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Taurus man: characteristics, appearance, career, love, marriage and family

The element of this sign is Earth, which gives Taurus men earthiness, practicality and stubbornness. Taurus sign man whose characteristic is straightforward, they always say what they think and do not waste time on useless dreams. But at the same time they are extremely sensitive and have a love for beauty – this is the influence of their patron planet Venus.

Representatives of this sign love to live by the rules and educate those around them.

Appearance of a Taurus man

Taurus Man Horoscope

The Taurus man gives the impression of a strong-willed and strong man. His movements calm, measured and confident, he speaks not very quickly. Typically stocky build. He has a beautiful figure, though his body is not pumped up and muscular. Many Taurus men spoil their figure by overeating. They often want to look seductive, so they wear an open shirt and tight jeans.


They look younger than their years and are well built.Outwardly, a Taurus man can really look like a bull. He has powerful legs and a narrow pelvis, developed shoulder girdle and chest.

Facial Features

The main distinguishing feature of the appearance is a very expressive, large, almond-shaped eyes with a twist. The eyebrows are thin and thick, often slightly raised to the temples, further emphasizing the expressiveness and beauty of the eyes.

Taurus has a smooth, small and clean forehead, rarely frowning. The nose is usually neat and small, sometimes slightly upturned. The mouth is small with sensual and delicate lips, which are often plump. The chin is small, with a small dimple. The facial oval is rounded, and the skin is thin and delicate. Hair is manageable, fine, slightly curly.

Way of dressing

Men of the zodiac sign of Taurus attach great importance to clothing. They follow the fashion, they like beautiful, expensive and high-quality clothes, have a good sense of style. They prefer pastel colors, turquoise, green, pink and blue. Also they like clothes with applications and embroidery.

Accessories .

Taurus men are very fond of jewelry made of precious stones and precious metals and like to wear gold chains, rings and bracelets. Try to emphasize their strengths with accessories and gladly use perfume. They choose slightly sweet, delicate floral fragrances. Perfume prefer a good quality, the money for it do not spare.

Behavior and the inner world of Taurus men

In an unfamiliar society, the Taurus man horoscope is unlikely to make an impression, because most will be silent. But among close and trusted people, he is able to be the soul of the company, joke and have fun from the heart. His environment – children, family, loyal friends, are the main value of the representative of this sign. These people serve as a source of positive, physical and moral strength for him.

The comfortable pace of life of Taurus may seem slow to many. They need everything around to be measured and balanced. If those around them rush Taurus, they simply won’t get anywhere. And if they are pressured, Taurus will simply stop doing anything, which can make him seem lazy.

Positive and negative traits

Taurus men are very friendly and open people, they are capable of much for their loved ones. They are responsive people who will always help in difficulties. There can be a basic characteristics: performance and diligence, purposefulness, caring, thrift, but Taurus has the following shortcomings: adherence to principle, stubbornness and slowness.

Man Taurus has a calm temperament, does not like conflict, and is restrained in communication. He does not understand hints, prefers clarity throughout. He enjoys long conversations in a relaxed atmosphere with old friends, but he does not need frequent meetings with them. Taurus is not too sociable, will always find something to do and do not suffer from loneliness.

Man Taurus is endowed with extraordinary patience, he thinks soberly, is balanced and does not panic. In a difficult situation is focused exclusively on solving the problem, he does not waste his energy on the experience, which does not make sense.

Taurus are often very conservative, are reluctant to change, even if it is really necessary. Excessive caution does not let them enjoy life and deprive them of many pleasures.

Work and career Taurus men

Despite the fact that Taurus men in work, as well as in everything

To the people around them, Taurus men may seem callous, reserved and indifferent, but their emotions are hidden deep inside.

As long as they are not in a hurry, they have an amazing ability to work. Their energy is enough for a lot, even in an active state, they appear to be calm. Taurus is enterprising, because of this quality they often become successful professionals or businessmen.

They are not afraid to take on great work and are responsible for its result. They work successfully in a team and will always help a colleague or even do the work for him. Taurus will turn out a great leader who knows how to effectively organize the work, while taking into account all the details. He will definitely listen and understand a colleague, you can rely on him.

