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Leo and Taurus compatibility: will the two leaders get along?

Despite the difference in the elements, Taurus and Leo can make a happy couple and live for many years in harmony and love. Although this undoubtedly requires a desire and some concessions on both sides. Leo is Fire at its brightest. Taurus is a representative of the Earth element, stubborn and hardworking.

On the way to their happiness together, the fact that both are born leaders can be an obstacle. If one of them stops fighting for power, this couple will have a much better chance of success.

Leo and Taurus compatibility chart

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Compatibility of Leo Men and Taurus Women: pros and cons in the relationship

Achieve family happiness in a Leo-Taurus couple can people strong, strong-willed, spiritually developed. Who understand and accept the characteristics of the partner and do not try to reeducate. The main difficulty of this relationship is that both have pronounced leadership qualities.

If they correctly distribute the roles in this relationship, it will be much easier for them to coexist

On the one hand, Fire and Earth are too different. They may even have diametrically opposed hobbies and interests. On the other hand, they are equally ambitious, hardworking, able to make their own way.

In an ideal couple in the community will play the main fiddle imposing Leo and Taurus will be like a cardinal in the shadows. In doing so, not losing their sense of dignity. An earthly sign can be a wonderful support and backing for the Leo, who will be able to achieve great success.

The two main problems of this relationship are Leo’s spending with Taurus’ frugality and the possibility that Taurus could suppress the big cat, killing all its individuality.

Taurus and Leo can make a happy couple and live in harmony and love for many years

Are they compatible in love?

Compatibility of Fire and Earth in a love relationship can be very good. But for this, both will have to seriously work on themselves. From the beginning, it seems that these two won’t be able to stay together for a long time. They are both born leaders. But compared to the fiery Leo, Taurus sign girls are more likely to have a softer personality. They can let the fire sign to be the main thing in the relationship, although they themselves will take on the role of informal leader, who stealthily promotes their decisions.

It is very important that both are interested in maintaining the relationship.

Despite the compliant, Taurus is not the kind of person who shoves his desires and ambitions to please his partner. And Leo needs to take this into account.

In addition, when building a relationship with the sun sign, the Taurus needs to be prepared for the fact that she will be put on display. The assessment of others is very important for Leo. And having chosen his life companion, he will carry her by his side as a fashionable and beautiful accessory to be proud of.

Leo guy and Taurus girl in sex

Leo is full of passion and expects full commitment from his partner. Taurus, in turn, prefers long and slow foreplay. It is difficult for such a girl to switch immediately to the exciting rhythm of the king of beasts. But if he himself will set the mood and the tempo in love games, the earthly sign will not mind.

Leo is selfish in his desires, but his inner fire will be able to ignite even a pragmatic Taurus. And when the first one will still discover the hidden passion in his lady, and she will appreciate his potential in bed, they will not look for new partners.

Leo is full of passion and expects from his partner full commitment

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

What is the ideal married life in a couple where the husband is Leo and the wife is Taurus? The best model would be a couple where the Leo will take the leading role and will successfully move up the career ladder, ensuring the material well-being of the family. And the Taurus woman will provide him a reliable rear and home comfort, support and help him in his affairs. The more both are interested in preserving the union, the easier it will be to divide the family roles. If there is tenderness, trust and friendship between the partners in this union, the chances of a happy life will be maximum.

Due to the fact that both signs pay a lot of attention specifically to financial security, there is a risk that this will turn their idyll into a union of a wallet and a paid homemaker. If the marriage turns into a purely business transaction, the passionate Leo will start looking for love on the side, which is unlikely to enthuse his spouse.

Is there a friendship if he is a Leo and she is a Taurus?

The friendship between these two signs can develop rather by chance.

If he is a Leo and she is a Taurus, they may have different areas of interest and approaches to leisure activities. For example, if Leo likes noisy and entertaining gatherings, Taurus prefers a cozy home environment. No, of course, she doesn’t mind going to an art exhibition, museum or theater. But that said, the artwork or staging should suit her selective taste.

