Taurus secrets of communication – explain in order

Secrets of communication with different zodiac signs

In life, we are often confronted with situations where a lot depends on the outcome of any conversation: our mood, well-being and even – the near future. A declaration of love, a job interview, flirting with a stranger, business negotiations, a call “on the carpet” to the boss …

Unfortunately, in these and many other situations, we do not always get what we want.

How to like a charming member of the opposite sex? How to dispose of a person with whom you barely know? How to make an irritated boss at least listen to you, not to mention that, finally, to raise your salary?

Unfortunately, there is no one universal key that allows you to easily open the door to the hearts of people. True, such a key exists, but not one – there are as many as twelve of them.

Really, it’s not for nothing that science astrology for thousands of years has made the relationship between the character of a person and the time of his birth. The characteristics of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac allows you to know the basic traits of character, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of any person of interest to you, and, of course, to use this invaluable information in the conversation with him.

Are you negotiating with a Scorpio? Be sure to emphasize the honesty of your intentions, be logical and accurate, and you will conquer him. Going on a date with an Aries? Prepare in advance for the fact that the main topic of conversation will be him and not you – unless, of course, you really want him to like you. Your boss is a Taurus? Then you just need to know that to beat around the bush in a conversation with him – like teasing the bull with a red rag. To win his sympathy, you need to talk briefly and to the point.

In other words, every sign of the zodiac has its own special secret, knowing which you will easily achieve in communication with him his goals. And a man who knows how to achieve his own, is the master of his destiny, for which there are no obstacles.

Secrets of communication: Aries

If you want to create a deadly boredom in Aries and the desire to quickly get away from you, talk to him more about yourself and your problems. Aries is not interested in this at all, because the center of the universe is not you, it’s him! Keep this in mind if you are interested in communicating with him. Unconditionally give him the palm and the initiative in the conversation. Be an appreciative listener, interested, but active – Aries appreciates in the interlocutor inner concentration and a lively spark in his eyes.

Very well if the conversation will go about the area in which you know well: Aries likes to deal with intelligent people, as long as they do not cross his path. But God forbid that you should get into an argument with him, because it’s not an enviable occupation to argue with an Aries.

The only way to get to Aries’ heart is to ask him for his opinion or advice on something. He will be happy to share with you his experience, will be happy to listen to your sincere gratitude and will make the best impression about you.

Secrets of Communication: Taurus

Straightforward Taurus does not like unnecessary talk and long walk around the bush. If you want to get a real result from the conversation with him – talk about the case, and immediately take the bull by the horns, that is, start straight from the main thing. Explain the facts and conclusions, trying not to give vent to your emotions – this will produce a good impression of Taurus.

Remember that a very important thing for a Taurus is order and fairness. If the solution to your issue helps to restore order or justice to something, know that in your heart Taurus is already on your side. However, there is a chasm from mere approval to agreement to help Taurus. To get his support is very difficult, but if Taurus nevertheless said “yes” to you, his word is truer than the signature on the contract.

Secrets of communication: Gemini

There is a saying that every person on Earth can have his or her five minutes of fame. Let us add: also everyone can count on five minutes of communication with Gemini. Indeed, to gain the attention of a curious Gemini is not difficult, but to keep it – a big problem. However, it’s still possible to do, if you are ready to talk to him to jump from thought to thought, like a monkey – from branch to branch. Also prepare for the fact that the Gemini every now and then will be distracted from the conversation with you, saying hello to other people, and even trying to run away somewhere. Not a bad way out in this case would be to go with him to the park or other deserted place, where the Gemini will be much harder to distract.

Talking to Gemini about the case is practically useless. Even if he hears your words and promises to help, most likely tomorrow he won’t remember it. So if you want to inspire Gemini with some idea, you have to wrap it in an unusual wrapping and set it very quickly, so he will not get bored. Only the freshness and novelty of the idea, its strangeness and vivid presentation will make Gemini to allocate a place for it in his busy memory. Such is the sign – Gemini.

Secrets of communication: Cancer

Before you start a conversation with a Cancer, look at the expression on his face: it can tell you in advance how your conversation will end. The fact that the sensitive Cancer is very susceptible to mood swings, and when he is irritated or worried, it is difficult to “switch” his attention. No, this does not mean that the Cancer got up on the wrong foot will rush to quarrel with you – he does not like to go into open conflict. Just hammer it tightly in his shell, hiding behind polite excuses, and there’s no luring him out.

In a conversation with Cancer, nothing can make him more uncomfortable than the onslaught of the interlocutor. And this applies not only to arguments or demands, but in general to any manifestation of strong emotions. You can be very happy, excited, angry, or upset – all the same effect on Cancer, making him treat you suspiciously. Even too hasty or loud speech may not be to his liking. So if you want to win the trust of Cancer, tune in to his wave – unhurried, thorough and good-naturedly calm. And be prepared for the fact that the discussion of even minor issues will take you with him more than one hour.

