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Libra woman and Taurus man: compatibility of signs

Taurus man and Libra woman have an amazing compatibility in all areas of life – love, marriage, sex, friendship and work. To thank for the convincing percentages, which do not fall below average, the couple should patronizing planet Venus to both. Difficulties in relationships, of course, do occur (according to knowledgeable people, because of the difference in the elements), but the “doublesome” and the only “inanimate object” in the zodiac circle easily cope with them, finding compromise even in hopeless situations.

The stars have awarded the representatives of the signs of a rare ability to adapt, the strength of persuasion, as well as decency and equanimity – it helps them to be together, to understand each other at a glance and not scatter over nothing. A girl born in the period from September 24 to October 23, feel comfortable and as a stone wall in the company of a guy who takes congratulations from April 21 to May 21. She is attracted to her partner judiciousness, poise and admirable self-control. He is crazy about the sophistication, insight, wisdom and femininity of his chosen one.

The main characters have the same views on building a family and companionship. Representatives of these zodiac signs get married more often than others, and they get along great as close friends, not seeking to spoil communication by moving to a more intimate level.

Taurus and Libra: compatibility in love

Astrological prognosis in love for a Taurus man and a Libra woman is extremely favorable and convincing: compatibility reaches 92 percent. These people fall in love with each other without memory at the first sight, and their relationship at the initial stage is distinguished by enviable impeccability. The couple miraculously come to an agreement even when the diplomats are down and lacking in arguments. Lovers strive for a cozy, comfortable, calm atmosphere where both could enjoy being together, as well as harmony.

Partners build a strong union to the surprise of others, which is facilitated by common views of life and common goals. In this case, do not mislead from the right path or a certain frivolity of the lady, nor too practical gentleman. Favourite gives spiritual comfort and a reliable rear to her loved one and smoothes the sharp edges, and he will go to great lengths to make the beautiful and crazy dreams of the other half.

The only thing that prevents the two hearts from beating in unison is the inherent indecision and reluctance of the partners to take the initiative. At the moments when there is a need to make a final choice, both hesitate and doubt, missing the opportunity. And suffer more, of course, the brutal “guy-horse”, because it is his masculine nature to be firm, assertive and even categorical.

In matters of the heart, the guy terrible monogamist, so the chosen one can sleep peacefully, not to emit jealousy and not to check his phone hourly and social networks. He will gain the location of the girl he likes slowly, gently and persistently, paying attention to small details and presenting gifts. However, the ardent cavalier is advised to keep in mind that wastefulness is not welcomed by the elegant lady.

Taurus and Libra: Marriage Compatibility

Taurus men and Libra women seem to get married more often than representatives of other zodiac signs. After all, everyone has found what he was looking for. The spouse – a well-groomed, caring and attentive wife who creates comfort out of nothing. And his soulmate – a reliable life partner, a strong male shoulder to lean on in any incomprehensible situation. The lady appreciates the persistence of the chosen one, bordering on stubbornness, and amazing performance and diligence.

Horoscopes advise the couple to spend as much time together as possible and share their partner’s hobbies, which will help them become even closer. Comfortable coexistence is facilitated by the fact that both spouses, developing and improving separately, pass on to each other their accumulated knowledge and experience. In the family, the role of the breadwinner assigned to the “guy-horse”, and his not quite practical lover entrusted to be a muse, but not a typical hostess.

As parents, they are also convincing – the couple makes every effort to ensure that their heirs grow up in prosperity and comfort, trying to discover their children’s potential and gently guide them to the right path. The mother looks at the child as a work of art, so she shows her feelings and emotions in portions, trying not to hurt them. From an early age children are brought up by her in respect and awe of their father – the interests of this man are in the first place.

However, the head of the family deserves this attitude, being a true perfection for the kids. The father burrows to fulfill each of their desires, to provide materially, surround with care and love, to show signs of attention and to protect from the hardships of life and external disadvantage.

