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Fortune-telling The Book of Changes (I Ching).

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Book of Changes online fortune-telling with detailed interpretation (I Ching fortune-telling) presented before you is one of the best services of our Juno website. Fortune-telling Chinese Book of Changes – this is truly our pride, a masterpiece, a genius, a magical tool that for many years helps our visitors to understand their problems, make the right choice, objectively assess the situation, learn what is hidden, or is still just coming, and take the necessary steps. Nowhere else will you find so well chosen interpretations – descriptions of 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes, so accurately and subtly reflecting your situation and its near future.

One of the most ancient written monuments of world literature – the Chinese Book of Changes, or I Ching, is a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom, expressed in the form of predictions. I Ching divination will help you find practical indications of the nature of current or coming circumstances in your life. To do this, focus on your question, relax, click on “Ask a Question” and 6 times click on the “Drop Coins” button, then click on “Show Interpretation”.

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What is the “Book of Changes”.

The ancient Chinese “Book of Changes” (“Yijing”) is a treasure trove of wisdom described in the form of hexagram predictions. It is over 3,000 years old and is one of the oldest writings in world literature. The Book of Changes is the oldest system of divination. It consists of 64 hexagrams. These hexagrams, taken together, reflect all the main stages of development of situations. We all know that everything in the world is subject to the principle of changes: the night replaces the day, and the day replaces the night, after winter comes spring, childhood replaces youth, etc. So in the development of any situation, there are successive stages. And when you address to the Yijing with a question, it answers you with the help of a certain hexagram, which in this case most accurately describes the main features of the situation you asked about.

Why does the Book of the Yijing work? It accesses your unconscious. The answers to all questions are within us. The unconscious of each of us is connected to the common information field. This is where we get the right answers through intuition or mantic techniques, of which the Yijing is one. The Book of Changes allows us to plumb these depths so that we can hear our inner voice, stripped of conscious layers of our fears, desires, prejudices and illusions.

The Yijing can become a wise counselor, accompanying you in your spiritual and personal development.

How to work with the Book of Changes.

  • 1. First of all, you should relax and concentrate on the situation about which you want to ask the Yijing. It is desirable that nobody distracted you and there is no extraneous noise.
  • 2. Formulate clearly the question, the answer to which you want to receive. The more precise and specific the question, the easier it will be for you to understand the answer.

What is the best way to formulate a question?

    “What should I do to achieve this and that. ” , “What will happen if I do this. ” , “What should I do in this situation. , “How can I best solve this problem?” , “Should I do this. ” etc.
    “Should I do option A?” “Should I do option B?” etc.
    “What’s going on. “How should I feel about this situation?” etc.
    “What is my relationship with . ” “How should I behave with . ” “What should I do to make my relationship with . be like this?” “What should I expect from a relationship with . ” etc., etc.

You shouldn’t ask the same question several times in a row. The Yijing may answer you a couple of times, then simply stop giving correct answers. If the answer to your question doesn’t satisfy you, it’s pointless to ask the same thing over and over again in the hope that the Yijing will finally give a positive answer. It’s better to wait for some time, perhaps this is just not the right moment to develop your situation.

How to interpret the answer.

So, the Yijing has answered you with the text of some hexagram. Carefully read the text of the Basic Hexagram. This is the main answer to your question. You should not understand the text too literally. The main thing is to understand the essence. Although often even specific instructions are extremely accurate. Pay attention to what words catch your eye, memorize them. Perhaps this is the main advice or warning.

You should also pay careful attention to the text “Transition Traits” – they show the stages of development of your situation and can be very important, warning you against mistakes, or vice versa, encouraging your intentions.

“Kindred Hexagram” is additional information about the situation. It can be an indication of the likely future of the situation, or the past, or just your attitude to it, or it is the background in which the main events of the main hexagram develop. I.e., it is additional information, somehow connected with your question and is of secondary importance.

We wish you good luck in dealing with this wisest Book! It can truly become your reliable friend and help you to act in the best way in every situation. It will teach you to avoid many mistakes and help you to become a wiser, stronger, more confident and advanced person.

Fortune-telling on a coin in the Book of Changes

Unique Japanese fortune telling on the Book of Changes on a coin with a detailed interpretation gives an accurate prediction, shows the past, present and future, explains the inner state of man. I Ching is based on hexagrams and notes to them.

Fortune-telling on the Book of Changes on a coin

Online divination

More eagles fell out.

