The guy does not love me: describe in detail

How a man who does not love a woman

Relationships between a man and a woman are not always easy, and often the question arises – do I love a man or not? Stay with him or is it better to look for another person? On how to understand that your relationship has no future, how to understand that a man does not love, as well as what the signs of a happy family, read on.

Does a man love you?

Growing up, a girl meets a man and thinks – “This is he, the one and only. In the mind of many, even on the first date, try on a wedding dress and name their mutual children. However, time passes, and the relationship does not go to a more serious stage …

Or the opposite situation – a happy, it would seem, from the outside, the family: husband, wife, children. But something is wrong – the woman disappeared from the shine in her eyes, she stopped to look after herself. And it’s not even in the household chores that await most women after marriage and childbirth. It is very important how the relationship between the partners. A man does not love a woman, what are the signs? The answer is simple – a woman, not receiving love from a loved one, begins to wither. A woman is like a flower – if you “feed” her love, to protect her, the man will receive much more attention and return in return.

If a man does not love a woman – what are the signs

Any woman can get into a destructive relationship. Even one that has high self-esteem. And then her actions, or conversely, inaction will only inflame the further development of non-ideal relationships.

How to recognize all the signs of dislike men? What should you first pay attention to? And how to act if he fell out of love?

It can be difficult to understand and to admit to yourself that a man’s love for a woman is gone. But, unfortunately, it happens and it is not uncommon. In such cases, a woman can close herself and fall into depression.

Let’s try to list the main signs that a man does not love a woman:

  • he directly declares it to your eyes;
  • Cheating on you (openly showing it or vice versa, withholding);
  • Relationships have been going on for a long time without commitment;
  • treats you or your children, relatives without due respect;
  • Does not call or return your phone calls. Always “busy” with his own business;
  • You get a feeling of loneliness. You seem to be together, but always apart. It would seem that you are in a cafe, you have a date – but everyone is busy with their own things: checking social networks, correspondence with friends, etc;
  • Promising a lot, but not doing anything;
  • Instead of making your life easier, he makes it harder. There is no help from him, only requests and obligations on you;
  • Knowing that you want to marry him, he doesn’t ask you to marry him. We are not talking about running off with him to the wedding on the second date, but if you have been dating for several years, and he never dared to propose to you – think about it;
  • Sex is very rare. Man does not want intimacy, writing off everything to fatigue and other problems;
  • He is married and your relationship has lasted long enough. In this case, you need to understand that he does not want to leave his comfort zone.

As soon as you realize that you are uncomfortable with this man, you find it hard to accept him for who he is, leave! Don’t try to remake or rebuild the man. Adult male will resist this in every way.

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If a man does not love in real – what to do.

Surely every woman has thought about what are the signs that a man does not really love and your relationship becomes destructive? Unfortunately, at the beginning of relationships, love blindsides and many of the “bells” in the behavior and attitudes of men girls just do not pay attention. Subsequently, women often sit on the psychologists on the couch and wonder: if a man does not really love, how he behaves? Why was I not able to recognize all the signs of his dislike? Where was my intuition?

What to do if a man does not love a woman:

  • Accept it;
  • Do not try to get him back if he left. Leave on your own if you are still together. Happiness will not be built if you do not seek understanding, or if one partner loves and the other allows himself to be loved;
  • Accept yourself for who you are. If you want to change – you can join a gym, go on courses that previously did not have time, to get a second degree, get a new haircut. Do not fall into a bad mood, just because this particular man you do not like. Perhaps you just do not suit each other, but you may love another man for whom you will seem like the ideal woman.

Signs of a destructive relationship

You need to understand above all that between a man and a woman relationship should be based on acceptance, mutual respect and proper communication with each other. Even the strongest love will end if one of the partners in the relationship will constantly provoke quarrels, conflicts and clarifications of the relationship.

So, the signs of a destructive relationship can safely be called the following:

  1. Your man has established tight control over you;
  2. criticizes you in public;
  3. Lies to you and evades answers;
  4. Avoids communicating with you (trying to spend less time with you);
  5. devalues your efforts (for example, you have cooked his favorite dish and all you hear in response is unpleasant criticism), and so on.

