The crocodile game: task cards print out and play!

The crocodile game: task cards print out and play!

The “crocodile” game is versatile and can cheer up any company. There are no age restrictions. Players develop their wits, and acting abilities are revealed.

Just start playing, all participants will have excitement and ardor in their eyes. The game “Crocodile” is not limited in time.

Download cards for the game Crocodile

Original Crocodile cards in pdf. The templates of cards with tasks in color + there are covers + game rules . Great quality, I recommend it! Tested by Kaspersky’s anti-virus – no viruses.

Block: 2/8 | characters Qty: 227 Source:

Ready quest scenarios for children and adults. For more information click on the image of interest.

The game “Crocodile” is able to entertain absolutely any company, regardless of age and opinion, it reveals the acting abilities and wit of the players. Once you start playing, as all participants appear excitement and unprecedented fervor in his eyes. My friends and I have long practiced this game, and, nevertheless, it is always a “hurrah,” and if the company brings new people, they are very happy to join it. You can make the whole entertainment program of the party from the different variations of the game, and your guests will be very happy. In addition, the game requires no previous training and no special equipment or room, you just want to play. And now I will tell the beginners the rules of the game and give some tips.

Template for cards (blank, editable)

Download an image, open it in Photoshop and paste the word you want. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it!

Block: 3/8 | Characters: 176 Source:

Assignment options

You can depict absolutely everything, up to abstract concepts, but you should always take into account the age group of the participants and their experience in this game. So, for example, it will be very difficult for a child to show “carburetor”, “p-n transition” or “stagnation”. Below we offer you the types of tasks with variants:

  • Unlimited words and word forms

The most challenging level. Suitable for students and those who are older.

  • Subject Restriction.

Options are more than enough and can be chosen for any company. For example: animals, work, professions, home, underwater world, cars, sports, clothes, aviation, culture, actors, food, celebrities, movies, fairy tale characters, abstraction, emotions, quotes and catch phrases, songs, in the woods, fishing, funny and fun,…

Examples of words to play “Crocodile”

Click on the button to reveal and view examples.

We hope that we reminded you of an interesting game for company and maybe you will need it soon;) Until new entertaining meetings, friends!

Download cards for the game crocodile: easy words

  1. wall
  2. liver
  3. temper
  4. sandbox
  5. sweet
  6. tangerine
  7. pace
  8. bouquet
  9. calendar
  10. winch
  11. club
  12. manager
  13. lefty
  14. brine
  15. як
  16. loss
  17. steamer
  18. square
  19. crossroads
  20. parabola
  21. predator
  22. hobo
  23. oil
  24. platform
  25. telegram
  26. czarina
  27. Wednesday
  28. button
  29. bone
  30. boyar
  31. inhabitant
  32. end
  33. poplar
  34. reason
  35. instinct
  36. radish
  37. rice
  38. the legend
  39. assembly
  40. wing
  41. cloud
  42. fisherman
  43. submarine
  44. maker
  45. cast
  46. orthodoxy
  47. boxer
  48. coffee grinder
  49. plaster
  50. letter
  51. heron
  52. palm
  53. search
  54. ogre
  55. row
  56. fax
  57. vandal
  58. toilet
  59. role
  60. snack
  61. butt
  62. mermaid
  63. beer
  64. scythe
  65. catfish
  66. space
  67. accordionist
  68. goat
  69. gossip
  70. soldier
  71. guard
  72. organ
  73. kiss
  74. utterance
  75. polish
  76. list
  77. garden
  78. attic
  79. conscience
  80. helm
  81. synopsis
  82. construction
  83. bottle
  84. cartoon
  85. teapot
  86. strawberry
  87. camp
  88. omelet
  89. warden
  90. spouse
  91. cotton
  92. horsemeat
  93. backpack
  94. amount
  95. bowling
  96. resin
  97. shaman
  98. pawnshop
  99. cup holder
  100. easy

Block: 4/8 | Number of characters: 791 Source:

Rules of the game “Crocodile”.

The player shows the word, using only mimics, gestures and movements. He is forbidden to pronounce words (any, even “yes”, “no”, etc.) and sounds, especially those that are easy to guess the word (for example, the sound “meow” can easily guess the cat).