Rules of fortune-telling

In order to read the Book of Changes, one must fulfill certain conditions. For fortune-telling on three coins choose a quiet place so that no one can distract from the process. The condition should be relaxed, so it would be good to take a shower and meditate. Getting rid of bad thoughts will help to interpret the answers correctly. The following rules should also be kept:

  1. The question should be clear, then it will be easier to understand the interpretation.
  2. Do not ask the same question several times, or the answer will be inaccurate. If the person didn’t like the value, it’s better to return to divination after some time.
  3. It is necessary to control your emotions, even if the interpretation is negative. It should be taken as advice and a warning.
  4. It is better to take new coins, if there are no such coins, then the old ones are cleared.
  5. Draw lines from bottom to top. The first line corresponds to the 6th line, the second to the 5th line, etc.
  6. The canon is not used if the diviner intends to harm others.
  7. After the end of divination, thanks for the help of the Yijing.

Fortune-telling by the ancient Book of Changes on three coins involves asking questions in this form:

  1. What to do in a certain situation?
  2. What will happen if certain manipulations are performed?
  3. What should be the attitude toward the circumstances?
  4. What should one expect from a love affair?
  5. What kind of relationship does the person have with their partner?

One can divine many times, but not on the same day. The book is applied with care and respect. Coins are held in the fist for some time, so that the energy of the divining person passes to them. Each member of the family should have their own money for the ritual. Keep them separately in a casket or in a bag. Sometimes, it is necessary to additionally charge the coins. For this purpose, it is necessary to put them before morning on a window sill under a full moon so that the light falls on them.

Fortune-telling techniques

Fortune telling on a coin in the Book of Changes is a simple and popular technique. Fortune-telling on three coins. It is worth preparing in advance a sheet and a pencil to draw the Yin and Yang features with their help.

Coins need to be tossed 6 times. Heads symbolize a straight line, tails – broken. If two or three times a crest is rolled, a continuous line is drawn. The result will be a hexagram. It is visually divided in half. The book contains a table in which the number corresponding to the resulting hexagram is found. It will be the answer to the question asked. The numbers were invented so as not to look up the corresponding figure in the I Ching.

Often used in divination are six coins. They should be thrown once. Each one represents a line. But three coins are preferred. The Chinese believe that this number most likely indicates the correct hexagram. The modern way of divination differs from the ancient Chinese method of interpretation, corresponding to the present time.

According to the Book of Changes guessing on 3 coins


Predicting by the Book of Changes on coins can be done by everyone. There are several types of divination, the choice of one of them depends on the question.

Divination for health.

Used when doctors can not determine the cause of the disease or treatment does not give results. Magic will tell about the following:

  • How serious the disease is;
  • Whether it can lead to complications;
  • Whether the person will get rid of it;
  • what will help to overcome the weakness;
  • how much it will take to recover.

On love

The most common question people ask is about their personal life. The Book of Changes will help identify the cause of failure, tell you how to act to make your relationship with your loved one harmonious, hint at where love will lead, advise you if you should enter into a legal marriage with your partner.

For the future

To find out about upcoming events, one turns to magic. Fortune-telling for the future helps a person to determine what behavior to choose in a particular situation, hints at the outcome of the case.

Online fortune telling

To date, there are many sites for online fortune telling. It is only necessary to enter a question into the form and click the “toss coins” button. The program itself will generate lines and give the result. Services are often provided with statistics.

Fast online divination Book of Changes has a significant disadvantage – with this method there is no possibility to adjust the coins to the energy of the person. You can choose a site that will require you to plant your own money. After that, it remains only to write down the result in the form.

The fortune-teller has

For an accurate prediction, many people turn to professionals. A fortuneteller gives the right interpretation of the answer. During the ritual, she uses special attributes filled with the necessary energy.


Each symbol has its own meaning. To interpret it correctly, it is worth listening to your intuition.


Each line means the stage of development of the situation:

  • The first is its inception;
  • The second is inner awareness;
  • The third is the transition to the real world;
  • Fourth, the initial manifestations of inner feelings outwardly;
  • The fifth, the peak of the unfolding;
  • sixth, the end.

