Taurus Man Cancer Woman: Seeing is believing.

Cancer woman and Taurus man zodiac sign compatibility – 89%

The Taurus man gives the impression of a “real man” – courting, he is attentive and generous. Grounded and attentive, but a little slow. He is a thrifty and responsible family man.

Astrologers editorial staff uznayvse.ru say that the Cancer woman is almost always in a good mood: she smiles, spereset witticisms, easily support any conversation, from the start charming anyone. True, sometimes she may suddenly no way to be very thoughtful and silent, but it’s a minute “insanity” – she quickly enough comes to her senses. Cancer called the most vulnerable and romantic representatives of the zodiac, because against all others, they are much more emotionally accepting of what is happening and can not quickly switch and let the situation go.

The Taurus man is a character from the ideal universe for the Cancerian woman, because he is so caring, attentive and direct. In this couple both very much appreciate stability, decency and sincerity, their relationship is devoid of falsity and jealousy, so both enjoy spending time together, making each other’s lives brighter and filling it with meaning. For the first few months of their relationship, there is a real idyll in the couple – nice gifts, skillful compliments, attention and care on the part of Taurus and his angelic patience to all the whims of Lady Cancer. In return, she creates homeliness and arranges romantic dinners.

True, a lot of “sweet” can also be “bitter”, so the main thing that these two have not become bored with each other, because the choppy nature of Taurus sometimes pulls them into some adventure, and dreamy Cancer will suffer from a lack of spiritual closeness with the chosen one, because it will begin to realize that he is not as ideal as it seemed at first glance.

How to win a Cancer woman to a Taurus man

The man despises weakness, but in a female Taurus he is attracted to vulnerability and some detachment from the real world. He stands firmly on his feet, adequately assessing the situation, so he is moved by the romanticism of a woman’s view of life.

The man pays great attention to the appearance of the girl – she should be attractive, well-groomed, educated. He starts the relationship very cautiously – education or stereotypes do not allow him to quickly move to a new stage of the relationship. Cancer should not show dissatisfaction and demand from the man what he is not yet ready for. Taurus himself will mature to this, otherwise insistence can repel him. Cancer woman knows how to subtly influence the partner. Manipulate Taurus is possible, but you need to do it carefully – he is distrustful and will not forgive lies or coldness in relation to themselves.

How do men Taurus to win a woman of Cancer

Gifts, beautiful words, signs of attention and typical Taurus gallantry will quickly melt the ice in the heart of Cancer. She is in no hurry to reciprocate the advances of admirers, but the persistence of men do not leave her choice and reason for doubt. She can resist his onslaught for a long time, being suspicious of the ideal man that everyone admires.

The main task of Taurus is not to win a woman, but to keep her. Having conquered Cancer, a man may become more passive, demanding and not as generous as in the period of courtship. Such a sharp contrast will make Cancer reconsider the existing relationship and think about the sincerity of the feelings of the chosen one. Taurus can do beautiful things and pamper the partner with attention, but they should not forget about the importance of romance in a long family life.

Advantages of the union

Taurus and Cancer have similar principles, a vision of the perfect strong family. They share a dream, and when they realize that it can only come true in their joint future, both become ready for anything. They are absorbed by each other, and live in their own special ideal world – fair, humane and happy. The merits of the union are undeniable:

  • Conflict-free. There are practically no quarrels in the couple. Misunderstandings are quickly resolved, more often the Taurus makes concessions in minor matters of everyday life. Physical closeness plays a huge role, it smoothes out most acute angles and strengthens the desire to be together. It is important that the relationship should not become sugary, and the fantasy of Cancer helps in this.
  • Practicality. Both strive for financial stability. For Taurus it is principled, but the Cancer woman is also thrifty and not prone to wastefulness. She can refuse gifts that she has long dreamed of, even save on a beauty salon, and Taurus should not encourage such an approach. Moreover, the woman will not spend more than necessary anyway.
  • Physical compatibility. The main task of the Taurus is to make his chosen one happy. Intimacy and a woman by his side are important to him. Cancers are sensual, but can be closed and inhibited because of stereotypes and prejudices. A Taurus man trusts the woman, and with him she becomes more relaxed.
  • Execution. Putting her hand on her heart, it is very important for Cancer whether a man can meet all their needs. It’s not only about material goods. Taurus knows how to give his beloved a star from the sky (although he does not always understand why she needs it).

