Taurus man after a breakup: revealing all the nuances

Taurus men break up (Why and how to cope)

Taurus men are faithful, loving and committed to their relationship. But how does the Taurus man react after a relationship breakup? If you recently broke up with your Taurus guy, you might want to know how he’s feeling.

Taurus Men in Relationships.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and therefore finds solace in the familiar. Family and friends are important to this sign.

Taurus is an earthy sign, and this is especially evident in Taurus men. These guys are solid and dependable. They won’t confuse you with intellectual games. If they like you, you’ll know it.

They will want to settle down with you and live with you. They are sensually and reasonably sensitive to your needs. You will become their best friend.

Taurus is connected to material things. Taurus enjoys owning things . They are also related to taste, touch and smell. Therefore, physical contact is important to them. For Taurus men, love means physical affection.

The Taurus man has strengths and weaknesses just like any other sign of the Zodiac. Sure, they can be strong, loyal and reliable, but they can also be stubborn and possessive . And because they like routine and security, I dare say it’s a little boring.

They also don’t like being told what to do. These guys are independent and go their own way. They are perfectly happy for you to go with them as long as you follow their lead.

So, if Taurus men love security and are loyal partners, what will make them break up a relationship? And will a Taurus man come back after a relationship breakup?

What makes a Taurus man break up with you?

1. You cheated on him.

For a Taurus man, cheating is the one thing he can’t forgive or forget. First, it reflects badly on his personal life, and secondly, this man is ready to die for his friends. So you can bet that he values loyalty very highly.

An unfaithful partner is a major deal breaker for him. No excuses, no second chances. Change a Taurus man, and you’re gone.

2. You are too direct for him.

These guys like security, routine and routine to stick to. They like to plan everything in advance. They don’t like surprises and never act impulsively.

While they may have been attracted to your drive for life and adventure at the beginning of the relationship, they expected you to settle down by now.

3. he can’t control you.

Taurus’ motto is “I have” or “I own.” So it’s not surprising that one of the weaknesses of the Taurus man is that he likes to control his women. Problems could arise if you are an independent woman and don’t intend to be controlled by a man.

You could fall in love with his sensual charm and strong earthy goodness. But now that you’ve gotten together, you realize that he’s actually a bit of a male chauvinist when it comes to women in the 21st century. The problem is that he also understood and broke up with you.

Why did you break up with a Taurus man?

Of course, it takes two to break up. So, here are a few reasons why women break up with Taurus men.

1. he’s too boring.

You may ask yourself, why does the Taurus man keep coming back? Well, they do love their routine, and for some women (Capricorn or Virgo come to mind) it totally suits them. But for others, it becomes claustrophobic and restrictive.

If you’re more of the impulsive type, the Taurus man will drive you crazy with his insistence on planning everything.

2. he’s too jealous.

Once under the wing of a Taurus man, don’t expect to look out from under him for other men. Your Taurus guy is intentionally protecting you from the dangerous gaze of evil men who only want one thing.

Flirtatious women don’t need to be approached. When you get home, you get twenty questions. Most women can’t handle this kind of behavior.

3. Too stubborn.

Taurus is a bull sign. The bull is usually stubborn with his heels and won’t move from his seat. For these guys, it’s either their way or the highway. You can’t change their mind.

Once they have made a decision (for both of you), that decision stands. Even if it’s clearly wrong. The Taurus man acts like a toddler who refuses to move.

How does the Taurus man feel after a breakup?

When a relationship is over, we have no way of knowing how our ex is doing. However, we can look at their star sign to get some idea of how they may be coping or feeling.

Once a Taurus commits, they become committed for life. They put everything into their partner. It’s serious to them. They’ve been pursuing that security all their lives. If they ended it, they must have had a good reason.

However, if their partner ends the relationship, they will feel very differently about the circumstances.

1. If the Taurus man ended it.

Even if the Taurus man ends it himself, he will still feel like he has lost everything. That’s because he invested a lot of time and effort into this relationship.

Now he has lost that investment. He has also lost the security and sense of security that the relationship gave him. He’s been looking for you for a long time.

Taurus men view their partners as property. It’s as if they attach material value to them. Thus, he will want that valuable possession back.

2. If you ended it.

If you were the one who ended the relationship, it will be extremely difficult for the Taurus man to accept. His stubborn nature and stubborn outlook on life means that he has a hard time accepting other people’s opinions and decisions.