There aren’t enough points of contact and understanding between Fire and Earth to be the beginning of a strong friendship. On the other hand, even if they have become buddies, their chosen ones need not worry. If Taurus and Leo feel some strange attraction to each other, they will not follow it, preferring already known and established relationships.

How to win a Leo man?

Leo men always attract the eyes of those around them. Here he is, all this shining, able to make a joke and compliment, to give beautiful gifts and say beautiful words … And looking at the knight in shining armor, a rare woman would not wonder: how to win a man-lion and build a relationship with him?

First, you need to interest him. Leo will not approach the first encounter. What can interest him a girl Taurus, which seems to be his opposite?

In fact, there is an attraction between these two. Especially if the girl “turns on” the Moon in her behavior. What does this mean? Leo’s main planet is the hot Sun. And he needs the Moon for harmony. And Taurus is dominated by the Moon and Venus. The first is responsible for the manifestations of care, and the second – for taste, the desire for comfort and prosperity, the pleasure of life.

Leo men always attract the eyes of others

If Taurus shows care and surrounds Leo with love, properly using her practicality in everyday life, she will easily win over this gorgeous man. He really likes to be appreciated.

How to get the attention of a Taurus woman?

Thanks to the Earth element that patronizes them, Taurus girls are strong-willed, practical and firmly understand what they want from life. Is it possible to fall in love with a Taurus woman? Is it difficult? Frankly speaking, it is not too easy. These women are not ready to fall at the feet of a man because of a couple of successful compliments and bouquets.

In their chosen one they value:

  • reliability,
  • stability,
  • honesty,
  • purposefulness,
  • seriousness,
  • practicality.

Taurus is so self-sufficient that they are looking for a partner of equal value, not a mate.

It is important for them that a man looks at life in the same direction, to act in the same way. Romance will not conquer this lady. She is alien to sentimentality and sighing under the moon. But if she sees that with this man, she can walk side by side and feel comfortable – you can consider that you have already won the sympathy of Taurus.

These women are stubborn, often uncompromising, they often have a male character. And this should be taken into account before launching a campaign of conquest.

Leo Women and Taurus Men Compatibility Horoscope

Leo and Taurus have a good chance of marriage together if they have gone through a period of character reconciliation. Since there is a strong desire for stability and commitment to old habits in both, after going through the first storms at the beginning of the relationship and staying together, it will already be much easier for them to protect their marriage. Even if there are quarrels and resentments, they still won’t destroy the family.

Overall, Taurus and Leo are perfectly suited to each other. The Lioness knows how to arrange a comfortable life, which Taurus appreciates very much. In addition, women of this sign are mostly cheerful and optimistic. Taurus, in turn, helps the fiery sign not to miss out on good opportunities and not to be left without the last penny because of its generosity.

Despite quarrels, Leo and Taurus will not destroy the family

The main problems in the relationship between Earth and Fire are money matters, where they have serious differences of opinion. They have different tastes in choosing recreation options, gifts, things needed in everyday life.

Love relationships

The Lioness will quickly attract the attention of the Taurus with her optimism, the ability to easily communicate on any topic and bright appearance. She will like him for his determination, good sense of humor and the way he stands out from the crowd.

Their first meetings will be full of enthusiasm

These two often have the same tastes and interests. They both prefer classical styles in music and art, and hold similar views on politics. All of this provides food for interesting dialogues and exchanges of opinions.

But over time, they will realize that they also have many differences. For example, the Lioness prefers luxury, including in and gifts. And the Taurus with great pleasure will present his lady something practical and useful in the household.

For all her determination Leo girl is more focused on the future and the end result, while Taurus does not always see the goal clearly, but immersed in the process of following it.

Their differences can eventually become a ground for conflict , and it can be bad for their relationship.

Sexual attraction of the couple

At the beginning of a relationship, bed will be a pleasant and exciting place for both signs. But not everything is so rosy. After a while, when the acuteness of novelty has already dulled and the relationship begins to move to another level, there may be problems and disappointments in this area.

