Techniques for manipulating men

How to manipulate a man in a relationship

Every woman sooner or later thinks about how to manipulate a man in a relationship. These thoughts are usually fraught with doubts. Do I have the right to influence another’s will? Is it honest? What if everything is revealed, how will the man I love react?

It is important to understand that manipulation is different. Yes, there are predatory aggressive techniques, which, incidentally, are ineffective if you rely on long-term relationship. This article will talk about something completely different. We will talk about the nuances of male psychology, by learning about which a woman begins to better understand her chosen one, learn to subtly guide him, to anticipate the actions of a loved one and foresee their consequences. From the competent behavior of the partner relationship will only benefit. Both sides benefit.

The essence and rules of competent female manipulation

Manipulation is an integral part of a woman’s essence. It is so historically or even evolutionary. Ladies had nothing to counteract the typical male qualities: physical strength, assertiveness, authority, straightforwardness, sometimes aggression. They had to look for more subtle ways of interaction with representatives of the stronger half of mankind: cunning, seduction, pretense. All this helped not only to defend their interests, but also to avoid violence, and often even to survive.

The essence of female manipulation is the hidden influence on men in order to push them to do something or, conversely, to force them to refuse certain actions. The techniques and methods that women use are very specific. They have their own characteristics and subtleties, which will be discussed below.

Competent manipulation requires compliance with a few “golden” rules.

  1. It is necessary to act discreetly. If you go too far, or make a clear mistake, of course, the man will understand everything. It is unpleasant to realize that someone is trying to achieve benefits for themselves at your expense. So the result could be the opposite of the original goal. The opponent should not notice that they are trying to influence him. It is important for him to feel that he is acting in good faith and making his own decisions.
  2. Examine the target. This is necessary to choose the most appropriate manipulation techniques. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the man, it is not difficult to determine the tactics.

For example, the demonstration of their own vulnerability and fragility is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of beautiful ladies. It works great for self-confident established people who like to patronize, protect and support. But it is useless to behave in such a way with weaklings – you will not get the desired effect.

  1. Do not give in to his manipulations. Yes, men also know how to covertly influence the ladies. Some are so sophisticated and skillful that a woman has no idea what’s going on. Today there are even special courses where they teach this. Do not turn into an object of male manipulation to help the following recommendations:
  • Anticipate the goals of the man, ask yourself questions like “Why is he doing this?”, “What is he saying this for?”, “What does he need from me now?”
  • Be attentive: filter and analyze incoming information from a man, don’t let your emotions overwhelm you completely, critically evaluate his words and actions;
  • Do not fall for pity, because playing on natural female instincts (the need to give care, to comfort, etc.) is one of the most common ways of male manipulation;
  • Do not make quick decisions, even if you are actively pushed to do so; remember that you always have the right to take a pause to think about proposals.
  1. Do not resort to prohibited methods: blackmail, deliberate lies, threats, tantrums. Especially if you are planning a long serious relationship with this person. Perhaps the short-term goal will be achieved. But the prospects for a union in which one of the partners is dishonest and aggressive, is very vague.
  2. Use individual measures to influence the man: What is effective with one, not necessarily work with the other. Ways to manipulate a man in a relationship are many. Knowing the nuances of male psychology will help you choose the most appropriate one for your situation.

The main reasons for women’s manipulation

It is important to understand that everyone is manipulated: men and women, adults and children, old people and young people. There is no need to look for excuses. It is one of the ways to communicate in society and an effective way to get what you want.

In women’s lives, manipulative behavior plays a key role. For the fairer sex, the ability to act with cunning is a vital skill. After all, they do not have the physical ability to resist their opponent by force or rudeness.

The main reasons for female manipulation are:

  • gender itself: it is foolish not to use their natural abilities and charms;
  • men’s reluctance to be “under the heel”: the strong sex cannot stand it when girls directly tell them what to do, and command them, so they have to act more subtly;
  • Resistance to male manipulation: Sometimes a woman’s manipulative behavior is nothing but a response to male attempts to subjugate her will to himself.

