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Characteristics of Taurus men and women in the year of the Snake

People born in the combination of the signs of Taurus and the Snake are very balanced temperament, calm character, they are constant and extremely calculating. These two zodiac signs of different horoscopes perfectly complement each other. Taurus the Snake since childhood seeks to organize a zone of comfort, knows the value of money and know how to dispose of them. Purposeful and well-standing on his feet, to knock him off the road to achieve the goal is almost impossible. He always knows what he needs and, regardless of the obstacles, will go in the chosen direction. In addition, people of this combination of signs are realists, it is not inherent in them to create illusions, and they never ignite the risky ideas that could turn into a complete failure.

They are realistic about their own capabilities, level of development and vitality, so they do not undertake unfeasible tasks in advance.

In any area of human activity Taurus the Snake shows great business acumen, knowing exactly what to do next. He has in any situation is clearly built plan of action, which he strictly follows. He well sees all the pitfalls waiting for him on the way, predictable in his actions and very sociable. Thus, he manages to avoid unforeseen situations and as a consequence, stress. He will never play in a casino, he will not be lured by sweepstakes or gambling.

Taurus man born in the year of the Snake, has a calm and balanced character

In the professional sphere, these people prefer management, law and any other activity that requires direct communication with people. Already in their youth, Taurus-Snakes never need the financial support of their parents . They clearly know how and where to make money, how much their work is worth and where to spend their savings. Intuition for these people – an empty sound, they will never listen to her, relying solely on his own mind and a precise calculation. With all this, Taurus-Snakes are very fond of art: painting, music and everything related to this concept. They have a fine taste, always dressed stylishly and love to eat good food.

Characteristics of Taurus-Snake men

Taurus guy in the year of the Snake is very fair, loyal to the ideals and responsible person. His character combines such qualities as realism and romanticism, intransigence and willingness to compromise, persistence and the peculiarity to listen and hear others. He is practical, calculating, stubborn, straightforward and uncontrollable in those cases where they try to put pressure of authority.

The man of this combination of signs used to create and see his world as it seems only to him. Priorities in his life are set clearly, to influence the course of his thoughts or the order of action is almost impossible. He can listen to what people around him say, but not hear them and do things his own way. His insight is amazing and sometimes even frightening. He has a feeling that he just reads the thoughts of others.

Always and in everything a Taurus-Snake man seeks comfort. This feeling should be everywhere: at home, at work, in the car, on a visit or vacation

He always has a huge number of friends and acquaintances, so getting good advice or help is not a problem for him. In the professional sphere he is a tireless worker. He is very diligent and patient, and this is already 90% of success. A man of the combination of signs loves order, honesty and always openly express their opinion, regardless of who is in front of him. Management is always reverent to such employees, valuing them for their dedication, creativity and commitment to their work. If a Taurus-Snake man becomes in a leadership position, the company that he heads, he himself is waiting for success.

A man of this combination of signs always sees the right path, choosing the most win-win options out of the mass of possible. He always has money for everyday expenses, as well as set aside in a far corner for a “rainy day”.

Taurus Snake has a lot of friends.

Disadvantages of the sign

The weakness of Taurus-Snake men is that they always and in everything rely on their own mind and cold calculation, completely excluding intuition . This can lead to not very good consequences.

Characteristics of female Taurus-snakes

A Taurus girl born in the year of the Snake has a calm and balanced character. She was inherently excellent taste and appreciation of beauty. She can not be found on the street without perfect makeup and in a wrinkled skirt. All details of her closet are carefully chosen, right down to the accessories. The main goal in life is the material well-being, she strives for it by all available means.

Taurus-Snake always tells only the truth, she does not tolerate lies and flattery with all the fibers of the soul. She is a fighter for justice and seeks to make people’s relationships ideal. This is a man-lover, which requires only to find his vocation and strictly pursue the intended goal. A woman of this combination of signs knows how to make important decisions independently and with dignity bear all the troubles and hardships. She perfectly copes with any activity, but closer to her always creativity.

The Taurus-Snake woman is a born designer, photographer, architect, planner. She is a person of nature, so the landscape design and flower raising is the most suitable job for her

Ladies of this sign adore comfort, luxury and wealth . They can achieve this only using their talents to their full potential. And for this you only need to understand themselves and go towards the goal.

Taurus-snake women love luxury in everything

Disadvantages of the sign

The weakness of the character of Taurus-snake women – excessive uncertainty about their own actions. Very often they tormented himself with doubts about this or that reason, not to the construction of a logical chain. At these points, they become irritable and often get angry with close people, which is considered a big minus in family relationships.

Love compatibility of Taurus in the year of the Snake

Taurus-Snake men are the perfect husbands in terms that they are unaware of even the thought of betrayal . As champions of truth and justice, they will never agree to betrayal and will not accept treason partner. In the family is a decent and responsible head, adoring his children and valuing his wife. However, romantic relationships for him – nonsense !

Demand from the man of Taurus-snake serenades under the windows and romantic dinners useless, he still does not understand what you want, and can even take offense

This prevents them from building relationships with girls in the candy-boquet period. But in the case where he chose his partner and realized that she has warm feelings for him, with his inherent insight, he tries to catch her every desire and make every effort to make the relationship only stronger.