Needless to say, that in a destructive relationship has no chance to build a strong and harmonious family. If a partner is already behaving in such a way, then when you have children, things can only get worse. Therefore, you should think about the future prospects of such a union still “on shore”.

Do not lose sight of the small details – if you do not pay attention to the fact that he periodically criticizes you for any reason, then later it could turn into an avalanche of criticism on any occasion. And you can be aware of this in advance and take appropriate action (from talking about how to communicate with each other, and ending with separation and finding another man).

Signs of a happy relationship

Often, being in a negative situation, it is difficult to correctly assess the behavior of the partner and the relationship as a whole. To do this, you can resort to the help of a psychologist. You can also be guided by the signs of a harmonious relationship. Here is a short list by which you can check how happy your relationship is at the moment. This is not an exhaustive list, but nevertheless, some problems it will help to identify.

A happy family is characterized by the following signs:

  • partners are equally involved in family life – you no longer have the question of who will do the dishes or clean the apartment if he came home late from work or returned from a business trip;
  • Mutual respect. Even with a small quarrel should not sound reproaches and insults. Over time, you will forget about the quarrel, because of what it began. But spoken reproaches will be hard to forget;
  • There is no mocking and banter in your relationship. You humorously treat different situations, but do not hurt your partner’s feelings;
  • You consult with your partner. It is not about that, to consult on trifles – what bread to buy for dinner tonight, or how to properly water the flowers;
  • you are able to sympathize with each other, empathize with the problems that your partner has;
  • absence of jealousy. No, of course, mild jealousy is not forbidden, but that does not mean that you should have complete control over your partner – where he is, what he does, and what is the name of that girl or man who smiled at you?
  • You can easily find a common language with your partner’s relatives. If suddenly you do not manage to do it – you find a way to communicate in a way that does not hurt each other’s feelings;
  • The absence of common clichés – “the woman’s place in the kitchen,” “the man has to support the family” and others. It is certainly good when the man is the main breadwinner in the family, but if it so happens that he is a great dad, and his mother is a born business leader, it’s okay if the father will be on maternity leave with a child, and my mother will go to work;
  • You always come home with a sense of security and confidence.

Of course, there are situations when the man has a heavy workload at work, there may be some internal worries about situations in the family. This is not terrible if such a period does not last long. It is worth thinking about if the cold attitude, moral abuse lasts more than a few months. And certainly you should not turn a blind eye to infidelity. Remember that treason is a betrayal of you!

How to treat difficulties in the relationship

Lovely girls, wonderful women! Look around! You are beautiful!

Before you have a man in your life who failed to appreciate you, you probably enjoyed the attention of other men. You also went on a date, you have other interests, hobbies. You shouldn’t dwell on failed relationships. It happens in life that one man did not appreciate you, fell out of love. There will be another.

Not every man can be a good husband. If he has qualities such as charm, sociability, generosity – it does not guarantee that you will have a successful marriage. Much more important in a partner is the ability to support in a difficult minute, the ability to hear and listen to you, to find a compromise, etc.

Even if it now seems that besides this man, who criticizes you and lowers your self-esteem, you will not find anyone else – believe me, it’s not so. And sometimes it’s better to be alone than to be with a partner who is like an energy vampire, pulls out of you life force. It’s better to spend your time trying to find a man who will love and appreciate you than to spend time trying to “put down” a relationship with someone who can’t make you happy. Remember, as Marilyn Monroe used to say, “It has to be good with a man, I can live badly myself!” After all, in a relationship it’s not what you have a partner in principle that matters, but how harmonious and positive is your relationship with him.

If a man does not really love, how he behaves.

Many women often wonder: if a man does not really love, how he behaves? Psychology provides clear answers. In the behavior of an insincere in his feelings, there are peculiarities.

The impact on a woman’s self-esteem

It seems that life goes according to a clear plan, but suddenly there is a feeling that something is still wrong. The woman begins to feel that she is no longer beautiful and interesting, she thinks that her boyfriend’s opinion of her has changed considerably.

Of course, the man does not tell his lady of the heart that she is unattractive or became boring, but he hints at this. For example, he suggests that she go to the gym or change her closet.

He may also pressure the woman, saying that her friends don’t want her. Allegedly they meet with her only because it is necessary. And these men like to add that no one will love this girl but him. Of course, this is not true.

