Techniques in bed – parsing carefully

Techniques in bed – parsing carefully

Everyone perceives the word geisha in his own way, someone imagines the enticing secrets of the East, someone unusual dancing or amazing Japanese food, and, of course, everyone thinks about the seductive, mysterious and infinitely desired, girls. Men go crazy at the sight of geisha, and their sexual prowess is legendary. But is it only, brought up in the East, women can excite the body and mind men? No! Each of you can plunge into the mysteries of oriental temptresses and drive his beloved to madness.

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    4 principles of a virtuoso mistress

    The desire to surprise a man in bed does not always appear on its own. Often it is necessary to warm up interest in his own person or to encourage him to take decisive action, especially if the guy does not dare to propose. If the woman you love is fully satisfied in sex, then there is no thought of changing or finding a mistress for constant intimate pleasures.

    Girls who want to be indispensable to their partner should always adhere to the following principles:

  1. 1.
    1. Contrast . Monotony leads to oppression. A great solution – contrast and play with emotions. It is important to learn how to change the mood: romantic, passionate, playful, affectionate, malleable.
    2. 2. initiative . It is commonly believed that men are always the first to show attention, but in practice this is far from being the case. They also like caresses, solicitation, flirting. The main thing that these manipulations were appropriate. Initiative on the part of a woman allows you to feel needed, interesting, sexy.

    What men like in sex and how to surprise your partner in bed?

    How to attach to a man for life?

    Original ways to surprise your boyfriend, a man on and off

    1. 1. The skill of dialogue . During sex you should not talk, it can be distracting and irritating. Share your innermost can be, sending a text message, or over dinner, especially if it takes place in an intimate atmosphere. The partner will be pleased that his opinion is shown interest, he will tell about his fantasies.
    2. 2. Sexual Education . There are a lot of nuances in sex. You need to keep up to date with new things, surprise you with trendy ways and techniques. It is always interesting to learn something new, especially together.

    Modesty is good until a certain point. Every man wants to see a partner in bed, devoid of shyness and complexes. This will allow you to trust your boyfriend, opening a greater range of emotions and feelings in the process of sexual intercourse.

    How to surprise your husband in the bedroom: effective recommendations

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    Need to know your man

    The very first advice is to know your man from all sides. Every girl should understand that all men have individual traits that can emphasize his character and person as a person. Some girls, after seeing their man’s indifference to himself, begin to come up with a scenario on how to get him back that passion. And the first thought that comes to mind is to make her jealous. This is not always a good option, because if a man is very jealous or even tyrannical, there can be consequences when the woman becomes a victim here. Therefore, it is best to discard such an idea. It is important to consider the fact of where and who her chosen one works. If he works all day in a factory or any other hard work, then clearly he will not be harassed in the evening after work. Such a man will dream of a delicious dinner and a warm bed. Surprise him only after his rest.

    Scrotal caresses

    The testicles of men are very sensitive to caresses, but they are also the most vulnerable. Therefore, you categorically can not treat them roughly, knocking them against each other, patting, roughly sucking and sharply pulling down. Be as delicate as possible, as if you were treating a real treasure. The scrotum is all sensitive, but its sides, the back side, and the seam between the testicles have the most potential. Therefore, when caressing with your hands, tongue or lips, focus just on them. The scrotum can be licked, the testicles can be sucked one by one, the testicles can be grasped completely, gently stroked, or light vibrating movements can be created.

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    The behavior of the girl

    The most important principle with which you can achieve the process of surprise is considered to be the behavior of the girl. Some women make grave mistakes in their behavior, so in such cases, relationships often collapse. Here are some tips to help girls behave correctly in bed with a man: – Men don’t like girls in bed waiting for a moment to be satisfied. Just lying down and not moving is the worst behavior a woman can show in bed; – A kiss is a magical feeling through which you can convey your attitude to another person. Every chick likes to be kissed. But, men also adore being kissed, so you can surprise your man in bed by covering his whole body with kisses – it turns men on insanely; – In order to surprise a man in bed you need to throw away the kiss. To surprise a man you need to discard all the old-fashioned rules. For example, most women believe that intimacy is completely the man’s concern, but this is not true. It is important to please your boyfriend and to take some moments into your own hands. The girl must moan, scream, but not be silent. This is what will help a man to understand that she feels very good with him; – You can also surprise your man by wearing some kind of sexual costume.

