The first year of married life: the list in order

What to give the newlyweds for 1 year since their wedding day

1 year of marriage is considered an important day of married life together for a reason. It was on this day a year ago the couple legalized their relationship and all the events in memory are still fresh. After a year of relationship as spouses passion and sensuality do not fade, on the contrary, they are gaining momentum with new strength. Especially if a new addition to the young family is planned. Therefore, this date should not be left unnoticed, it is recommended to note it at least somehow, whether it’s a modest gathering at home or a magnificent celebration like the wedding itself. It is important to notify invited guests that, according to the signs, it is impossible to come to such a date without a gift.

What is the name of the first year since the wedding?

Popularly, the date is referred to as the chintz wedding. This meaning has stuck since ancient times. When chintz was used as a material for babies. And after a year of relationship couples traditionally planned a pregnancy. Hence went such an unromantic name.

There is a second theory of the origin of the name. It is related to the fact that the couple is still unstable in terms of relationships, any small troubles can shake the union. And calico is also a fragile material. It can also symbolize the simplicity and routine of the days that the couple will live after a few months together.

There is a more frivolous version of the origin of the name. According to her, calico was often previously used as a material for bed linen due to its availability. And probably by the end of the first year of married life, it will need to be replaced because of the active use in the first year of life together.

If you want to choose a themed gift, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Traditional adherence to the chintz theme. Not too romantic, but such a gift will definitely come in handy;
  • A chintz wedding is an occasion to give a symbol that is the strengthening of a previously legitimized relationship;
  • always in the theme of gifts of an individual plan, focused on the hobbies of the partner. This will show consideration and mutual affection.

Also, some couples are advised to forget about common stereotypes and give a common gift to both newlyweds, rather than individually to each.

Customs and omens for a chintz wedding

From ancient times to the present day have survived some omens and customs associated with this date:

  • it is believed that if on the memorable date to let a stranger into the house or apartment, then one of the lovers may decide to cheat in the future. The stranger in this case symbolizes a third stranger;
  • simultaneous awakening on the morning of the commemoration symbolizes the imminent birth of a child. Perhaps the girl is already pregnant, even if she does not yet suspect it;
  • On the eve of the omens advise to change the underwear for a new, clean one. Thus, the family will maintain peace and love;
  • If the day went easily and calmly, then later the spouses will also get along with each other;
  • To preserve the strength of feelings the couple can give each other handkerchiefs of chintz, the edges of which are tied with knots. It is important to hide the handkerchiefs in a closet or other secluded place away from prying eyes;
  • If guests are invited, it is important to pay attention to the first visitor. The man who comes first symbolizes future material prosperity. The woman bodes well for an early pregnancy for the bride;
  • Orthodox couples are encouraged to visit the church, ordering each other a prayer service and placing candles for health;
  • if the couple decides to celebrate the date in a lavish way, you should invite close relatives and friends who were previously present at the celebration itself to ensure the stability of future relationships;
  • on the day of the chintz wedding, it is recommended to open the very bottle of champagne that the couple had set aside at the wedding a year ago;
  • the couple is encouraged to wear any clothing, but the material must be chintz;
  • giving the couple socks or pants can increase their risk of breaking up later.

Some couples celebrate the big day by getting married in church, moving it from the day of a standard wedding. It is believed that it is the wedding ceremony for the wedding year that will make the marriage lasting and faithful.

Should I celebrate my first wedding anniversary?

It is up to the couple to decide this delicate question on their own. But more often than not, the couple decides to celebrate the important date by inviting the closest relatives and friends to visit at home. Such a celebration is another reason to bring together important people who were with the couple on the significant day.

Deciding where to celebrate the first wedding anniversary is simple. Most couples go with the standard option and celebrate in a family home setting. Some choose a more unconventional option with a themed hike to a restaurant or cafe. But most agree that the home setting is more cozy and has a theme to the date. At home, you will be able to refresh the memory of some moments from the wedding, reviewing photo and video materials provided by photographers and cameramen.

If you choose to go to a cafe or restaurant, you should not skimp. It is recommended to choose the best place in town. The ideal and romantic option would be to book tables in the place where the celebration itself was played a year ago. In the chosen place, everyone should be comfortable. If you have a desire, you can invite to the party host or Toastmasters. Such a reception will lift the mood and allow for a few hours to go back a year.

