The book how to get rich

What books to read to become rich

To become a millionaire, you have to act like a millionaire. It’s easy to find out how the financial tycoons acted: they told it themselves.

Become richer will help books in which millionaires share the secrets of making money.

Bodo Schaefer – The Road to Financial Freedom.

Without deciding on the exact amount of money you can not get. This assertion has to be tested in practice, as well as other advice of the author. For example, Schaefer believes that the problem of many people who dream of wealth is that it is easier and more comfortable for them to be poor. Few people constantly learn something new, become an expert in their business or set aside 10% of their income.

The author believes that wealth is a right given to everyone at birth. His advice to notice chances and opportunities not only in good times but also in bad led to the fact that after the book was published, Schaefer received more than 36,000 letters with amazing success stories of people who used his advice.

George Clayson – “The Richest Man in Babylon”

“Pay yourself first. Don’t pay the tailor and shoemaker more than you can afford from what’s left over. And don’t forget to leave money for food, alms and offerings to the gods,” was the belief of the rich man of the ancient city, the book’s protagonist.

The author is convinced that money today obeys the same laws as it did six thousand years ago, when rich people strolled stately through the streets of Babylon. Money never translates for those who understand simple laws.

These laws are laid out in the book in the form of parables that are easy to read and important to ponder: saving, watching your expenses, making gold multiply, preserving capital, securing the future, expanding earning power.

The book will help those who want to become rich look into the essence of financial problems, earn, preserve and multiply money the way the inhabitants of Babylon did.

Robert Hagstrom – “Warren Buffett. How to Turn $5 into $50 Billion. The Great Investor’s Strategy and Tactics.”

Warren Buffett is the biggest investor, third on the list of richest people on the planet, with an estimated fortune of $84 billion. Buffett operates in a world of millions and billions, but his way of thinking will also help those who want to invest smaller sums.

His principles are clear and universal: don’t invest in obscure businesses, buy stocks of companies when they are going through temporary difficulties, don’t spend money on forecasts of stock market analysts, study the facts yourself. At the same time you should be patient and not give in to the infectious enthusiasm of the crowd, not to buy shares of mediocre companies, but to wait for the quotations of the few and first-rate ones to go down.

The author describes in detail how Buffett made decisions that brought him fabulous money, how he thought and acted. The tips will come in handy for those who want to start investing but don’t know where to start.

Napoleon Hill – “Think and Get Rich. The golden rules of success.”

Young journalist Napoleon Hill was commissioned to interview 500 millionaires and derive a formula for success available to everyone. Hill interviewed the rich men of his time: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt and John Rockefeller, compiled their principles of life into a book that later sold millions of copies and became a handbook for those who want to get wealth.

The author is sure – if you actively apply his advice and act according to the “golden rules”, all your dreams will come true. He reveals the causes of failure that separate people from achieving their goals: the habit of giving up halfway, not making a clear plan, not daring to do what they love.

Robert Kiyosaki – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

“I had two fathers, so I could choose between opposing viewpoints: the rich man and the poor man,” Robert Kiyosaki decided whom he would listen to, and he became a rich entrepreneur, a successful investor and a famous writer.

Everything his rich father taught him for 30 years, Kiyosaki has laid out in a book in the form of six lessons that aim to help readers become richer. One of the lessons is to work not for the money, but for the experience. The author’s advice for looking for a job is to think more about what you can learn than about how much you’ll get paid.

The advice works for experienced people who want to earn more, too. In addition to working for money and a sense of security, go for a second job for new skills.

An investor is sure – money comes and goes, but if you know how it works, you can manage it and get richer.

Harv Ecker – “Think Like a Millionaire. Seventeen Wealth Lessons for Those Ready to Get Rich.”

The author ambitiously claims to have written the most outstanding book on money. Her main idea: if the “financial program” embedded in the subconscious is not set up for success, then you can not get rich.

About what this program, how it attracts wealth, what to do to change it, and the book is discussed. Ecker warns: the way to a lot of money is focus, courage, knowledge, competence and persistence. The rich make great sacrifices: work 16-hour days, see almost no family, and spend their initial capital at the risk of losing everything irretrievably. If you’re ready for that, this book is for you.

The Books That Will Make You Rich

Robert Kiyosaki was raised by two fathers: a biological father and a spiritual father. The biological one acted as the poor dad, and the spiritual one was his friend’s rich father, who taught him and his friend financial literacy. The whole book is a confrontation of two behaviors: how you should do and how you shouldn’t.

1. In order to make money work for yourself, you have to adhere to the principle of corporations. The middle class earns money, then pays taxes, while Corporations earn, spend, and only then pay taxes.

2. The 5 main reasons that keep people from getting rich : fear, laziness, insecurity, bad habits and arrogance.

3. People perceive the pain of losing money more acutely than the joy of being rich. Work on the ability to take deliberate risks.

4. “Gold is everywhere, just not all people have learned to notice it. You have to try yourself in every possible industry and be open to new ideas. According to the author, salary should not be the key factor in choosing your first job, the main thing to look at is the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in this position.

