The Capricorn Man in Bed

Capricorn man: his preferences and temperament in sex

How to melt this walking block of ice? Is it possible to have passionate sex with a Capricorn man? Are you nervous before your first night with this handsome man and don’t know what to expect? Hurry up and read our article to dispel all your doubts.

No Surprises: Discovering Capricorn’s Secrets and Desires.

No matter how mysterious and stern he may seem, but Capricorn is an ordinary man with his own cockroaches in his head. There is no African passion in his bed, that’s the first thing you should understand. Well, and about the rest we will tell you more in detail.

His preferences in bed.

All Capricorn guys have the same preferences in sex. These fantasies appear in adolescents of this sign and finally find fulfillment in adulthood. What you can expect from a Capricorn in sex:

  1. Role-playing. How he loves to try on different roles and see the reincarnation of his beloved woman! But in real life, he does not allow himself anything like that. Capricorn in communication is always reserved and few words, but in bed he can arrange the whole theatrical production. Consider this a kind of creativity. He will appear in front of you a policeman, a maniac, a doctor. And you will play for him a nurse, a stewardess, a prostitute – you just have to change erotic outfits and give in to the desires of a stern man.
  2. Dominance. He likes to control absolutely everything, and this fetish does not pass by sex life. The lady of the heart should be able to play along and let Capricorn rule the ball. Do not be afraid, the guy will not allow any cruelty, but interesting things like handcuffs or whips will certainly apply sooner or later in everyday life. Give in to your natural instincts and throw yourself into the arms of a stern conqueror.
  3. Inexperience. As strange as it may sound, Capricorns often remain innocent for quite a long time. There is a reason for this: they are demanding when choosing a partner, and they are not too emotional to succumb to a momentary passion. So, when you meet a 30-year-old Capricorn virgin, don’t be surprised by anything, but take the opportunity to teach him the wisdoms of love. Your student is a potential honors student and will quickly surpass the teacher in terms of sex.
  4. Long intercourse. A representative of this zodiac sign in bed can be for hours, which many ladies like. He skillfully restrains emotions and growing excitement, which allows him to delay the peak of pleasure. A fast marathon in bed is not his prerogative. So if you need to rock for a long time to have an orgasm, the Capricorn man will be the perfect lover for you.
  5. Massage. During lovemaking, the Capricorn man wants to relax and take a break from vanity. But the reflections inherent in this sign of the zodiac prevent easy indulgence. Massage as foreplay – this is one of the main preferences of men in sex. You do not need to graduate from professional courses to stretch his shoulders. Just stock up on scented oil, tenderness and diligence. And the next night will be your reward for his efforts.
  6. Romantic atmosphere. Dim light, soft bed, a glass of wine and the beloved woman in a revealing outfit dancing to beautiful music. This is the dream of any Capricorn. Softness and femininity really excite them. And surrounded by a romantic entourage, his lady will look especially seductive.

As you can see, obvious perversions are not peculiar to the Capricorn man, and his desires are quite feasible and not so surprising. He expects understanding, tenderness and responsiveness from his lady. Just do not criticize him if you did not like something. Sharp statements to his address Capricorn perceives as a personal insult. It is better to gently point him in the right direction than to lose his trust and feelings forever.

Attitude to the sexual partner

Representatives of this zodiac sign always treat a woman respectfully and do not sleep with her solely for the sake of sex. It is important for them to get used to their partner, study her character and only then proceed to the innermost mysteries of love. Such behavior is due to Capricorn’s conservatism and seriousness. He is always responsible and does nothing for nothing. In casual relationships, he is frightened by the possible consequences and lack of feelings.

If you understand that Capricorn is ripe for sex, but you don’t know what to expect from him, don’t worry. You have nothing to fear with this strong but sincere guy.