Taurus and Libra: compatibility in sex

The average sexual compatibility in 63 percent of representatives of these zodiac signs, knowledgeable people associate with different views on carnal pleasures. Female Libra is much more fundamental aesthetics than sensuality. Sexual intercourse is perceived by her as a lyrical movie, where everything must be elegant and sophisticated. And it is desirable to begin with a long preliminary caresses. The chosen one, in spite of all tenderness towards the other half, is not susceptible to excessive romanticism and refers to intimacy only as an important component of life in general.

However, lovers have nothing to worry about – the disagreements that arise will not break their strong union, although they will lead to some discomfort and friction. Time comes to the rescue here – the partners are lapping and getting used to each other, showing the necessary understanding. Both are endowed with a monstrous natural patience that allows you to develop the right behavior in the intimate process.

The main thing in bed, as a rule, is considered the man – he will arrange everything in terms of technique. And his other half will create the right mood and atmosphere, resorting to scented candles, silk sheets and lace lingerie.

Taurus and Libra: compatibility in friendship

Friendship between a Taurus man and a Libra woman does not surprise anyone – they, similar in temperament, are comfortable together, so the companionship is built easily, cheerfully and relaxed. And this happens regardless of age – prolonged communication without difficulty ensnare as one-liners, and people with a significant gap in years. Despite the attraction to each other and the ability to quickly find a common language, representatives of these zodiac signs very rarely go to the stage of love relationships.

As a rule, more often in such a tandem the lady is older than her companion, so she has a great deal of life experience and is happy to give sensible advice. The same helps her, who is not adapted to life, practically – so that such a friendship is good for both of them.

Such friends are not going to be bored: they have a lot of interesting topics to talk about and a lot of interesting facts from all kinds of areas of life. In addition, they are brought together by common hobbies, especially those related to art: they love movies, music, painting.

Taurus and Libra: compatibility in work

The stars say that most often buddy-buddy “guy-footed” and “the symbol of justice” become colleagues. On the harmonious and calm couple can be relied on in any case – representatives of these zodiac signs will cope with the task accurately and by the agreed deadline. In striving to achieve high results, they correctly distribute the roles: the lady is responsible for the ideas and the gentleman for their realization.

A person born from April 21 to May 21 can easily deal with documents and numbers – every letter and every number will be in its place and will not get lost. And the partner of this pedant will find himself in the professions of gardener, florist, jeweler, architect, musician and ballet dancer.

Taurus men and Libra women are better to engage in business related to art or people – in these areas they will be able to fully reveal. Thanks to their compatibility, they will easily be able to create something beautiful: he knows about food and its preparation, and she will determine the degree of attractiveness of each product by sight. The only thing that this harmonious tandem will have to struggle with is their own indecision, because nothing will come out if they do not take the initiative in time.

A woman Libra and a man Taurus Zodiac signs compatibility – 95%

With the external differences of the “air” woman-Les unites with a “down-to-earth” Taurus man something close and kindred. Like puzzles add up into a beautiful picture, these partners form into a surprisingly harmonious union.

A girl born under the Venus’s patronage has two personalities. The first one is flirtatious, frivolous and romantic. The second one is strong, purposeful and practical. The dispute between this “inner couple” does not stop – the Libra woman is in constant doubt and hesitation. The air lady does not particularly like to find herself in a situation of choice, but at the same time she skillfully analyzes the available data and makes a decision (unfortunately, not always the right one). The ward of Venus is endowed with many talents, but her main ability is the ability to adjust to circumstances. The Libra girl is a born diplomat.

The Libra woman likes to be surrounded by luxury and comfort, however, she herself will decorate any place. When a girl of this type gets a family, she tries to keep a balance in it. She does not tend to dominate and does not like supremacy, because she believes in equal relationships. She will always respect her spouse.

The main life priorities for men born under the sign of Taurus are material stability and life benefits, while in abundance.Almost all of his actions are the desire to build a happy future for himself and for his loved ones. Man-Taurus clearly knows what he wants and strives to occupy a certain place in society. They are unlikely to trumpet in all the corners about their exclusivity, but they will be careful to ensure that their lifestyle corresponds to a certain status.