All in all, don’t be troubled by doubts when pondering the question, “How to manipulate men in a relationship?” Yes, the very word “manipulation” is often given a negative connotation. In fact, it is nothing more than a way of interacting with others, which, consciously or not, everyone resorts to.

Specialized methods of manipulation: Typically feminine “tricks

There are manipulation techniques that are only appropriate for the female half of humanity. Take, for example, women’s tears. The reaction to them is completely different than to a man’s cries. A woman who cries often make concessions, she evokes pity for herself, a desire to protect, to comfort. The man who shed a tear is likely to be criticized and condemned. So it is better not to use it on guys. It is a very powerful tool, but only when used by women.

Other types of typically feminine manipulation include:

  • emphasizing external attractiveness: men love with their eyes, so they gladly make concessions to seductive beauties;
  • Demonstration of weakness: The representatives of the strong half of mankind like to feel as protectors, supporters, rescuers, it emphasizes their masculinity, which is known to be fully disclosed only next to the true femininity;
  • Mystery: understatement and mystery inflame the interest of the opposite sex, which is manipulated by wise women;
  • intimacy: this includes refusing too early intimacy, seductive messages, and quality sex in dosage quantities that exclude satiety in the man;
  • resentment: skilful influence on a man’s feeling of guilt makes him feel discomfort, which he wants to get rid of as soon as possible;
  • exaggerated stupid behavior: skillfully including a “nice fool”, a woman solves a lot of issues at once – she avoids responsibility, confuses the man and weakens his vigilance, escapes punishment for a transgression, reduces the degree of anger;
  • tears: already mentioned above men simply can not stand women’s tears: some of them worry, others are irritated; in any case, guys are willing to do anything to stop women’s tears as soon as possible;
  • playing on men’s appetite: one of the weaknesses of the strong sex is a tasty meal; after a hearty meal they are usually more inclined to fulfill the desires of their second half;
  • caressing: stroking, giving in, interceding for your man in front of third parties, friendly gestures;
  • Intrusion into the intimate zone: reducing the distance, touching, special tone of voice;
  • Care: tasty meals, support, attentive listening; all this causes a desire to reciprocate and make a man without reserve.

Universal ways to manipulate a man

When thinking about how to manipulate a man in a relationship, pay attention not only to the typical female tricks, but to the universal ways. They can all be used with equal efficiency. Mastering these techniques will help you become a pleasant conversation partner and a man who is difficult to refuse a request. They can be practiced in family relationships, in the corporate environment, and in communication with friends and relatives.

So, the most popular universal methods of manipulation include:

  • flattery: we all love to receive praise, which naturally affects the attitude towards a person who is able to competently and appropriately pay compliments; such an opponent wants to do nice things in return, it is difficult to refuse the request, even if he just subtly hinted about his desire;
  • Using a person’s name in conversation: for each of us it is a pleasant music, caressing our ears, and is perceived almost as praise;
  • Movement mirroring: Copying the interlocutor’s gestures creates an illusion of closeness, almost kinship, which contributes to a special disposition;
  • Attention: listen to the person, looking into his eyes, show interest in his words and personality;
  • Talking about childhood issues: these memories tend to have a positive effect on people; they relax, they are nostalgic and consequently more receptive to other people’s requests and desires;
  • common interests: love for the same things and similar hobbies always bring us closer; a person who shares our interests inspires trust, we want to communicate with him more, to do something nice for him;
  • the tactic “from more to less”: its essence is that the woman initially asked for something grandiose and was denied; respectively, the man feels guilty because he did not satisfy the desire of his beloved; therefore the next, less global request is likely to be fulfilled.

These popular tips will not only tell you how to manipulate a man in a relationship, but also learn how to get his way in all spheres of life. Knowing the subtle techniques of favoring the interlocutor helps to survive the struggle and competition.

