Taurus man what woman he needs: Consider carefully

Love according to the zodiac sign: the Taurus man

The Taurus man is convinced that love at first sight is nonsense invented by romantics. He needs time to ignite passion, as a rule, falling in love Taurus precedes a long preparatory period. The usual “feminine tricks” such as coquetry practically do not work for him.

A famous Taurus is David Beckham. In addition to him, Tony Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Vladimir Girinovsky, Philip Kirkorov, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Yuri Shevchuk were born under this sign of the zodiac.

Stubborn, stubborn and inflexible, Taurus is never in a hurry to make a decision, but if he sets a goal, he will move towards it as a revived paving machine – slowly but surely. Arguing with Taurus – it is more expensive. This man not only does not know how to negotiate, but fundamentally does not want to learn.

“There are two points of view – one is wrong and the other is mine,” believes Taurus and no arguments have no effect on him.

In a quarrel he prefers to use body language rather than verbal arguments. Due to the fact that nature usually does not endow Taurus with strong muscles, it looks quite threatening.

Taurus likes to surround himself with comfort. If he invited you to his home, everything will be like in a love affair – dim light, muted pleasant music, champagne – certainly served in a silver bucket with ice. All these details are as important to him as the seduction process and the result. Taurus is capable to have a drink or two, if he sees that the lady has not yet made her final decision, and go to bed quietly.

Taurus men are distinguished by the ability to understand people. If they criticize someone, they do it constructively. Taurus does not bend to hard work – the more obstacles in achieving the goals, the more interesting.

This man is unlikely to go on sale to buy cheaper jeans, he is not ready to save money on himself, because he prefers the best. Whether it’s booze, food, or sex, everything has to be “top notch”.

Straight and brutal Taurus appreciate a woman who does not bore you with questions like “Say, do you love me,” do not ask you to sing a serenade under the window and do not admit that every time they take a sip of brut, dreaming to find a diamond ring at the bottom of the glass.

A Taurus man does not have any doubts about his own sexuality, because he does not feel the need to assert himself at someone else’s expense. There is no need to pretend or adjust to his tastes. For him a woman is beautiful as is – by herself.

Taurus knows the value of money and opens his (usually a thick wallet) only when he is firmly convinced of the need for this spending. No one can separate Taurus and his savings, unless he himself is ready to part with them voluntarily. But do not hurry to call this man stingy – just because he does not throw money to the wind, does not mean that you do not get for his birthday diamond earrings, a paid tour of Europe or a laptop of your dreams.

Despite the fact that the sturdy Taurus gives the impression of always being healthy, it takes him quite a long time to recover from an illness. However, compared to other zodiac signs, Taurus is much easier to take to the doctor. He does not shy away from medics, because he instinctively feels that he has to maintain his health.

In communicating with Taurus, it is better to do without valuable instructions and prescriptions, even if you really want to give them. Outwardly peaceful, he easily falls into a rage. Taurus has a vindictiveness and inability to forgive – so do not be surprised if in the heat of a quarrel he will list all your sins, point by point, since the moment of acquaintance. A woman who wants to get something from Taurus with threats or blackmail, expect big trouble. It is better to act softly!

Man-Taurus is prone to jealousy, his jealousy is the passion of a collector who is not ready to part with any, even the most run-down, copy of his own collection. He’s the one who, having cooled down after the breakup, is seriously considering your offer to “stay friends. However, before continuing a relationship (even the most, let alone the most amicable one) with a former lover, think twice. Taurus is a rather difficult person to communicate, criticizing everyone and everything.

Taurus is peculiar enough to continue to defend their point of view when the case is already lost. But very rarely do anything that can benefit others, they are too self-centered for that.

Men who are born in the first two weeks of this zodiac sign are usually not distinguished by patience. They want results “here and now,” almost immediately. They strive so hard to achieve the goal that they often spend much more energy, effort, time and nerves than necessary. Those born in the last two “Taurus” weeks are prone to circumvent maneuvers, they are “normal heroes who always go the extra mile.”