You should understand that he probably never expected this. Moreover, he thought it would last forever. So this will probably come as a huge shock to him.

However, if you want to win him back, it’s worth considering the rule of no contact with a Taurus man. This will make it clear whether he misses you or not.

They always regret the breakup, regardless of who ended it. This is because they have a pathological need for security. When they find the right one, they put all their energy into building a life with that person. The realization that it was all in vain is a terrible blow.

How does a Taurus man feel after a relationship breakup?

Taurus is not a fire sign like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Fire signs have an unpredictable nature and can explode with rage. This earth sign will sink in to heal any wounds inflicted during a relationship breakup.

How long does it take a Taurus man to get over a breakup?

When it comes to letting go, the Taurus man may need more time than other zodiac signs. It’s only because they put so much time and energy into their relationship. Once they’ve found it, all they have to do is settle down and live with that person.

Will Taurus men go back to their exes?

Will a Taurus man ever come back? Some Taurus men never go back to their exes. For them, it’s a matter of pride and self-respect. On the other hand, remember that Taurus is a possessive sign, so it would be hard for him to give it up.

Does Taurus move quickly?

Taurus takes time to regain a sense of balance and stability after a breakup. He feels like the rug has been pulled out from under his feet. He won’t be able to move quickly until his feet are firmly on solid ground again.


Taurus men can become loving, loyal and sensitive partners if you learn to deal with their stubborn and possessive nature.

How to return a Taurus man: useful tips from psychologists and astrologers

A Taurus man is a reliable partner and an excellent husband. The family for representatives of this sign is in the first place. Quarrels and conflicts in the relationship with Taurus are very rare, as a man of this sign usually has enough patience and wisdom to resolve all controversial issues peacefully. Nevertheless, no couple is immune from a breakup. If the relationship could not be maintained, how to return a Taurus man will prompt psychologists and astrologers.

How to get a Taurus man: sorting out the causes of the breakup

If the culprit of the quarrel was a man, he must be given time to realize his guilt

Taurus is a reliable man, which is distinguished by judiciousness and outward slowness. A man of this sign can be mistaken for a slow and lazy, but this is not the case. Taurus prefers to approach every issue thoroughly and never rush “into a maelstrom with his head”, whether it’s some worldly problem or a new relationship.

Winning the love of Taurus can be difficult, but if it succeeds, a woman can be fully confident in her partner, as strong relationships and family ties for men of this sign are in the first place.

At the same time, the slowness of men can cause misunderstanding on the part of the partner, and on this basis there are conflicts and scandals. It should be noted that Taurus men can be hot-tempered and temperamental, as well as soft and peaceful. As a rule, they lose their temper over the years and in middle age they become sensible enough to know how to bypass all the pitfalls in a relationship with a woman.

To understand how to regain the interest of a Taurus, you should carefully analyze the relationship and identify weaknesses and likely reasons for the breakup. These include:

  • Disrespect for the partner;
  • infringement of the Taurus ego;
  • Lying and hypocrisy;
  • disregard for Taurus’ feelings and needs.

Taurus men are proud, they are characterized by a somewhat hypertrophied sense of self-importance. It is fair to say that this does not arise out of nothing, and men of this sign really have reason to respect.

Pay attention! If the partner is disrespectful and questions the authority of Taurus, the relationship begins to deteriorate quickly, which inevitably leads to a breakup.

The self-love of a Taurus is very high and should not be hurt. Self-love can suffer if a woman flirts with other men, discusses Taurus behind his back, or question his manhood. Proud Taurus will not tolerate such treatment, so he will quickly come to the conclusion that such a relationship is inappropriate.

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Taurus categorically do not tolerate lies and hypocrisy. Quite perceptive by nature, they quickly recognize falsity and insincerity, lose confidence in the partner and leave with a scandal.

A man of this sign needs respect, love and care. Taurus men are sometimes tyrants, demanding boundless attention from the companion. Strong and independent women are not for them, because in such a couple inevitably begin disagreements and conflicts. If a man feels that the woman puts him below himself, he becomes very testy and irritable, which leads to a breakdown of the union.

How to reconcile with a Taurus man: the right strategy for women

It is very difficult for a Taurus man to admit his guilt, so the woman must take the first step to reconciliation

To reconcile with a Taurus man, a woman will need to stock up on patience. Despite the fact that Taurus seldom find out about the relationship, they can go to the screaming, as they have a strong temperament. In anger Taurus does not choose his words and can accidentally hurt a woman to her heart. Psychologists recommend to make allowance for the emotional state of the man, because after a quarrel Taurus necessarily undertakes something to make up for his guilt.