In fact, such statements are attempts to assert themselves at someone else’s expense. These relations need to end as soon as possible.

It is not uncommon when a man allows himself to criticize his chosen one in front of friends. He begins to discuss all of her shortcomings and problems in the company. If he allows himself such humiliation, it is worth considering whether to continue the relationship with him.

A man is constantly angry or dissatisfied

If a man does not truly love, the way he behaves will quickly give him away. Psychologists claim that increased irritability can be a sign of a lack of feelings.

If he is constantly snapping at his lady of the heart, getting angry because of little things that he previously did not care about, then it is likely that love has passed. It is obvious that a woman pisses him off literally by looking at her. He wants to get rid of it, but to say it directly, he did not dare for one reason or another.

It is best to call him for a frank conversation and find out why a man is always angry. In this case, you need to keep your emotions under control, not reacting to attacks. It is necessary to let him know that you simply want to understand the situation.

The thing is that the representatives of the stronger sex often refuse to listen to reason, because they are afraid of women’s tears and tantrums. They believe that the conversation about the separation will be met negatively. And so they keep silent, but their patience comes to an end, because of which they snapped at the girl.

He says fewer pleasant words.

It is no secret that lovers often give each other affectionate or funny nicknames that only they understand. Hearing these words is always pleasant, they create a special atmosphere between lovers.

The choice of an affectionate nickname occurs by itself, it shows how a person treats his chosen one. And men also need tenderness, although they rarely show it. So if he suddenly began to make faces at moments when a woman calls him “kitty” and hugs him, it is a sure sign of a lack of feelings.

The holidays together are flying out of his head.

There are simply forgetful people who can be forgiven for ignoring a particular holiday or two, but you can always make yourself a “reminder”. If a man is important to the woman, he will try by all means not to forget the important event.

But when feelings wane, the holidays cease to be important. A man begins to distance himself from his relatives, and during joint gatherings with them he thinks about leaving as soon as possible. This is a very bad sign.

A man avoids physical contact.

When a man does not really love, he distances himself not only morally, but also physically. If he behaves like this, you should be wary. As experts in psychology, physical contact means a lot to a couple in love. Even simple touches are important.

When a man walks away from the hug, does not allow himself to take the hand, and he ceases to be affectionate, there is nothing to talk about love. He can find the silliest excuses to avoid a hug. Naturally, we are not talking about one or two cases, but about systematic attempts to avoid the touch of his chosen one.

He tries to provoke the rupture of relations.

Surely everyone knows such situations when a certain act has become a point in the relationship. For most people who know the couple, this explanation for the breakup seems silly, as it is not always obvious conflict or treason. It could be some word thrown in the heat of emotion, and the like.

When a man wants a woman to leave him, he does not go into direct conflict with her. Instead, he prefers to lead her to think about the separation herself.

For example, he begins to come to friends’ meetings alone, often sits late at work, and behaves rudely without reason. Most likely, his feelings are over, but he is not going to take responsibility for the breakup. After a serious conversation, things will probably become clear.

A man is trying to save money on his lover

Nowadays, it is considered quite normal when a man takes responsibility for his lady of the heart, pays for her, makes her some gifts, etc. For many members of the stronger sex it is very important, they consider it an integral part of the relationship, implying that thus a woman will feel as a stone wall.

And if the chosen one suddenly stopped making gifts or giving money for minor needs, and before it did not cause him any questions, then it is a reason to think about what has suddenly changed. Probably, he stopped considering this girl worthy of his “investment”.

He stops helping.

If a man doesn’t really love, he stops helping. This version of how he behaves is one of those that clearly shows a lack of feeling. The psychology is such that a man who loves is willing to do anything to help his chosen one.

He will not wait for a specific request for help, but will do everything himself. If a woman notices that her beloved stops responding even to obvious difficulties, suggesting that she cope on her own, then he is definitely no longer in love.

When it seems that the man no longer has feelings, it is worth talking to him seriously and understanding why this happened. Sometimes the relationship can be saved, but in some cases, unfortunately, have to break up.

To summarize.

  1. If a man has lost feelings for a woman, then his behavior will definitely tell about it.
  2. Often representatives of the stronger sex try to push girls to break up on their own.
  3. The most obvious signs of a lack of love – constant criticism, rude jokes with friends, moodiness and irritability.

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