We are the exact opposite. I’m a Cancer, flighty, all the time saying something, doing something. He is a Taurus, calm as an elephant. Sometimes I feel like a little girl next to him. But with him you can talk about any topic, he is well, very smart, and the mind, I think the most attractive organ of man. Katya, 27 years old.

Disadvantages of the union.

In terms of emotions, Cancer is the exact opposite of Taurus, she reacts acutely and emotionally to everything that happens. The man likes this quality – the woman brings liveliness to his world, without disturbing the harmony.

It happens that after 5-10 years of marriage, to everyone’s surprise, the couple breaks up without any apparent reason. Often the reason for this is the need for strong emotions, especially if the relationship was formed at a young age, and partners just have not yet fattened up. There are also a number of other disadvantages:

  • Different levels of emotionality and perception. Cancer can be offended, and Taurus does not even notice it. Not because he is inattentive or callous, just that he will not see any subtext or hint in his tone and phrases. Calmness of a man likes Cancer, but sometimes it causes misunderstanding and a woman can take it for indifference.
  • Stubbornness and adherence to principle. If Taurus decides that the potatoes in the soup should be cut into smooth cubes only, Cancer should accept it and do exactly that. The woman got carried away with some activity and neglected household chores – the complaints and pressure Taurus will not change the situation. They easily find a common solution to complex issues, but in minor details can show stubborn stubbornness.
  • Stability. Happiness cannot be eternal. Both partners are so fixated on creating an ideal relationship and the external beauty of the union that they hide their shortcomings and dissatisfaction, change their habits and lifestyle. Irritation and misunderstanding should not accumulate – you can’t do without quarrels, insults and clarifications of relations can’t be avoided, otherwise at one moment both will realize that they don’t know the person next to them.
  • Boredom. This is a stone in the garden of Taurus – many Rakinya becomes bored with him after 2-3 years of life together. Taurus looks at it differently: “Why is she blowing my mind again because of some nonsense?”

Intimate Life

A man relishes intimacy and every moment alone with his beloved. He awakens passion, tenderness, thirst for experimentation in Cancer. Their relationship is special, few people can cause a woman-Roca as many positive emotions as Taurus man gives her. The woman gets used to his activity and to the fact that the man gives her more than she does, which can lead in a long relationship to the manifestation of selfishness on the part of Cancer.

For Taurus, this side of personal life is very important: its consistency, quality. He is not selfish and attentive, which conquers Cancer. Both appreciate long foreplay, moments after intimacy, and are willing to spend time and money to create a romantic setting.

What kind of parents they will be

The Cancer and Taurus family is usually harmonious, and children are comfortable growing and developing in a peaceful environment. They rarely witness arguments or insults, so they trust the world easily and are not afraid to interact with their peers. Both parents try to develop morality and responsibility in the child.

The Cancer mom is scrupulous in child-rearing. She studies special literature, deals with the child according to the scripts of children’s developmental books, feels the baby’s mood, and is always ready to help him cope with difficulties and psychological problems – adaptation to school, kindergarten, unsuccessful first hobby.

Papa Taurus with children is restrained. He does not allow himself aggression, and, trying to share his experience with the child, helps him to adapt faster to life. He provides for him, trying to ensure that the child does not need anything.

What their children will be like

It is hard for a child to understand that the inner world of the family is different from the outer world. At home, in comfort and tranquility, children are taught to live correctly, to be honest and decent, but in kindergarten and school they see aggression, cruelty, so it is important that both parents discuss with the child the danger of communication with strangers, explaining that not all people are good.

Children of Taurus and Cancer are often talented, but they lack self-confidence. It is important for them to know that their parents believe in them and will support them, even if their children do not do well.

Peers of the child are often jealous of his family in adolescence and adulthood, thinking that he was lucky. The problem may be the disclosure of adultery of one of the spouses or the child’s realization that the parents have not loved each other for a long time. The conflict between the ideal image of the family and reality will negatively affect him.

Is a Cancer woman prone to cheating

The Cancer woman is considered one of the most faithful zodiac signs, according to astrologers uznayvse.ru. And this despite her emotionality and sensuality! If she is in love, she will avoid even flirting with other men. In this case, a woman is vindictive and vindictive, this combination leads to the fact that as a result of inflating the problem and the wrong conclusions, she commits the acts of which she may later regret.