2. It is forbidden to pronounce words with one’s lips.

3. It is forbidden to show the guessed word by its letters, i.e. to show words whose first letters will add up to the guessed word!

Guessers can: ask the player any questions; ask the player to show synonyms; list any variants that appear. Remember that a lot depends on the activity of those who guess, on their ability to ask the most essential questions.

5. A certain amount of time is allotted to show the word or phrase. If the correct answer is not sounded by the end of this period, the word is considered unguessed.

6. If one word is guessed, it must be a noun in the nominative case and singular (for example, any object or animal).

7. Attention! A word is considered to be solved if it is pronounced exactly as it was puzzled (with the same prefixes, suffixes, etc.). For example, the word “sunshine” was puzzled, in which case “sun” will be the wrong answer.

Crocodile cards: words of medium difficulty

  1. withdrawal
  2. utterance
  3. burime
  4. robber
  5. conduit
  6. squad
  7. sturgeon
  8. skeptic
  9. turf
  10. selectivity
  11. paranoid
  12. lemongrass
  13. fervor
  14. ecologist
  15. tobacco smoking
  16. gopher
  17. womb
  18. radio electronics
  19. cancan
  20. cheeky
  21. show
  22. abbreviation
  23. greenhouse
  24. light technician
  25. parking lot
  26. hazel
  27. person
  28. purchasing
  29. electrolysis
  30. spleen
  31. pseudosphere
  32. sufferer
  33. bleeding
  34. immigrant
  35. bellybutton
  36. bastard
  37. authentication
  38. ignorance
  39. application
  40. tear
  41. cot
  42. moth
  43. longevity
  44. corollary
  45. amateurism
  46. snowmobile
  47. selection
  48. retrograde
  49. fructose
  50. sanctimony
  51. prokaryotes
  52. antiparalogram
  53. sore
  54. self-preservation
  55. beekeeper
  56. communication
  57. tsunami
  58. flaw
  59. surveillance
  60. bliss
  61. anglicism
  62. stilettos
  63. mat
  64. contract
  65. transformation
  66. salinity
  67. antidote
  68. cuvette
  69. kaleidoscope
  70. Roquefort
  71. Pagliacci
  72. dominant
  73. internship
  74. cohabitation
  75. arrhythmia
  76. birch
  77. melissa
  78. foil
  79. engineering
  80. photo essay
  81. tulup
  82. writing
  83. gawker
  84. reaper
  85. microclimate
  86. graveyard
  87. emphasis
  88. boatman
  89. pentagram
  90. primate
  91. shamrock
  92. fortress
  93. rigging
  94. pornography
  95. legislator
  96. incompetence
  97. omission
  98. cartoonist
  99. delivery
  100. anesthesia

Block: 5/8 | Number of characters: 1029 Source:

There is no possibility to make cards in advance.

In a case like this, you can use objects. Collect various small-sized objects in an opaque box. Then the player takes out the item instead of the card and tries to represent it according to the same rules. Whoever guesses the item can take it back. Thus, there will be not only entertainment for the guests, but also symbolic memorable gifts.

For example: toothpaste; tea bag; spoon; handkerchief; tie; pen; chocolate; pencil; soap; notebook; ruler; apple; banana; orange; toilet paper; candy; cookies.

Crocodile game cards: very difficult

  1. shack
  2. bochard
  3. carabiner
  4. rip off
  5. dragger
  6. timekeeper
  7. aplomb
  8. metrology
  9. dandy
  10. freemason
  11. bargain
  12. podpalina
  13. pincher
  14. quilting
  15. peso
  16. egocentrist
  17. slyness
  18. charcoal industry
  19. servility
  20. scolopendra
  21. oaf
  22. tar
  23. lad
  24. brig
  25. clericalism
  26. attitude
  27. candybar
  28. constructivist
  29. accelerationist
  30. electability
  31. crucible
  32. otolaryngology
  33. anarchism
  34. console
  35. gutta-percha
  36. harmonist
  37. eccentric
  38. curmudgeonly
  39. discord
  40. Basmachi
  41. empire
  42. jadeite
  43. syneclise
  44. paintbrush
  45. ready-made
  46. public
  47. restructuring
  48. slacker
  49. contingent
  50. tarp
  51. disposer
  52. stiletto
  53. bravado
  54. confessional
  55. stick
  56. interference
  57. abscess
  58. astigmatism
  59. cobblestone
  60. indentation
  61. periodization
  62. military
  63. manuscript
  64. praise
  65. vegetation
  66. cadre
  67. proletariat
  68. prefecture
  69. lutheranism
  70. reminiscence
  71. apogee
  72. piastre
  73. peseta
  74. bacronym
  75. whistleblower
  76. moonshine
  77. turban
  78. omul
  79. allocation
  80. public
  81. watershed
  82. impassivity
  83. parcellation
  84. policeman
  85. dementia
  86. archaeography
  87. irrigation
  88. lambrequin
  89. fellow villager
  90. gnoseology
  91. epitaph
  92. darn
  93. tartar
  94. reprise
  95. preparator
  96. sextant
  97. cameo
  98. interfluve
  99. visionary
  100. insinuation

