and overbearing nature may irritate Leo.
  7. The Libra woman is an ideal partner. She knows where to apply the stick and where to use the carrot.
  8. Scorpio drags the king of beasts into the abyss of passion, but most often these relationships end with a scandalous breakup.
  9. The Sagittarius girl has a similar temperament, her beauty and charm will flatter the ego of her partner.
  10. Capricorn will be a good mother and wife, but will annoy her husband with total control and overbearing attitude.
  11. The Aquarius woman is a great way to relieve tension, encourage her lover and inspire new discoveries.
  12. Pisces attract appearance, their femininity and gentleness will enchant the chosen one.

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How to make a Leo man fall in love with you: a conclusion

The knight of the zodiac constellation is in great need of love. His chosen one will be a bright, unusual girl, ready to completely dissolve in his beloved.

The girl should be feminine, but have an inner core, independent, but loving home and family people, giving affection and tenderness, but able to stand up for themselves. Such a beauty Leo man will not leave without attention.

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