Taurus, who has switched to yelling, knows that he is wrong, but he almost never asks for forgiveness. This man will try to make amends with the actions and gifts, but not with words.

Naturally kind and peaceful, Taurus often overreact during scandals, and a woman should learn to forgive it.

The following tips will teach you how to get a Taurus man back after a breakup and a breakup.

  1. Even if the initiator of the breakup was a man, it is up to the woman to ask for forgiveness. These men rarely admit their mistakes, so the first step should make the beloved Taurus.
  2. Upon breakup Taurus is categorical and adamant, but you should not take his words to heart. Parting with Taurus for good, try to talk to him in 3-4 days. As a rule, this is the most favorable period for reconciliation, as negative emotions Taurus already slipped away, and in their place came the regret and remorse, even if a man does not say it out loud.
  3. You can return Taurus with tenderness and patience. Repriminations and clarifications should be abandoned, because it will only worsen the relationship.
  4. Trust Taurus restores quickly enough if a man feels care and respect from his partner. To strengthen the relationship, a woman needs to envelop the Taurus with her affection and care.

These tips should be remembered by every woman who aims for a long and happy life with a Taurus.

How you can’t win back a Taurus: the wrong strategy

When asked how to reconcile with a Taurus guy, psychologists answer: “Reconcile gently.” To resume the relationship, a woman will have to show all her wisdom and patience, but impulsiveness will only hurt.

The wrong strategy of behavior with Taurus:

  • reproaches and criticism of his behavior;
  • Trying to put the blame on him;
  • Insults during an argument;
  • Pressure on the man;
  • provocative behavior.

It is interesting that Taurus men are always led to provocation. With a man of this sign it is necessary to be patient. The attempt to “warm up” the Taurus with provocative behavior will lead to the fact that the man will “explode”, begin to shout, destroy the environment and be sure to slam the door loudly, leaving. Then Taurus may return for his favorite mug, and slam the door again, even louder.

Interestingly, men of this sign often wind themselves up, and as a result, in 20 minutes the resentment can reach a surprising depth and size. The best tactic for a woman in this case is to wait it out. You should not try to influence the decision of Taurus immediately, it is better to give him some time. But the attempt to shout insults in his wake is always doomed to failure – remorse in Taurus will not wake up, and the relationship will spoil completely.

How to reconcile with the Taurus husband?

Taurus – one of the most “family” Zodiac signs

Taurus are excellent parents and exemplary husbands. They never cheat on their wives, and they put their children first. Reconciliation with the husband is easy enough if the woman can control her emotions. She needs to admit her mistakes (even if there are none), assure Taurus of her deep respect and his boundless value to her, and then quietly add how the children miss their father. This is usually enough to restore the relationship with a Taurus man and bring her husband back into the family.

How to return the love of a Taurus man?

Guys of this sign are characterized by stubbornness, which can get in the way of reconciliation. The main task of a woman in this case is to divert the Taurus from his own thoughts.

Winning his attention again will help:

  • a well-groomed appearance;
  • Readiness to listen to a man and maintain a conversation on any topic;
  • Following his advice and recommendations;
  • Care and affection.

As a rule, no Taurus will not resist a delicious meal cooked with love especially for him. Men of this sign appreciate care very much, so a woman who shows attention, surely will quickly win his favor. As for former lovers, the Taurus needs to feel the former kinship of souls. A woman must first become a good friend to the Taurus.

Tips for women of different signs

Girls whose zodiac signs are air signs need to pay more attention to coziness and comfort in the house next to a Taurus

Women of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are recommended to slow down and stop trying to suppress the Taurus man. The representative of this sign is very stubborn and will not allow the impulsive “fiery” woman to control herself, but the relationship will be irrevocably ruined.

“Aquatic” women (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) should show softness and become less categorical. Yes, Taurus can throw hurtful words in a fit of quarrel, but it does not mean that he really thinks so.

Women of the earth element, which includes a Taurus man, will have to fight not only with his, but also with their own stubbornness. Psychologists recommend to women of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs to show less character and give more to emotions.

Air Zodiac signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are prone to empty philosophizing that irritates Taurus. Representatives of this sign, psychologists recommend paying more attention to “mundane” issues, ensuring the Taurus comfort and convenience in the home.

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