Taurus women in bed

Taurus woman in bed: how to satisfy the earth sign?

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Goddess of the Earth Taurus is a very sexy woman. Outwardly, it may seem calm and reserved, but inside it flames fire. Her sensual nature takes over in the bedroom.

Sexual characteristics of the Taurus woman

Taurus is a zodiac sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of the female sexuality, or, better to say, sensuality. A woman born under this sign considers sex a very important part of a relationship because it represents an intimate connection in which she can feel exactly how much she is loved. And how else can you characterize a Taurus woman?

  • Loves variety.

The Taurus woman has a rich imagination, and she does not mind applying it in the bedroom as well. Representatives of this sign can think of many ways to enjoy sex with a partner. They are not those people who will be satisfied with the traditional types of sex and missionary positions. Taurus men like to experiment and as much as they can. New positions, different places and using sex toys are just a small part of how they can diversify sex.

  • Speaks with body language.

She is one of the most active users of body language. By wiggling her hips, crossing her legs and sweetly flapping her eyelashes, Taurus sends signals to men that she is feminine and sexy. Representatives of the earth sign of the zodiac love to emphasize their sexuality with beautiful outfits and deep necklines to attract the eyes of men.

  • Does not tolerate rudeness

The Taurus woman is not looking for power games in the bedroom, she does not like rough and wild sex. Her sexual nature can be described as simple and uncomplicated. Taurus is driven by healthy lust. She wants to make love because it is pleasant and natural.

Bodily contact is very important to Taurus. Through touch, she expresses her love and wants to be caressed as well. Simple signals of affection like a kiss on the neck, a light squeeze of the buttocks, a stroke on the head, touching the breasts not only let her know that she is loved, but also excite her. The fantasy begins to boil and then it becomes difficult for the Taurus to focus on anything else.

  • They need tenderness.

These earthy ladies also crave mutual attention and tenderness. They want to receive from their partner as much as they give themselves. Taurus will not stay long in a relationship with a man who does not give her compliments, does not hug, little kisses, and immediately inclines to sexual intercourse.

  • Experiencing affection

A Taurus woman knows how to give pleasure to her man. His orgasm is much more important to her than her own. In fact, Taurus is not so much interested in sex as in the connection with her partner that is established during lovemaking. It causes them strong and irresistible emotions. Representatives of this sign feel a burning affection and love for their partner that goes beyond the purely physical. Her thoughts, hopes and fantasies are also connected with her beloved. It’s really hard for Taurus women to have intercourse and not fall in love.

Even if a Taurus woman has self-confidence issues, she never doubts her sexuality. These brave ladies don’t shy away from sex, as it is a way of satisfying one of their most natural needs. Also, her partner should be prepared for the fact that Taurus will often take the initiative and show all her abilities in bed. She has many tricks in store, and her actions will make a man crave for more. All he needs to do is to create the right atmosphere for it.

  • Romantic natures.

A Taurus woman will be pleasantly surprised if her partner arranges a romantic evening with a delicious dinner, good wine, pleasant music and dim lights. A warm bath with fragrant oils will also please her.

Taurus woman in sex

A woman born under the sign of Taurus is almost perfect. Her patron planet Venus, which means that the Taurus woman in sex is also self-sufficient, as in life. She does not need lessons of seduction men, because every movement, every voluptuous look that she gives to her victim knocks men’s heart out. And even to the extent of her promiscuity, sometimes a woman Taurus just does not realize how much influence the opposite sex.

Although it is not a problem to attract the attention of men, but it is rather a guessing game, because she will allow close to them only to those who will prove their loyalty and openness. She is quite demanding to her partner, because of what is often a long time is alone, but even at such times, never complain about the lack of male attention.

This woman is not a suitable party for those looking for easy ways and one-night stands. This lady with character will not let a womanizer near her, but rather she will use him for her own selfish purposes. Thanks to a well-developed intuition, she knows people, and therefore easily be able to distinguish between those who have a real interest in it.

Born under the sign of Taurus, not able to hide their emotions, if she is something unhappy, she will never conceal the problems, if you are looking for a relationship with a cloudless weather, then do not expect that she will change for you. Truth in the forehead is the main trump card that will disarm every man around her, most likely she herself may regret what she said, but she will do it first and then maybe wonder if it was worth it.

Stubbornness and persistence in character, allow the Taurus woman always achieve their goals, no matter what. She does not see the obstacles and sweeps away all in her path, which prevents the achievement of the desired goal. And so in relationships, she seeks men with a purely sporting interest in them, and then, finding flaws, she slips away, leaving devastation and bitterness of parting, because she is only looking for someone who can curb her, and this is quite a difficult task.

