The girl wants but does not give

Reasons why a girl does not give you

In the last article I told you why and what a man needs a family. Today you will find out why a girl does not give you.

You’ve been courting her for a long time, but the relationship has not moved from the dead point? You shower her with flowers, give her gifts, take her to expensive restaurants and take her out of the house. She takes it all, but she doesn’t give it to you, right?

Why aren’t you getting sex from her? Ready to know the truth about why a broad wants it but won’t give it to you? She’s aroused and then she’s gone.

It’s simple: you’re a deer.

What did you think? That I’d tell you she’s got PMS or she’s got mental problems? Or maybe it’s the wrong phase of the moon.

She doesn’t give because she doesn’t see you as a man. And you’re not trying very hard to show you have balls.

How long are you gonna keep begging a girl for sex and not taking it yourself? Understand, there’s no such thing as “she didn’t give” – there’s “you didn’t take”. Period.

Reasons why a girl does not give you

You overestimate her importance.

This is a problem with most men. You don’t have a problem with girls who are lower than you, agree? You act naturally with them, you don’t care if she gives it to you or not. But as soon as you meet someone who’s higher than you, you start having problems.

You feel like you have to be a super multimillionaire to get her interested. You indulge her every request and agree to everything.

And are you happy with the results? If you’re living in hope that her majesty will give it to you, I have bad news for you. She won’t. Because by overestimating someone’s worth, you’re underestimating yours – and why would a woman want to sleep with a low-ranking male? She’ll be stalling you for months and months offering to check your feelings.

2. you listen to her.

You feel like what she said is the way it should be. If she doesn’t like your choice of movie, you’ll go to a snotty melodrama. If she told you to pick her up, you’ll pick her up. If she doesn’t want to meet you today, you’ll call her tomorrow. And if she doesn’t want to see you tomorrow, you call her the day after that.

If you’re all so right and good, if you put other people’s desires and whims above your own – then why are you surprised that you are not given? People like you are simply being tricked.

The girl says one thing, but wants something else entirely. And by refusing you sex, she wants to see how you will behave. How you act towards her. How you’ll pursue her.

Don’t listen to a woman – look at her!

You’re too shy to show your true desires.

Many would like to sleep with her – but you are trying hard to prove that you are not. That you’re interested in her inner world and what she eats for breakfast. So you talk to her about work and the weather and clouds and movies and Bach opera. And at night, when you’re alone, you google “why isn’t the girl giving it up?”

Now answer the question: why do women take so long to get their makeup on? Why do they constantly visit beauty salons? Why do they spend so much money on shopping and plastic surgery?

To be in demand in the male world. And if she came to you on a date, it means she was interested in you as a man.

So don’t be afraid to show it! Give her compliments, flirt, be sure to touch, touch – every way to show that she is interesting to you as a woman. That you want her.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen. You’ll be like everyone else. At best, you’ll lead the cavalry of her idiot admirers.

4. you take a passive position

In continuation of the previous reason. Remember how often you sit on a date and wait for the right opportunity to touch her hand?

Now remember, a man doesn’t wait for the right occasions. He creates them himself.

Or are you waiting for her to make the first move herself? Will she text you first, put your hand on her chest, take your car keys and drive you to her house?

You’re the man – you do everything! You say where and when to meet, what we’ll do, you entertain her, you seduce her, you kiss her, you take her home, you unhook her bra, you … In general, all you.

5. You don’t know how to recognize her SSS.

One of the reasons you don’t have sex is that you don’t know how to recognize the latent sexual cues of “your” bachelorette.

Women are like books, and it’s your job to learn to read them. Sometimes she doesn’t even realize that her gestures hint at a desire for sex. If she’s not frigid, you’ll quickly see that she’s interested in you.

6. You’re nice and proper. In short, boring.

You’re someone who’s used to opening doors for a woman, giving her room, complimenting her and asking permission about everything. You’re good and right.

Who instilled these principles in you? As a child it was my mother, who gave me an understanding of the word “good”. Then the teachers, the girls at school, stomping away the last eggs.

You’re used to acting on command and not worrying about anything, because a woman will solve all problems. And what’s so sexy about that? What’s in it for the weaker sex?

You know who women sleep with? Who do they want during the day, at night and right after sex? Do they want in the bedroom, on the table, at the movies, in the bathroom, and on the boardwalk?

