The behavior of secretly in love man – sharing our experiences

Non-verbal gestures and other non-obvious signs that a man secretly in love with you

What is really in the man’s heart is not easy to understand, yet they skillfully hide their emotions. Many people since childhood were taught that any expression of feelings is considered a sign of weakness. Over the years, they have only perfected their ability to maximum restraint. Nevertheless, sometimes it is possible to expose the interest.

Not every man will dare to sing a serenade under his beloved’s window, but this does not mean weakness. They try not to reveal feelings, so as not to be vulnerable. Including a declaration of love to the stronger sex is not easy, and requires a long moral preparation and serious struggle with himself.

At the same time, women are able to intuitively sense attraction to his person, although there is another category of ladies. Some do not notice the direct signs of attention, while others suspect interest, but doubt to the last. To take a step towards a relationship, it is important to learn about the reciprocity and help the admirer to open up to you. As is clear, it will be a long time to decide on the confession, so it is important to show enthusiasm for him. Do not err in your assumptions, whether the man in love with you, will help a few ways.

Non-verbal gestures

First of all, an admirer may give out nonverbal signs. It’s enough to follow his behavior and pay attention to the look, facial expression, smile or posture.

  • A man enjoys looking at his object of adoration, and will do so at any opportunity. Therefore, if you often catch the opposite sex’s eyes, it means that you are interested. By the way, you can do an experiment: when you feel the eyes on you, look at him in response, for sure when you meet with his eyes he will turn away.
  • At the sight of you in the expression on the face of a person who is not indifferent will be read confusion, bewilderment, confusion and surprise. This means there is sympathy, but he is confused and does not hurry to show it openly, and prefers to watch furtively.
  • Frequent smiles of a man in love with the lady mean the joy of the meeting. In his soul, “butterflies flutter”, and it is difficult to hide, which is why it is noticeable by the contented and happy facial expression. But not only a smile up to your ears can appear, but, on the contrary, a serious and devoid of emotion face.
  • Also the admirer will try to look worthy of such a beautiful woman. Then unconsciously he will change his posture: straighten his shoulders, straighten his back. In a word, he will assume a majestic pose.

How else does a man in love behave?

Work on himself.

To impress the girl, but do not show interest, a man begins to change. This applies not only to increased attention to his appearance. The respirator will begin to actively work on his habits, manners, speech and behavior. He will also want to share his professional successes, and not for the sake of bragging, but to make a good impression. By the way, such stories can be safely believed. Sometimes eagerness to please successfully affect all aspects of life, as the person is self-improving, and this is a direct path to success, including in the career.

Interested in your life

If a guy is trying to learn more about you and is willing to listen to even women’s gossip – this is another sign of hidden feelings. He will be interested in any information that can be slyly used. For example, watch your lover’s favorite TV series, or read a book she likes. Thus, he will try to get closer, because there will be more in common between you.


Often men prefer to hide their personal information or share it slowly and quite reluctantly. But with their lovers, they become more talkative. They are also eager to introduce the girl to a close circle: introduce her to friends and even relatives.


Men try to attract attention and cheer up the lady of the heart with the help of jokes. Sparkling humor directly pours from the mouth of the gentleman – this means falling in love. If you want to laugh at any of it, even at unfunny jokes, the feelings may be mutual. Attraction to the chosen one means laughing at her jokes. Although many believe that most women can not cheer, but fans do not stop it, they appreciate even the most flat and no one understandable joke.

How to find out if a man is in love, if he hides his feelings

Love – a wonderful feeling, especially if it is mutual. But women often find it difficult to determine whether they are really interested in a man, although at some level are already guessing about it. And this kind of difficulties are quite understandable, because not all men are different openness and are able to show their sympathy to try if not to win, then at least to accommodate a woman that he likes. And some guys even put a lot of effort to hide the resulting “chemistry” with the object of interest.

Women, on the contrary, it is always important to know how men relate to them, especially if you want to find a long-awaited suitor. However, to understand that a man in love, but hides his feelings and therefore does not dare to take the first step to develop a relationship, it is not difficult. If we consider his behavior and actions in more detail, you can unmistakably understand whether these very feelings and how strong they are.

Why a man does not show his feelings, when they are there

Usually women are perplexed as to why a man does nothing if he really likes a girl. Oddly enough, most guys just do not realize how important it is for women to feel interesting, desired and loved. And not only that: sometimes it is even more important to realize in time that you love, but just hide it, because the signs that girls begin to guess the presence of incipient attraction, most often are non-verbal.