Secrets of communication: Leo

If you want to get the support of Leo, then in a conversation with him not a word, not even a gesture do not challenge his authority. If you want to have the support of Leo, then in a conversation with him, don’t say a word or even a gesture and don’t challenge his authority. However, the Leo self-esteem – it’s a stick with two ends: it is very easy to hurt, but he is also easy to flatter. Although often the Leo is able to melt even from the most brutal flattery, yet you should categorically not do this. Why? After all, Leo has a lot of raw strengths that can be quite sincerely admired!

Acknowledging the stronger position of the Leo, you thereby cause him an unconscious sense of responsibility for you and as a consequence – the desire to help you. Do not be afraid to admit to Leo your weakness in a situation, ask him to share his experience – and you will not only get wise advice, but also have a chance to find a helper and a patron.

Secrets of communication: Virgo

The character of Virgo is such that you will hardly need to resort to any special secrets in communicating with her. The only difficulty you’ll have is getting the ever-hurrying Virgo to stop and listen to you.

Virgo is an excellent listener in conversation, but attempts by her interlocutor to enhance the effect of her story by adding bright colors to it will cause more of a backlash. The reserved Virgo does not like verbosity or drama. All she expects from you – that you speak to her simply, sincerely and to the point. Virgo has the amazing quality of understanding the very essence of a situation not with her mind, but with her responsive heart. If it is within her power, she will offer you concrete help here and now. However, with all this, you should not expect “angelic” behavior from Virgo. Prepare to patiently endure her grumbling, dissatisfied looks and even nagging, as a small compensation for Virgo wasting her time and energy on you.

Secrets of Communication: Libra

As it’s not hard to guess, the outcome of communication with a Libra depends largely on what phase of their fickle mood they are in at the moment. When the Libra is attacked sarcastic or moody, the pleasure of talking to them can only be a convinced masochist. However, at any other time Libras are sympathetic to the interlocutor. They are able to not only support the conversation, but also have a valuable ability to listen.

Communicating with Libra, it is necessary to consider their unique feature: they listen to both the mind and the heart. While their thoughtful mind absorbs the facts, the heart sinks with the feelings experienced. That is why their conversation should be not only convincingly logical, but also emotional. Only then will Libra see the situation through your eyes and are likely to share your position.

Secrets of communication: Scorpio

If you want to fully win Scorpio’s sympathy and enlist his support – come to him either in the clothes of the White Knight, that is, with an open heart and honest intentions, or as a victim of injustice, seeking his help and protection. But the main difficulty is that this image should not be a mask, otherwise, when Scorpio will check all the facts (and he will do it), you will be in trouble.

But seriously, in ordinary communication Scorpio is not so scary – it’s enough not to object to him and patiently tolerate the outbursts of his stormy feelings, like a hurricane. But as a reward you get amazing conversationalist, whose insight almost no limits. Take into consideration the wise advice of Scorpio and not only should you listen to it, but you should also write it down and hang on the wall. Interest Scorpio any logical task, describing, for example, his work problems, and he will spare no time and effort to give you a ready (and effective!) solution.

Secrets of communication: Sagittarius

Attracting the sympathy of Sagittarius to your side is not difficult – just offer him some fun and unusual way to spend time together. How long have you been skydiving? Or fly in a hot air balloon? Or at least just went to the zoo? Do it together with Sagittarius, and you will secure his friendship, and he – yours. If we are talking about business contacts, just try to make Sagittarius see you as a person with a clear and fresh point of view, that is his confederate. Show maximum lightness and positivity when communicating with him, it may be no less important for Sagittarius than your seniority and resume put together.

Communication Secrets: Capricorn

There is no reason to get emotional with Capricorn, it’s much easier to engage him with “dry” and impassioned facts. And better yet, a whole pile of convincing material: statistics, charts, calculations. You will be amazed at how fast Capricorn will separate the important from the unimportant, get the gist of it all, and estimate how much it will be beneficial to him. He will make the best impression of you as a person with a head.

The most interesting and almost unbelievable is that such an approach to Capricorn is effective not only in the office, but also in everyday life. Do you want him to go on vacation with you? A conservative Capricorn is not easy to move. But if you care about the result, do not be lazy to prepare properly in advance: find the best price-quality ratio offers from tour operators, compare them among themselves, back it all up with articles saying that right now the vacation at this resort is the most complete and profitable – and Capricorn is unlikely to resist the pressure of these facts. In other words, convincing Capricorn is not much different from proving a theorem, but neither you nor yourself will be allowed to make a mistake.

Secrets of Communication: Aquarius

Aquarius has an amazing gift – to notice something interesting everywhere and everywhere. Of course, you will easily be able to interest Aquarius in his person, if you, well, say, an alien from the planet Wook. Or a novice ballerina. Or, at the worst, the composer of bardic songs. But even if you are the most ordinary person, Aquarius will still be able to find something special in you – because in every man hides a whole unknown universe! So if you want Aquarius showed interest in you, you just make the first step to meet, and after an hour he will call you a friend, and you – to tell him about his childhood, or something in that spirit. In general, the inquisitiveness of Aquarius literally shines in his eyes, his questions are so inquisitive, and his heart is so open to you, that the first day you will look as if you knew him all his life.