Attitude to finances

A Taurus man is excellent at earning money. He evaluates his capabilities soberly and understands well when it is possible to benefit from the situation. Taurus men are often successful in handling other people’s money, in accounting or in banking. They build their own financial well-being, albeit slowly, but confidently and thoroughly. In work they hold on to a good place, and reliability, hard work, and responsibility make it possible to build a career.

Career Guidance

Taurus is not afraid of hard physical work, they like working with plants and animals. They make excellent designers, architects, builders and engineers.

Leadership qualities

Taurus is characterized by ambition, incredible willpower, diligence, excessive responsibility and a certain fanaticism in achieving a stable financial situation. In order to maintain its efficiency, Taurus needs to rest periodically. During this period, it is better not to disturb him, it will only make him angry. He knows what he wants to achieve, goes straight to his goal, overcomes the difficulties encountered along the way.

The attitude of the Taurus man to love, sex, marriage and family

The down-to-earth and practical Taurus men are at the same time, oddly enough, very sensual and romantic. They are not indifferent to representatives of the weaker sex. Very persistently and patiently can conquer the heart of the beloved. Even after the reciprocity, the Taurus men in love are afraid to be decisive, so the first step is often necessary to make it a woman.

How do feelings manifest themselves?

  • Cautious Taurus refers to the choice of the girl thoroughly. He appreciates individuality and will not restrict the independence of his chosen one. Taurus has such remarkable qualities like attentiveness, caring, tenderness and sensitivity.
  • In love Taurus tend to be calm, reasonable and sensible. He does not like unjustified risks, even in love, everything should be calculated and thought out.
  • Taurus is able to win a woman tenderness, charm, understanding and sensitivity. Also, it emanates reliability and peace of mind.
  • With his beloved, he will be sensual, romantic and sentimental, capable to provide her with material and emotional stability, will give a woman the confidence that she is loved.
  • The more Taurus becomes attached to a woman, the stronger will be his jealousy and desire that she communicates with other men as little as possible. All the attention should belong only to him. Such possessive behavior can occur because of the insecurity of Taurus in himself.

Taurus wants a woman to approve his desires and actions, admire him. Prohibitions, orders and pressure will only have negative consequences. He needs a calm relationship, understanding and support, he wants to be loved and appreciated. In this case, a harmonious and stable relationship with him is possible.

Tip: A woman in his eyes should be sexy and beautiful, a faithful friend who will always be there.

Sexual life

Taurus pays great attention to the intimate aspect of love, ready to look for a long time for the woman who can satisfy his needs in this area. Representatives of this sign cannot be called virtuoso lovers, but they will persistently conquer women with other qualities – a combination of passion, strength and tenderness.

For Taurus the main thing is the pleasure of the partner, not their own. Do not expect sexual experimentation next to him, do not dominate, it may cool him down or scare him.

Taurus observes his partner in bed. He very subtly notices what she likes, what turns her on, and will never allow himself rude and vulgar treatment of his partner. He loves to role-play, you should fully trust your imagination, you can embody with him any images.

Taurus likes consistency and harmony in everything. If the representative of this sign always uses proven methods, but this does not mean that sex with him will be monotonous, but it will always be quality.

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Marriage and Family

Man Taurus is configured for a stable family life, caring, family-oriented, balanced, respectful to women. He does everything for the good of the family, tries to satisfy all the whims of his favorite housemates.

They are very loyal. The alliance with Taurus is long and is distinguished by its durability. But it is not so easy to get along with him, he will not allow anyone to belittle his own dignity and is very jealous.

Taurus is a responsive and kind husband who will not spare anything for his wife. He is patient in housekeeping, and he is even ready to help if necessary. He is clever, thorough and reliable. Very strongly tied to the home, loves it with all his heart, there should be an atmosphere of harmony, peace and comfort.

Taurus will try to ensure that his family will always be financially secure, the fridge should be stuffed to the brim with food. Taurus men love comfort, so they will do everything possible to make their home cozy and filled with everything they need. Taurus men do not like to leave the house without a special need, especially for a long time, they like to invite guests to their homes rather than go visiting themselves.

Without continuity Taurus men do not see the point in creating a family: in their home must sound children’s laughter. Unlike other men, they are more excited when they are born girls. They can spoil their children with gifts just to the point of impossibility, but they establish strict rules and procedures in the house, which the younger generation must certainly follow. Taurus men want to pass on to their children as much skill and experience as possible, teaching them how to live their lives with common sense.