    Pleasure for him and for yourself

    Geishas have a mastery of oral sex techniques. Here are a few ways: the penis is placed between the lips and, as if pushed out of the mouth, with the lips acting in the same way as during kissing. Kiss and nibble on the side of the penis with your lips, wipe the head with your tongue, take the penis halfway in your mouth, kiss and suck. Then completely immerse it in your mouth, making swallowing motions. It is desirable to take a comfortable position.

    During intercourse remember to be slow and calm, the Japanese do not like noise, shrieks and moans during sex. Remember also that a man must get everything he wants, you have to guess his desires, to fulfill his whims. There is no need to talk or fuss, trust the wisdom of Japanese beauties and your feminine sexuality.

    From generation to generation geisha handed down the secret that makes them unforgettable lovers, now it has been revealed and available to everyone. The beauties of the East have mastered the technology of vaginal muscle exercises. Here are the basic ones:

    • Slowly squeeze the vaginal muscles, keep them in that state for four minutes. Then relax the same way for four minutes. Repeat ten to fifteen times.
    • Push, not as hard as during childbirth, but moderately. Repeat thirty times.
    • Quickly tense and relax your muscles for five minutes.

    Repeating the exercise regularly, you will train the vaginal muscles, which will allow you and your partner to have an unforgettable pleasure.

    In order to have an orgasm and give magical pleasure to your man, tense your vaginal muscles and buttocks while your man’s penis is in you, bring your thighs together, wait a little, then relax. Take deep breaths and exhales, imagining the heat spreading from your lower abdomen all over your body. Allow yourself to be caressed and, likewise, caress your partner’s crotch, this will enhance the orgasm. Do not be shy to show how much pleasure the intercourse brought you. Geisha, to express admiration, but at the same time not to shout, loudly covered his mouth with his hair.

    Seduction techniques used by geishas can help you arrange an unforgettable night with your lover, surprise your husband, give your family life more fire. Remember, the real geisha did not leave, they chose their own men. Methods of oriental seductresses are available to each of you, regardless of age, health or number of kilograms. Mysterious beauty lives in everyone, if only you want to.

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    Lessons in seducing her husband

    No matter what vows the lovers make at the wedding altar, sooner or later every woman begins to realize that her husband has begun to drift away from her. If she is smart enough, she does not fall into despair, but begins to look for an answer to the question – how to seduce her husband again.

    Despite the seeming conservatism in desires, all men, in fact, are looking for variety, including in women. So learn this fine art – to give a man a variety in your face, otherwise, sooner or later, he will go to look for it on the side.

    A woman must always be a bit of an actress, which is subject to more than one role. She has to be a reliable friend, and a gentle and dirty mistress and faithful friend and even just a casual fellow traveler with whom you can talk without concealment.

    Although your husband should feel that he is exactly the right man for you. But don’t let him forget that there are many men out there who would love to take his place. Let him catch the admiring glances that you see other men. However, there should be careful and, flirting with a colleague at work do not play games and do not cross the invisible line, which separates the innocent flirting from unconcealed courtship.

    Many men love the so-called sex marathons, when the intercourse continues for a long time – perhaps all night. To seduce her husband and last all night, do not choose days in the middle of the work week, the ideal option would be a weekend or vacation, when you can enjoy each other as much as possible. After all, an important factor of success in this case will not be the preoccupation with pressing matters and the absence of an early rise.

    In addition, you should be able to turn off all the phones, for a while the world can live without you. Of course, it is necessary to properly prepare the room, to curtain the windows, light candles and remove all the things on which you can pay attention during the intercourse. The room should resemble a room that was created exclusively for sex.

    All possible irritating factors should be minimized – if it is stuffy – turn on the fan or air conditioner, if it is hot – close the balcony, if there is noise in the street or from neighbors – turn on the music. Naturally, you should make sure that during intercourse there is always water on hand, because sex is just as exhausting as a long-distance run, and the constant running for everything you need can reduce the sexual impulse.

    In this regard, it is necessary to remember all the important and necessary attributes of sexual intercourse, each couple they may be different, so there is no point in advising anything.