However, be prepared for the fact that after just a few days your new “best friend” will be almost indifferent to you, because during this time in his life there were so many new “friends” and there were so many new events …

So if you want to talk to Aquarius about something important and you managed to win his attention – do not delay, there may be no other opportunity. Persuading Aquarius is easiest, presenting his proposal not as a boring project, but as an exciting adventure (perhaps even an adventure), through which he will have many new opportunities to explore the world.

Secrets of Communication: Pisces

When planning a meeting with a Pisces – no matter if it’s business, friendly or romantic – don’t forget that you should organize it yourself. Take the initiative into your own hands: you will make the best impression on a Pisces, if you take care about where and when your communication will take place. You may think that Pisces didn’t appreciate your efforts and took your troubles for granted, but in fact it’s not true. Yes, your words and even your actions have little impact on Pisces’ impression of you, but the emotions that you evoke are very important to her. Freeing her from the hassle, you won’t mar her serenity, and it’s already a huge “plus” in your favor in Pisces’s eyes.

In a conversation with a Pisces, the initiative will also belong to you. Pisces can listen amazingly, although sometimes it can be absent-minded. Don’t be offended, it only means that your words caused in her soul reciprocal images and she, fascinated by them, a little confused. If you want to enlist Pisces’ support in any matter, tell her right away that the organizational side of the case won’t affect her in any way. There’s no need to tell her in detail how it will be done, as the Pisces is more interested in the fact, but the rest is of little interest to her.

Do not be deceived by the Pisces’ absent-mindedness and her ability to “wander in the clouds. In a conversation with her do not forget that you’re dealing with a delicate nature, which can easily sense falsehoods. If the Pisces will tell you a clear “yes” or “no”, it is even if you want to be unlikely to be able to articulate their response. Take it for granted. Most likely, the Fish’s subtle intuition told her the only right decision.

Just don’t be loaded with airy dreams: the subtleties of communicating with Taurus

This is one of the most straightforward signs. He does not like “Chinese ceremonies” or going around the bush, and subtle hints do not notice at all.

If you refer to people of the “you guessed it” type, you will constantly feel resentment – Taurus will not guess your thoughts and desires. He needs to tell it like it is.

Communicating with a Taurus man

These are business people, in a conversation with whom you need to “take the bull by the horns,” that is, get right to the point.

If you want to like Taurus from the first conversation:

  • Leave the emotional expression of your words for communication with other signs;
  • Do not be rude in the presence of this man’s relatives (and do not say bad things about the family of Taurus, even behind his back – if they denounce him, he will not forgive);
  • Stick to the best manners: Taurus men approve only of well-mannered ladies;
  • be honest (this even refers to compliments, it is better to admit that you do not like something than to falsely flatter);
  • Do not be 100% open – for him you need to remain a little mysterious (but without lying, it’s better to be honest with “I won’t tell”, “and we’ll talk about this tomorrow”).

Important: Taurus always keeps his word. If you asked this person for something, and he agreed, know – he will not forget.

Taurus women .

These are calm, homely ladies, who can handle any difficulties in life. Patience and willpower of Taurus women can only be envied.

This is a real woman: affectionate, gentle, patient, wise, homely. And if necessary for the family, she will also make a career.

In communication, they like:

  • logical arguments, calm tone, control of emotions on the part of the opponent;
  • Win any arguments (so don’t get into a confrontation with them);
  • compliments based not on flattery, but on well-deserved praise;
  • respect, attention to her interests (this sign has a strong sense of dignity);
  • words that don’t disagree with deeds (Taurus does not understand empty talkers);
  • All problems should be discussed in private, not to wash their dirty linen in public;
  • If the communication is romantic, do not limit your communication with a “star from heaven” but give quite tangible gifts, and not the cheapest ones.

If you want to conquer a lady – Taurus, remember: she does not like intrusive courtship and chooses men herself. If you are strong, strong-willed, able to take care of a woman now and feed your future children – you have a lot of chances.

Some people confuse her calmness in communication with a lack of emotion. But this is not true: there is an ocean of feelings bubbling inside Taurus, they just do not like to show them (even to a loved one).

What is different about communicating with a child

Taurus babies are very harmonious and calm. They need both parents, and if such a child is deprived of his mother’s tenderness or father’s protection, he will suffer greatly.

They need:

  • more tenderness – words of love, hugs, kisses;
  • Calm – no conflicts and quarrels in front of the baby;
  • The adoption of their style and taste (little Taurus often refuses to put on clothes that he does not like, and you do not “pepper it”).

Parents of the karapuz can be envied – he grows obedient, disciplined, honest.

They are happy to help around the house, but do it in the mood. Instead of orders, it is better to negotiate.

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