They are great fathers, can get up in the middle of the night at the first cry of the baby, despite the fact that very tired after a day of work. Tenderly and lovingly relate to their children.


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Full and detailed characteristics of the Taurus man

Zodiac Signs.

Hello! Today we are going to wash the bones of Taurus men. You will learn the full characteristic of this sign of the Zodiac.

  • Element: Earth.
  • Planet: Venus.
  • Stone: Emerald.
  • Metal: Copper
  • Dates: April 21 – May 21
  • Advantages: reliable, persistent, faithful, patient, practical, loyal, generous, thrifty.
  • Disadvantages: stubborn, jealous, uncompromising.
  • Likes: gardening, cooking, music, romance, quality clothes, working with his hands.
  • Hates: sudden changes, complications, uncertainty of any kind.

Character traits of a Taurus man

The typical Taurus man: what is the characteristic of this zodiac sign? He appears to be a calm, quiet, practical, reserved, modest and balanced man. He is powerful and reliable.

Purposefulness, extreme focus and a willingness to achieve goals are part of his personality.

For the Taurus man, reliability is at the core of his values. Resilient and cautious, he values a sense of security and has a comprehensive value system that governs his life.

He makes decisions quickly because he knows what he wants, he never gives up on his ideals.

The Taurus man is a stable force in the lives of those around him. He provides much needed security to others because he knows how much he himself needs it.

He values confidence and likes to make others feel the same way. It is important for him to create a world that meets the safety needs of others, especially those close to him.

The Taurus man has an unspoken elegance no matter how he dresses. Elegance is not so much about appearance as it is about the feeling one gets when a Taurus man enters a room.

Taurus men hate spending money, except when they want to pamper themselves and their loved ones, because they love all things beautiful.

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus Man likes to surround himself with beauty, whether in his home or at work.

In times of difficulty, the Taurus Man seeks peace and has the uncanny ability to radiate tranquility.

He finds harmony through routine and ritual. The Taurus man carefully plans for tomorrow. He follows the rules and is usually extremely organized. He is very meticulous about his belongings, such as his car, his guitar, his watch…

This sign also pays special attention to his surroundings, focusing on home, hearth. He likes to have a comfortable, stimulating environment that promotes recovery and security.

Taurus does everything he can to achieve his goals and satisfy his desires.

He is a man who observes everything and wants to know everything.

He loves struggle, conflict and arguments and turns into a stern person when attacked. He analyzes all aspects and situations before making a decision.

This is an ambitious man. Always follows his goals and promises. He wants to have stability both on a professional and sentimental level.

Sensitive and tactful. A sense of touch is extremely important to him, whether in business or in love.

He loves his country, soccer, fishing. Also flowers, gardening or long walks. He prefers to read books about the dashing heroes of bygone times or biographies of the creators of empires, rather than sophisticated fiction or deep philosophy.

Most Taurus men also subscribe to several men’s magazines (about cars or with beautiful women’s bodies).

He likes good, old-fashioned home cooking. But will also be willing to take you out to dinner often. Taurus doesn’t expect his wife to spend all her time in the kitchen.

He is so confident in his strength and masculinity that he doesn’t need to play macho. He is so confident in himself as a man that he is not ashamed to arrange a bouquet of flowers in a vase, take up painting, poetry…

He is not weak, not soft, not cowardly, on the contrary, he is a concentrated force capable of disciplining himself.

The Taurus man never talks about his feelings, but prefers to demonstrate them by giving gifts or flowers.

In terms of love, the Taurus man does not like adventures, he prefers to have stability and wants to have a serious relationship for life.

He is a sensual partner, and for him, sex doesn’t work without romance! Taurus is always sincere and keeps all his promises. Problems in relationships can arise because of his jealousy and possessiveness.

Taurus is a cautious realist with business acumen and shrewdness.

Of course, there is more to every Taurus man than meets the eye.

Read the characteristics of the Taurus man. And a lot does not match? Zodiac sign is the tip of the iceberg. To uncover all the nuances of personality, you need to read a natal chart, studying the location and meaning of the planets and astrological signs at the time of birth.


Stubbornness, excessive possessiveness, jealousy and suspiciousness. He is very easily influenced by his environment, and sometimes can be very heartless.