In this case, the long-lasting affair with the Taurus-snake men do not happen. Approach to the selection of his future wife, he will be painfully and long, weighing and analyzing the pros and cons. His rudeness and tactlessness in most cases, discourage potential applicants to his heart.

In the family, the Taurus-Snake man is a conservative with special, only he understands the views of life that do not lend themselves to criticism, discussion or cancellation. However, this is compensated by the fact that he is always devoted to the hearth, striving to create the most comfortable living conditions for all relatives and loved ones. The man of this sign is always able to take responsibility, you can rely on him, he is loyal and reliable. Harmonious relationships can be built with a calm and obedient woman, although order and prosperity are guaranteed in any choice.

Taurus-Snake man in the family – the main earner and reliable support

The Taurus-Snake woman is very wise and insightful. These two qualities, along with coquetry and temperament, allow her to dispose of men’s hearts at their discretion. She is romantic, emotional and even a bit sentimental . In the family is a loving and caring mother and wife. She feels great in the role of the housewife, not at all dragged by this quality. She does not like long arguments and discussions about when and how to do the upcoming thing. She just takes everything into her own hands and does it.

A Taurus woman born in the year of the Snake always knows how to properly establish relationships with people. She is a born diplomat and will be able to negotiate with anyone under any circumstances

Her home is always clean, a lot of delicious food cooked with her own hands, cozy and quiet. A woman of this combination of signs just loves to spend time with her family, this is her work and rest. However, a small minus in this regard is considered a comprehensive love for their own offspring and spouse, which knows no boundaries .

Compatibility in love according to the Eastern horoscope is possible:

  • With the Monkey, the Rooster, the Bull and the Dragon.
  • In question with Rabbit, Horse, Tiger, Goat, Snake, Dog and Rat.
  • Do not get into a relationship with a Boar.

According to the Western horoscope, love and marriage can be built with Virgo or Pisces, an excellent alliance with Leo and Scorpio. Friendship will be strong with Taurus and Aquarius.

Maximum compatibility Medium compatibility Minimum compatibility
Oriental calendar Monkey, Bull, Dragon, Cock Rabbit, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Goat, Rat, Dog Pig
Western calendar Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio Taurus, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries Cancer, Libra, Gemini

Full characteristics of a Taurus child born in the year of the Snake

A Taurus girl or boy in the year of the Snake is an obedient and intelligent child with a good appetite and excellent health. Since infancy they sleep well, are always in a great mood and rarely pester their parents with unreasonable whims. These children are happy to get acquainted with the strangers who come into the house. A child of this combination of signs is always confident in their actions, because rarely makes ill-considered steps, is able to adapt to changing conditions of life and surroundings.

Children of this combination of signs are very inquisitive, and if they like some thing in the house, sooner or later they will get to it. However, they sense danger in any situation and will never risk even to satisfy their own curiosity.

The Taurus-Snake child is very inquisitive from an early age

The Taurus-Snake child from birth has excellent taste and craving for everything beautiful. For them it is better to choose sections and clubs related to the world of poetry, music, theater, fine arts or design. At school, it is a diligent and an executive student, who will never complain to teachers. However, it is worth watching out for the fulfillment of the requirements of the teachers, because carried away by a book, the child simply forgets about the school program.

Man Taurus-Snake: personality traits and compatibility

The combination of the year of the Snake of the Eastern horoscope with the earthly sign of the zodiac Taurus allows you to get a man who has hard work, purposefulness and practicality. Thanks to these qualities, he can succeed not only in his career, but also in his personal life.


Taurus-Snake men have great tolerance, attentiveness and good intuition. Despite this, they are very cautious, and therefore cautiously make new acquaintances and agree to participate in any adventure. These are energetic people who do everything in a balanced and careful manner. To solve problems they use non-standard methods that sometimes allow them to get out of even the biggest trouble.

Like any Taurus, such a man strives for financial well-being and peace of life. He will try to do everything to provide himself with a comfortable and peaceful life, without any material restrictions.

It is interesting that such a personality contains two contradictory sides. On the one hand, Taurus the Snake hovers in the clouds and is open to love affairs, but on the other hand – repulses people with his behavior and intransigence.

This person is characterized by secrecy and a truthfulness. These traits often prevent a man to talk openly about his feelings, and therefore the environment sometimes does not know about his true relationship to family and friends.

Snake-Taurus is a very responsible person, so a sense of duty is in the first place.

If you take out such a man, you may encounter an unexpected outburst of rage. But in order to splash out aggression, the Snake-Taurus for a long time tolerates and accumulates discontent.

Advantages and disadvantages of the character

Man Taurus-Snake has the skills of a psychologist, and therefore when meeting with new acquaintances, he closely examines the interlocutors to make a psychological picture. Usually the first impression of the representative of these signs is erroneous, and after several meetings he can completely change his mind.

Due to his honesty the Snake-Taurus guy has a limited circle of friends, because not everyone can constantly listen to an unpleasant truth. The young man surrounds himself only with the same honest people, who at any time are ready to come to the rescue.