In sex the Taurus woman, as in life, is able not only to demand, but also to give all of herself, without the rest. Due to her developed intellect, sixth sense, she always detects lies and knows how to take revenge, using all means to make it hurt more, to prick and suppress the one who has impure intentions against her. She is pragmatic and realistic by nature, will not bow down before idols, but will appreciate only someone who can teach her something in life and in sex, will show her the world or will be a reliable support, a faithful partner.

To please such a woman, a man must be strong in spirit, to meet or at least strive to please all the requirements of his chosen one, and she makes a lot of them. If a man will be financially stable, rich and successful it is a great advantage, as she is crazy about jewelry, loves luxury and will appreciate a man who will open up to her world of wealth, surround her with furs and gifts. In spite of this, a woman of Taurus is able to fit into a small budget, to dress tastefully but without the excesses, to be satisfied with what is and even enjoy it. But the fact that she is prone to contentment and carelessness can not be taken away from her.

If you have managed to tame her, the Taurus woman in sex will be affectionate and imaginative, and sometimes lazy or pushy, depending on its fickle nature. Feeling loved and desired, she may relax a little and start missing some moments in her appearance, become a little unpunctual, which is inherent in Taurus men. At such moments, she should be careful to watch her figure, because a woman of Taurus likes to eat delicious food and pamper herself with your favorite drinks, and if only to give weakness, every extra portion may come out.

In spite of her pride and firmness of character, she really needs a partner who should always be around, give her confidence and prove her love. She will demand a lot, but she is not able to show her true feelings, to tell about love or to cry from resentment, because self-control is always in the first place. From such women come out faithful and loving wives, excellent mothers who will never give offense to their family. Even in the body of a fragile woman of Taurus, hides a strong and confident nature that will not break under the pressure of daily problems and never cross his principles, his pride.

Sexuality of the Taurus woman

You can be sure that in bed she is very gentle, but demanding and likes to think through everything to the smallest detail. If she invites you to dinner, then from the romantic setting to the carefully selected lingerie, everything will be perfect here, and you will remain completely satisfied, because just because, she does nothing. Sex with her is never boring, because she is an excellent student, although she prefers the traditional sex positions at first, when there is a rapprochement and adjustment in the characters. She is ready to obey a man in bed, perhaps this is the only place where she will not want to assert her rights and show her leadership, but it all depends on the mood.

As for external data, and here, a woman Taurus nature has not deprived. Often they have an excellent velvety voice, soft and gentle skin, high breasts with a beautiful shape, from which it is impossible to tear away the eyes. With her exquisite taste, she will charm you not only with her looks, but also the way she presents it, what she wears, even the scent of her perfume, which will be just a controlling shot, and you’ll stop owning your thoughts.

Every time, during sex a Taurus woman will be unpredictable, but she loves it when the setting matches the romantic, she will not like to do intimacy in a cheap hotel or in the backseat of an old car. Foreplay, gentle touches on the buttocks and kisses on the neck are important to her, but this is only the beginning, then her partner should offer her a lot more, just to have no strength left, then she will be satisfied. She will appreciate the beautiful places and expensive surroundings, will thank her partner with his charm, if he will be smart and order a royal hotel room or take her to the paradise islands, because the adoration of luxury is the main difference of the Taurus woman, which can not be changed.

During sex she can change from voluptuous and tender, to unrestrainedly passionate and furious, so the partner should also be emotional and adjust to her flows, still dictating her rules, because it turns her on. The ideal partner in bed for Taurus will be a dominant man, able to order, direct, but not to cross the line, because she will not tolerate impudence or humiliation. Emotions are important for her, that is why role-playing games can be frequent guests, but necessarily with cross-dressing and accessories, because everything should be beautiful, as if in a famous novel, where she acts in the title role.

Even with age, a Taurus woman will not tolerate an ungroomed man in her bed, most likely, it will cause her disgust, but in moments of sexual intimacy, the smell of a man’s body will cause her immediate ecstasy. Her man will never tire of recognizing his wife, fickle, playful, insatiable, and if he learns to anticipate and follow her desires, the sex life of both partners will be perfect.

Erogenic zones of the Taurus woman

The most sensitive erogenous zones of the female Taurus, are the neck, collarbone, these are sensual zones, but even without that, people of this sign are characterized by tactile relationships, they will not see much and say hello to the hand when they meet. Passionate kisses on the lips and neck, nibbling behind the ear, caressing the back and neck and other areas of the body are an integral part of the relationship, without which they will be doomed.

Intimacy with such a girl will drive you crazy if you stimulate her sensual areas in every way and prove your love, which is extremely important. To touch her neck, you can have countless excuses, as if by chance you can correct a necklace, a loose strand of stripes, just spend the back of your hand on a throbbing bump on her neck and feel how her body responds to your touch.