Stubbornness is a character trait that makes him go all the way. This hyper-concentrated approach to achieving a certain goal can cause the bull to come into conflict with others: colleagues, bosses and loved ones.

He can’t always keep his cool and rather has an explosive temperament. If you are looking for a quarrel, you will quickly get what you want. You will long remember the fierce look of this beast.

He’ll be like a steam locomotive going full speed, it’s best not to block his way. Allow it to vent its excess steam, wisely, at a distance.


Loyalty, endurance, hard work, concern for the opinion of others, understanding, generosity – all these are the virtues of Taurus. He is a good listener, loves pets, saves money.

Stubbornness can also be interpreted as an unwavering determination to complete tasks.

Which makes Taurus great workers, employees and great friends because they are always there for you, regardless of the circumstances. Taurus is a zodiac sign you can count on.


Tauruses remain focused on their goal and are naturally destined for a great professional career.

Because of their thrifty side, they have the skills to manage finances. They are also able to find practical and concrete solutions in chaotic situations.

Most natives of the Taurus sign know what career they want to have and what path to take to achieve it.

  • Increase their financial capacity and resource capabilities.
  • find their calling and understand their karmic task.
  • find out what kind of partner destined by fate and not to make a mistake in choosing the important person in your life.
  • to determine personal strengths, talents and opportunities for themselves and their loved ones.

On the other hand, their determination, stubbornness and iron will to achieve their goal can cause conflicts with colleagues and superiors.

The planet ruling the astrological sign of Taurus is Venus. This planet represents love, attraction, beauty, and creativity. Therefore, a bull can be a great cook, bartender, host, and artist.

Taurus can do something that relates to the creative arts, or he will express his creativity in his spare time.

This does not mean he is necessarily a creator, he can be someone who helps facilitate creativity for others. In fact, he is best suited for a high-level support role or a leader who is out of the spotlight.

The Taurus man is a dependable and trustworthy worker bee who is appreciated by management.

The Taurus man in love

The Taurus man is calm, practical and down-to-earth. He acts deliberately and cautiously. Therefore, it is logical to assume that he is not romantic. But he is not.

Logic doesn’t help much when trying to solve the riddle of a strong bull ruled by loving, peaceful Venus.

Once he decides you’re the one, he’ll make Libra look clumsy. He will even shame the spunky Leo and the passionate Scorpio.

This sensible, practical, slow, determined Taurus man is capable of sending you one rose every day until you succumb to his push.

He may even write a poetic song or poem for you. Taurus can be a gentle and caring lover.

He’ll offer to swim in the moonlight, have a picnic in a cool secluded forest, and take a stroll along country roads under the stars. You’ll get the biggest and most eloquent Valentine’s Day Valentine for Feb. 14.

You’ll probably be invited to dinner at glamorous restaurants with soft lights and violins. And he will never forget the date of your first meeting or any other anniversary.

Because he is stubborn, it may take him a very long time to get over past relationships.

He’s not someone who “falls in love at first sight.” A Taurus man will need time to decide if you are the person he can spend the rest of his life with.

Don’t expect him to declare his love ten days after meeting you. Taurus men take time to really understand their emotions, but when they do, they’re sure they’ve found their soul mate. Love blindfolds them, and they become generous to all the downsides of a relationship.

It will provide the security necessary to make the relationship work, but it will also require reciprocity.

The Taurus man is sensual in the bedroom and understands that love requires awakening all the senses to awaken the mind, body and soul.

He will also be practical in everyday life and will expect communication based on honesty. The relationship with Taurus will be strong, filled with beauty and love.

He will drop by on Saturday night with blueprints of the house he is going to build for you. He’ll probably make a down payment on the property, or at least the rent before you get engaged.

Naturally, there are downsides to a romantic escapade with a Taurus man. You’ll have to become a nice, easy-going lady. Don’t brag about your mental abilities in public.

Deep down, he respects a smart woman (though he places more importance on simple common sense), but you’re better off letting him be the brightest member of the team.

Don’t make him feel uncomfortable by contradicting his assertions in public. If you make that mistake, remember to apologize later, or you’re doomed.

He is too practical, and he likes his freedom too much to be happy with a woman who is too dependent on him. So be independent, find your own hobby or favorite thing to do.