Hexagrams – first part

Interpretations of hexagrams of the Book of Changes are as follows:

  • 1 – good events;
  • 2 – need for perseverance, strength, labor;
  • 3 – bad sign, promises problems and worries;
  • 4 – it is worth avoiding dangers and making a pause;
  • 5 – problems will be solved independently, but after a long time;
  • 6 – conflicts, negativity;
  • 7 – the need to be alone with yourself;
  • 8 – all bad things are in the past, pleasant events are coming;
  • 9 – good luck awaits in the future;
  • 10 – it is necessary to stop and not to risk;
  • 11 – do not forget about those around you;
  • 12 – changes are coming;
  • 13 – for fulfillment of desires it is necessary to act;
  • 14 – a propitious period is coming;
  • 15 – success in business;
  • 16 – self-development;
  • 17 – no need to resist events;
  • 18 – circumstances require a thorough analysis;
  • 19 – success is ahead;
  • 20 – trouble awaits;
  • 21 – unfavorable period will quickly end.

Hexagrams – second part.

Reading a coin in the Book of Changes gives these interpretations of the second part:

  • 22 – no need to pretend;
  • 23 – big changes;
  • 24 – the situation is too confused, you should try to clarify the circumstances;
  • 25 – fulfillment of a dream at the desired time;
  • 26 – it is better to pause and take a break;
  • 27 – it is worth to change behavior;
  • 28 – relatives need to be taken care of;
  • 29 – it will be necessary to make a fist of will and act;
  • 30 – a sober outlook on things is necessary;
  • 31 – in the near future a favorable period will begin;
  • 32 – it is not necessary to pursue two aims;
  • 33 – arrogant behavior will harm the situation;
  • 34 – it is not necessary to be assertive;
  • 35 – success is near;
  • 36 – change;
  • 37 – intuition will tell you the right way;
  • 38 – search for harmony;
  • 39 – problems;
  • 40 – good times are coming;
  • 41 – it is worth to help others;
  • 42 – confident actions will help to improve the financial situation.

Hexagrams – third part

If you ask a question to the Yijing, you can get one of the following answers:

  • 43 – caution in business will prevent a mistake;
  • 44 – trouble;
  • 45 – successful period;
  • 46 – good luck in money matters;
  • 47 – a black streak will soon end;
  • 48 – profit;
  • 49 – plans are better to change;
  • 50 – realization of dreams;
  • 51 – good luck is near;
  • 52 – failure of undertakings;
  • 53 – it is worth to be cautious;
  • 54 – great profits;
  • 55 – profit;
  • 56 – a little trouble;
  • 57 – unpleasant rumors about the diviner;
  • 58 – affairs will lead to a positive result;
  • 59 – the period of failure ends;
  • 60 – it is better to take care of yourself and not to harm those around you;
  • 61 – career advancement;
  • 62 – not everything is so tragic, it is worth to look at the situation differently;
  • 63 – the plan will end in failure;
  • 64 – relatives will help to solve problems.

There are signs that promise only good events. For example, hexagram No. 35 called Jin (Rising). There are some that portend trouble. These include a sign number 39 – Jian (Obstacle).


There is an opinion that the Book of Changes appeared in Ancient China 3 thousand years B.C. According to the legend, it was created by the sage Fu Xi, who put into it the theory of changes, which encrypted the scheme of the world structure and the essence of the change of Yang and Yin – the forces of light and darkness.

People believe the Yijing is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and explain various phenomena with the help of this canon.

The Book of Changes consists of two parts: the main part, the Yijing (Jing), and a commentary, the Yijuan. The first contains 64 hexagrams – combinations of 6 continuous and discontinuous lines, as well as notes to them. The symbols appeared due to the doubling of 8 trigrams. It was made by the sage Wen-wan. The numerological concept of hexagrams also includes 16 tetragrams and 32 pentagrams.

During the Zhou dynasty, the Book was expanded by introducing new commentaries. It had a great influence on the development of Chinese philosophy and science. In addition to divination by the Book of Changes, there was also the creation of:

  • medicine;
  • the theory of government;
  • chess;
  • philosophical schools;
  • feng shui.

During the reign of the Qin Shi Huang Emperor, sorcerers were persecuted and many records of spells were burned, but the Book of Changes survived because it was considered sacred.

It was brought to Europe in the seventeenth century, at that time it was called the Oracle (but its difference is that the runes do not apply here). Orientalist Y.K. Shutsky translated it into Russian. There was also published “I Ching for Beginners”, which contains a complete interpretation of hexagrams. The author was L.V. Nagaitseva.


Ancient divination The Book of Changes is in great demand even today. It helps to understand the relationship, tells the strategy of behavior. The Book of Changes can also be used to interpret dreams and so on.

Inexperienced fortune tellers often use it to interpret valuable recommendations. I Ching recommendations help solve many of life’s problems.

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