How the Capricorn man shows himself in bed in relation to a woman:

  1. He is in control of the situation. It is not that the man does not listen to the wishes of his chosen one at all, but he will do everything possible to fulfill personal whims. It is great when your interests in intimacy coincide. If this is not the case, you will have to adjust to Capricorn.
  2. He is learning to please his partner. A representative of this zodiac sign feels uncomfortable if a woman does not reach orgasm with him. Therefore, with each time he becomes more and more virtuoso in terms of intimate caresses. He senses where a woman’s body is more pliable. All you have to do is to guide him and give him approval, and Capricorn will get it all on his head.
  3. He shows tenderness after sex. After making love, many men turn their backs to the wall and snore. This cannot be said of Capricorn. He continues tenderness even after sex because he doesn’t want to get unflattering comments about himself from the lady.
  4. He loves the woman more and more as the years go by. Capricorn doesn’t start hitting on the cute college girls when he’s barely over 30. With each year that he lives together with the woman he loves, he becomes more and more attached to her. This also affects the sex: it becomes more and better in quality.
  5. He understands his partner’s mood. If you do not want to make love at the moment, Capricorn will not insist. He, too, is prone to emotional outbursts and bouts of depression and knows firsthand what it is like to withdraw into yourself and not want to see anyone. Therefore, if you feel sad, give your partner the opportunity to be alone, and leave the solicitation for a more appropriate time.

The characteristic of the Capricorn man in bed makes it clear that he is not a crazy lover. A representative of this zodiac sign does everything with thought and arrangement, tries to be perfect in bed and feels a woman well.

How to satisfy a Capricorn man?

There is no one hundred percent way to excite a Capricorn man to the fullest. It all depends on the mood of the guy, the presence or absence of sex in the next couple of days, as well as his personal preferences. If you want to try something new in your bedtime games, this will only be a plus. The Capricorn man likes experiments in bed and those girls who try to satisfy him in some unusual way. To make a variety in intimate life and please our hero, try such methods:

  1. Use eloquence. If up to this point you were silent and only voluptuous moaning during sex, now voice the process. Don’t be shy, say whatever you would like: vulgarities, affectionate words or dirty phrases. Allow yourself this prank, and the Capricorn man will get frantically aroused.
  2. Learn how to dance a striptease. Erotic dance will create a sensation, and your chosen one will feel if not Arabian sheik, then the millionaire on vacation with his first lady. At heart, every guy dreams of such a gift, and Capricorn even more so. He enjoys the grace and appearance of his beloved girl, and in the dance these virtues will be emphasized at all.
  3. Behave in an uninhibited way. Playful tigress attracts much more than an uptight nun. This truth will help you excite our hero as much as possible. Don’t be ashamed of yourself and your body. Capricorn has already chosen you, which means that you completely suit him. In addition, by loosening up, you and yourself will be able to get much more pleasure in bed.
  4. Help your partner relax. Capricorns are often tense – it’s their nature. If there was a bad day at work, they come home stiff and nervous. What kind of intimacy can we talk about here? A wise life partner will not be superfluous to learn how to relax a man of this zodiac sign: talk to him, draw a bubble bath, dim the lights and give a massage. Then you will become a real outlet for Capricorn, to which he will run every day, flashing his heels.
  5. Submit to him. This guy thinks he’s in charge in bed. To make sex unforgettable, just give him the reins and relax. He’ll be strict with you, but gentle. It’s a development every woman dreams of in her heart.

The problem is that Capricorn does not show his emotions. He is reserved in everything, even in sex. About how good a man is with you in an intimate way, prompt his further actions. If he will stick more and more often, provoke sex in unusual places and send promising texts, then you’ve done everything right.

Capricorn man in bed and life: love and sexual temperament

Features of the Capricorn man in love and bed should be taken into account, linking your life with him. He is pragmatic, withdrawn, very generous. For a woman, this overbearing sign is a wall, a loyal partner. But for female sensuality and sexuality, such an ally is ambiguous. Capricorns – the ideal favorites for girls who value family joys and material wealth.

How the Capricorn man shows himself in relationships with women

The Capricorn man is a strong, unwavering in his decisions. His restraint and asceticism manifests itself in home routines, career moves, love. He is a fighter, but his struggle takes place without nadrya, consistently, judiciously. This is a cold stubborn man with clear ideas about life and companionship.