But not all couples prefer a quiet home celebration of such a date. It is not uncommon for couples to purposely go out and spend time together on this day. A 1-year wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to have either a romantic dinner or a trip for the two of them to a nearby town not far from home. Such a trip will be remembered by the lovers in a special, romantic setting. You can arrange a more modest celebration with a visit to an interesting movie at the local movie theater. Spending leisure time together will be the key to a great mood for the young couple for several days to come.

What to present on the anniversary?

In order not to go wrong with the choice of a gift, to begin with, it is recommended to determine its functionality:

  • The traditional symbolism of the first anniversary of marriage;
  • assistance in the subsequent strengthening of the family union;
  • the desire to emphasize the individuality of the couple or partners separately;
  • a simple and useful gift in the domestic aspect.

For example, a practical gift can be a missing in the home of the couple appliances and interior elements. Thus, relatives and friends will save the couple from the need to take loans, as well as make their life easier. You can give a gift made of chintz as a symbol of the date, for example:

  • chintz bedding;
  • a set of tablecloths and napkins made of chintz;
  • towels for various needs;
  • beautiful chintz curtains;
  • a picture embroidered with their own hands from chintz materials;
  • handkerchiefs with the couple’s identifying initials;
  • gift certificates to clothing stores;
  • textile tablecloths and mats;
  • comfortable cushions for kitchen chairs;
  • if the baby is already born, you can provide the couple with clothes and supplies for the baby;
  • tapestries for home or apartment décor;
  • kitchen gloves made of chintz under hot dishes;
  • couples T-shirts to order with photos or inscriptions;
  • mugs for a couple;
  • couples sets for sushi.

In addition, you can give original paired household items, such as a paired sweater or umbrella, gloves.

What to give to a spouse

According to tradition, in order for the family relationship to remain strong, the wife had to make a gift for her husband with her own hands. Some couples keep this tradition. If you do not want to be limited to one handmade gift, you can choose it from the following options:

  • Do not exclude that in the family was prosperity can be presented chintz underpants with a pocket for bills;
  • a chintz shirt, which can either be sewn or purchased to order in a good store;
  • a business jacket for entrepreneurs or career people;
  • T-shirts with humorous inscriptions;
  • A bottle of wine or quality cognac. If the husband does not drink, it is better not to give such a gift;
  • a purse with money inside. To give an empty purse – to ruin;
  • ties with unusual colors;
  • a box for lunches. The gift comes in handy especially for big bosses and office workers;
  • It is possible to record a song of his own performance, if there are vocal inclinations.

Do not exclude the value of a gift for the interests of a spouse, no matter how unconventional they may be. Still, in the chintz wedding need to give those gifts that will be useful in later life. You can unconventionally approach the issue, giving the husband himself with a booked hotel room or a visit to an unusual themed club. The main thing is that such a gift does not become an occasion for discord due to the behavior of the spouse in such clubs.

What to present to the wife for a chintz wedding

You should not give girls overly practical gifts like frying pans on such a date. The lady can at least be offended, considering such an approach as lack of attention to her own person and the lack of importance of the relationship. It is also better not to pay off with money, showing indifference. Ladies are sensitive to this approach and resentment can follow immediately. In order to keep the strength of the relationship, it is important to approach the issue of choosing a gift more carefully and take the following options into consideration:

  • It is no secret that most women are reverent about the state of their closet. Therefore, a certificate for a considerable amount in the favorite store of the spouse will not be superfluous. If a man is confident in his knowledge of taste, you can independently pick up the thing his woman needs. Also remembering that within 14 days you can return the thing in any store and exchange it if it did not fit the size or other criteria;
  • intimate lingerie, but if the lady is too sensitive to this issue and prefers herself to choose such details, it is better to give up the idea. Otherwise, the gift can be perceived as a lack of sexuality;
  • a beautiful chintz nightgown, especially if you plan a joint evening;
  • a box for cosmetics or jewelry storage;
  • a trip to a place that the girl has been dreaming about for a long time. Preferably, a joint one;
  • a box of sweets in her favorite format;
  • a set of tea or coffee according to the spouse’s preferences.

You can also choose as a gift a certificate for a coveted photo shoot or courses. Education is never superfluous, even as a gift.

1 year of marriage – congratulations

One year has passed since the wedding – the first anniversary! Feelings strengthened, you have become wiser. Let happiness be one for two, Take care of happiness for your children, your relatives!

Let there be no storms in your hearth, Let the flame of love Never fade, Let prosperity be, and success in deeds. And love each other the most!