This can be as awkward compliments and nice gifts, as well as innocent touching, hugs like “casually”, short kisses, more like smacking, and more. If such signs of attention is not, women begin to doubt the effectiveness of their charms and, consequently, there is jealousy, irritability, resentment. So why is a man hides his love from the one for whom he certainly suffers?

As stated by psychoanalysts, the cause of male “secrecy” can be anything, but only a dozen of them are typical of most cases:

  1. Perhaps your shy suitor is just afraid to be rejected, misunderstood or ridiculed? For such people are always critical factor of reciprocity – that is, that a woman is not just shared their feelings, but she herself wanted their manifestations.
  2. Often men hide their feelings because of adherence to social or cultural stereotypes. One of them concerns the image of a man-warrior, who must in any situation behave restrained, balanced and carefully hide provoking the weakness of emotions. It is only ladies can afford all sorts of sentimental things, but men are written to remain cold-blooded and unwavering.
  3. It happens that a grown man is sincerely in love, but he hides his feelings in order to preserve his independence. He thinks that if he reveals his relationship to a woman, he will become vulnerable and easily manipulated. Since any man wants to maintain authority in his own environment, most often almost all attempts to show tenderness/sentimentality/attention are immediately suppressed.
  4. Another common stereotype in the spirit of “the less a woman we love …”, which guys at every opportunity readily quote their benevolent “colleagues in the shop”, has an enviable vitality. Isn’t it this banal paradox that leads men to hide their feelings, fearing that when the object of desire learns of the seriousness of their relationship, they will certainly lose interest in them. Therefore, guys try to act aloof so as not to lose their position in the location of their chosen one.
  5. If a guy is in love, but hides his feelings, he may be doing so because of a recent painful breakup. After such experiences, many men do not dare to take another risk to start a relationship. They try to get to know their future partner as well as possible before they open their heart to her or propose dating.
  6. Sometimes a man may hide his feelings simply because he is married or already romantically involved with another girl. And it is natural that the sympathy for the woman he likes will try to keep a secret (and not only from her, but also from his entourage). It’s not so easy – to give up your comfort zone, to give up a more or less established way of life and, diving in with his head to start building a new model.
  7. Often a man stubbornly ignores a woman he liked, because of the basic insecurity. Such people, as a rule, have been single for a long time, when a chance to change something, they get lost and find a way out in the fact that they put off making an important decision for later.
  8. In some cases it is really problematic for women to realize that a man is in love, because he hides his sympathy too diligently. The reason here is really delicate – a big age difference. Usually when a man is much older than the lady of his heart, it provokes him to develop a kind of psychological block, and restraining his love, and attempts to admit it. Out of fear of being rejected, such a man can deceive even himself.
  9. Sometimes the reluctance to show women signs of attention may act as a kind of defensive reaction. All men, contrary to classic stereotypes, at heart are vulnerable teenagers, extremely sensitive in their relationships. Therefore, any frankness in matters of love is often regarded as a voluntary surrender. Restraint and silence act as a way to protect a bleeding heart in love.
  10. It is clear that when a man is in love, he experiences almost the same things as a woman. However, as you can see, the difference in the perception of feelings is still significant. Today the image of a real man is traditionally associated with such character traits as emphasized masculinity and even rudeness. It is not surprising that the representatives of the stronger sex are so exaggerated desire to conform to this image at all costs. And this, in turn, forces them to consider falling in love as a weakness. They believe that if they are too conspicuous to show their attitude toward the chosen one, they will be treated more indulgently in the society of the more brutal “fellows of the male club”, because they will consider them “uncool” or unremarkable weaklings.

In fact, there is nothing new for women in these reasons, except the need to adjust their philosophy, based on the dogma that men are born with a natural tendency to conquer women. Not all “men” are hunters, and not all of them only see women as prey, the victory over which is the ultimate goal of love affairs.

How to tell if a guy is in love

No matter how carefully a man veils his feelings, they still can be recognized by his behavior. Just one look of a man in love will tell you more than a million words! And when a man is near the object of his interest, he just can not keep a mask of equanimity – willy-nilly he begins to show excitement and tries to obtain favor from the one to whom he has already given his heart.