5. “For example, one father often said, ‘I can’t afford it.’ The other forbade me to even say those words. He insisted that I say, “How can I afford it?” The first phrase is a statement and the second is a question. The first relaxes and the second makes you think .” To solve a problem, you have to think how to solve it, not feel sorry for yourself.

The book is written in the form of parables, through which the author delivers the basic laws of enrichment.

Save at least a tenth of your income. You would be surprised, but saving 10% won’t have an impact on your standard of living, but those savings can make a big difference in your life.

3. it is necessary to keep an eye on your budget. Once a person starts earning more, they want to spend more. Make a list of necessary expenses and allocate your budget.

4. Money should work, not lie under the pillow. Wealth comes from ever-growing income, not dead money. Money is devalued, if it doesn’t work.

5. Think 10 years ahead, or better yet 30 years ahead. To guarantee yourself and your family a bright future, you need to take care of it now. It is unlikely that you can provide a decent standard of living, surviving on retirement.

The book is written on behalf of the commercial director of the representative office of a large company in Russia. The book describes the daily life of the main character: his business negotiations, personal life, legal and illegal entertainment. The book was republished in Russia several times, and has been translated and published in Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Vietnam. Altogether more than 1 million books were sold.

If you prefer fiction, this book is a great way to see the life of a motivated man from the inside and get into the spirit of motivation.

Some people love this book, some disgust it, but we can definitely say that vivid emotions are provided for you.

The book divides the ways of making money into four quadrants:

P- wage earners.

C- small business owners

B- owners of large businesses

In each quadrant its pros and cons, 100% security is not in any . In each quadrant a person has a certain type of thinking. If he wants to go beyond the quadrant, he has a lot of work to do with himself.

1. “Profit is created when you buy, not when you sell . Any risks you take must make economic sense in both good and bad times.

2. “When critics accused Thomas Edison of making 1,014 mistakes before he created the electric light bulb, this great inventor said: “I didn’t make a mistake 1014 times, I found something that didn’t work 1014 times.” The greatest weakness of people is that they are unable to withstand enough defeats to succeed. Because of this, they construct conditions of imaginary security, due to which they remain poor. This is often due to a lack of emotional intelligence.

3. “Warren Buffett, the most prominent American investor, once said: “If you’re playing poker and in 20 minutes you don’t know who’s going to get screwed, then you’re going to get screwed.” . You have to evaluate the facts and opinions, and then make a decision for yourself. Decisions should be taken seriously. Most people look for easy ways, so they do not see the obvious things and lose their money.

4. “Warren Buffett once said: “Wall Street is the only place where people come in Rolls-Royce cars to get advice from people who get there by subway” . Most of these advisors are not investors. They are just hired laborers with no spare cash to work for them. Without some level of financial education, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a crook and a specialist.

5. “When the fear of losing money and failing, a fear we both have, becomes too painful, your father chooses safety and I choose freedom.” Every other person knows how to make money and move into another quadrant, but when it comes to action, people react differently. Most, once they start losing money, will return to their quadrant, where they feel safe . Others will continue to evolve.

The book is written for people who are ready for professional and financial change and life in the new information world.

1. Many people are looking for an answer to the question of how to improve their standard of living, but when they find the answer, they don’t like it. The reason most people won’t become rich is because they don’t like the answer. So even though people hear all the time that they have to give 100%, they end their 8-hour work day and go home to watch soap operas with pizza.

2. “When the tendency to be lazy comes up in me…then I have to ask myself what the price for that behavior might be.” . Many of us find it impossible to constantly motivate ourselves to achieve any goals. Especially when we see a lot of overnight success stories where a person just wakes up and somehow has everything. BUT, only hard, consistent work will allow you to achieve success and keep it.

3. “The reason I call most people losers is because they can’t afford even one small setback” the basic idea is that defeat is part of winning. Imagine a game of chess. Winning is just one outcome of the game, remember how many pieces you sacrificed to come to it. Why didn’t you stop playing after one lost pawn?

4. “Focus and learn from this experience” any experience both good and bad contains a lot of valuable information that we miss because we don’t focus. Having solved some problem, we will get at most 2-3 insights, although in fact there are many more. Time will pass, and by virtue of the peculiarities of the human brain in the head remains only a general picture. Therefore, overcoming difficulties, you need to focus on them and try to make the maximum information.

5. “In other words, I had to find an asset to pay for my liability and use good debt to pay for bad debt.A little over a week later, I found a wonderful property, a mini warehouse project in Texas, took out a loan to buy it and used the cash flow from that property to pay the dues on the Porsche. Five years later, the car loan was paid off in full, and in doing so, I continued to receive cash flow from my property. In other words, instead of becoming poorer because of the purchase of an expensive liability, I became richer and got my dream car, which I still own today.” Instead of giving up something, you should look for new opportunities to realize that something. If your brain came up with the idea of buying a Lamborghini, won’t it come up with the idea of a new earning mechanism? Just think about the fact that the dreams of more than a quarter of the globe end with a roof over your head and a nice dinner. Remember that if something has appeared in your imagination, you have enough resources to bring it to life .

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