Cancer needs attention and affirmation that she is the special woman in Taurus’ life. His busyness and emotional thick-skinnedness is perceived as indifference, escalating into betrayal. “She made up her own mind, she offended herself,” and then she also gets her revenge. Taurus will hardly forgive even flirting with another, and cheating for him is almost impossible to forget, so Cancer does not need to rush to make a decision about cheating.

Is a Taurus man prone to cheating

The Taurus man is a connoisseur of female beauty and everything beautiful. Cancer does not need to be offended and quarrel with his chosen one if he pays attention to another girl or admires her beauty. Even in a long relationship a man is faithful to his chosen one, sometimes it is a manifestation of banal laziness, but more often – the fear of losing stability and loved one.

Craving for treason and other women in Taurus is constant, but he fights it. He loves intimacy, so Cancer should not be denied him, even because of insults or quarrels.

The pretext for treason can be a business trip or a temporary separation, while he will not abandon the family, and the relationship with his mistress will be short-lived.

What to fear in a relationship

Cancer and Taurus are defined by their fears, they also unite the couple and do not allow them to break up, even when feelings pass. Often it is in this couple that falling in love does not turn into love, but into a habit and respect for the partner. The couple does everything to keep their fears from becoming a reality, but sooner or later they have to face most of them:

  • Insecurity – material, moral, physical. There’s no room for sickness, cheating, or money problems in their relationship, so both work hard to make their lives together better. For Taurus, financial problems are a painful topic; it’s important for him to be wealthy. At the same time, if he will be supported by Cancer, their relatives, at a young age he will be fine with it, but if his partner will not earn enough and there will be no one to help him, he will find a promising and well-paid job himself.
  • Betrayal. The main enemy of harmony and stability – strong shocks and trials, for which the couple is often not prepared. Both value constancy, afraid to lose confidence, so at the beginning of the relationship can test each other, test the seriousness of feelings.
  • Breakup. For Cancer and Taurus, this is scarier than cheating and money problems. The woman can forgive cheating, and the man, being very thrifty, tolerate “empty” spending of the beloved. Even after breaking up, they may repeatedly try to restore the relationship after some time, not finding understanding and harmony with other partners.

What to work on

From the outside it seems that Taurus and Cancer are doing great, but few are aware of how much effort they put into creating a trusting relationship where respect, passion and love reign. It is important not to start taking their partner’s pliability and loyalty for granted and not to stop working on the relationship:

  • Respect for personal space, partner’s hobbies. Taurus is a possessive person, he does not like the friends of Cancer, especially of the opposite sex, he does not want to share his beloved with others. A closed, albeit perfect, world is short-lived – the couple will become bored and want freedom.
  • Timely resolution of problems. To do this, Taurus needs to admit their existence to himself, and Cancer speak not in hints, but directly – about what worries her. A man does not understand the mood swings of a woman because of the little things, her impressionability. Sometimes he may not notice her discontent. Both need to learn to talk about their doubts, worries and to listen to your partner, because the fear of appearing imperfect leads to the fact that resentment is piled up, destroying feelings.
  • Compromises. The Cancer woman is prone to selflessness and forgiveness, but Taurus can take it for weakness. A woman need not be afraid to express her opinion for fear of offending a man. Perhaps harsh words will cause his rage, but inaction will destroy feelings even faster.

How a Taurus man behaves during a breakup

It is difficult for a Taurus man to leave an ideal relationship with Cancer, but if the union weighs on him, he will begin to make demands, dictate his terms. For a woman, such a sharp transition from adoration to the need to serve her partner will be a shock. Not every female Cancerian will agree to the new terms, the woman will leave, and the Taurus will get his long-awaited freedom.

Getting back together with a Cancer is difficult, especially if the couple has lived together for a long time. It is not easy for Cancer to break up, but it is even more difficult to trust again the partner who once left her. Because of resentment against Cancer, Taurus will not take the initiative, but if the woman is dear to him, a small occasion will be enough to revive the relationship.

How a Cancer woman behaves during a breakup

Cancer easily gives up unnecessary people in her life, not squandered on small things. She won’t suffer from hurting an admirer’s feelings with her rejection or if she used a man to make Taurus jealous. But the woman is very reverent about her suffering and feelings. Each rupture with her beloved man is a real drama for her – sleepless nights, searching for reasons, pondering her further actions.