    Any relationship between wife and husband should be actively supported by the sexual aspect of life. Each couple should have a variety of methods, predilections and positions in sex. Only with mutual understanding will there be no questions like, “how do I re-seduce my husband and satisfy him in bed?”

    You can ask for help from the Kama Sutra, if the standard poses and preferences are bored and do not bring the desired results.

    In the position when the partner is on top, the highest satisfaction of the partner is achieved. Because the male body creates the effect of “covering”, thereby protecting from all kinds of troubles and fears. Of course, men also like this pose, because it does not require any additional loads, thus allowing both partners to get the maximum sexual satisfaction.


    Geishas use relaxing erotic massage as foreplay. The main thing to remember is that there is no need to rush anywhere and you need to admire your partner’s body. First prepare your partner for the main massage. Massage his temples and the back of his head in circular motions. Massage his feet and hands with scented oil. Next, pay attention to the neck and shoulders. Gently move your hands along the inner sides of his thighs and chest.

    Now he is ready for the main massage. Run the palms of your hands along the spine, then massage the muscles between the vertebrae, under the shoulder blades. Use your elbows and palms, be creative. Massage until you feel the tension is gone from your partner’s body.

    You can diversify the act of foreplay with dancing. Geishas are famous for their ability to arouse desire with enchanting movements. Turn on soft, quiet music with oriental motifs, raise your hands and sway your hips in time with the tune, turn your back. When undressing, don’t forget to do it playfully and enticingly. Let go of one strapless t-shirt, pretend to be embarrassed, smile. Dance until you think the man is relaxed and excited enough. The Japanese consider kissing an important part of the pleasure of love, kissing should be sensual, surrender to the power of passion.

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    Most girls are shy about their appearance, so they are afraid of some changes in sex. Therefore, before she starts to surprise her man, she should get rid of feelings of shyness and embarrassment. This can be done in different ways, the most important thing is to relax. Only a relaxed state will help to be with your partner in full confidence. A man will be pleased to see his woman in some sexy outfit. The girl can approach boldly, and start undressing him, while kissing any part of the body. Give inspiration initially to the girl herself, so that already the man will convey all the sensuality and desire.


    I regret to inform you that the real gods of sex do not repeat the same manipulations over and over again. Being skilled in bed means being able to open up your own sensual world to let in some quirks and types of pleasure that your mate might enjoy.

    That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own comfort to please your partner, but if you have the opportunity to experiment and it doesn’t entail discomfort, then why not? You’ll never know what you like until you try it, and it’s worth believing that your partner will stop if you suddenly feel out of place.


    Sometimes a playful mood can ignite a man in a big way. A man is by nature a hunter and conqueror, so he needs to be given this opportunity. Every man is used to getting his own, what he wants. So you do not have to immediately give in bed, when you can let him hunt and get the full range of emotions with his prey.

    6. Kiss her for real

    If you’re terrible at kissing, there’s no way you’re going to be one bit better in bed. Some people think foreplay should include nudity, but even casual kissing on the couch can serve great as the key in the car ignition. When you kiss a girl, make sure your mouth isn’t full of saliva. You are kissing, not sharing a drink. Ideally, fresh breath will do a great job of positioning your partner to kiss.

    Advice for the advanced : Don’t be afraid to kiss or gently whisper in her ear about what you want to do to her!


    When the relationship between a man and a woman lasts a long time, a man knows everything about the biorhythm of his girlfriend. Often this is what leads to predictability of any sexual behavior, which sometimes men do not like. It is necessary to introduce a touch of spontaneity and adjust your life to sex, and not vice versa. A man does not love a woman, he loves his state with this woman, so he needs to be given new sensations and the more the better.

    5. Tell her and then show her that you know she loves

    There’s nothing sexier than being an attentive listener. If you’re going to be a legendary lover, you’re going to have to keep turning her head and making her feel like you’re doing exactly what she wants before she even knows that’s what she wants. So how will you be able to do that? Either you have to learn how to read minds, or you have to learn to listen to what she likes and remember it for the future. This will make your soulmate feel your giving and attention during communication.

    Advance tip : If you can, try putting a pillow under your lower back to improve your penetration angle. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it might work for your lady.

    All is not yet lost: how to surprise a girl in bed?

