Taurus woman how to conquer – laying out the question

How to win and keep a Taurus woman

Taurus woman is a strong, calm, kind and charming lady. Under such an appearance hides a complicated nature. It is difficult to please her.

How to win a Taurus woman

Conquer the representative of this sign of the zodiac can only be attractive in appearance and spectacular man. She will certainly appreciate his good taste in clothes and adherence to fashion trends. But one vibrant appearance demanding young lady conquer does not work. Taurus women will consider a man from a wealthy family as a potential choice. Material prosperity and status are of great importance to her.

To conquer the heart of a typical representative of the element Earth will be a brave, bold and courageous admirer. In doing so, he should not cross the line and become intrusive. Any attempt to “put pressure” on the woman will scare her off and turn her into an impregnable cold rock.

The financial status of the man plays a big role for the representative of this sign of the zodiac. At the stage of courting the young lady can be surprised with exquisite and luxurious gifts. She likes to rest in elite and status places. The man should be prepared for significant expenses.

There is no chance to arouse interest in the Taurus woman from a rude, crude and immoral man. Doubtful jokes and outright rudeness principled and demanding lady preclude rejection.

Courting for a woman like this, you can not rush and drive her to a decision. Have to be patient. It is not necessary to disrupt her quiet pace of life. A good helper for the man in the conquest will be compliments. A representative of this sign of the zodiac will melt in front of the laudatory odes of her success and independence.

How to keep a Taurus woman

Taurus woman is confident and knows what she wants in life. Authoritarian and hot-tempered, she is a reliable partner for a long stable relationship. A representative of this zodiac sign enters into a relationship only with the man in whom she sees a long-term perspective. But if he will not match her vision of an ideal companion, then the chances to keep her will melt away every day.

A Taurus woman needs maximum psychological and physical comfort in a relationship. She rarely shows her emotions, but her chosen one should not take it as a lack of feelings. From a lady who lives an intense inner life, you should not demand proof of love. He will have to become as balanced and patient as his companion. At the same time, a man should pay enough attention to his lady without crossing the line of intrusiveness. Genuine compliments and material confirmation of feelings are welcome. Such a woman will wait for gifts not only at the stage of courtship, but also after its completion.

All conflicts should be solved by a clear and constructive conversation, without involving outsiders. The Taurus woman does not need the advice of third parties in solving personal issues.

The external calmness of the representative of this zodiac sign is combined with a pronounced sense of self-worth. She can not long be in a relationship with a man who does not respect her. She needs her chosen one to support her interests and share her ideals. It is important for such a woman to see her partner as a reliable protector and support.

How to return a Taurus woman

The Taurus woman approaches the question of breaking up thoroughly. She does not flare up like a match and does not pack a suitcase after the first quarrel. Push it to a breakup can be a complex chain of reasoning. The representative of this sign of the zodiac long analyzes the situation and the relationship with her partner. If the negative arguments on the scales outweigh the positive ones, it will be difficult to change the decision of the young lady. Most often, the cause of conflict is unjustified expectations of a man.

It is difficult to win back a Taurus woman. Playing into the hands of a partner can only dislike ladies for experiments. She is willing to return to a man if he will be able to fully show their strengths or to remind them of the beloved.

A frequent cause of parting with a woman Taurus is the unsatisfactory financial situation of the chosen one. To return her, the man will have to learn how to make money and become more successful.

A sure way to make up with a representative of this sign of the zodiac is a direct conversation. Everything should be said in the eyes of the lady of the heart, appealing to reason and in every way proving the seriousness of your intentions.

Secrets that will help to win a Taurus woman

Earth element girls are distinguished by their cold-bloodedness. To conquer the heart and attention, a Taurus woman does not need to shower her with standard gifts in the form of bouquets and sweets. She will be impressed by the attraction to knowledge, a serious approach to the choice of profession and earnings. Flirting is alien to her, as well as romanticism, so you have to conquer with honesty and fidelity.

Qualities that a chosen one should have

To please a Taurus girl – a task that is not feasible for many men. To be the chosen one, you will need to take a practical approach to the union, not a romantic attitude. Serenades under the windows will little touch this perceptive beauty, if they do not hide the ardent feelings. But even in this case, you will have to prove that in addition to sincerity, the young man will provide his beloved with material benefits.

Character traits of a man

Girls, representing the sign, are characterized by practicality in the choice of a spouse. They are not dispersed in fleeting novels, promising emotions and experiences, because they do not need it. Other goals are more important – building a strong couple, marriage, and having children. For the sake of this, women are willing to wait, look closely, check out potential partners for compatibility.

A young man can make a Taurus woman fall in love with him if he has:

  • faithfulness, constancy – in a family where the hearth is kept by a representative of the earth sign, jealousy, scandals and ambiguity are unacceptable;
  • calmness – the partner is similar to the chosen one by temperament;
  • economy – the profession, based on manual labor, causes the confidence of the Taurus;
  • ambition – women do not like idlers who do not strive for anything;
  • honesty – girls are attracted by the prospect of development together with their partner, achieving common goals, but to promise something unrealistic is impossible even to make an impression.