Block: 6/8 | Number of characters: 1057 Source:

Quests for the game

For those who are just mastering the game, it is better to start with simple words on a particular topic, then move on to more complex word-abstractions (such as “perfection,” “science,” etc.). Experienced and artistic players can puzzle out word combinations, famous expressions, movies (it is desirable to show the number of words on the fingers at once), or famous persons and characters.

When the tasks are no longer invented, it is possible to use fiction and philosophical books that are available. Experience shows that guessing phrases from books is much more difficult than making them up “on the fly.

Anything can be made up:

  • Any arbitrary words.
  • Words related to a certain topic (topics can be anything: circus, office, store, school, fruit, candy names, animals, clothes, sports, professions, etc.)
  • Emotions, feelings
  • Famous people
  • Fairy tale characters
  • Song lyrics
  • Films
  • Proverbs and sayings
  • And much, much more…

Download cards for the game crocodile without registration (for black and white printer)

Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4

Block: 7/8 | Number of characters: 120 Source:

Different variants of the game “Crocodile”.


Everyone takes turns pulling a note out of the box indicating which of the animals they are to represent, and the company must guess which one they represent.

Emotions and feelings.

Players take turns pulling cards with different emotions and feelings written on them (joy, sadness, boredom, surprise, disappointment, etc.). Each participant is given two minutes to portray the emotional state that he or she was given.

Winged phrases

Assignment: written on sheets of paper are well-known catchphrases from movies. Players must depict these catchphrases to their team without words, but with the help of pantomime. The team that manages the task faster wins.

Dumb poet.

Assignment: A poem is written on a piece of paper, the players read it out loud and use gestures and facial expressions to tell it to their team so that they can guess it fast.

A Famous Person

Prepare cards with the names of famous people in advance, roll them up and put them in a hat. The essence of the game: players pull cards from a hat, read the name of a celebrity on it and try to portray the celebrity without words (gestures, facial expressions). The one who guesses pulls the note from the hat and imitates the celebrity. You can award a point for each guess and give the winner a prize at the end of the game.

Pose for a song.

Print out in advance the lyrics of famous songs, put them together and put them in a bag. Then choose from all the players the first leader. He pulls a song from the bag, reads the text “to himself” and with the help of mime tries to convey the meaning of each line to the players. The one who guesses the song changes places with the leader and takes the next song out of the bag.

TV show .

The task of the players is to represent a TV show: to show its brightest, most distinctive features. The others must guess what the “TV” shows.

Guess the object.

Various objects are prepared in advance: a keychain, toothpaste, a pen, soap, chocolate, a balloon, a notebook, etc. The names of these objects are written on separate pieces of paper, which are then rolled up so that participants cannot see what is written. The participants then take the pieces of paper apart. Each has to represent the object he or she received, and the other participants have to guess what is being represented. The participant who is first to name the object shown gets it as a gift.

Testimonies of Witnesses

You must choose one person to be the guesser. He moves away for a while while the company (or the host) thinks up who the culprit will be. You can guess anyone, including the guesser himself. When the player returns, all those present without the aid of words, but only with gestures and facial expressions, give him the appearance of the criminal. If the player does not guess the criminal after three tries, he drives again. If he guesses, a new person is chosen and the game continues until he gets bored.