You’ve lived your first year together, Helping each other in every way. Happy chintz wedding Today we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.

Let there be happiness in your home, Warmth of love and prosperity, We wish you to surround each other with trembling attention.

May you keep your hearth and home, Do not grieve in vain, Live in happiness and peace, Your couple is so beautiful!

One year ago You became a couple, The official family. # On this day of great importance, Congratulate you in love!

Keep up the good work And give light to the people. ♪ Light up your home with happiness, you’ll never be unsuccessful ♪

And love each other as much as you did when for the first time in public you said the word: “Yes!”.

One year you’ve been married. A year in harmony, in love. Have you ever been able to live without each other?

You’re family, you’re one And though the years fly By, together you’re invincible. Don’t you ever quarrel.

On this chintz wedding day, we’ll be shouting “Hallelujah!” again. And we wish you both: Be loved, be loved!

Congratulations on your first tender date! One year married, that’s just great!

Let the chintz not tear, Let it stand firm Together, that’s the whole law.

The first year of married life Has flown by so fast. # We know it’s not perfect, but it’s been a loving time “We’d like to congratulate you on your “chintz” and say three or four together: We wish you happiness! We wish you a happy and healthy family, Sharing your burdens, Strengthening your union!

One year passed, there’s no doubt, Your life’s a dessert! Happy anniversary, we wish you happiness and joy!

Let love reign in our family, It makes our blood boil. Let there be no quarrels, Let your misfortunes keep you safe!

More luck in your life, Strength, luck and patience. May you be successful in your endeavors, Kindness and reverence.

Let your chintz wedding Give you Happiness, tender joy without edge, And successes, like in the movies!

Let it fulfill all your wishes, Let it give inspiration, Life will be carefree And dreams will come true!

With your first anniversary Please accept our congratulations, Be happy couple, Love you more and more Every day!

I Won’t let your feelings melt And I Won’t let storks visit Your warm home More often!

What’s not to give

It is worth remembering that today’s couples do not always tend to have children in the first year of life. Therefore, if without consulting with them to present the paraphernalia for a child, you can spoil friendly relations.

Appropriate gift will be solely in the presence of a small family member. Children’s clothing should be chosen carefully, most young mothers prefer to solve this issue on their own. If the guest is not a close friend of the young family, the best choice will be a gift of neutral purpose.

Gifts of an intimate nature have the right to give only members of the inner circle, as they are best aware of the tastes of the spouses. Certificates for extreme sports may also be not the best, albeit original idea. Animals should not be given without the couple’s knowledge, either.

Even if it is obvious that there is an item that the couple lacks in the household, not being their close friend should not make the purchase themselves. Before this step, you should discuss the need with friends or relatives. You should also discuss together the possibility of a large gift in the form of technology, do not make decisions alone.

In order for the date of the 1-year wedding to go smoothly, it is important to choose a competent gift and conduct the event properly. Options such as t-shirts, towels, tablecloths, oven mitts and other small household utensils can serve as gifts. It is worth remembering that in the first year of life together, it is not so much the value of the gift that is important, as the attention of the couple to each other and the environment to them.

When and how do they celebrate the chintz wedding anniversary?

Each wedding anniversary has its own symbolic name. The first date of married life is called a chintz wedding. The spouses have only lived together for 1 year, but their relationship has already changed a lot.

What is it?

Nowadays, it has become fashionable to celebrate a chintz wedding. Although it is undoubtedly a solemn date, the young ones are going through a not-so-easy stage of life at this point. Try to remember what a chintz is – it is beautiful, very delicate, airy, but at the same time it is quite thin and with any careless handling it is immediately torn.

Such a comparison is often quite accurate – it’s no secret that in the first year of life falls apart a lot of marriages. When a family just begins to live in one house, then after the “bonbon-bouquet” stage is quite difficult to readjust to the solution of everyday issues, many are not able to withstand such a sharp transition from romance to life, spouses become irritated by any shortcomings of their halves, and relations sometimes do not withstand the burden of oncoming responsibility.

But if the spouses have stood their ground, learned to understand and accept each other and seek compromise, then their life will be as bright as calico, and it is very possible that they will keep their feelings for many years and will be able to meet hand in hand and a golden wedding.