For a Taurus woman to really fall in love, patience and the desire to prove that the manifestation of sympathy for her is not a temporary emotion, but a deliberate choice is required. If a young man expects to seduce a beauty quickly, the plan will fail, and the young man will forever remain outside the girl’s social circle.

His appearance

It is not the physical attractiveness that will seduce a Taurus woman, but the qualities of character that manifest themselves in appearance:

  1. Neatness, reflected in clothes and shoes. The girl will not tolerate a man dressed in dirty and shabby clothes, because she likes a thoughtful approach to everything.
  2. Haircut and manicure should shine, as a gentleman who can schedule a visit to a beauty salon and pay for services that maintain attractiveness will be able to win a woman’s attention.

The representative of the sign does not have a preferred type of appearance, but if the young man is passionate about sports, she will like it. However, to fall in love with the muscles will not work.

With his well-groomed appearance, the young man will make only the first impression, and further actions will show his true intentions.

Intimate preferences

The topic of sex for the Taurus girl is forbidden, so to achieve a discussion of desires before the planned marriage will not be possible. The way to bed passes through numerous tests. If a young man has achieved it, then the wedding is imminently approaching.

The number of partners the woman has is minimal, since she is not accustomed to be traded in casual relationships. She likes the idea of a single spouse for life, who will also be her first man. Taurus chooses enterprising young men with experience in matters of intimacy. She is not against experiments, but prefers classical positions and places. Achieve a change of principles will succeed by long persuasion. Do not promise unforgettable impressions, as with a high probability the girl will not receive them because of stiffness, but after a few times, improvement is possible.

Restraint and some coldness hide a passionate disposition, which reveals itself gradually. If you try and work together in this direction, you will manage to win the body and heart of the girl.

Life position

The meaning of the nascent relationship the woman sees in the creation of a family, so to any suitor applies filters, checking for compliance with the parameters and her ideas. To win and conquer a Taurus girl can a man who will show ingenuity and figure out what his beloved is thinking. Marry a man who adheres to the opposite principles, the woman does not agree, because she foresees conflicts on this basis.

A representative of the sign usually adheres to conservative views, so it is possible to try to please using templates. The model of the family the woman more often presents as patriarchal, where raising children and maintaining the home become the goal that she strives for.

Tips for winning her heart

To please a nice Taurus woman can be done in different ways. Communicating at a distance brings more success, but sometimes, putting the wrong connotation in the messages of the interlocutor, the girl is disappointed when she meets. Therefore, try to write directly, express your thoughts clearly, because the representative of the earthly sign does not understand hints.

How to conduct a virtual dialogue

Correspondence in social networks looks romantic, but it does not apply to Taurus, who look for practical application in everything. Self-written poems will conquer a woman, but the usual ways of flirting will be ineffective. So that after a virtual dialogue there will be a crush, act on the plan:

  1. Write honestly. Don’t lie in little things when the question is asked directly. If you found her page through friends – say so. The same goes for the purpose of dating.
  2. If the communication continues, familiarize the girl with the schedule of her free time, when it’s convenient to respond to messages. This will help her allocate more time for the dialogue, as well as show her level of interest.
  3. When the dialogue is sustained for more than a week, offer a meeting. The woman will appreciate the determination and focus on results, which is how a man should behave.

What to do when meeting in person

To please girls, young men are used to giving flowers and taking them on a date to a park or a movie, but the earthly sign will not appreciate it. A girl will choose to go to an art gallery or an exhibition, where it is convenient to have a conversation, get acquainted with paintings, learn interesting facts and opinions of the gentleman. Flowers can be bought, but if the relationship is going well, after a couple of dates, she will prefer to say directly that the man in love does not commit such expenses.

Taurus in a face-to-face meeting it is important to find out two aspects:

  1. Matching feelings after texting or talking on the phone. A woman will not live by illusions, so she will immediately find out if the first impressions are true. She will also try to check the young man’s words by external signs, assessing the level of income, love for a certain style, etc.
  2. A young man’s intentions. Natural discernment will help to understand for sure whether the interlocutor was lying.

This kind of check lasts a long time. If it is annoying, tell the girl right away that you are not satisfied.

How to win her over from a distance

The main commandment of any earthly sign – trust the facts, so to subdue a woman at a distance will appear through actions and deeds. Such manifestations can be considered:

  1. A bouquet or a gift sent by courier. Choose as the latter either a jewel or a useful thing for the home.
  2. Arrival before the scheduled time for the sake of an early meeting.

Signs that she has fallen in love.

If a woman has begun to fall in love, you will not be able to recognize it immediately. It will not become more sensual, romantic. But there will be talk about a joint future and marriage. As far as the girl is concerned, this is the goal of a successful relationship and mutual sympathy. Despite the external coldness, passion rages in the soul of Taurus, the manifestation of which can be seen in behavior in private.

Flirting in love is unlikely to begin, as well as flaunting feelings, but more explosive sex and manifestations of initiative a man will notice for sure. If you support the woman at this moment, you will improve this area of the relationship for a long time.

The Taurus girl is willful, stubborn and determined. Win her over if a man is ready for such manifestations of character and is able to influence her decisions. Remaking a woman will not work, so do not waste time if the goal is a fleeting romance.

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