Women reach for the bad guys. Because assholes are the alpha. It’s strength, it’s leadership, it’s masculinity and emotion. They give off a brutal energy.

This is the type of man that makes girls want to possess him, to tame and domesticate him like a wild beast. This is the scenario that every girl sees in her rosy dreams before going to bed.

The bad guy is unpredictable. The young lady is excited and spurred on by interest, intrigue, inner strength, and risk. Such a man is used to winning and achieving. It’s courage. It is action. It’s results.

7. There is no process of seduction.

You don’t seduce because you don’t know how to seduce.

Don’t you agree? You think you understand a lot? What makes you think that? What makes you a guru? How many women have you been with? What have they been like?

No one taught you how to position yourself properly. Your father didn’t – rather for everything, in your family your mother was in charge. You didn’t have the right male model of behavior in front of your eyes from childhood.

Complexes from childhood, unsuccessful first experience with the opposite sex – there could be many reasons, but the result is one. All you know about women is just the advice of your friends, who do not understand anything about it themselves.

You have no step by step working model of behavior with the girl: how to meet her, how to call her out, how to date her, what to talk to her about on the date, how to start touching her, how to take her home and how to make her run after you with a mattress.

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So, what should you do if a girl won’t let you?

  1. Don’t overestimate her importance. By overestimating someone else’s importance, you underestimate your own. A girl also wants sex-so get her!

Why does the girl does not give.

For men and women it is natural to want intimacy. The desire to procreation is inherent in nature, so why does not she give and resists? Sex is fun, healthy and logical, if two people are in love with each other. Maybe you’ve been dating for a long time and it’s time to move into bed, or you’ve had intimacy before, but now the girl avoids it. Let’s look at different situations and figure out why it occurred and what to do if a girl doesn’t give.

First, let’s look at the common reasons that are not up to you. The girl does not give because of her “corners” or other objective-subjective reasons.

Reason #1: In the wrong place at the wrong time, so she does not give

Sometimes you can see that the girl wants to, but does not give. You are lost in your guesses and do not understand what is wrong, and the reasons may be banally simple:

  1. She doesn’t have nice underwear and is embarrassed to get naked. She found herself unprepared for intimacy and wants your first or hundredth time to be pretty, and she’s wearing “granny pantaloons.” You could try turning down the lights, maybe that will relax her.
  2. She’s having her “critical days.” For a minute, out of 30 days, a girl has 3-10 “red” days, and also don’t forget the discomfort before and after this event. So there you have it, that in the most unpleasant case, a whole third of the month could be out of the sexual schedule. And if her days are short, no one has cancelled the “law of meanness.
  3. She hasn’t prepared her body. For example, she didn’t shave her legs, which makes her feel terrible.
  4. The girl has done killer makeup, used push-up or body-correcting underwear. She may be afraid that in the process of undressing her man will lose all desire.
  5. The environment is not conducive to intimacy: the back seat of a car or a movie theater will not suit every girl.
  6. You had an unpleasant conversation. You or she was reminiscing about exes and it killed the romantic mood.

Reason #2: She’s too good for you.

At least, that’s what she thinks. Why would she think that? You may have elevated her to Goddess status yourself with your obsessive attention, dithyrambs, and gifts. Or maybe someone already spoiled her before you did. If you allow yourself to be wiped off the floor, she definitely won’t give you even out of pity. Every girl wants a real man by her side, and those who humiliate themselves are not worthy of her attention.

Reason #3: You’re just a friend to her

There is universal advice on what to do to get a girl to give: from the very beginning, properly build a relationship. Friendly communication and interest in the girl as a person is a great base, but you shouldn’t forget about feelings, attraction and passion. If you’re adults, you’ve been friends for a few months and things don’t go any further than communication, it’s logical to assume that you’re being used and kept in a friendzone.

Reason #4: She’s looking for a sponsor

A pretty girl can turn out to be a regular concubine. She benefits from not giving as long as possible to fuel your interest in her. In the early stages it is not so easy to recognize that she only cares about the size of your purse, but still worth paying attention to these “bells”:

  • she often complains about financial difficulties and hints that she wouldn’t refuse help;
  • she talks about money right away: literally from the first meeting;
  • She tries to keep her distance, but she piques your interest.