After a long relationship and ardent feelings, she gets used to Taurus. Even when the feelings pass, a strong attachment remains. Being the initiator of the breakup, she will be worried, she will be drawn back to a strong and gentle man. If Taurus will be persistent and will seek her out again, there is a high probability that the woman will give in and resume the relationship.

Is friendship possible between the two.

Taurus and Cancer are easy to communicate, talk about life, moral values or discuss movies and books.

There is sincere sympathy in their relationship, which can easily develop into a more tender and passionate feeling.

If both are single, they can be faithful to their chosen ones, allowing a little flirting in their friendship, but not crossing boundaries.

Female Cancer may seem to a man soft and characterless. Then he will not want to communicate closely. But if he sees the erudition and inner strength of the woman, it will be the basis of their long friendship. Taurus is often less stubborn and more generous with a Cancerian friend than with his beloved, than surprises and angers the latter.

Work compatibility

A significant plus of the Cancer and Taurus collaboration is the similar view of the work process. Both are traditional, stick to the rules and thoroughly approach issues and joint projects.

Cancer woman and Taurus man are colleagues

Work fruitfully together, especially on a single task or project. They understand and value each other’s opinions and contributions to the common cause. They even compete in a friendly way – without intrigues, betrayals and deceit.

Cancer woman and Taurus man – the bosses

Taurus and Cancer are easy to start trusting and cooperating with each other. Both are thorough, attentive to detail, and looking for profit. In their business alliance, everyone will benefit – it will be a balanced and calculated deal.

Cancer woman and Taurus man – subordinate and superior

The leader of the female Cancer is very meticulous and competent in her field, than causes delight in the subordinate Taurus. Relationships are based on trust.

Leader Taurus man appreciates subordinate Cancer for the similarity of thinking and high performance. He knows how to motivate her, they easily communicate.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility – Linda Goodman, book “Solar Signs”

Imagine that you are a huge cliff on top of a mountain. Nothing frightens or worries you. You are so strong that not a single storm has touched you, though the other rocks have been turned into helpless boulders by the wind. One cold day a seemingly harmless drop of water will gleam at you and roll into a deep crevice that you have from birth, but which the rains and winds have so far bypassed. What will you do?

You will do nothing. Are you afraid of a little drop? But the next day it will suddenly get colder, and the droplet inside you will freeze. That will cause you pain. Now how do you feel about a drop of water that expands inside you and threatens to split you in two?

Now imagine an earthy, vulnerable Taurus man in love with a gentle “moon” Water Maiden. This might shake him to the core! But it’s too late: she has penetrated into that innermost place that no one has ever reached before – into his heart. Maybe it won’t split in two. But he himself would never be the same again-before the girl beckoned him and he ran along the seashore under the midnight moon along the zigzags of the crab’s trail, screaming and laughing and … feeling. Taurus knows all about intimacy, but “feeling” is a slightly different word. She will teach him all the meanings and synonyms of the word.

The other Cancer girl will claim that she is not typical of her sign, “I don’t like to cook, I don’t want to have kids, and I hate staying home.” Don’t let her mess with you like she messes with herself! The reason for her extremes is that she hasn’t yet found the man she secretly longs for: the one who will protect her and wrap her in the warm blanket of his devotion. She may love children at heart, love cooking and housekeeping. But she is not going to stand at the stove or rock the cradle for some abstract man. Until he materializes from her midnight dreams, she will hide her tender maternal feelings and sentimental femininity behind the pursuit of financial independence or a successful career. But if you listen to what’s inside her, you’ll hear, “I’m lonely, scared and sad. Do dreams ever come true?”

Yes, they do come true. If you believe in them. This formula is so deceptively simple that only very few people understand its truth. Galileo once said: “Whatever you wish for, pray as if you already have it. And you will have it.” That’s really true. If you really want it, “it is no longer a dream. And when your dream becomes a reality depends entirely on the power of your imagination. However, the Cancer girl is disposed to pray for something not “as if she already got it,” but as if Destiny had no intention of giving it to her. So it is not a matter of Fate, but of her own hesitation. Consistency is something the “moon” maiden is sorely lacking.