The ability to deal with Taurus can be learned from the bullfighter, who does not run towards the bull, but patiently waits until the bull himself approaches him.

Taurus is ideal for a patient and intelligent woman who is looking for a man to protect her and dreams of hiding behind her husband as a stone wall from all of life’s hardships.

What girls like pragmatic Taurus

The role of the Taurus man in a romantic relationship and his type

Many young ladies, who, as they think, met their destiny, are often interested in questions of an astrological nature. What they have to count on with a particular representative of the zodiac signs? What qualities do they need to have in order to arouse reciprocal sympathy and a desire to spend the rest of their lives side by side?

Our article will help those girls who fell in love with a Taurus man and want to know the characteristics of such a partner and what kind of women he likes.

Qualities of Taurus as a permanent partner

A man born under this sign of the zodiac will be able to make happy any companion who prefers a quiet, measured life without special problems and adventures. As a husband, he is a real godsend. And this is facilitated by the basic qualities peculiar to the bull:

  1. Patience. Each interlocutor of the representative of this constellation immediately catches the eye that he is very restrained and calm. There is little that could derail the Taurus and make him nervous. Excessive panic or fuss is not peculiar to him. Even if there will be an apocalypse, fire or flooding, the Taurus will remain outwardly unfazed and coolly assess the situation. Due to these qualities, he always looks solid and reliable.
  2. Openness. In communication the men prefer to be direct and frank, avoiding any hints and reticence. And the same requires in relation to themselves. Therefore, if they liked the young lady, their behavior and words they immediately let it be known.
  3. Conservatism. Taurus avoids all kinds of changes in life and in relationships. On the one hand, this can be a disadvantage, because there are situations in which it is necessary to change something, but the bull is strongly against it. On the other hand, due to its constancy, it is a very faithful partner and friend. This is the kind of husband that most women dream of. Rarely what Taurus will cheat on his lady of the heart, because he is a one-lover.
  4. Ownership. All of his attention Taurus will give only one woman he chose. And in response will also require loyalty and honesty and will not tolerate a rival on the horizon. After all, this is a very jealous horoscope sign. Therefore, as soon as he suspects his chosen one of infidelity, he can immediately dissolve the union.
  5. A well-developed intuition. Thanks to her bull easily guess the mood and desires of others and, above all, his beloved.
  6. Pragmatism. Such a man has a clear vision of his future. And all his actions can be subordinated to a certain plan. Because of this, any young lady feels with such a companion as a stone wall, and the family is always reliable and prosperous.

Man Taurus is a born family man, so thoroughly approaches the selection of his soul mate. It is important for him to find a beloved lady as the true guardian of the family home, which has qualities such as subsistence, compliant, ability to support in difficult times. After all, marital life, he builds on its laws, which is the head and true master. In turn, a woman will receive attention, care, emotional stability and confidence in the future. Taurus will direct all his efforts to create a comfortable and secure life for the family. Not necessarily that he will earn millions, but he will do everything so that the family members, including all children and parents, will not need anything.

If you want to get a Taurus in your network, keep in mind that he will not look for a life companion in clubs or entertainment venues, because he is sure that there are young ladies who are pursuing completely different goals. To build a relationship a young man should communicate with a girl for a long time, so he has time to learn all the details he is interested in.

In his courtship of the Taurus he is very shy and timid at first. Therefore, it takes a long time to adapt in order to make the first step to a relationship. And then quite quickly he can charm any lady because of his openness, good-naturedness and generous displays. After all, when he is in love, he will not be stingy with very beautiful and inexpensive gifts and organize the most romantic date. He is pleased to show his beloved in public and to catch rapturous glances. Therefore, he will take care that her closet will be updated in time, and beauty salons left a worthy impression on the exterior of the chosen one.

The intimate side of the relationship plays a significant role for a representative of this sign. It is important for him to find a young lady who can fully satisfy his sexual needs and fantasies, which are sometimes very modest. The same likes to carefully observe the partner to anticipate her erotic desires in time to become a gentle and passionate lover. Rudeness and vulgarity in bed with a companion can repel Taurus.