Being by nature hardened stubborn, Taurus almost never retreat from their convictions and principles, so the Libra Lady, which is distinguished by the delicacy and angelic patience, as well as possible suits them in the role of a life partner. Known for stubbornness Taurus rarely change convictions and do not act against their rules, and in this regard, delicate and patient Libra as a life partner suits them perfectly.

How to win a Libra woman to a Taurus man

Girls born under the sign of Libra are a tidbit for Taurus, because mother nature has endowed them with the qualities that are so alluring to the wards of Venus. They do not need to make titanic efforts and imitate those who they are not in reality, it is enough just to be yourself and let the object of passion understand that you are really interested in it! And then – it is a matter of technique. Taurus loves the proverbial “aura of femininity”. A representative of Venus really appreciates beauty and expects his beloved to be attractive in appearance. However, a typical Libra girl usually does not need to learn the art of attracting men – her subtle manners, graceful gestures and elusive grace will charm a Taurus guy at first sight.

In general, the appearance is very important for the Taurus. And if this point will not satisfy him, then you can stop trying.

One of the main trump cards up their sleeve for Libra, who decided to conquer the heart of Taurus, will be their ability to create a home comfort. Taurus loves to contemplate all things beautiful, but instead of classic forms of art, they prefer designer innovations in the elements of decor, stylish renovations and artfully served tables. And then the Lady Libra appears on the scene, which is able to fill the space with beauty just by its appearance, what to say about its striking ability to decorate the house with pleasing knickknacks.

Diplomacy comes in handy for the Libra lady at the stage of transition of the novel into a serious relationship. Taurus is not a fan of change, but Libra enters into trust so naturally that he does not realize the metamorphosis.

How a Taurus man can win over a Libra woman

If you have feelings for a lofty Libra girl, learn to be loyal and romantic. Show that you treat her as the best event of your life. Astrologers’ tips can help you tame this charming creature:

  • Be polite at all times. The Libra woman likes soft people with pleasant manners. She has an instinctive aversion to rude and boorish people of all stripes.
  • Be sincere. At the lies and hypocrisy of such a girl has a natural instinct. Any manifestation of duplicity can put a cross on your relationship.
  • Show compassion for living creatures. If you make in the presence of such a lady a broad gesture, for example, donate to charity, you will immediately rise in her eyes.
  • Invite her to an exhibition, concert or theater. Only preliminary find out what kind of artists, composers, directors she prefers. Libra is excited by different types of art, but very selective. Do not take her to the cinema for another superhero action movie or a romantic comedy.

The merits of the union.

This couple really pulled off a lucky ticket of fate – there aren’t many combinations in astrology that are under the patronage of the same planet.

The Libra-Taurus union is one of the chosen ones. Both signs are ruled by Venus. This means that this love duo is illuminated by the amazing planet of love.

Partners feel mutual attraction, they quickly fall in love and feel comfortable together. The Libra woman is responsible for the spiritual harmony, her love is like pure air – her native element.

In the power of the Taurus man is the material side of love. As a representative of the earthly sign, he embodies ephemeral feelings into real manifestations: tenderness, care and sympathy. as a result, this couple is surrounded by love in all hypostases.

Talking about their relationship, involuntarily recalls the water surface: when the sea is calm, and serenity and tranquility fill the entire space. A man born under the sign of Taurus is a model example of a family man who is ready to take on the burden of the provider, so that his loved ones do not need anything. The airy Libra lady is his ideal muse, but not a diligent and meek housewife. By the way, in union with other signs, she may have problems, because most often she has to humble herself and become a pleasant, but meek ornament of the family home. Whereas Taurus can appreciate all her natural qualities at their best.

Disadvantages of the alliance

The negative aspects of this alliance are related to purely ideological differences. From time to time disputes may arise between them, caused primarily by the stubbornness of the Taurus man. The practical earth sign does not understand the ideals of the lofty Libra, based on a natural sense of compassion and justice.

Taurus looks at things soberly and realistically, while his companion tends to see things in a rainbow light. Confrontations between partners are usually limited to philosophical discussions and do not harm the stability of the marriage. They can ruin the family idyll only in exceptional cases, which are very rare.