There are practically infallible signs that the guy is in love, but he hides it for some reason. A woman need only show a little observation, and she will easily recognize that she is not indifferent to the potential suitor:

  • A man tormented by romantic feelings is ready to do everything to please his chosen one. For the sake of purity of the experiment just ask him for something, and you watch his reaction. And if your shy admirer will try to do everything possible to solve your problem, you will not have any difficulty understanding that he really is in love, and the cause of his suffering – you yourself;
  • Being in the company of beloved, men are usually nervous, so often behave inadequately, illogical or quite stupid. They are beginning to talk all sorts of platitudes, laugh out of place, inappropriate jokes. They need to understand, because when a person is in love, but hides true feelings, it’s not without stress. And this is understandable, because in the soul of a man in love there is always an ocean of passions;
  • To determine whether a guy is in love with you, think back to all of your conversations. If he told you about his homeland, his relatives, what he does in the evenings, it means that you are becoming a close person to him and he is trying to make you part of his life;
  • When men fall in love, they listen very carefully to the girl they are attracted to. At the same time they really hear her, trying to understand her problems, worries, life plans;
  • Trying to please the object of his admiration, men are beginning to look after themselves more carefully. They buy new clothes, groom their hair, use perfume, and so on;
  • When a man has a beloved, it causes him to want to protect her and show care, even if he hides his true feelings. He tries to help her in any, however minor, situations, from carrying shopping bags to help with various household chores;
  • When a man’s heart begins to “swarm butterflies,” the lover thinks about plans for the future, about a stable income, about what he can do so that his family will not need anything;
  • Experiencing romantic feelings man tries as often as possible to meet with his beloved, calling her, texting or messaging her on social networks.

But one of the most sure signs that the guy is in love and hides his emotions, lies in a fairly atypical behavior for modern men. Because lovers are afraid of somehow offend their date, they apologize for the slightest misstep, but are wildly jealous of other members of the stronger sex. Moreover, for the sake of his beloved man can even give up bad habits, join the gym to improve physical fitness, increasingly often says not “I” and “we.

Gestures and facial expressions of a man in love

Man in love shows not only in his actions, but even in facial expressions and gestures. It is worth a short time to observe a man when he is alone with his beloved to understand his condition. In particular, pay attention:

  • On his body, which is almost constantly in some tension, and from time to time he assumes a posture that causes him a certain stiffness;
  • Sometimes there may also be trembling in the hands, caused by extreme agitation, overexcitement or embarrassment;
  • Often the palms of the hands become excessively dry or sweaty;
  • In situations where he feels insecure or tries to close himself off, he crosses his arms over his chest;
  • If he tries to show himself to his beloved in all his glory, he straightens his shoulders and raises his hands to his waist (this is his way of attracting her attention);
  • Lovers who secretly desire their date often casually touch their belt or keep their hands on their hips;
  • during a conversation, the young man experiencing feelings tries to shorten the distance as much as possible to be in the personal space of his beloved.

For men, falling in love is primarily an uncontrollable burst of adrenaline. And since any excited state is almost impossible to hide, no man, even if he was a super agent, is not able to neutralize his emotions at the sight of his beloved. So women who have basic skills of observation, it will be quite easy to recognize the signs of love in a man. Especially since many guys do not even know how quickly they give away their facial expressions, which inevitably change in love:

  • when a guy meets or is near the object of his adoration, he literally changes in the face (at the same time, the face can both blush and pale);
  • People in love often look down, but their eyebrows are slightly raised up at this time;
  • Romantic feelings are always positive emotions, that is why a smile often wanders on the face of a person in love, be it modest and barely visible or maximum open (as they say, “in 32 teeth”);
  • A young man in love often unwittingly shares all the experiences of his lady of the heart – if she laughs or is sad, he immediately picks up her emotions, although he does not notice it;
  • A man in love tries not to miss a single change in his beloved’s behavior, and makes every effort to support the initiative.

The desire for tactile contact can also be considered a manifestation of strong affection. The man tries to touch the object of his interest at every opportunity, and the touch can be friendly and do not imply anything intimate – for example, a casual touch on the face or hand, removing hair or dust from clothes, and so on.

The woman may not even be aware of how important such touching is to the lover. In this way, it is as if he is touching the body of his beloved, with the young man’s eyes lingering on the lips of his beloved. In this case, the touch is a kind of completion of non-verbal contact, which brings a man soothing and even great pleasure.

Manifestations of love in men on the zodiac signs

All people have different characters, so in love, they behave differently. Under the influence of romantic feelings in different ways are manifested and features of the person’s character and his ability to express his emotions. No less important is the correspondence to the characteristics of their zodiac sign, because of the date of birth to a large extent depend on the behavior patterns of people. Therefore, when determining a man’s feelings, it would be logical to take into account the “star” influence:

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