    Professional copywriter with a degree in philology. I have a broad outlook.

    The expert – Victoria Fomina.

    Physician sexologist highest category, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples resolve problems in sex life.

    Men ask the question “How to surprise a girl in bed” for different reasons. Some have intimate life has lost its former passion. Someone wants to conquer a new lover. Some have sex for the first time and want everything to go well.

    In general, it seems quite difficult. Well what else has not tried the modern girl? But, in fact, the modern girl may not have had time to try many things. It’s all about shyness and the inability to talk about their desires.

    What to do and how to surprise her in bed?

    To begin with, you should carefully observe what she likes.

    If this sex will not be the first, you should pay attention to the signals that she gives during sex. Moaning, squeezing her hands, scratching her back all indicate enjoyment of what is happening at the moment. Studying your partner’s body and what he or she likes should be a constant activity. Over time, tastes may change, and the man won’t even notice it, because he stopped listening to non-verbal signals.

    If sex is the first time, you can understand something from kissing, hugging and stroking. At a minimum, this will show what the girl’s temperament is. Maybe she needs gentle sex, and maybe – very wild.

    The easiest way to surprise a girl in bed is to do something that hasn’t happened before. Perhaps the couple has never tried rough sex before. Or, on the contrary, there has not been gentle and romantic. If sex is constantly in the apartment – you can get out into nature or make love in the car.

    Basic techniques


    There is nothing to be surprised about. Not all men dare to cunnilingus. And those who do – most of them do it wrong. There are a lot of described techniques, so they will not be in this article.

    The main thing – do not make popular mistakes, among which stands out especially ignoring the clitoris. It is he who gives that spicy pleasure to the girl, for which cunnilingus is famous. It is also important to understand that this is a very delicate organ, and that simply driving your tongue there in random directions is not enough. The correct technique is to lick it gently and penetrate it with your fingers.

    Cold and hot

    A great way to diversify your sex life. Due to the temperature difference, the girl will get unreal pleasure. In addition, it’s just like in the movies. You will need an ice cube and a candle. The ice cube is taken with the lips and slowly spent on the most sensitive parts of the body. For a thrill, a couple of drops of hot wax can be placed on the ice-cube path.

    Virtual reality

    It’s enough to remember the beginning of a relationship and what heated texts the couple sent each other. It can be repeated and it will be beautiful.

    To do this, all you have to do is take a separate vacation and drink some wine.

    Forbidden sex

    A popular way to diversify sex life and surprise the girl, were and will be role-playing games. As an option: you can rent a hotel room and play a situation where the girl will be a prostitute. Quite a frequent fantasy among girls, you should not be afraid to offend her.


    Everyone watches porn, but very few people star in it. Why not try your hand at being porn actors. You will need sexy costumes, a little script and a good mood. The main thing is that this video did not get on the network.

    See no one, hear no one, say nothing to no one.

    It is known that turning off one of the senses makes the others work harder. It is worth trying to have sex with your eyes closed, with a gag in your mouth, or wearing headphones.

    Here will be important the level of trust between the partners, but the experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

    How to surprise correctly

    When it becomes clear exactly what the girl wants, it is necessary not just to do it, but to do it correctly.

    • Pulling her hair is very sexy, but it is not sexy to hear her screaming in pain and see her twisted face. The hair can be gently wrapped around her hand and pulled, gathered at the base of her neck. You can also just run your heel in. The main trick is to pull all the hair at once so as not to give the girl unbearable pain.
    • The change of pace of sex is pleasurable only when it happens correctly. During slow sex you really have to move slowly, not entering the girl all the way in and making her want it even more. In the fast phase the movement should start with sharp penetration, enter all the way in and stop for a second, and then continue with fast sex.
    • Kissing can be completely different. To kiss a girl like in the movies, you need to put your hand on her neck and pull her passionately. Or gently pull her chin to yourself with your fingers and give her a gentle kiss.
    • Talking in whispers in your ear has one main rule – do not be shy. If you want to say rudeness, then you have to say the dirtiest words. The main thing is to do it confidently.

    Talking to your partner about desires and fantasies will always help you find common ground. Perhaps both in a couple want to try domination, to break down the roles of teacher and student, or to try out a new vibrator. So what’s the point of denying yourself this pleasure?

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