Libra in this union may lack opportunities for self-fulfillment. It’s not that Taurus does not support her, no – he is the most reliable rear, but only when he understands that it is about really important things. And the concept of “important” is different for Taurus and Libra. He sees how his beloved’s eyes light up from a new idea, but he does not believe that it will last.

Intimate Life

A Taurus man experiences true satisfaction from making love with a Libra girl. It is he, like a tuning fork, will tune the intimate relationship in the couple. After all, Taurus belongs to the element of the Earth, which is responsible for fertility, the continuation of the race.

For both of them, physical intimacy is closely connected with emotions and is impossible without spiritual closeness. He gives her warmth and security and she feels safe in his arms. The Taurus man is stupefied by the delicacy and gentleness of his Libra wife, and this lifts him to the pinnacle of erotic pleasure.

Taurus is responsible for the bodily side of love, and his partner brings a touch of tenderness and romanticism to the relationship. The Libra girl is an aesthete in everything, including in bed. Of particular importance to her is the love foreplay and atmosphere.

What kind of parents will be.

Patient, loyal, caring mother-Les is a good role model and a close friend of her children. Her number one dream is to give her child the best. Babies at such a mom are well-groomed, beautifully dressed, lacking nothing.

The Libra woman can limit their own needs, but not the needs of the child. She believes that childhood is precious and should be filled with amazing experiences. In her home, you are sure to find colorfully decorated children’s photo albums and baby development books.

Sometimes her priority towards her children is seen by others as pampering. A female Libra needs to make sure that her children do not take the benefits given for granted, receive valuable life lessons and survival skills, otherwise they may grow up selfish.

Taurus men are calm and patient, so they make great fathers. They protect their children and keep them out of potentially dangerous and unpleasant situations.

Also, like a Libra mom, a Taurus dad tends to indulge his offspring’s desires. Unlike most of the stronger sex, he feels more thrilled when a daughter is born rather than a son, because Taurus likes to pamper his children. He can let them skip school to go to an amusement park, buy an expensive toy just to see them smile.

What their children will be like.

The Taurus and Libra family has a calm, friendly atmosphere, so the child grows up balanced and happy. Parents take care to discover and discover their child’s talents.

Parents try to give them all the most valuable that civilization has for child development: healthy food, trendy clothes, interesting entertainment. The main thing is not to go overboard, otherwise the offspring may lose interest in self-development at a tender age.

From the dad-Taurus baby inherit practicality and perseverance. And goodwill and honesty of the child born in this union will be a nice bonus for teachers and tutors. The Libra mother will pass on to her children a love of beauty, creativity and kindness. These sociable little creatures are not embarrassed in new company and quickly adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

Is a Libra woman prone to cheating

This romantic sign takes its commitments seriously, so cheating is unlikely. She strives for peace and harmony in relationships because of her innate penchant for fairness. However, cute Libra girls love to socialize and flirt, so they may unintentionally find themselves in situations where flirting goes too far. Being indecisive, a Libra woman easily succumbs to other people’s influence. In some situations, the seducer may tempt her to cheat, although she will later feel remorse.

If Taurus reveals the deception, Libra will deny their guilt to the last. When they want to prevent a breakup, they do it very convincingly. For her part, the Libra woman can forgive the cheating, especially if the couple has young children. However, she may break up without regret when they become independent or if her husband’s cheating becomes chronic.

Is a Taurus man prone to cheating

Taurus does not feel the urge to cheat, it is one of the most faithful husbands among the zodiac signs. If he does not fall in love with someone else, he never cheats on his rightful half. And given that a Taurus man who has found a life partner closes his heart to other women, the guarantee of a Taurus man’s loyalty in a love relationship is equal to almost 100%.

In those very rare cases when treason does occur, Taurus feels guilty. He is embarrassed, full of remorse, sprinkles ashes on his head and begs for mercy. If that doesn’t happen, a Taurus man’s infidelity may mean that he’s already thinking about breaking up. This happens when he has fallen out of love or has feelings for another girl. In such cases, he will not lie, but directly state his intentions.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

The Libra woman is a perfectionist. She strives for a harmonious relationship and fears that her partner will not live up to her ideals. When she meets a man, she imagines him in a rosy light and is disappointed when reality is not as beautiful as she wanted. Gradually she becomes aware of this peculiarity of hers and fears being cheated once again in her expectations.