The Lioness, by virtue of her character, is a passionate partner who wants fireworks and an explosion of emotions in bed, as well as pleasures from her partner. Taurus, on the other hand, is conservative by nature. He is used to quieter and slower games and caresses. And if at first the Leo woman might even be amused by this, after a while she will want more variety and feedback from her chosen one. And Taurus will begin to strain the excessive activity of the partner.

The Lioness wants fireworks and an explosion of emotions in bed

Marital union

How does married life proceed when the husband is a Taurus and the wife is a Leo? If they have already reached the point of marriage, then they were able to overcome their differences. And in this case, the chances of a long and happy (and very non-boring) married life are very high.

Each of them can learn something new from the other

Taurus will begin to part with the money he earns a little easier when he sees that they enter his arranged household in comfortable and beautiful things. But he will still condemn his wife’s excessive extravagance. The lioness, on the other hand, will learn to curb her urge to spend a little.

Despite the fact that both gravitate to stability, the big cat needs new experiences, acquaintances and freedom like air. And if her spouse starts to go out with her more often, or will not limit her right to innocent entertainment – the couple will be much less cause for conflict.

How do the Leo girl and the Taurus guy become friends?

What can bind the sociable and bright Lioness with the pragmatic and down-to-earth Taurus? Different spheres of interest and different hobbies, different companies and ways of spending leisure time… There is simply nothing to build a friendship relationship on.

The girl of the fire sign likes luxury and noisy companies. And even if there is a man among her friends, she expects attention from him, worthy of the representative of her sex. Taurus, in turn, does not tolerate attempts on his purse in friendship, he prefers interesting to both, but more economical leisure.

If some circumstances in life still brought the pair closer, their future partnerships are more likely to continue out of habit. After all, both like stability, even in friendship.

If Taurus and Leo are in a relationship, their chosen ones can not worry about possible romances. There isn’t such a strong attraction between these two that you can throw them into each other’s arms.

The Leo girl likes luxury and noisy company, unlike the Taurus

How to win a Taurus man and build a relationship with him

Pragmatic Taurus men are balanced and benevolent. They try to avoid stormy explanations of relations and women’s tantrums. They stand firmly on their feet and prefer stability. These traits are determined by their element – the Earth.

When meeting a Leo woman for the first time, it will be very easy to attract the attention of Taurus. Her optimism, self-esteem and charm will impress him immediately. The combination of these qualities in a woman can not leave a man indifferent.

But Leo need to remember not to immediately show her chosen one and his other side – spoiled kitty, accustomed to her whims to be indulged.

Taurus men value in a woman’s physical beauty, which to them is an indicator of her health.

One of these indicators is the hair. And representatives of the fiery sign often have a lush and beautiful mane, immediately attracting the attention of others.

Is it possible to fall in love with the Leo woman

In order to win the attention of the Leo woman, a man needs to make her notice himself in the crowd of admirers. Thanks to their outward attractiveness, animal magnetism and the ability to find a language with everyone, Leo women are always surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex.

These women love and appreciate the luxury.

In addition, they are often able to provide it for themselves. In order to establish a relationship with this woman, the man himself must be at her level.

Leo females are always surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex.

Leo woman is expensive. She appreciates beautiful courtship, loves to be at social events and interesting places. She needs a man in whom she will find a strong personality. But at the same time her own freedom should by no means be infringed. The proud cat will not tolerate any pressure.

Compatibility of Leo man and Taurus woman in love and marriage

In compatibility Leo man and Taurus woman it is very difficult to find mutual understanding. Taurus woman does not immediately decide to marry, but if it still happened, she will demand the utmost honesty from his soul mate, however, paying with exactly the same coin. If the Leo man fails to show his character and falls under pressure, he will find himself in the position of a family slave. In the same case, the Leo man will be able to stand up for himself, then inevitably there will be a constant clash of interests and clarification of relations, which, however, can get bored rather quickly with one of the partners.

The Taurus female directs her efforts to accumulate sufficient funds and create material wealth. The regal Leo male is not used to thinking about such trifles, he was born to spend money, not to save it. Leo is used to being surrounded by people who admire and worship him, so Taurus is inevitably destined to flounder in his shadow. Which, in general, few women can like. Another extremely important point is that Leo the male is naturally polygamous and he will always have mistresses. An honest and straightforward Taurus woman is unlikely to put up with this fact for a long time. And she certainly does not intend to revise his views on life. As, however, and Leo.