How to manipulate a man by using words: examples

We have talked about ways of influencing the will of men, such as behavior, appearance, and gestures. But words also play a big role. When thinking about how to manipulate a man in a relationship, don’t forget about the verbal channels of communication.

The following manipulation phrases will help you achieve your goals in communicating with men of all ages. These words touch the delicate strings in the souls of members of the stronger half of humanity.

  1. “I am sure you will do even the impossible for me.”

Few men can resist this phrase. A woman shows that she does not doubt the strength and generosity of her chosen one. And, therefore, he just has to prove to her that she is right.

  1. “Could you help me?”

After such words, men who have heard about duty to the weaker sex since childhood and are inherently protectors and patrons find it difficult to refuse anything to the female companion.

  1. “I know it’s hard with me sometimes. But you love me like this too, don’t you?”

The first part of the phrase shows the man that you are aware of your shortcomings. And it saves him the trouble of having to criticize you himself. The second leaves no choice, he just has to admit that he loves you after all.

  1. “I realized what I was wrong about. Next time I will definitely do it your way.”

It’s hard to think of a better phrase to prevent conflict. Admitting your own mistake will discourage a man from resenting you. He may even feel sorry for you and rejoice at what a smart girl he got.

  1. “You were the one who made the decision.”

These words of manipulation absolve the woman of all responsibility for the undesirable result and “hang” it on the man. To get rid of the guilt, he will try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

It is important to use these phrases to the right place and the right tone. Sometimes the intonation should sound pity, in other cases – admiration. It all depends on the situation.

How to manipulate a man in the beginning of a relationship

Answering yourself the question of how to manipulate a man in a relationship, it is important to consider the age of your union. For example, it is foolish to appeal to a sense of duty partner or try to play on his guilt, if you meet only a couple of weeks and have not yet become close enough.

At the beginning of a relationship with a man is best suited to the following methods of manipulation:

  • Accentuate your femininity and beauty: emphasizing the advantages of the figure clothes, advantageous makeup, a subtle scent of perfume, general grooming, movement, seductive timbre of voice, pleasant topics of conversation, etc.;
  • unobtrusively penetrate into a man’s personal zone: gently, as if casually, touch him, adjust some details of his closet, get closer, look into his eyes, listen carefully – all this extraordinarily fascinates and turns them into ideal objects for manipulation;
  • don’t agree to intimacy too early, before there is emotional intimacy; anticipation makes men more susceptible to women’s desires and requests;
  • Show interest and attention to your mate’s affairs and utterances, create an easy, pleasant atmosphere around you that he will be drawn to;
  • Sometimes be unavailable for calls and messages (not to be confused with an emphasis on coldness and detachment, this repulses);
  • Create a pleasant memory of yourself, that in his mind, your image was associated with positive emotions: let him feel his strength near you and thank him with gentle words and kisses, originally congratulate him on the next holiday, find something to praise sincerely, etc.

All these recommendations will help create the image of a pleasant and attractive person with whom you want to be near and who will be very sorry to lose. In order to keep the relationship with a beautiful and such a disposing woman, men are willing to make all kinds of concessions.

How to manipulate a man in a long relationship

When the relationship is already strong and established, more efficient and relevant other manipulative tactics. In this case, the following methods come to the fore:

  • The use of his appetite;
  • Special behavior during intimacy;
  • praise, flattery;
  • intensified caring;
  • flirting and flirting in correspondence;
  • Playing on a man’s sense of duty.

It is important to find a different approach to each person. Natural feminine sensitivity and intuition are the best helpers in this case.

If you want to get more relevant and unique information on “How to manipulate men in a relationship,” we welcome you to the school of professional practical psychology “InterAktiv Center. Here we teach the secrets of competent communication and manipulation, which make life more pleasant and easier. We practice a purely individual approach, which ensures maximum efficiency of interaction.