However, there is a more historical version of the appearance of the definition of the very first anniversary of married life. In olden times, many families in the first year after the wedding managed to give birth to a child, or were waiting for him to come into the world, which is why the young were often given chintz for sewing diapers. This material is one of the most comfortable and gentle for the baby’s skin. Unfortunately, in these years, many people are in no hurry to have a baby immediately after marriage, preferring a few years to live for themselves. However, to be fair, we should note that even now this version has not lost its relevance, as many people nowadays prefer to live in a civil marriage and decide to legalize their relationship only when they are expecting a new addition.

Traditions and omens

Folk omens on the anniversary of the marriage indicate that the young family during this period can be both cut and, on the contrary, significantly strengthened.

At this point, the relationship between husband and wife is very fragile and is often subject to negative influences from the outside. It is very important on the very first birthday of the family not to let strangers and bad people into the house. It is accepted that if you let in an unwanted guest, it will lead to infidelity soon: if a woman enters the house, the spouse will cheat, and if a man knocks on the door, infidelity can be expected from the young wife.

If on the day after the wedding night, both woke up at the same time – it is for a quick conception.

It is necessary that on the day of the chintz wedding, the bedding should be perfectly clean and ironed, crumpled or undried things can cause problems between the spouses, at least that is what the folk beliefs say.

On the family’s first birthday the young couple should present each other with a closet item. There is a belief that if a girl presents her life partner a cotton shirt, then their whole fate will be based on exceptional loyalty and strong feelings, and if she presents a handkerchief – on diligence and common cause.

However, giving socks as well as pants and leggings on such a day is a very bad omen. Folk rumor says that in this case, the gift is able to send the lover away from home and lead to a long separation.

In addition, they say that if the whole day of the first anniversary the young will spend in peace and harmony, then their life will be full of love, tolerance and respect, but if the spouses will argue and quarrel a lot, then their joint future is very doubtful.

There are omens associated with the guests who are invited to the celebration.

So, if the first man comes to the house, it is for the financial prosperity of the family, and if a woman – for the earliest appearance of the child.

Since ancient times, on the chintz wedding there have been interesting ceremonies, which are intended to ensure the spouses a long and peaceful life. To do this, the spouses together should buy an ordinary handkerchief and exactly on the day of the first anniversary take it by the opposite edges, tie a tight knot on each and utter the phrase: “I tie a knot, I bring my fate to me. In the house I call – from all ways and distant roads close it, one / one to myself forever leave. As the knot is firmly tied, so we are bound to each other. Always be together and love forever. You must say these words three times, then roll up the handkerchief and put it in a safe place.

On the chintz wedding is customary to organize a celebration, because it is a landmark in the life of the newlyweds, no less important than the golden, and it is not surprising that many want to make it memorable. Such a celebration can be arranged anywhere – at home, in a restaurant, at the cottage or in the countryside. You can arrange a large feast, or you can confine yourself to a couple or three best friends.

Regardless of the scale of the event there are ancient traditions that are worth adhering to if you want to make a truly strong and loving family.

The festive table must necessarily be covered with a chintz fabric , and it is desirable if the young spouse will make a small embroidery on it. The tablecloth, as well as all the ornaments on it, should be made in delicate pastel shades. At the anniversary must be sure to be witnesses, as well as the parents of both young people.

At the wedding party it is good to give the couple a couple of bottles of sparkling champagne – one drink at the wedding, but the second is saved for the first anniversary.

The bride should wear a closet or accessories, sewed by his wife with her own hands from chintz fabric. And the husband should wear a t-shirt or shirt made of the same material – on it the wife should also do a little embroidery. The room in which the event is held should be decorated with chintz draperies.

Of course, few people these days pay homage to traditions, but if possible, they should be observed. Important family celebrations such as the first chintz marriage anniversary are better celebrated in accordance with the beliefs and traditions of their people – this will not only strengthen the relationship between husband and wife, but also make their bond more reverent and romantic.

At the celebration of the first anniversary it is customary to hold a photo shoot.

As a rule, the place for it is chosen by a photographer, but most often they arrange a photo area in the place where the event takes place. To decorate such a photo area use ribbons and handkerchiefs of cotton fabric.

Ideas for photo sessions can be very different. A remake of the very first date is very popular. To recreate the event with which your story began, you need as carefully as possible to remember all the details of that meeting, your feelings, thoughts, feelings. Be sure to visit the very place where you first met – there you will surely be imbued with the spirit of lyrical adventurism. And the operator himself will choose the most precious moments and take pictures of you.

Quite often for a chintz wedding they hold a photo shoot in your wedding outfits – the very ones you wore a year ago. Very stylish and atmospheric look similar garments on the background of abandoned temples or in some romantic corners of your region.