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Taurus father

As a parent, he’s just adorable. Taurus thinks that it is very important to have a son to carry the family name, but loves daughters with a special tenderness.

Taurus men make loving, affectionate, warm and sympathetic fathers. He will set high standards for children and expect them to respect property and possessions.

A Taurus father is patient. He will not mind if children learn their lessons slowly. His position is that young minds should gradually learn maturity.

You may find that he pays too much attention to material matters and sprinkles them with expensive gifts that spoil them.

But he will also shower them with his time and devotion, and a firm hand of discipline will be there when needed.

Typical Taurus Husband.

He is generous to his wife. He won’t deny you nice clothes, perfume and trinkets, attractive but practical furniture.

Taurus rarely saves on furniture, clothes or food. These expenditures won’t make noticeable holes in his pockets (unless there are impulsive financial aspects in his natal chart).

Taurus will work hard and need a good rest. He can be quite a grumpy grump when he’s tired and out of sorts. So remind him of his need for rest.

Never nag him or accuse him of being lazy. It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. He lives his own unhurried life.

Attempts to make him spin merrily in a continuous cycle of turbulent social activity are doomed to fail. He will enjoy entertaining in his own home, but he will prefer a few people with compatible interests to a large crowd.

Invite old friends or those with serious goals and ambitions, and he will behave pleasantly and hospitably.

No loud noises, roaring radios and TVs, chaos and scattered toys, please. Keep your home full of music, beauty, and peace.

No one else will ever treat you so graciously. He really deserves respect for that.

Taurus’ love is simple, uncomplicated and honest. His gentle nature and flattering attention will help you be sure that you are loved, despite all your little flaws.

Taurus men are always protective of their loved ones and will be very gentle and pleasant.

He won’t promise stars from the sky, but he can give you a diamond necklace that you saw in a jewelry store two days ago.

With him you will never feel insecure about the future. A Taurus man doesn’t believe in risk and will always be prepared for the worst circumstances.

Just give him the reins and he will do anything for you.

He will provide you with a cozy nest that will be filled with love, warmth and care. He is stubborn, but only when you provoke him.

Otherwise, he is the most patient man you will ever find. Be happy. You have a real man besides you who will embrace you, protect you and love you forever!

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Character of Taurus depending on the ascendant

Ascendant sign Aries.

Persistent, this person pursues his goals and gives himself the means to achieve them. Often a materialist, he nevertheless cares about his loved ones, as his self-confidence depends on his possessions and surroundings.


Phlegmatic, with a tendency to value routine and daily pleasures. True to his principles, this is a stable person who does not appreciate change. Sometimes a bit lazy and vindictive because of his too good memory.


The man is gifted in communication. He has a sharp and inquisitive mind. He knows how to use his trump cards to make himself known.

This is a persuasive, creative person who is open to novelty.

A Taurus with an ascendant in Cancer needs relationships and has difficulty developing alone. He is hypersensitive, prefers family to career and daily pleasures to material possessions.

The overbearing Taurus with an ascendant in Leo is tenacious and has a steely temperament. His highly developed ego sometimes prevents him from coming to his senses and makes him susceptible to criticism.

His main trump card is willpower and love for his family, for which he will move mountains.

He loves order and strictness. His need for comfort and security is fully satisfied by the joint action of his emotional stability and practical sense. He prefers reason to passion, and simplicity to extravagance.

Possesses the character of an artist. Possessing a sociable character, one wants to feel appreciated in order to confront the fear of loneliness and abandonment.


Has a combative spirit that often gets him into trouble with others. Charismatic and passionate, he is easily seduced but also very jealous.

He likes to enjoy life, and his opportunistic nature helps him take the right opportunities.


He is naturally tolerant and idealistic. Broad-shouldered, he likes to open up to others and discover new horizons by traveling. Generous, he is epicurean at heart and easily evokes sympathy.


He is loyal and his sense of reality can be relied upon. He is ambitious and pragmatic. He lacks spontaneity and seems cold and detached.


Independent. He oscillates between his desire for freedom and his need for security. Both indecisive and responsible, he makes choices that often contradict his needs.

Guided by his intuition. Sensitive, easily attracted and seduced, but may suffer due to high sensitivity. His fear of conflict forces him to make many concessions, especially in love.

Now you know more about the Taurus man. Let the characteristics of the Zodiac sign help you understand him better.

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