Hint card with the rules (briefly, without further ado)

Block: 8/8 | Number of characters: 89 Source:

Number of blocks: 21 | Total number of characters: 17144 Number of used donors: 5 Information on each donor:

Crocodile game. Adult and children’s activity cards – where to download?

The game “Crocodile” is very interesting, it is played by both children and adults. If you can not find cards to play in your city, you can easily print out the cards and make a game yourself. Here is an example of a blank card (template for editing):

You can view, download, and print the game cards right from my answer. Print them out on a black and white printer and the game is ready in minutes. The words are easy. If you want more cards for different levels of difficulty, you can look at this link (not advertising, just for reference). I like that everything is accessible and can be taken without registration.

First of all, I would like to mention the rules of the game “Crocodile. Players are divided into teams and show the words to their team. That is, for example, a person pulled out a card and there is the word “blue light” and here he has to portray it to his team until they guessed it or the allotted time ends. Of course the words for children and adults are different. For the first category there may be such cards with words.

For children are simpler options, such as this.

“Crocodile” can also be purely New Year’s-themed

Download cards with words for the game you can for example here (not advertising, familiarization).

Cards for the game of Crocodile seen here, for example, in other resources cards are also there.

You can not stick to already published lists of words on the game cards, come up with your own, unique.

Download, for example, the proposed template and in any graphic editor to type your word.

Print it out on a printer (if available, in color).

You get big questions game Crocodile.

Here are the suggested words in Crocodile for the easy level:

The Crocodile Game is a fun and entertaining game – a game of wit, imagination, erudition and development to exercise the mind, have fun, and also a source for spirits.

There are tasks for children, you can do them on your own or with adults. There are adult tasks, the level is different there.

There are funny words, there are pre-prepared options everywhere.

You can play or with someone, divided into teams. From each team a player shows something of what’s in the cards, in turn, each team guesses.

Rules of the game, what can you do while guessing a word?

Rules of the game, what can’t you do while showing the word?

You can download the cards for free or look at some ready-made variants here

More cards with different themes (“New Year’s”, “winter”, “the whole family”) on this site (not advertising, just a recommendation).

A great game is “Crocodile”, if you choose the cards wisely, you can play together and adults and children. But I haven’t used the Internet to find cards before, we usually bought ready-made or came up with our own. In fact, there really are a lot of different options on the web. I suggest you pay attention to them.

Here is what I found out of the ready-made cards for the game of Crocodile:

But it is easier to take a template and write your own words. And it is more interesting if it is not even the words, but the phrases, proverbs and sayings, movie titles and books. You can make a themed Crocodile. For example, include only animals, holidays, items, professions, etc. Such a game will not only be more interesting, but cognitive, if the children will participate. Here is a good template, found on the Internet:

What you can write in the cards:

You can read even more words here – in a question on BW.

The game “crocodile” does not lose its popularity for generations.

It is played by both children and adults.

Accordingly, and the theme for the game are child and adult, and the levels from easy to very difficult.

Two teams compete with each other, given the task to show without sounds, gestures and facial expressions only meaning of words or phrases.

The card is shown to only one person from the opposing team and he has to show all the other team members a certain time to represent the word.

The card itself can be downloaded and printed from here, from the question.

And below you can find complex tasks, in the form of combinations of words:

You can also see other tasks and cards for the Crocodile game on this site.(not advertising, just for reference).

The game “Crocodile” is very popular among adults and children. All because it is very funny and suitable for almost all ages.

The meaning of the game is as follows: one person comes out and thinks of a word. Then he tries to represent conceived with the help of gestures, facial expressions, poses and actions. The most important rule is not to say a word!

If the theme of the game is determined beforehand, then the word must fit the theme. For example, New Year’s Eve, March 8, a corporate theme of some kind, something in sight, etc.

Everyone else has to guess what that person is up to.

For children, tasks should be in accordance with their age development, i.e., they should be understandable: for example, to represent a cartoon character, an animal, an insect, a bird, a representative of this or that profession, etc.

For adults it is possible to think up more complicated tasks and even to riddle abstract or invisible concepts: thinking, intellect, blizzard, fog, fear, anger, etc.

You can also riddle a word combination, a whole proverb, or a riddle for adults.

If you want the game to be fun and “scripted,” you can print the cards with the tasks in advance.

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