When he feels sympathy

For Capricorn, having a family is a given, not a goal of existence. He does not accept relationships, sex, family as a “tick”. He knows how to enjoy the comfort of solitude, so he chooses as a spouse a close friend, the ideal of his heart. Capricorn in love and other areas of life is a realist. The future beloved represents without romanticism, demanding.

In relationships, he is the embodiment of tact and restraint. Sympathy is shown without emotionality and impulsiveness. When politely communicating he shows the etiquette of care. With remarkable charm and intelligence, he impresses new friends. His politeness can be confused with gentleness, though it is one of the coldest of all male signs.

The key traits are materialism, workaholism, and emotional dryness. They are complemented by extraordinary generosity. Capricorn men express affection by showering their loved ones with material goods. It is difficult to seduce him with sex, beauty, feminine tricks. Manipulation senses and rejects at once.

Weaknesses of the sign: long tied, hard to let go, in need of wise counselor, loves intelligent elegant lady. The lady requires to be understanding, unobtrusive, representative. From the mistress of the house he expects orderliness, neatness, basic care (tasty borscht, hugs).

Capricorn is sympathetic to ladies with graceful manners, developed erudition, mental maturity. Hysterical, non-serious ladies he will gently push away. The first signs of interest in a woman:

  • Attention to the girl’s body language (how he spends on curls, smiles);
  • Clarification (the man interrogates, interested in the details of what he has just heard);
  • desire to catch the interlocutor’s gaze;
  • personal stories (at his initiative the conversation becomes personal, sincere);
  • advice (can ask for advice from a new acquaintance he likes).

The best position for a lady who wants to interest Capricorn is a wait-and-see, modest. If this sign shows sympathy, but does not get closer, then it is worth waiting. He is looking closely, sincerely satisfied with communication. It is difficult to call his type indecisive.

When in love.

If the new acquaintance has satisfied the high demands of the sign, sincerely liked, then he becomes an ordinary lover. True, his romanticism is expressed rationally – in solving the household difficulties of his beloved, surrounding her with care, building plans, increasing his ability to work for the sake of the well-being of his future family. His speeches are still reserved. An attentive woman in the mood for marriage will notice the touching solicitude of the future master of the house.

The Capricorn in love becomes even more focused on the words of the beloved, attentive to the emotions, intonations. The man initiates meetings, unknowingly stays close by, and looks intently into the eyes and features of his beloved.

Restrained Capricorns often join families with longtime acquaintances, so his signs of attention can be unnoticed by a close friend. A wise chosen one with good intuition will notice the special attention.

Charming and reserved personalities, being in love, reveal themselves brighter. They become leaders, the soul of the company. The subtleties of behavior of a representative of the sign next to the lady of the heart:

  • eloquence, wit (sometimes demonstrative to the point of awkwardness);
  • Trustfulness, atypical in communication with others (in restrained conversations there is more soulfulness, openness);
  • “sacrifices” for the sake of meetings (can change plans, refuse friendly get-togethers for the sake of the girl);
  • does not bring up the topic of intimacy (taking seriously his partner, the Capricorn man is not in a hurry to go to bed, he needs a soul mate for life, which is important to choose correctly).

The candy and bouquet period with this sign is serious and soulful. There is a rapprochement of personalities.

When sincerely in love.

He boldly shows his feelings. After the stage of dates and bouquets, the representative of the sign takes important steps. The innate delicacy helps him to grasp the girl’s feelings and desires. Choosing a mate, the man:

  • replaces “I” with “we” more often;
  • becomes more sensitive;
  • actively improves;
  • Initiates an acquaintance with his beloved’s parents;
  • proposes cohabitation (for him it is a special decision, because he will risk to share his life and home only with the only one);
  • Makes a proposal (he is a traditionalist, which means he seeks to legitimize the connection).