If aroused to the limit, sex with a Taurus woman becomes passionate and unpredictable. She will not be ashamed of her desire and just surround her partner with a whirlwind of pleasure and show that she can be very grateful. To turn her on, you will only have to put a little effort, sometimes it’s enough even a couple of kisses on the neck, gentle and inviting, so that she will melt in your arms. Even strange that the strict and impregnable representative of this sign in sexual games is very pliable, insatiable, and therefore, it is not able to push away the man who loves, it’s a great way to make up a quarrel, to come to a consensus, because at such moments, she gives herself all and can not think straight.

The erogenous zones of the female Taurus once again shows how sensual nature, in spite of his character, because you can awaken the desire with reverent and tender touch, sweet kisses, and even hot breath that is very exciting effect on her. She will appreciate it if during a relaxing erotic massage in a romantic setting, you will begin to play her tender skin, drawing on the shoulder blades beautiful patterns with your fingertips and capturing your kisses on every hollow, every curve of the neck.

Sexual compatibility of the Taurus woman with other signs

Taurus woman in sex with an Aries man. Relationships can be bright, but not long, because by virtue of their nature, these 2 signs have completely opposite qualities. Constant sex with such a woman can bore the fickle Aries, who loves variety, everything at once, and on this ground there may be cheating on the part of Aries.

Taurus woman in sex with a Sagittarius man. Compatibility depends more on the stock of character and sensitivity to the world. She is still more emotional than her Sagittarius man, who is at all stingy with confessions, although he can nurture great affection for his partner. She is more homely by nature and it will be quite difficult for her to get used to the fact that the Taurus man is more likely to spend time in the company of his friends, lies may slip out on this ground, and therefore, most likely, such relationships will come to a logical conclusion.

Taurus woman in sex with Gemini man. Changed he and her constancy is a difficult enough combination for a harmonious marriage. Girls like her attract the imagination and artistry of Gemini, although those often see her as an object of interest due to their restraint and constancy, but having opened a mystery, interest quickly disappears, so clumsiness, monotony and traditionalism in bed affairs, Gemini very quickly bored.

Taurus woman in sex with a Cancer man. Romantic Cancer, a good match for her, promising stability both in everyday life and in sexual life. With a Cancer man in bed, she will be romantic and passionate, moderately emotional, which will not bore her partner and they will be on the same page.

Taurus woman in sex with Leo man. If she learns to yield to Leo and somewhere to suppress her pride, the prospect for a good relationship is there. Leo will lead her through life, setting the pace and in bed, where the restraint of Taurus will eventually disperse and will have to learn to satisfy all the desires of a self-loving Leo, but also cheerful, carefree and caring, able to give peace of mind to his partner.

Taurus woman in sex with a Virgo man. With Virgo, she has slightly different views on intimate life, so without finding compromises, their story will not get the proper turnaround. The realistic Virgo man, even more restrained than she is, is quite pragmatic about carnal pleasures, so the demanding Taurus woman needs to teach her partner to satisfy her desires and create the intimate atmosphere that is so important to her.

Taurus woman in sex with a Libra man. This union will be very harmonious, as Libra will not claim leadership and will put the reins of power in her hands. A Libra man will easily be able to surround her with warmth and understanding, will try his best to satisfy the desires of his partner and do everything to make her feel confident both in everyday life and in bed, and think that she has everything under control.

Taurus woman in sex with Scorpio man. If there is a little patience in this union, it can be called perfect. Her constancy and consistency of a Scorpio man, their moderate sexual appetite and immense patience with their partner is the key to success in building a long-term relationship. But it is worth avoiding stubbornness and conflict, as Scorpio is easy to piss off.

Taurus woman in sex with a Sagittarius man. The union of these signs is possible, but the difficulty lies in their different temperaments. Sagittarius likes variety in sex, while she is more traditional in her views. Sagittarius cannot be held back or tied down, which is important to feel for this girl, he is free-loving and insatiable, so can very quickly tire her, who is not in the mood to run after her partner.

Taurus woman in sex with a Capricorn man. An excellent option for building a long-term relationship based on mutual respect. Perhaps in this case, she will not be able to get romance in bed from the secretive Capricorn, neither will he be so fairy, but the sensuality and loyalty that are so important to her is what Capricorn guarantees to his partner. But just do not be stubborn and insist on your positions, because Capricorn is ready to argue to infinity for a long time.

Taurus woman in sex with Aquarius man. This sensual girl should not get hung up on Aquarius, because the best food for the erudite Aquarius man is intellectual conversations and the process of learning about the world around him. Sexual intimacy is of interest to him only in the early stages, to hone his skills, so expect romance and responsibility in a relationship from the absent-minded Aquarius, will be foolish.

Taurus woman in sex with a Pisces man. The alliance with a Pisces promises good prospects, because their unpredictability in life will be very interesting to her and will help maintain their sex life at a sufficient quality level. She will be the lead, but nevertheless she will not get bored with Pisces, because there will be no limit to her fantasies. It is a good connection in the domestic as well as financial terms, which will be based on the Pisces man’s ease and her persistence.

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