How to manipulate a man: psychology and 3 methods of manipulation.

Many women have not once heard about the methods of manipulating a man. But almost all of them can not decide: should they try this method of influence, or not.

Let’s look into it. Manipulation of a man – a delicate art. It is necessary for a woman to easily influence a man and get what he wants.

Women who do not seek to learn about male psychology and how to influence men are missing out on a great deal.

As soon as you begin to understand men better, to guide them, to predict their actions, your personal life will begin to change for the better. Relationships with men will improve, you will be appreciated and you will always be the center of attention.

Women who want a full and happy relationships, will certainly grasp the basics of competent manipulation of the man. The following video will help in this:

How women manipulate a man

Every woman faced with his helplessness to the male force: straightforwardness and assertiveness. She is simply unable to fight the male qualities. At such moments, all women feel weak, insignificant, unable to change a man’s mind. This has prompted women to learn how to manipulate the male gender very cunningly and skillfully.

A wise woman uses the following ways to manipulate a man:

  • Using his appetite. Any man is much easier to give in to any persuasion, if he is full, and is in harmony and comfort. It should be competent and creative approach to the preparation of food, and table setting. If your table will be attended by candles and his favorite food, then from a simple dinner party will turn into a real romantic evening. After waiting for your chosen one to fully satisfy his hunger and be in a state of relaxation, you can safely begin to state a wish or request. Almost everyone after a great dinner will want to thank you, and probably will fulfill the wish.
  • Compliments and praise. Absolutely every man wants to look worthy and important in a woman’s eyes. He wants to feel special for her, the best. Not for nothing they say: a woman makes her man. If a woman believes in her man, always supports him, says compliments, then next to her man becomes better and more successful. That is why women should help their men and not stingy with compliments.
  • Common interests. This is a very important tip. When a woman man manages to find common interests with a man, she easily gets his trust and respect. You can prepare an interesting dialogue with a man, finding out his interests in advance. Just talk to him and try to find out what he likes, whom he looks up to, what he considers the main thing in life, to what goals seeks. If you know the answers to these questions, you can quickly achieve his location. He will feel with you a lot in common, you become interesting to him, which means that now it is easy to manage, and he is unlikely to refuse your request.

The request should be consistent with the manipulation undertaken: do not ask for a car, after one compliment made

How girls can manipulate men

Young girls are not as experienced and wise as women. But they also need to learn how to use manipulation competently for their own purposes. Even if the relationship is just budding, manipulation can make the relationship with a lover much easier.

Examples of manipulation:

  • Create an attractive image. When you have a seductive appearance, the man focuses all his attention on you. For example: choose sexy clothes that flatter the advantages of the figure, work on your gait and timbre of the voice, making them alluring and light. Guys pay attention to even the little things: manicure, hairstyle, skin condition. But the first place is occupied by a bright personality. It is formed from: the manner of communication, the smile, the conversation.

Girls often do not use the entire arsenal of attractiveness to control guys.

  • Try to get into a guy’s personal zone. At the beginning of a relationship, this is not easy to do, but necessary. Gently entering a guy’s personal space is not an easy task. To do this, you need: to approach your lover and lower the timbre of your voice, then you can touch his arm, and as if accidentally corrected a detail of his clothes. Gentle touching and flirting will fascinate your man, and he will be ready to fulfill a small wish.

In a new meeting with the guy – each time increase the scale of your desires, then he will be mentally prepared for greater concessions.

  • Do not rush intimacy. When a girl agrees to early sex with a guy, then the possibility of building a serious relationship with her is reduced by half. The right thing to do is to refuse intimacy on the first dates, thereby stirring up a man’s interest. The guy will be forced to look at your relationship seriously, because the girl appreciates and takes care of herself just for him, and this is very tempting.

Sincerely show interest in his affairs, and create a light and bright energy around you, which he will be attracted to. Ask questions and try to learn more about his life, namely his victories and successes.