The Taurus man is afraid of losing the stability he values more than anything else. When the love boat hits a storm, he is confused and confused. At a time when it is necessary to desperately save the relationship, he may be confused. Taurus, as well as his polar sign Scorpio, is very afraid of being abandoned. The fear intensifies when he feels financially insolvent or unsure of his chosen one’s feelings. For an alliance to flourish, Taurus must stand firmly on the ground with both feet and keep life’s circumstances in check.

Things to work on.

Both signs are characterized by indecisiveness. They don’t like to take the initiative – that’s how Venus works on them. In those life situations where enterprise is required, they can walk away from responsibility. In order not to let the situation take its course, astrologers uznayvse.ru advised them to get together for a family council and discuss all possible options. In case of disagreement these two should seek the competent opinion of experts or friends.

Another disadvantage of compatibility of this pair lies in their different worldviews. Libra women dwell in the world of philosophical ideas, and Taurus men live in the world of forms. Libra enjoys intangible pleasures, while down-to-earth Taurus enjoys what you can touch and touch with your hands. She could be compared to a poet and he to a sculptor. Sometimes a Taurus man seems too corny and boring to a Libra woman. To avoid this, Taurus should strive to rise to the level of Libra, and hovering in the clouds Libra descend to the sinful earth.

How a male Taurus behaves in the separation

Abandoned Taurus men need a lot of time to recover from the blow. Their recovery is slow and extremely painful. They are aware of this character trait, so they strive to prevent a sad ending by all means.

Taurus men initiate breakups very rarely. They are the type of people who, once they start a project, work on it until the end. This statement is also true for their personal life.

These guys are devoted to their second half, so a breakup becomes a real grief for them. Taurus guys leave on their own only when they have a new feeling, or when the relationship has worn itself out completely. In such cases, it is useless to try to get them back.

How does a Libra woman behaves when she breaks up?

The Libra woman is not a fan of loneliness. She is ready to stay in an unhappy marriage just because she has no better alternative. Realizing that the relationship did not work out, the Libra woman withdraws into herself, but all the time she postpones the decisive step. The end of a love affair in their performance does not have a typical scenario. They can gradually drift away from their partner or disappear unexpectedly.

The Libra woman, as well as Taurus, excruciatingly long experience of the gap. It happens that, many years after the parting, she still keeps the image of his former partner.

Is friendship possible between them

Representatives of these signs have many points of contact, which contribute to the emergence of easy, unburdensome friendship. The initiators are usually sociable Libra. They encourage Taurus with their sincerity and spontaneity. Taurus can help wavering Libra to become more firm and determined.

The best aspect of the friendship between these signs is their shared love of the visual and performing arts. This is how they can meet: at a vernissage, on a tour, or at the theater. The same interests extend beyond cultural life as well. The Taurus man is a real foodie. He loves to eat good food, and the Libra girl loves to cook. For his part, he can help his impractical girlfriend in domestic matters.

It is difficult for this combination to remain at the level of a buddy relationship. The Libra woman instinctively flirts with the Taurus man, and he can’t resist it.

Work compatibility.

This is one of the fruitful business alliances. Such colleagues contribute to the prosperity of the firm and do not conflict with the team. Due to their peacefulness, the female Libra smoothes out possible sharp angles in business relations. They do not weave intrigue, do not succumb to panic during emergency rushes. Taurus is better suited for projects related to the physical sphere, and Libra is the guru in terms of ideology and working contacts. Therefore, these colleagues are complementary.

When a Libra woman leads a Taurus man, she is very sensitive to his male ego, and he has no complexes from female headship. Taurus perfectly holds the ideas of Libra, so this tandem is a real boon for the enterprise.

If the Taurus man is the boss, this combination does not lose its high potential. He will appreciate the non-conflict, creativity and sociability of his subordinate.

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