Reason #5: She’s convinced that all men are lustful males

This “truth” might have been drummed into her by her parents, movies and TV shows, or girlfriends. But she believes that intimacy should not be on first dates, so if a man is assertive, she finds it strange. This is usually the way girls who have no or little sexual experience reason. Maybe she burned herself and now she has a hard time trusting men. If the girl does not give, it is important to understand the real reason. There may be the reverse situation, when the guy purposely does not touch the subject of intimacy, waiting until the girl is “mature”. This, too, is wrong, because the initiative must still belong to the man.

Reason No. 6: She is shy and full of complexes

It would seem that her complexes are her problems, but this is not the case: they ricochet on you. This manifests itself in the fact that she’s self-conscious about her body and appearance, so she won’t agree to have sex. And if it comes to intimacy, her complexes will prevent you both from relaxing. An explosion of passion won’t happen because she will constantly hold herself back.

Reason #7: She’s saving herself for “the one.”

Well, since you’re still not in the same bed, you’re probably not the one. You either have to convince her otherwise, or leave your empty attempts to storm the impregnable fortress behind. Men are turned on by inaccessibility, but this game is dangerous for both: at a certain point, your goal is to win her at all costs, and when sex finally happens, it turns out that you have little connection. It’s good if it doesn’t come to marriage, children and a mortgage: then the realization of your mistake and stubbornness is even more painful.

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5 situations where it’s all about you

In the situations above, it’s clear how to act, but it’s harder to confess that it’s about you. What to do if the girl does not give? Look for the cause, not only in her and others, but also in yourself:

  1. You didn’t have time to shower before the meeting and you smell intensely “manly.” Not every girl likes the natural smell of a man, especially if he spent time in the garage, at work or just arrived from the cottage. It may not even be about the scent itself, but that a woman will see this attitude as neglect.
  2. You’re trying to buy sex with her with gifts. Some guys believe that if they took a girl to a cafe and a movie, gave her a piece of jewelry, she should repay them with her body. Some women are happy with this format of communication, while others are repulsed and intimidated.
  3. You’re inflating her self-esteem by humiliating yourself.
  4. You’re not trying to seduce her and you’re waiting for her initiative. And she’s hoping you’ll make the first move yourself.
  5. You’re too right and good and she’s bored with you. The best is the enemy of the good. Don’t be too sugary.

Why doesn’t the girl who used to give

The phrase “My girlfriend does not give me” reverberate on all the forums on the Internet. Why is this so? Here are the most popular reasons that will help you to understand what you need to change in order to improve your personal life:

  1. She is trivial tired.
  2. She has fallen out of love with you.
  3. You haven’t changed for the better: you’ve gained weight, you’ve neglected yourself.
  4. You have boring sex.
  5. You don’t care about her pleasure, so she doesn’t want to waste time on your satisfaction. It used to be that the girl had to lie there and be patient, but now she has the right to refuse.
  6. One of you has cheated.

What to do if a girl does not want intimacy

When a girl does not give, it is important not to give in to emotions and not to rush from extreme to extreme. Be a man and show restraint and tact by first finding out the reason for her behavior and then taking action:

  1. Explain to her that sex is a normal physiological need. That your hormones are raging and you willy-nilly start paying attention to other girls because of the lack of sex. Especially weighty argument will be if you have been together for a long time and the girl stopped giving because of unknown reasons. An honest conversation will help to understand her fears and difficulties and to establish a normal relationship.
  2. Carefully watch your appearance so that you always have a well-groomed male with a burning look in the mirror. Girls are attracted to energy, physical attractiveness: she herself will get you into bed, if you will broadcast sex only with your presence.
  3. Give yourself away a little: let her think about what’s wrong with her. The way will help if your relationship is in no way concrete and balances on the edge of romance and friendship. If you’re with her both ways, and she still keeps her distance, it’s time to quietly put the matter to the point. Let her feel that she can lose you, and then she will have to decide whether to get closer or break up.
  4. Convince her that you are serious about her. You don’t have to run after the ring and fulfill all her whims, just show by your actions and say out loud that you see her as the person you would like to be together forever. Keep your doubts and hesitations to yourself: a man should be specific, and if you feel that such words would be a lie, it is better to find one with which they will be true. A girl doesn’t give because she’s not sure about you.

Now you know what to do if a girl doesn’t give. There are essentially two reasons: either she’s not the right girl, or you’re not putting in enough effort. It’s up to you to make her realize that you’re her perfect match.

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