The Psychology of Manipulating a Man

Psychology has long recognized manipulation as a competent and correct way to influence a man. It is a great art, mastering which you can gain power over people.

Let’s look at three methods and examples of psychological manipulation and learn how to use them:

  • The object of manipulation must be studied. This should be done at the outset in order to be able to select the manipulation techniques that can have the best effect. For example: it will be useful to find out in which situations he has made mistakes; what he finds most difficult; what makes him happy and enthusiastic, and what, on the contrary, makes him angry and apathetic. Thus, you need to find out his weaknesses and strengths.
  • Manipulation through emotion. Very easy to manipulate a person through emotion. All you need is to cause the necessary emotion in the guy, which will induce him to take the expected action.
  • Manipulation through the mind. This method is quite difficult, but it is the most correct and effective. Many people live by reason and think logically. In order to manipulate a man through reason – embed in his mind you need your message. Then he himself will develop his thoughts in the right direction, and take the expected action. To succeed – you need to learn how to confidently and interestingly put forward bright ideas. Ideas that look beautiful and right make an impression and will be successful tools of manipulation.

There are some caveats in the psychology of manipulation: act unobtrusively, discreetly, everything must be in moderation, otherwise there may be a repulsive effect.

How to learn to manipulate

The art of managing men has been taught since ancient times. Can comprehend it any girl. The main thing is to remember some of the secrets.

The meaning of any manipulation – is to help a man to feel superior, and thus make him believe that all his decisions, he takes care of himself.

Learn to use bold manipulation techniques as well:

  • Provoke jealousy. Say that you received a gift from a mysterious stranger, show the gift, then your man’s sense of rivalry will kick in.
  • Suddenly disappear. Do not be afraid to abruptly leave the date – this will act on him as something unfinished, but enchanting. And soon, he himself will offer to meet you again.
  • Play with sexual provocation. Promise an unforgettable night beloved, if he will fulfill your request.
  • Show your offense. Not often, but brightly. Be sad, and sad in front of him.
  • Use ignoring. Proved that ignoring is one of the most powerful ways to manipulate a person.
  • Be unpredictable. Unpredictability is always interesting and appealing.

How do you manipulate to fall in love with yourself?

Manipulation is very often used in order to fall in love with a man. And it is quite effective!

Use the following tips to make a man become yours:

  • Your femininity. Long groomed hair, a fine scent of perfume, a nice makeup, mystery, inaccessibility. All this will awaken a hunter and conqueror in your man.
  • Use his weaknesses.
  • Flatter him as much as possible.
  • Show that he is smarter and stronger than you, even if it is not.
  • Sometimes use a little bit of your own tears.
  • Use his name in your conversations as often as possible.
  • Ask him to help you more often, and sincerely thank him for his help.
  • Show you care for him.
  • Respect him or her.
  • Learn information about how men manipulate women themselves.
  • Remain mysterious and independent.
  • Support him in all endeavors, and then he will appreciate you madly and never let go.

How to manipulate with words

A word can hurt as well as glad. The power of words should not be underestimated. There are phrases that can affect the male subconscious, and make him act as you please.

Examples of phrases:

    . Words of love are pleasant to everyone and always. So skillfully use them at each of your requests.
  • I need your help. Show your weakness, thereby elevating him.
  • I can be silly. This phrase proves your sincerity and lack of arrogance.
  • You are the best. Such a statement shows that he is number one for you.
  • Ask rhetorical questions.
  • Use understatement in the conversation. This always keeps you interested and attracted.
  • Words of praise and gentle sensual phrases, can take you to a better level of relationship and reciprocity.

Manipulation at a distance

In modern times, many relationships begin and continue at a distance. Fortunately, this is an age of new technology that allows you to communicate through texting, calling, and social media. Yes, live communication is better, but still you can find a way out in this situation as well:

Communicate with your loved one more often, but don’t be intrusive:

  • Find out how his day is going.
  • Ask for support.
  • Write words of love.
  • Communicate by video more often.
  • Write cute texts.
  • Play with texting.
  • Use texts of an erotic nature.