Taurus-Snake is a peace-loving person who does not tolerate scandals and conflicts. He will try to avoid quarrels and resolve the situation before it crosses the line of calm. But if a conflict can not be avoided, then he to the last will defend its point of view. In anger, such a person can show unprecedented aggression.

Young Taurus-Snake loves to socialize and often spends time in the company of friends and acquaintances. Loneliness burdens such a person, so he is ready to participate in all affairs of acquaintances to feel indispensable.

Such people are often too demanding of themselves, and therefore constantly improve their achievements. They work long and hard to appreciate the result of hard work afterwards. Taurus Snakes like luxury and can spend a lot of money on clothes, expensive furniture, real estate and food. For them, the opinion of society is important, so these men are always dressed up.

Some of the actions of the representative of these signs is done in a hurry, which eventually leads to failure. He can succumb to the impulse and lose the case, on which it was spent a lot of effort.

Relationships in the family

The Taurus-Snake man likes to do chores and often devotes himself to household chores. He has a sense of style, so his home is always decorated with special taste. This is a hospitable person who can not only clean the house for guests, but also prepare delicious meals and snacks. Thanks to these qualities, he makes a good husband and father.

As a spouse, the Taurus-Snake is a very sensitive and attentive person who builds family relationships solely on trust. The head of the family independently decides all important issues and always shares his advice with his wife and children. He treats his children with special tenderness and raises them in love and care. For the comfort of the family, the man is ready to sacrifice his favorite hobby and career.

Sometimes too pliability and the ability to make concessions can make the Taurus Snake helpless person who will use all family members. In order to become an authority, the head of the family must not forget about their own desires and needs.

Career and finances

The Taurus Snake is characterized by hard work and determination, and therefore can reach great career heights. Usually such a person can achieve what he has planned, but sometimes long thinking or spontaneous decisions create obstacles in his way.

Representatives of these signs value financial security and spend all their energy to get money, but because of their love for luxury they spend too much money on appearance, entertainment and good food. Because of this, these people often do not have savings.

Taurus Snakes do not know how to work in a team – they lack the tactfulness to build good working relationships. Therefore, in order to achieve success in their careers, men of these signs need to learn to listen to their colleagues and take part in teamwork.

These men can master activities in finance and analytics. They can gain credibility as an appraiser, financial consultant and free thinker. Taurus Snakes prefer to work alone, so any profession that involves no team will be to their liking.

Compatibility in love

The pragmatism of the Taurus-Snake does not allow the guy to build a romantic relationship. He does not try to impress his potential chosen one and immediately tells her about his plans for the relationship. It is difficult for him to depict love and interest, and the confetti-bouquet period of such a man and does not consider it a waste of time.

A man of this horoscope can repel the girl with his straightforwardness and honesty. The second half can not always safely listen to the truth about themselves, but you should not expect pleasant flattery from the Taurus-snake.

Such a man does not show clear signs of falling in love, and therefore it is sometimes not easy to understand his true intentions. Only when a man has decided that a woman is interested in him and he would like to start a relationship with her, the chosen one learns about his feelings.

In a love relationship such people want to feel power and have authority. All matters within the relationship are decided only after their final word. But in trying to create a strong and harmonious union, representatives of these signs may not notice the dissatisfaction of the other half.

Despite the desire to control the love relationship, Taurus-Snake is a very attentive and caring partner. He is ready to take interest in everything that happens in the life of the chosen one. In addition, such a man is able to give sensible advice and soberly assess any situation in which the other half is caught.

The external coldness and unapproachability sometimes hides a sensual nature. This is an affectionate and gentle personality, able to surround the object of his love with attention. Jealousy scenes such a person will not do, as before you do something or say, he will think a hundred times and analyze.

Taurus, born in the year of the Snake, is a passionate and sensual lover, but for the transition to such an important stage of the relationship he will need a fairly large amount of time. For complete relaxation, it is important for such a man to create a quiet environment in which he can relax and distract from everyday problems.

In bed, he is not trying to seem like a skilled lover, but rather acts on par with his partner. Any strong remark about his sexual abilities may deeply hurt the Taurus Snake, which subsequently affect the love relationship. The man either close to himself, or splash out on the mistress of all the aggression.

These are people who do not like to experiment in bed. For their full liberation and making sexual life in any innovation partner will have to make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time.

Taurus Snake cheats only when the other half openly expresses its dissatisfaction about the sexual abilities of the chosen one. In other cases, it is a faithful and sensitive partner.

Compatibility with other signs

As a partner to the man Snake-Taurus suits a woman Snake-Raq, as both horoscopes have an attractive power. As a result, they make a couple that is based on common interests and intelligence. Such people will be interesting to be in each other’s company, and they can create a strong and reliable family.

Cancer attracts Taurus because of their mutual desire for financial well-being. Both signs value coziness and sex life in the family. Thanks to these points of contact, they can make a stable and long-lasting couple.

A great compatibility Taurus-Snake can achieve with the Capricorn-Les. Such a relationship will be based more on mutual respect and friendship, which will allow the couple to stay together even after the passion has faded.

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