Marriage builds, pushing away from the model of the relationship of parents or just a classic image of the family. Because of the unpretentiousness in everyday life, food and sex, the rugged Capricorn rarely burdens his wife with a domestic routine. If a woman turns the family nest into chaos, this sign will not forgive such a thing, because he is attracted to an organized, neat and mature girl. The partnership extends not only to love, to bed, but also to routine. Her man is willing to share with his spouse.

In furnishings he values durability, quality, minimalism. His house will have functional and cozy things. The beloved will also be provided with them.

Intellectually and financially invested in love, Capricorn is ready to fight for the achieved, to endure. This applies to friends, relatives and the beloved. The circle of his loved ones is formed over the years, breakups are given with deep pain. Parting is an extraordinary decision for him. Even after breaking the connection, he often provides financially for the ex (especially if there are children).

Trying to change Capricorn makes no sense. His dryness, calculativeness, closeness is a strong armor. For the sake of an important person, he can transform on his will. Manipulation and pressure will be rejected by him.

After the official consolidation of the union, it will not be possible to relax with Capricorn. His diligence and perfectionism will have to correspond at all times: in physical form, intelligence, erudition. Romance and tenderness are unlikely to appear, but he will shield from material worries. The spouse will be content with gifts and rare moments of affection.

Intimate life

In the intimate sphere, the sign remains true to his character – he is willful, stubborn, and confident. There are pleasant and repulsive nuances in these traits.

What kind of partners he likes

First of all, Capricorn in a woman is attracted to a potential soul connection. It is more of a priority for him than carnal pleasures. From the beloved he expects:

  • caring;
  • praise;
  • devotion;
  • support.

His main roles in life are: protector, friend, father, career man. He combines all these and does well, so in the love bed he wants to rest, trust, receive care.

How he behaves in bed.

A little romantic, relaxed and sensual Capricorn can be during an intimate relationship. As he gets older, his character in bed changes. He is most severe and restrained in his youth. As he grows up, his tough nature softens, but his shell will remain the same. The inner changes will be noticed by those closest to him (especially in sex). Sometimes 40-year-old Capricorn catches up with his passions.

Making love is a ritual, a rest for the restrained sign. He is confident in his skills, sometimes selfish. He expects praise from his partner. Criticism of his sexual abilities will be perceived as an oddity of the girl herself. Stung, he will rush to find a more appreciative partner. Able to enjoy the trappings of romance – bed linen, light, flowers. His love bed is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Being a traditionalist, sometimes carried away by dubious practices. He warns his partner about them.

What excites him.

One must keep in mind that intimacy without respect does not exist for him. In bed to him get interesting to him personality. He considers his partner the embodiment of beauty, charm and femininity. Moral or physical rudeness with a girl is unacceptable to him. The Capricorn lover is prone to selfishness, self-confidence. Believes that they should him, not him.

In bed, he likes stroking, elegant surroundings, quiet dancing, careful kissing, gentle whispering. He gladly accepts more intimate preliminary caresses from his partner.

Astrologers’ Recommendations.

Capricorn is a complicated, ambiguous lover. His fixation on his needs, on the role of a leader is liked by women theoretically. In practice, the ladies remain unsatisfied. The man understands the problem, can agree to his guilt, but he refuses to change. Agree with him will have to be gentle and patient.

The sign is known for his love of role-playing games, where he acts as a villain or a dominant for the young girl. Images of a nurse and stewardess also attract him. Enjoys the confidence of his partner, likes to control. To get closer to Capricorn, it is worth supporting his fantasies, play along.

The Cancer woman is a great option for Capricorn. She intuitively helps to relax a stiff partner, imperceptibly controls his desires, emotions, without hurting his pride. Also Capricorn morally and sexually complements the Taurus woman. They create a gentle atmospheric connection, reveal themselves in each other. Coitus will be elaborate, technical. Both of them will be satisfied with it.

It is important to remember that the stubborn sign is a happiness for partners who appreciate traditional roles. But his high demands can prove to be a difficult challenge.

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