Don’t use the phrase: “We need to talk. This phrase is scary and alarming.

And the phrase: “I’m waiting for you. Guess what I’m wearing?” – On the contrary, relaxes the man, turns him on and attracts him to you like a magnet.

Try to communicate at a distance as if you were very close. Discuss your affairs, share your experiences and impressions. And then the distance will not be a hindrance to you, but on the contrary will prove that your love is able to pass any tests.

Astrological recommendations

In addition to general recommendations of manipulations, there are more individual recommendations. Astrological recommendations are considered the most accurate and correct. If you use them competently, you can achieve the desired results much faster and easier.

Methods of manipulating men, by different zodiac signs:

Aries. The Aries man is a pioneer. He just loves to solve complex problems. They are persistent and active. Get the desired result from him can be playful. For example, say that the mission is not feasible, and with incredible confidence look into his eyes. Then, the man will be ready to move mountains to fulfill what was expected of him.

Taurus. Always honoring traditions and trying to fulfill his obligations. You can tell him that it is necessary and many people do that, then Taurus will persistently and methodically fulfill your requests.

Gemini. Rather unpredictable and fickle, there is no specific approach. But do not despair. You can try to impress him with the erudition and the interesting dialogue. Also in course it is necessary to use your intuition, without it it will be difficult to achieve the desired from this man.

Cancer. A Cancerian man may need a long time to persuade. He will respond to your requests, but not immediately. To speed up the process, you can try to cajole him. He has a fine mental organization, kindness and responsiveness, so the gentle and soft requests of a girl with a sad look, will not be rejected.

Leo. Male Leo needs constant and loud admiration. Given, these factors, you can say that you will be wildly delighted with him if he can fulfill your requests. Then, Leo will try to prove to you that he is capable of anything.

Virgo. It is difficult to manipulate, because he decides everything on his own. For such a man must find solid arguments and try to prove to him that what he wants is necessary for both of you.

Libra. A man of the zodiac sign often procrastinate in making a decision. Therefore, you should try not to leave him time to think, and quickly inclined to do what he wants. Libra does not like conflicts and therefore will fulfill your requests in order to keep the agreement.

Scorpio. How to manipulate a Scorpio man? It is dangerous to apply methods of manipulation to such a man, because he is quite a vengeful person, and he himself can skillfully manipulate others. Only the distance will help you tame the Scorpio. While you will not let him close to you, he will try to approach you. In doing so he will be able to do a lot, because his goal is to win you.

Sagittarius. Strongly trusting. You can just openly ask him to fulfill a request, without any manipulation. He is sympathetic and generous by nature, so refuse the girl he loves just can not.

Capricorn. Too stubborn, he always stands up for his opinion. But here, manipulating him will be quite difficult. Is that you can try to remind him of the nobility, to help the weaker. Perhaps the high intentions will be the very stimulus for him.

Aquarius. It has a strong intuition, so it can see through all your thoughts. He is very free-loving, you should not put pressure on him. It is better to cautiously hint about your request. If he will understand that his freedom is not threatened, then he will be happy to respond to your requests.

Pisces. Crazy dreamer and romantic. He is immersed in his fantasies. To get what you want from him, you should just tune in to his wave. Well, and then gently and unobtrusively can push him to start to act.

Manage men can, in order to improve your relationship, but not for their own benefit! So try to make sure that little women’s tricks were only a delicious seasoning to a warm and tender dish of relationships.

Take into account and apply these recommendations for good, but remember, to learn competent manipulation, you need to understand that there is a fine line that separates the good manipulation of evil. This line must always be respected!

But in order not to become caught on a hook, you must also have information about how men manipulate women:

General rules of manipulation, from the video you will learn the most common methods:

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