Photos in nature always look perfect. It will be especially beautiful if you hold a photo set on horses – beautiful places and these noble animals make the frames really beautiful and a little magical.

Many people prefer to have a themed photo shoot on this day, for example, cowboy, Chicago style, with ethnic motifs. It can be a staging of a favorite movie or a color photo shoot. In the latter case, all guests should come to the event in accordance with the dress code, which reflects the ideas and themes of the event.

Table decor

The celebration of the first anniversary should be taken with all the responsibility, to show imagination and creativity. To begin with, it is necessary to decide on the place of celebration and decide how to decorate the banquet. Of course, you can arrange a feast at home or go to a cafe/restaurant, but a small country house will be more romantic. Especially good if it will be a wooden construction. Such a material will create a real atmosphere of warmth and family comfort.

Trees and shrubs, located in the yard, should necessarily be decorated with ribbons of fabric of different shades, lace or handkerchiefs. Soft toys and an abundance of helium balloons will always be appropriate.

However, if you decide to celebrate in a city apartment, you can try to turn your cozy family nest into a truly atmospheric and chic place. For this you can hang chintz curtains or simply decorate the existing curtain with bright braid, buttons, various shawls on clothespins and beads.

This option is preferable for women who love to cook – in this case you can always surprise your guests and the one you are married to with your culinary delights.

The option of celebrating in nature with a barbecue or kebabs is also very interesting. You can combine the holiday with swimming in the river or a walk in the woods, and you can fly a kite or even a flashlight with wishes.

As we mentioned above, the table should be covered with a chintz tablecloth, and in addition, you can complement the decor with napkins from the same material. If you pre-starch them, they will look very decent.

Of course, a chintz wedding should not do without a cake – it can be a tall tiered dessert or a modest cake with themed decorations. But the cake stand can be supplemented with chintz fabric ribbons. For more gloss, they can be combined with satin or silk cutoffs.

Of course, any celebration requires a festively set table. But even if you consider yourself a perfect hostess, you should not be too zealous in the kitchen – it’s your holiday, and it will be no fun if you spend most of this festive day at the stove. Let your slogan for the day be simplicity – especially chintz wedding is steadily associated with delicious, but simple dishes.

Make an emphasis on fruits and vegetables – the way on your table will be a lot of salads, they are always popular at feasts. Take advantage of the original recipes that can pleasantly surprise your guests, but do not require much effort.

Sandwiches require very little time to prepare. Of course, they can be very simple, but stylish and original, not a bad option would be a canapé. On the table must be a light snack – choose the most original recipes, but try to do without garlic and other strong-smelling ingredients.

For a long time in Russia, wedding anniversaries were celebrated with a samovar. Nowadays not every family has such an attribute, so you can confine yourself to juices, cocktails and soda.

“Highlight” of the program must be a cake, and it is better if it will make an experienced confectioner, decorating the wedding decor or interesting inscriptions.

And, of course, it is impossible to do completely without hot dishes – the celebration, as a rule, drags on for several hours and the guests have time to go hungry, especially if the holiday takes place in the countryside.

For the hungriest guests, you can prepare simple meat dishes – chops, steak or roast pork, and in addition, offer the guests cakes and pies.

Your guests should not leave hungry.

What to get?

The first anniversary is very important for loving people, because it shows that the man and the woman to whom he is married are determined to support each other and plan to spend their entire lives together. That is why on such a day it is worth making each other small but significant gifts.

Traditionally buy chintz linens and tablecloths. However, if all the guests present the same gift, it is unlikely to please the young, so alternatives are possible. To begin with, you can give the same linen, but sewn from cotton or linen. These materials are close in texture, so interchangeable.

You can be more original and give both spouses T-shirts with individual text. Surely the young couple will like the paired products, made on your own layout. Here the course may be a family photo, a declaration of love or some phrases that are important only to the spouses.

Not bad would be the gift of aprons, so that spouses can be together to deal with cooking for the whole family. It has been noted that such a pastime brings them closer together and eases tensions in personal relationships.

Invited guests should also pay special attention to gifts. Keep in mind that at this moment, the family is still very young and their family nest they are just beginning to equip, so they will be useful for any gifts – bedding, bedspreads, home textiles, as well as practical things – household appliances or furniture, decorative items will also benefit the young couple. But regardless of what you will give, keep in mind that the package with the gift must necessarily be tied with a ribbon of chintz material.

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