Naturally, any lady would be happy to get a husband of such a partner because of his valuable qualities: caring, kindness, calmness, generosity, homeliness, unpretentiousness in everyday life. And here is what kind of woman a Taurus man needs and what he does not fit, consider further.

What women like a horoscopic bull

The earth element endows its representatives with practicality and confidence. Because of this, most of them have in their heads a formed idea of what should be the other half. And the appearance and character traits of the future lady of the heart are carefully thought out in advance. And it remains only to give himself to careful observation of the girls around and to look for his beloved among them. More often than not, the ideal life partner of a Taurus man should have the following qualities:

  1. Domesticity and housewifery. Conservative in everything, he is looking for a woman with her primary vocation – the keeper of the home and the caring wife and mother. After all, it is very important for Taurus to feel at home comfort, peace and tranquility. Therefore, provide the chosen one with order and a delicious dinner, please the bright children, and he will appreciate you.
  2. Calm and restraint. Constantly discontented and capricious partner will cause him rejection, but balanced and calm – joy and respect.
  3. Confidence and purpose. The chosen one should clearly know what he wants in life, and go to the end of the goal with confidence.
  4. Intellectuality. Taurus will be interesting next to an intelligent girl who is constantly seeking to expand knowledge and self-development. He will enjoy it if the beloved can maintain a conversation on any topic: business, technology, economics, art, politics, etc.
  5. Softness and submissiveness. The chosen one should listen to his spouse and support him in everything, not interrupting him and not raising his voice, especially in the presence of strangers. Also, do not teach or push him, as the representative of the bulls lives according to his built plan, according to which everything must be done in time and as necessary.
  6. Femininity and tenderness. Taurus should be a protection and support for his lady. Therefore the shirt-faced guy in a woman’s clothing, burdening himself with masculine responsibilities, can scare him and repel, and the fragile gentle creature – cause a desire to protect and take care of him.
  7. Frugality and thrift. The pragmatic bull is careful about the competent disposition of funds. He himself is able to make expensive (but practical) gift to his beloved, but he does not like it when someone wastes money inappropriately.
  8. Attention and sensitivity. Taurus need time to support, praise, encourage, admire him, and he will be in seventh heaven, ready to fulfill any desire of the companion.

Appearance of the chosen one plays an important role for a representative of this sign and often differs from the established standards in society beauty. He does not need a blank model on the cover of the magazine. Often a young man from the constellation of the bull for a girl to choose with magnificent forms, hinting at the comfort of home and the ability to reproduce healthy offspring. But at the same time, she must be well-groomed, harmonious, sexy, have charm and have its own zest. In clothes or makeup should not be too frank, bright, and especially vulgar. Such a look will simply alienate the guy.

Who can not count on the sympathy of the Taurus man

Adjusting yourself to the ideal image of this representative, you should not forget about the negative qualities. Wishing to tie the fate with him, it is important to consider what women do not like Taurus men. The repulsive features of girls can include the following:

  1. Harmfulness and selfishness. It is important for the Taurus to be a leader in the relationship, who is listened to and respected. He himself is an egocentric, so the chosen one should obey, not interfere, admire him.
  2. Arrogance. In terms of this representative, the girl should be well-bred and behave decently and dignified in any circumstances. And impudence and impertinence will not adorn her.
  3. Pessimism. Constant dissatisfaction and negative perception of life irritate such a man, and it is unlikely the relationship with the lady like this will last for a long time. After all, seeking comfort and tranquility, he certainly does not want to listen to the eternal whining and hysterics.
  4. Excessive activity and impatience. The calm and slow-moving Taurus does not like fuss and anxiety. Therefore, a woman who seeks constant change in life and adventure, it will be impossible to get along with such a partner.
  5. Vulgarity in behavior and appearance is disliked by Taurus. Therefore, preparing for the date with a representative of this sign, carefully consider your image and watch your words and actions. He will reciprocate only a reserved and refined lady.

Thus, if you follow the tastes of the earthly sign and extinguish the qualities that repel it, you will have a wonderful partner and an enviable husband. He will provide you with care, tenderness and material stability.

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