Leo man and Taurus woman: compatibility in sex (in bed)

The sexual compatibility of the Leo man and the Taurus woman is quite high. Leo fills intimate relationships with energy, Taurus, in turn, fuels this energy with its beauty. Despite the overbearing and oppressive nature of the Leo man, it is a gentle lover in the bedroom, especially if there has been a quarrel before. Actually, from Leo’s point of view, the bedroom is the best place for reconciliation, verbal apologies the king of beasts cannot make by definition. On the other hand, it is the earthly sensual love that is the best argument for a female Taurus, she cannot tolerate long conversations and clarifications, but she understands body language like no one else. Oddly enough, but it is a woman born under the sign of Taurus woman, allows the Leo man to feel like a true king in bed.

Leo man and Taurus woman: compatibility in work

Compatibility in the work of Leo man and Taurus woman can be successful when Leo is in subordination to Taurus. Such a partnership is not very successful. Meticulous and pedantic Taurus all his efforts to re-educate Leo, meanwhile, the man Leo least of all intends to do what he is told to do, he intends to do only what he finds interesting. Realizing the meaninglessness of his mission, the Taurus woman simply, if possible, calmly and without unnecessary scandals will fire such an employee. But everything changes if, on the contrary, Leo is in a managerial position. Hardworking, diligent and accurate Taurus – you can only dream of such a subordinate. Having met him, Leo will make every effort to entice him to his company, and the result will really not disappoint him.

Leo man and Taurus woman: marriage compatibility

For a Leo man and Taurus woman compatibility to be perfect, Taurus, let the Leo man feel your sincere love, and you will be rewarded for it in full. He alone is ready to go against an army, Leo the male leo will engage in a most unequal battle, just to protect his woman and his family. Sometimes it seems that the Male Lion has emerged from another era. He is a true knight, a true king. He is ready to fight for his dreams and conquer any kingdom. Unfortunately, in our time, the ideals and superiority of the Leo often take for the usual arrogance, and not being able to discern behind this armor thin and very vulnerable soul.

Compatibility of Leo man and Taurus woman: overall score 7.2

Leo man and Taurus woman compatibility is good in all areas. If these two get together, then, more often than not, their union will last a long time and will be harmonious. The woman in this pair is more down-to-earth, but she is able to “ignite the fire” of Leo and enjoy it. At the same time, if necessary, the calmer Taurus woman, can easily control the impulsive and emotional Leo.

Taurus female and Leo male compatibility may seem strange and cause doubts to the outside observer. Yet Leo prefers brilliance, generosity and admiration, while Taurus prefers calm and poise. Paradoxically, Taurus captivates the brilliant Leo in a matter of days, leaving those around him bewildered.

Future chances for Leo man and Taurus woman

In compatibility with the Leo man Taurus woman is characterized by good-naturedness and considerable patience, she never makes a big deal out of the fly. However, if you do manage to enrage her, even Leo is better to get out of the way. At least until she calms down. Experiencing excruciating shame for her uncontrollable rage, she will be especially gentle and affectionate after the quarrel. However, do not mistake this for weakness – Taurus women do not forget the insults they have caused, and can suddenly remind their partner of them several years later. And the thing is that in such a rage Taurus women fall into an extremely rare, perhaps not more than a few times in their whole life, so the reason that caused such a volcanic eruption, as a rule, turns out to be very serious indeed.

How to save love in a relationship Leo man and Taurus woman

For the compatibility of Leo man and Taurus woman to be complete, you need to know that every Leo man subconsciously hopes that his wife will still give him the palm of primacy, will have a malleable character, but will be a good hostess. Therefore, despite the existing contradictions between them, a Taurus woman who has all these qualities can make quite a strong alliance with Leo the man. And the fact that he is used to spending money – well, we should not forget that money loves royalty and Leo has an incredible ability to make it literally out of nowhere.

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