The Taurus man falls in love slowly, to love long. He doesn’t give up until, at last, the right woman comes along. He will spend a lot of time making a decision, but his surrender will be instant, and his loyalty will be eternal, unless, of course, she herself spoils everything…

Most Taurus men don’t experience love in all its physical and mental fullness until their twenties, and sometimes even later, while their mates have long since opened an account of love affairs and even marriages. But don’t forget that the Bull has an exceptional ability to make up for lost time, and the depth and strength of his love is worth waiting for. The same applies to the Crab girl: she, too, is slow to grasp something and even slower to let go. Even if this “something” is an old shawl or a broken umbrella, a cracked mirror or a pink ribbon from her baby bonnet, last year’s receipts or former lovers.

Taurus is zealous about love – that is, thorough, sensible and practical, not with jealousy as you might think, and he can be erratically cranky or overly enthusiastic, but that doesn’t hurt anyone.

“Moon” girl can afford both groundless jealousy turning to depression and suspiciousness, and this can make Bull furious. In principle, he doesn’t mind being a little bit jealous. He may even enjoy it. But suspiciousness is unnecessary! She has a wild imagination: her fears, based more on fantasies than facts, can cause streams of tears and a mild attack of hysteria. Does that frighten you? In reality, it’s not all that hopeless. Not many Zodiac sign combinations have such chances of success as Taurus and Cancer.

Taurus, thanks to harmonious and peaceful Venus, is more disposed to take their relationship calmly. The Cancer woman is subject to the Moon reflecting light, and she herself instinctively reflects the mood that is created around her. Any change in her immediate environment is reflected, as in a mirror, in her thoughts and feelings. Sometimes all these reflections create an eclipse, in herself. It is not easy for her to understand herself, though she has an unmistakable intuition for all that concerns the feelings and thoughts of others. Many people confide their secrets to her and are rewarded for this with heartfelt sympathy and wise counsel. But her own secrets are almost impossible to uncover. Bull can tell her:

– “I don’t understand you. You say you love me, but you spend all your time in vanity. Children, shopping, charity parcels… One day you have to go to the bank, the next you have PTA… The next you sit alone and look at the moon… You don’t need me. I just exist somewhere.” Now she might realize that he is offended: he doesn’t get the attention he needs, the touches and kisses he’s been waiting for, everything that would make him feel warmly loved. But because he lacks her “lunar” sensitivity, he may not realize how much she needs both all her activities and her dream world. She needs to reflect back all that she takes from life.

From this it should be obvious who should make the first move toward a truce – the one who understands the other better. And that, of course, is her.

To the too straightforward Bull, however, her attempts may seem insincere and somehow vague. And she should just come up and say, “I need you, and I can’t live without you, and the reason I’m fussing is because…,” etc., etc. Then she should just prove it – with her earthly love. This is the only language the Taurus man understands. Simple. Humble. Honest. Down-to-earth. And sensual. Bull does not like to be teased! But the Bull likes to be teased…

They usually have excellent sexual compatibility, except when their birth charts do not “match” well. True, she sometimes wishes he was a little more tactful with his romantic jokes and a little more delicate in his verbal expressions of passion. But on the whole, there is nothing wrong with tact and delicacy in Taurus. And he can lure the Cancer girl out of her shell – promising the fulfillment of such desires, of which most women have read only in novels! Bull will give the “moon” girl confidence that she is fervently loved and that he has power over her (deep down, she really expects it).

The Taurus man will surround the Taurus woman with enough love to banish all her fears – even those that she has been “saving up” since childhood. He wants her, and he needs her! And he will clearly prove it – if she lets him…

True love is difficult to resist, in addition, it is offered with such sincerity, which only Taurus is capable of. In response, the Cancer woman will adore him madly (especially during the full moon) and probably never leave him. Unless, of course, he puts her in a fight with her entire family or allows himself to say the wrong thing to her mom. Then he might lose her for a while. She won’t return to her Taurus when the moon changes (assuming he apologizes). Reconciliation may not happen if she doesn’t forgive him before he asks for forgiveness (because he won’t ask for forgiveness!)

She, so sensitive… Or maybe she’s fickle? He, so patient… Or maybe stubborn? Which is right? It all depends on how you look at it. As long as Taurus is wearing blinders, he can’t see reality. While Cancer looks in his “moon” mirror, the truth is sometimes distorted, his emotions change unpredictably. The relationship of these two is full of fog, but you can always find your way to each other through this fog if you reflect on the ancient wisdom: “Seek the truth, and you will find yourself.” And what is truth? Love. Selfless and all-forgiving love. True love.

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